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AWP technique
Germany Chris Walker 
Is it necessary to click "q" twice after shooting (I mean, what do the best AWPers do) so you get out of the zoom or is it also viable to use your mousewheel? Cause I somehow feel more comfortable with the mousewheel but sometimes it happens that I switch to the pistol or sth (even if it happens rarely) so I ask myself if I should really train using "q" when using the AWP.
2014-08-19 17:33
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learn to use q, and bind jump on scroll wheel
2014-08-19 17:35
World LXP 
Can you tell me what the advantages are if you bind mwheel to jump? :) In 128t you can bhop easily but what about 64t? :)
2014-08-19 19:11
I guess more people have it from 1.6/Source. I just can't play without jump on scroll even if in GO it is almost pointless.
2014-08-19 19:42
Learn to use 1,2,3 or q
2014-08-19 17:37
dumb sauce
2014-08-19 17:43
Germany Chris Walker 
Yeah I know it doesnt speed up your ROF, I just prefer re-zooming in by myself, I feel I can be more accurate like that.
2014-08-19 17:47
Most of the pros (the ones from 1.6 which are the ones that count, obviously) probably switch to pistol/knife after shooting. Some of them (JW and ChrisJ) also has a tendency to duck and cover the head after they shoot or miss to make it harder to get headshoted. The switch to knife/pistol after every AWP shot is an old 1.6 thing where you could bypass the animation and quick shoot sort of. Not sure if it works the same in GO since I rarely play it, but I still keep doing it. It's an old habit for alot of players I guess
2014-08-19 17:39
Germany ayyy 
no its not necessary since you cant scope faster in csgo with fastswitch anymore. it was different in 1.6/css thats why many players are still used to it
2014-08-19 17:40
but still nice to not be rezoomed automagically
2014-08-19 18:09
2014-08-19 18:59
it doesn't speed up the animation like 1.6/source, but if you quick switch to your knife and jump to cover you'll get there faster
2014-08-19 18:15
mach0 | 
Hungary druGh1 
well its a bit faster if you hit mwheeldown and q at almost the same time than hitting 2x q
2014-08-19 18:26
its not
2014-08-19 19:05
mach0 | 
Hungary druGh1 
try to analyse my sentence again then
2014-08-19 19:20
oh okay :]
2014-08-19 19:33
the double q tap is just a habit from older cs versions, it doesn't give you any advantage in this game.
2014-08-19 18:34
Except not auto scoping again.
2014-08-19 18:55
I only quick switch because i hate the auto rezoom after I shoot once.
2014-08-19 18:38
I use Q to pull the knife (slot3), and use mouse4 and mouse5 to pull the pistol and rifle (slot2 and slot1), so it's really easy for me to fast switch. I just shoot, do Q and mouse5, but if I want to I can also just shoot, and do mouse4 and mouse5 in a single movement, switching from pistol to awp. IMO using the scroll is much harder. I do have lastinv on the scroll, but only for that nasty habit of fast switching when the round starts or when running around the map.
2014-08-19 18:43
it's a relict from original cs
2014-08-19 19:07
Olofm afaik doesn't use that technique he just waits for awp to scope again.
2014-08-19 19:12
World 4FXX 
"so you get out of the zoom" yes that is the only point with QQ. if you really close to enemy, you don't need to double Q just noscope shot maybe automatically zoom in and this makes your accuracy better while you wanted to noscope shot. Example, kennyS 1v3 situation on inferno A spot.
2014-08-19 19:57
lol i do 1 and 3? anyone else?
2014-08-19 20:05
African Union wtbx 
its stupid to hit q after taking a shot in csgo.
2014-08-19 20:08
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