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Auto demo recorder
Belgium mylle 
anybody who has a script, when a war starts, it ask you automaticly to give the name of the demo you want to record or something like that, cuz i'm allways forget to record a demo etc, somebody who can help me? (: grtz
2011-02-07 13:45
Germany pa$co 
in your userconfig.cfg: //Demoscript bind "end" "+commandmenu" alias "w5" "wait; wait; wait; wait; wait" then put this file in the same folder
2011-02-07 14:17
Germany pa$co 
with this method you will get a simple demo menu like this: You still have to remember to record the demo, but it makes this things much easier.
2011-02-07 14:27
wat will be the name of the demo?
2011-02-07 15:09
Germany pa$co 
The script will automatically detect the map. You only have to choose the side (t or ct) The demo-file will named for example: nukect.dem dust2t.dem The next match on dust2 as terrorist, the file will be overwritten.
2011-02-07 16:05
Belgium mylle 
hmm yeah, thought there was another method like the ask myself every war(side) to record a demo :)
2011-02-07 14:27
bind "F1" "messagemode record" bind "F2" "stop" Press F1, input a name, enjoy, press F2 to stop recording :) You can add say_team messages like: bind "F1" "messagemode record; say_team Demo recording started!" bind "F2" "stop; say_team Demo completed!"
2011-02-07 15:21
2011-02-07 16:16
to forward demo bind "F5" "host_framerate .03" 4x faster bind "F6" "host_framerate .0" normal bind "F7" "host_framerate .3" 12x faster bind "F8" "host_framerate .00000000001" pause
2011-02-07 16:53
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