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Sound in CS:GO
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Anyone know how to improve it? Footsteps sound really quiet and I can only hear them when enemies are really close. Nuke is also literally unplayable for me since I can't tell the difference between lower or upper. Tried 3 pairs of headphones and same results. DT 990's, Fidelio x1's and JVC in ears. I also turned off all modes and equalizers to make sure they stay as flat as possible. I also tested random settings from forums but they didn't improve sound by much. Wonder what you guys tried/done. Ty.
2014-06-09 18:51
have you ever tryed to change in game sound setting? if not, try to change for 2 speakrs and go offline plat a bomb and see if you hear better. for me i tried this and work. also see your setting in sound setting on control panel.
2014-06-09 18:55
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