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What did you NOT like about 1.6?
World awn100 
1.6 is my favourite CS game by far but nothing is perfect for example it is a visually dated game. So what do you not like about 1.6?
2014-06-27 20:40
paper walls
2014-06-27 20:41
this was why i loved this game
2014-06-28 11:06
The players that keep crying about csgo.
2014-06-27 20:42
:DD So true
2014-06-27 21:45
+1 lol
2014-06-27 21:46
you won
2014-06-27 23:28
so you think CS 1.6 itself is a perfect game?
2014-06-28 06:16
i think the game was fine - you got used to its flaws, just like we have to do with 1.6. but some players from 1.6 seem to have too much shit in their heads to understand that it requires some getting used to, and in my opinion CSGO is just as good as 1.6, if not better. just in another way :)
2014-06-28 14:23
2014-06-28 17:12
2014-06-28 19:32
ouch, still true though
2014-06-28 06:25
Bosnia and Herzegovina NY033 
flash bugs and skyboxes
2014-06-27 20:43
Germany Bongskie 
this game :P
2014-06-27 20:44
markeloff | 
Portugal md. 
2014-06-27 20:45
Flashbug. Once you got fully flashed and a tiny bit of the flash affect was still there you would get fully flashed again even if the next flash landed behind you.
2014-06-27 20:45
Portugal Cyborgy 
flashbug were corrected in official maps..
2014-06-28 00:02
Switzerland NEIN 
That's not a flash-bug, that's the intended stacking effect of flashes. I loved it.
2014-06-28 00:35
tell me about flash bug in cs 1.6 lol
2014-06-28 09:04
Turkey yeops 
i dont like that people still talking about 1.6
2014-06-27 20:46
2014-06-27 20:49
u dont need to hear or read it, haha
2014-06-28 06:05
yet for some reason you still click a thread titled "what did you not like about 1.6"
2014-06-28 14:27
yeah cuz he asked :d
2014-06-28 16:41
lol you're a fucking nerd
2014-06-29 03:40
2014-06-27 20:46
cl_flushentitypacket !!!111
2014-06-27 20:46
Poland jakbu 
Just don't play on wifi.
2014-06-30 03:11
no updates
2014-06-27 20:47
NBK- | 
Czech Republic THE_WILLY 
Nades, russian walk, bugs that became "features" (not including bhop)
2014-06-27 20:47
I liked that Russian walk thingy, but not by doing it, only for peeking over boxes without having to jump.
2014-06-27 22:23
no bhop
2014-06-27 20:50
World breezy0 
the crappy netcode compared to newer games. but other than that the game is still close to perfect.
2014-06-27 20:53
Brazil markkrj 
graphics, all the rest is fine.
2014-06-27 20:59
that cen9 didnt beat up anyone during his 1.6 carrier , sad...
2014-06-27 21:11
Palestine Em27 
hahahahahahaha needed to see him Throwing a chair on his opponent :D
2014-06-28 00:28
markeloff | 
Portugal md. 
I just realized that fify is ceh9 of ccsgo. OMG
2014-06-28 00:39
hahaha... no
2014-06-28 10:32
the 1.6 masterrace
2014-06-27 21:25
no skinz no ez life
2014-06-27 21:33
2014-06-27 21:36
You get stunned if you get shot at. You can't fucking move.
2014-06-27 21:38
Portugal Cyborgy 
its a good thing lol
2014-06-28 00:03
Lowers the skillgap of the game.
2014-06-28 00:19
not at all, it makes the gameplay less forgivable. you can't just get away after playing too careless/stupid and it rewards people who learned certain movement techniques that help to get away from such situations or even avoid them from the beginning.
2014-06-28 00:42
Yep, surely standing on a still target is harder than to a moving.
2014-06-28 01:01
yeah because CS in general is very fast..
2014-06-28 03:09
2014-06-28 09:26
You were stunned if you were hit by a low damage gun (glock is the worse since it lets doesnt let you walk at all in opposite to other weapons that still let you "run" a bit) Less forgivable -> You are more aware to do less mistakes as possible -> higher skill cap
2014-07-08 02:25
The lack of maintance. Bugs that were going on for years and nobody gave a single flying fuck.
2014-06-27 21:41
they fixed most bugs back in 09, including the flashbugs on nuke and dd2 etc
2014-06-28 10:35
Yet they never fixed the tuscan door, they never fixed the train flying walls, never fixed floor/ceilings, as you could go through it on yellow and sky on nuke, and in tuscan, they never fixed the spectate mode, where you could see the map while quickly changing players. I could go on all day. Not even mentioning what they should've done and never did.
2014-06-28 16:39
what was wrong with the tuscan door?
2014-06-29 01:16
you could do the same with the nuke door... and its not a "bug" you just block the door
2014-06-29 09:51
You have to come from a certain angle and duck twice. You call that normal?
2014-06-29 17:36
you just make the door stuck.. you can do it with guns aswell
2014-06-29 23:43
"they never fixed the spectate mode, where you could see the map while quickly changing players" This is still the case in cs:go. They haven't fixed it. You can see through smokes and sometimes walls when changing players. At least I can on matchmaking.
2014-07-02 22:18
i love the game. just, please, remember, when cs 1.6 was supposed to die & NiP created a CS:GO division. all the fucking trash thread about how cs:go was/is shit. And that u guys will play forever cs 1.6 instead of the new cs:go. fucking hypocrites.
2014-06-27 21:44
Bulgaria b0xeR4et0 
+1 I actually saw those just not :/
2014-06-27 22:05
i play cs go but i really don't think it feels like 1.6. i used to play on a hs only server back in 1.6 and it really helped my aim, but when i started cs go it is all fucking gone. the ak in go is veeeeery different to the one in 1.6 and i personally can't really burst shoot. to be on topic: i didn't like the silent walk (which i think they fixed back in 2012 or 2013 when they ported cs to linux) i didn't like how he grenades used to hit through the walls (even though i liked that you were able to shoot through walls) in my opinion, if valve would update and fix the existent bugs in 1.6, add some matchmaking and other features that are in go, it would be an awesome game, even if it just turned 15 years old.
2014-07-01 23:47
They fixed the silent walk way back in 2009. It was when avatars would first appear on scoreboard if you switched to a high resolution.
2014-07-02 20:50
oh yeah lol. i messed up the years. s0z :(
2014-07-02 21:12
People shooting trough walls getting random kills and saying it was pure skill.Yeah,FUCK OFF.
2014-06-27 21:48
keep calm and add sedgyfergo on snapchat
2014-06-27 21:50
everything, awful game
2014-06-27 21:50
buying ammo
2014-06-27 21:59
Denmark qwedsa 
the "new" hitbox...
2014-06-27 22:00
The slowing down when landing, they could've altleast decreased it :P. I actually love the graphics and sound :).
2014-06-27 22:01
I hated that aswell until I realized how incredibly stupid it is to not have it, would love that in CS:GO.
2014-06-28 03:20
Yeah, but a little bit reduced.
2014-06-28 10:25
2014-06-27 22:02
markeloff | 
Portugal md. 
sorry :(
2014-06-28 00:41
no updates (no new guns, maps mainly). that's all i really have to complain about in 1.6.
2014-06-27 22:21
"new guns", lol
2014-06-27 22:25
Portugal Cyborgy 
"new guns", lol
2014-06-28 00:04
"new guns", lol
2014-06-28 00:21
"new guns", lol
2014-06-28 08:27
"new guns", lol
2014-06-29 03:42
Only thing that bothered me was the hitboxes. I always felt like the head hitbox would just bounce around everywhere.Like I wish it was just tighter on the model.
2014-06-27 22:29
2014-06-28 00:01
the lack of variety in maps. There was a time when the only maps that was played on tournaments etc were d2,inf,nuke. The scene were really conservative when it came to new maps. Imo, this might be a problem in cs:go future aswell. I would love to see seasons with different map pools. like 2 seasons with two different map pools.
2014-06-28 00:46
+1 It was only de_mirage that really changed it. Awesome map btw.
2014-07-02 20:52
Smokes, or more like 16-bitting.
2014-06-28 00:54
Bosnia and Herzegovina woR 
2014-06-28 01:07
Terrible sound. When i have nostalgy launching 1.6 after 1,5 years of CS:GO, sound was like extremly terrible for me.
2014-06-28 01:25
you do realize that, unlike csgo, 1.6 had true 3d sound?
2014-06-28 09:22
+1, i wish csgo had the same sound as 1.6
2014-06-28 10:02
trolling ??? sound in 1.6 is 1000000x better than in go, you can actually hear distance to enemys and how many they are
2014-06-28 13:39
Omg, of course no. Sound in GO was made by recording REAL weapons' sound at firing field. Yes, there is a problem of 3d sound (you can't understand vertical source of sound). But overall bullets' sound in 1.6 is much worse.
2014-06-28 14:54
lol... who the fuk cares about gun sounds. CSGO sounds suck, you cant tell if someone plants the bomb on A or B in de_nuke for example.
2014-07-02 21:57
bad shotguns
2014-06-28 03:13
The game was perfect.
2014-06-28 03:21
1. borrow/flying model bug when Requesting tempdecal.wad from server 2. dual core speed bug
2014-06-28 05:34
The cheaters ruined the game .. :S
2014-06-28 05:48
outdated engine
2014-06-28 09:21
HEG damage thru walls.
2014-06-28 09:22
I still think 1,6 is a better game, though not saying that I don't like CS:GO. I think the two things I hated the most in 1,6 was the fact that you could move your aim down when sitting behind a smoke, and be able to see through it. The other thing I didn't like was the way you could sit in a Anti-HS spot, seeing all of your opponent, but he could only see you from the neck down.
2014-06-28 10:08
I think the two things I hated the most in 1,6 was the fact that you could move your aim down when sitting behind a smoke, and be able to see through it. you can do the same in go by looking to the sides instead of down The other thing I didn't like was the way you could sit in a Anti-HS spot, seeing all of your opponent, but he could only see you from the neck down. thats called holding angels, and it rewarded defensive play (go atm only rewards aggressive play with peekers advantage)
2014-06-28 10:45
I'm not trying to compare 1,6 with GO.... I'm simply answering with the things I didn't like in 1,6....
2014-06-28 11:03
my bad then ;P
2014-06-28 11:12
tHm | 
Denmark tHm 
There's literally nothing in 1.6 that I dislike whatsoever.
2014-06-28 10:55
2014-06-28 11:19
the radar... but then again i never used the radar in 1.6 good teammates that could give good info was all you needed
2014-06-28 11:14
the radar the pixel game the bad movement the op shooting and wasda spraying also low skill level..
2014-06-28 11:21
World  . 
2014-06-28 11:35
Please DO NOT add me with no reason, thank you for understanding. I'm hEAVEN,playing CS since 2008, on a professional level since 2013. My hobby is moviemaking, I accept moviemaking offers. Currently training hard to attempt SLTV X AM You seem special
2014-06-28 11:37
World  . 
I have no idea why you are not banned yet
2014-06-28 12:48
why would I be
2014-06-28 13:03
Bad troll
2014-06-29 02:54
no skinz is veri bed gaem (
2014-06-28 11:28
World  . 
radar, speed of grenades.
2014-06-28 11:35
wat ?? 1.6 radar is awesome :D
2014-06-28 13:38
World  . 
Played 1.6 two weeks ago, can't understand where enemy at, distance.
2014-06-28 17:34
that it looked like a fucking potato. now stufu.
2014-06-28 12:51
grenade mechanics, radar, lack of variety in pistol , bhoping mechanics like crazy, people bhoped in servers all day long :P! and too much wallbang
2014-06-28 12:52
then i dont get why you played 1.6 because those are basically the things that make it so good
2014-06-28 19:53
Adapting to and accepting is part of learning, therefore at first I wouldn't think that there is anything I dislike about Cs 1.6. However there is one thing which I still haven't accepted is russian walking, for few reasons: - because it diminishes value of timing for decision making and diminishes value of skill for knowing range of footstep sounds. - because there are players whose exploits it for agressive plays in order to make them harder to hit while jerking around like headless chickens. But I really enjoy duckjumping itself for it's movement purposes.
2014-06-28 13:28
In the late days when I still played 1.6, I used to russian walk almost all the time :DD
2014-06-28 13:47
I really didn't like the nades. Like for real, how ridicilous is it, that you can make damage with a nade through walls?
2014-06-28 13:43
As real as shooting 5.56 bullet through walls 3 meters thick. It just added depth to the game.
2014-06-28 14:38
For me by far the most annoying thing was people seeing thru smokes. By far. I never saw shit and always got raped thru them.
2014-06-28 14:36
At high resolution cross hair was shit. That's the only thing I hated about 1.6
2014-06-28 14:49
WALLS, graphics, cheaters, awful radar, ammo, awful way of movement/walk, sound, for me its even easier to shoot and aim in 1.6 rather than in csgo or even css.
2014-06-28 15:06
awful way of movement/walk, sound rofl
2014-06-28 17:23
Brazil hugoooo 
What's wrong with the radar?
2014-06-28 18:50
What's wrong with the graphics, radar, ammo and movement? You don't like the Goldsource engine? In my opinion, Half-Life, along with the Counter-Strike mod, was revolutionary in both graphics and mechanics back in the late 90s. You can't compare it with games today, it's like comparing Crysis with Far Cry 1. The movement was incredible and had a steady flow.. this is what kept me hooked on the CS mod for a long time, together with the late 1.6.
2014-06-29 03:08
I beg to disagree. CS was already dated when it got popular back in early 2000s (compared to, let's say, the original UT and Q3). What was revolutionary was the gameplay and only that. Though it turned out to be more than enough.
2014-07-01 02:55
I loved both UT 99 and Quake 3, but I don't know how you can say that it's dated compared to those engines. Yes, they were both released in 99, a year after, but compared to the old Goldsrs engine, I don't necessarily find them more revolutionary nor creative. I gotta admit though, the Unreal engine 4 is looking rather awesome.
2014-07-01 08:21
United Kingdom tomtmh 
the dumbass community
2014-06-28 15:22
I hate that small time difference in the AK loading animation. I mean when you are 1v1 against someone with AK and you see him reloading, the reloading animation finishes faster on his screen than yours. What that means is he can shoot while you still see him reloading. Also the begrip to some extent, although so many KZ tricks wouldnt be possible without the double-duck, which the begrip basicly is.
2014-06-28 15:30
if cs go not thrust of a lot of money or anything like that would not be
2014-06-28 17:02
Me Tarzan, You Jane?
2014-06-28 17:06
I genuinely enjoy playing GO, but its about half as good as 1.6
2014-06-28 17:14
Brazil hugoooo 
The only low aspect of the game are the graphics, but that's because we are in 2014. Back when the game was released it was a real 10/10.
2014-06-28 18:50
2014-06-28 19:27
legshots with awp in torso duck jumping perspicuousness of terrorist uniforms in some maps
2014-06-28 20:38
The netcode, the fact that they got rid of r_drawviewmodel cvar, the fact that de_foption had never got popular, movement changes on 1.3 -> 1.4 transition, hackers (a real plague in europe where inevitably you gonna play with germans from time to time); plus, that fact that unless you have a good LCD monitor, adjusting gamma to actually be able to see anything might be pain in the ass. I think those are the major flaws.
2014-06-28 23:52
No skins Spamming walls = nooby Flashbangs sucked Radar was too big Not enough choice of weapons p90 was underpowered No swag7 Game was way too easy, noobs could get to top v.easy
2014-06-29 00:07
Low quality bait
2014-06-29 03:02
same here
2014-06-29 01:24
No inbuilt match making system, forcing you to seek out shitty services like ESEA. Awkward HLTV system. No inbuilt controls for accel, forcing noobs to play with shittier settings. Servers full of fake players. The game itself is much more fun to play than CSGO, but I enjoy the modernized infrastructure in GO.
2014-06-29 02:31
2014-06-30 04:18
I hated the scroll-duck players. More pubs than clan servers. Less usage of pistols. People use either deagle/usp/glock. Cheats/script-kiddies.
2014-07-01 03:04
no support from valve ( still was top game in esport )
2014-07-01 03:11
Netherlands xdanny 
The cocky kids who didn't want to play with me when i wanted a mix in CS1.6 since i was playing source, even tho i played 5year 1.6 before I started in source lol...
2014-07-01 22:51
You played Source haha.
2014-07-08 14:30
nothing, it was perfect, the only thing i dont like is that we dont play it anymore and that we are not in the big events anymore.
2014-07-02 21:52
2014-07-02 22:22
I think the Scout is too expensive and would have been better at say $2000 because it would make it a more attractive buy in 5 vs 5 match.
2014-07-06 01:01
2014-07-08 01:31
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