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CS ending.....speculation continues??
India rocky001 
This is what kuben said when asked about future plans.... kuben: Until we'll be in the top and it will be viable, we will keep playing. But the prize polls are decreasing year by year, so it's possible that in 2 or 3 years we won't see CS as a tournament platform anymore.
2010-12-25 20:52
gtfo ofc kuben is god or some prophet he perfectly knows the future ..
2010-12-25 21:08
its matter of time :(
2010-12-25 21:11
i dont give a shit about what pro players said cs 1.6 till i die!
2010-12-25 21:16
hell yea , and f*** source too
2010-12-28 11:22
cs won't die. Look how many new players are coming to the game and stepping up. it's just nonsense. stop making this kind of threads. When SpawN quited, did cs die?
2010-12-25 21:20
Estonia Artyy 
+1 Play hard go pro :D
2010-12-25 21:24
It's not the lack of players problem, it's of financial nature. Lack of sponsors and people willing to support counter strike. We all saw Mr. Arbalet as the one who can help CS bigtime, and even he stopped financing toruneys. :(
2010-12-25 22:11
do you know how much money CS brings into hardware makers like Steelseries,razer and etc?
2010-12-25 22:32
Those companies don't organize torunaments, they help, but imo it's not enough to keep CS alive, because, again imo, if it doen't go forward it can only go backwards.
2010-12-25 23:10
Look how many teams are sponsored by SS and yes they do organize tournaments
2010-12-25 23:13
Ireland nuer 
they did before but not anymore(:
2010-12-26 01:36
Germany VxO$ 
how about the intel extreme master series
2010-12-26 01:36
nobody knows :S carn and delpan also said that cs will die in 1 year or 2..
2010-12-25 21:24
Peru dbie 
if promod gets the competitive aspect of the game we will have another 10 or more years to ask ourselves when its gonna end. so im not worried.
2010-12-25 22:31
You still got promod in your head? Lol.
2010-12-26 00:49
Ireland nuer 
yeah i actually downloaded promod some weeks ago and i was looking where can i destroy someone and there was only 4 servers which 3 were empty and in one there was only 3 players so promod is dead and hasnt been alive
2010-12-26 01:45
In the next weeks you'll see promod alive again and hopefully for a bigger period :)
2010-12-26 05:35
Germany VxO$ 
its every time the same. there is coming an update everyone is trying it and then they realize that its still a bad game. 2 weeks later everyone has already deleted it :D
2010-12-27 14:08
Peru dbie 
well if valve gets a brain we can hope for something else, probably better but i dont see it happen.
2010-12-26 05:35
the year ends an people think averything's got to end, just let it be when its time it shall die as the all time most popular pc video game pz
2010-12-26 01:42
dunno why people cant just get on with the non-pro scene? Used to play CS for fun, I still play CS for fun and I will play CS for fun I do follow the pro scene very deeply but I doubt if it will kill the game completely.
2010-12-26 01:50
hey guys......i just shared what Kuben said.I too want to see never ending halflife 1 mode aka CS
2010-12-26 14:30
CS won't die, unless we all had that attitude
2010-12-26 15:15
Argentina eoNs 
ah c'mon no lifers, move on your life bro, it's just a's not worth your life.
2010-12-27 12:56
i've got the same mentality as you but i gotta admit if i started cs up a year later and only saw about 15 servers with players in it i would have a sad feeling, wouldn't you?
2010-12-28 12:44
Argentina eoNs 
yeah, maybe kind of sad too. but, i chose not to give heart to this game anymore as it had cost me 3 years of my precious life as a normal teenager, being dropped out from school twice because of this game :(
2010-12-28 13:12
So pub players will stop playing because kuben quits due to a lack of tournaments?
2010-12-28 15:16
China XIII 
cs wont die dude, We have such more fun to enjoy , right? the key to make cs alive is map.
2010-12-27 14:25
Argentina eoNs 
so how many new players are coming to the game compared to the retired ones every month?
2010-12-28 05:58
China XIII 
I cant answer it , I dont know how to figure out the number about players /month. haha I think the map is important.
2010-12-28 07:29
those players say that because they'll probably stop pro gaming in 1 or 2 year that's all but it won't be dead until there is a new super team fps
2010-12-28 09:39
bah stfu, if cs had to die, it would have died years back.. rite? so jus play ... yawning...
2010-12-28 11:29
phhh bullshit, cs prize poll r still highter then any other game.
2010-12-28 11:40
Yes, but... NO.
2010-12-28 12:46
lol, now gtr said that cs will die in 2 years and he also said the we need a new 5v5 fps game :S
2010-12-28 14:58
someone plz make a stupid algorithm that decreases the engine performance greatly so that everyone is forced to use top notch graph cards to reach 70 fps, and make a special smoke grenade that requires samsung monitors to see beter in smokes...
2010-12-28 15:12
Out of interest, who in this thread plays cs because of kuben or because of tournaments?
2010-12-28 15:17
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