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Forfeit: Manipulation of competition.
Netherlands Nevirus 
Let me start off by saying Hellraisers is one of my favourite teams, but.. I think Starladder is in the wrong for letting teams forfeit matches in the qualifiers tournament. Hellraisers are pretty much sure of their spot for the LAN finals, hence they do not need to play matches. This creates a situation where they can forfeit all their remaining matches if they want to. I think Starladder should create a rule against this. Because as a team Hellraisers shouldn't be allowed to forfeit if it impacts the results and fair play for the other teams in the group stage. Because of their forfeit Mousesport is a clear favourite for a top4 finish, now you can say Mousesports would have won anyway.. but there is a chance they would have lost. This can be a huge deal to other teams who still want to make the Top4 or are already there. I personally don't mind which teams attend, I just think there should be good qualification rules and principles for fair play. TL;DR Starladder should look at their rules with fair play in mind to make these kind of forfeits impossible.
2014-08-11 19:22
Topics are hidden when running Sport mode. + hr cant play tonight and its not possible to postpone
2014-08-11 19:28
Italy 1nf3rn4L 
is better to forfeit than to throw it for money like LDLC did
2014-08-11 19:29
Portugal dascouves 
2014-08-11 19:33
boo fucking hoo
2014-08-11 19:29
Dont let them ff, better bet on cslounge and watch hr throw the match rushing Then, cry on hltv and blame hr
2014-08-11 19:29
tbh it's better than playing a match that means nothing to you and a lot for the other team, at least they won't get grief for not playing "hard" enough.
2014-08-11 19:30
Doesn't matter if your force the match or not, if you force it HR will still not play 100% and it's still "unfair" for some other teams that played against a fullfocussed HR. There is not other solution to this than playing a large part of the latest matches on the same time I think?
2014-08-11 19:49
One solution would be to set up the schedule in a way that the strong teams in the group play each other early, that way when the groups are pretty much defined and strong teams play vs last place teams, the FF wins won't affect the group standings.
2014-08-11 20:00
yes it's bad
2014-08-11 20:04
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