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MM cooldowns
Poland Baaq 
Guyz dont u think player who's gettin banned from MM - 'cooldown' shouldn't be able to join match anyway and maybe win? There is no chance with bot.
2014-05-16 13:17
Poland Baaq 
I mean player who is cooldowned after 3 minutes of being outta server. He would get banned but still being able to end his match.
2014-05-16 13:19
There is a chance, you just got to adapt to the enemies playstyle.
2014-05-16 13:21
Sweden Hampzuka 
You should be able to invite one of your friends to the game, i really don't know why its not implented.
2014-05-16 13:19
Denmark boyeR 
Imagine being silver and inviting your EAGLE/SUPREME/GLOBAL mates :D - global vs full silver :DDDD
2014-05-16 13:26
it could be stricted by the same rank of the guy who got a cooldown, which means if that guy was DMG, u can invite only DMG.
2014-05-16 13:33
or lower...
2014-05-16 13:38
no, nobody wants to have lowbobs in ur team, even if that person is a friend to someone.
2014-05-17 15:03
but if u have real friends mate
2014-05-19 22:18
yeah then you just kick some randoms and bring in your GE friends :p
2014-05-16 13:41
#7 more simple create a lobby with them.. :|
2014-05-16 13:44
2014-05-20 07:47
Sweden Hampzuka 
As someone mentioned already, just add a restriction ^^ -1 +1 rank~ maybe
2014-05-18 11:30
I agree, I think valve should leave the option for the same player who was disconnected due to pc problems or some unexpected hardware issues or whathave you to join back, even if it beyond 2 mintues or whatever it is u have to recconect before getting banned as it is true that a lot of ppl are getting disconnected due to pc problems or whatever. Happenned to me as well and 2 minutes to recconect was not enough to join back. A lot of ppl are not leaving on purpose and are willing to join back, but due to a short period of time given to join back they are unable to and get banned...
2014-05-19 22:27
Not allowing someone to rejoin a competitive match not only punishes the player but also the team.
2014-05-20 08:31
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