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Do you agree? (MM)
World kapezas 
Hello guys I think VALVE should make some (or maybe tons of them) adjustments in the match making system. 1. Let players see their ELO (or information which will allow players to know how many games you should win in order to rank up) 2. Apparently match making system choose opponents by its own "illogical logic" , for example today I played with 4 LEMs vs 4 SUPREME's , if another team is already higher rank so how can lower rank players win vs them? - machine logic should be "I will choose 10 players all same ranks and see who belongs in their rank position and who doesn't) same rank vs same rank (maybe players deficit is the reason behind this) , but if there is such kind of thing when 4 LEMs play vs 4 SUPREMEs and win (we did it) they would get instantly more ELO for a win over a team with higher ranks and more means a lot more. 3. I hope in the future there will be made a thing like in ESEA when a player leaves somebody can come to play instead of him , because if you kick a teammate who is literally throwing a game you get a BOT but its not the same as having a 5th player , you always need to make him stop by pressing command "hold this position" , just too much concern looking at minimap if bot is rushing. Unwanted distractions. 4. Every country has players whos demeanor is retarded , they start "rage and troll". Apparently Russia has most of these kind of type players. Their logic is 1. I can do everything (tea kill , make mistakes , dont kill from behind , flash teammate) 2. Others cant do this and if they do I need to scream on them in-game or go full retard mode. They need their own server , USA needs their own server (only because of the ping). If russians would want to play in EU server they would need to have at least supreme or global elite , it would make the chance of getting a retard russian player to a minimum amount. Whats your thoughts? Share your ideas guys.
2014-08-27 22:41
Excuse me for mistakes but I think its readable.
2014-08-27 22:42
Czech Republic Mous 
1. No reason to have this, it'll only lead to abuse of the system and toxicity 2. Yes, in a perfect world, the matchmaking system will find 10 players that have the exact same elo, and yes, if you beat a team that has more average elo you will get more elo from that match. 3. This would be a bitch to do properly. Who would want to get matched to a team losing 0-10 and then take the elo hit when you inevitably lose? It would also not find players a lot of the time since it would look for players with similar elo to the leaver, which would be a tiny pool. 4. kill yourself
2014-08-27 22:56
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