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Have you been to Valencia?
Europe nph - never forget FACEIT. 
Hi. Me and my gf are going to visit Valencia, Spain in next 2 weeks. Do you have any tips for us? What to visit, what to eat, what to plan? What about some bars, clubs or restaurants near the centre? Our hotel is sitauted near the city of arts and sciences. We are going to visit the Oceanogràfic, Plaça de l'Ajuntament, monforte gardens, mercado central, football stadium, arena de torros, and ofc. beaches and the harbour. Talking about food we are going to try paellas, jamon, chorizo, some lobster/prawn things, horchata with fartons and cafe with churros :-) As you can see I already found out some info but if you have any concrete tip or advice, just say it! :) Thanks!
2014-06-28 14:16
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Portugal wenke 
santiago bernabeu
2014-06-28 14:31
yep, valencia :ddd
2014-06-28 14:40
Portugal wenke 
2014-06-28 14:45
Portugal wenke 
maybe dreamhack on its time :D
2014-06-28 14:46
To get an autograph from Messi.
2014-06-28 15:30
2014-06-28 15:34
Check tripadvisor website and try to google some blogs.
2014-06-28 14:47
Bulgaria R4D1 
best paella for eat and you can go to Marina d'or its in Castellon but its only like 90 km from valencia
2014-06-28 14:50
Eat all kinds of Paellas there Order paella valenciana is the original thought Here all 10 kinds of paellas I like the Marinera :)
2014-06-28 14:57
gracias :)
2014-06-28 15:28
Yeah, went last summer with a few mates to visits a friend for a week who lived on the outskirts of Valencia. Oceanografic was great. Must admit though we spent most of our time drinking and then recovering on the beach so can't help too much. Was an amazing time though, met some awesome people.
2014-06-28 15:34
drink sangria. eat tapas.
2014-06-28 15:37
ofc :)
2014-06-28 15:42
I've been there for a week on a capoeira camp but didn't get to see pretty much anything due to the very strick schedule. That was 8 years ago and I made a promise back then to go there again. Would be cool if you gave some feedback and tips when you come back. My work here in Finland ends in early September and I'm off back to Moscow. My vacation starts so I'm prolly gonna spend another week here but I thought I'd take a trip to Valencia during my vacation.
2014-06-28 15:40
no problem, i can make a topic @ 23-24/july
2014-06-28 15:42
That would be great :) Or just bookmark this thread and tell it here, either way, would appreciate it very much
2014-06-28 16:09
What would you like to know? :-)) 1st thing - 1/2 of July in VLC = too hot haha
2014-07-24 11:23
+ wanted to know how much €€€ for 2 return tickets into barcelona for a one-day-trip but i can google it on my own :)
2014-06-28 15:44
one tip :) fuck her as hard as you can
2014-07-24 11:39
already been there, thx)
2014-07-24 11:59
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