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CS 1.6: addition of the PRECISE method of mouse input
World ricf0i 
For all CS 1.6 players! English is very foreign language for me. But I'll try... Actually CS 1.6 is not designed for mice with more than 400-500 CPI. When you move mouse with high CPI fast, you will get very early negaccel and lose precision very much. For the purpose to illustrate some of bad effect I made short videos. You may check all these things by yourself. First video: SETTINGS windows sensitivity: 6/11 game sensitivity: 1 mouse CPI: 1400 DEAFULT MOUSE INPUT (WM_MOUSEMOVE) and RAWINPUT (in very low speeds they are nearly same) I move mouse slowly across mousepad (~45 cm). Notice the point where crosshair stopped. Next video: I move mouse faster than in first video and more than half of movement SKIP because of negaccel. It affect even short flicks. It's very bad and annoying in the game. And last video: In this video I run RInput 1.31. It injects to CS 1.6 and changes WM_MOUSEMOVE (default mouse input method for HL1) to RAW INPUT (WM_INPUT). You can see what with raw input you can move mouse as fast as you wish without skipping and with awesome precision. With raw input fps or cpi are not affected precision loss (cpi subjectively increase precision well). With this method mouse communicate with game DIRECTLY. In link in the end of this text you can find and download rinput 1.31 to test raw input in CS 1.6. Just start game, run rinput and set minimum game sensitivity (it's "1") and mouse cpi about 1000-1400 (it's equivalent for 6/11 win, 400 cpi and 2-3.5 game sens). For more detailed settings read or just ask me. I'll calculate best perfomance equivalent for your orignal settings. JUST TRY IT! *** Best perfomance and precision in game can be achieved by: 1) increasing mouse CPI and lowering game sensitivity to minimum value; 2) avoiding to use any windows sensitivity setiings (better just bypass it). With default CS 1.6 input method you CANT do this, cuz 1) high CPI affect high negaccel and 2) default method ALWAYS use windows settings. If you set CPI over 800 and don't use windows interpolation (i.e. 6/11 sens in windows) you get horrible negaccel. If you set lower windows sens then you decrease your CPI by bad windows interpolator. For example if you set your mouse to 800 CPI and use 4/11, your real CPI become 800/2=400 because of decreasing of windows interpolator. So default CS 1.6 input method (WM_MOUSEMOVE) is not precision for many techical reasons. But there is one wonderful input method, extremely precise! With this method mouse communicate with game DIRECTLY and avoids windows mouse settings. As I said, it's called WM_INPUT or RAW INPUT. Valve added this method in source-engine games. But what about the most popular CS 1.6? They MUST add in it too! So I need your support, guys! Just try RInput and if you like it (i'm shure you do!) send request to valve email for addition of raw input in CS 1.6: or through a web form (use real email!): But first is better. Valve can add raw input to game for a day I think. JUST LET THEM TO KNOW THAT PEOPLE NEED IT! P.S. by-effect of raw input is acceleration totally off (except hardware accel like kinzu). links: 1. Input methods description: 2. Calculator for find of best perfomance equivalent of your current settings: 3. RInput v.1.31 (work with windows XP/vista/7):
2011-02-21 17:53
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the prog does the same like the no force commands for cs 1.6 ever tried those? wtf bold?
2011-02-21 18:26
It's absolutely NOT same. With raw input you can set as high dpi as you wish without negaccel or other precision loss (like fps-depend accel). noforcem commands and mousefixes DON'T help in this point. With raw input you don't have any mouse input latency, filters etc. Noforcem commands is useless in this point.
2011-02-21 18:32
just make another video with no force commands in launch options then start the game and move the mouse as you do in the other vids then start your rinput exe and then do the same moves i bet you will get the same results. just try it valve will tell you the same i tried this prog a few months ago
2011-02-21 18:43
Second video is WITH NOFORCEM COMMANDS. Noforcem comands is NOT for reduce negaccel (like in video), it's for disable positive accel. So noforcem commnds didnt help. I repeat it for you again: noforcem commnds or mousefixes didnt help in this point.
2011-02-21 18:48
ok i tested it again but it does not change anything when you keep your dpi at 400. but yeah on 800dpi or more it kills the neg accel when you use 6/11 ok you are right. but you can also kill the neg accel when you change the right windows sensivity like for 1600dpi 3/11 then just higher your ingame sens
2011-02-21 19:18
Why you don't read what I write? 1. On 400 cpi (or equivalent get by windows interpolator) where is no negaccel but some another techical problems 2. If you set 1600dpi, 3/11 you REDUCE cpi (to 400 cpi) by bad windows interpolator. 3. High CPI is better than low cpi. 4. raw input is better than default CS 1.6 input for many technical reasons.
2011-02-21 21:02
yeah sure when you really play that high sens why not. but i guess many ppl just interpolate it with the windows sens and it does the job as well. or why dont you just buy a 5700dpi mouse and play with them :D
2011-02-21 21:12
You simple cant understand what I talk about. Dont care about all this things and forget about this topic. It's shurely not for you.
2011-02-21 21:25
dont care so much most of the people in the 1.6 sceen are more stupid then then MW fan boys and they are like 12 years old.
2012-03-06 09:21
ok i use Deathadder, 450 DPI, 1000 hz , 6/11 windows and 2.5 ingame (i also use noforce commands). Now what are the changes i should do
2012-03-05 12:33
nothing i guess. if you want to use higher DPI then use rinput cuz otherwise you experience negative accel. Thats how i understood it.
2012-03-08 16:07
Netherlands K1NGBOAZ 
its not the same, u still experience precision loss on noforcecommands. Rinput makes the movement instant and precise without any loss of precision.
2012-03-04 13:39
Little note: Run rinput when you join to server. Otherwise you can get a some problems with menu navigation. :)
2011-02-21 18:25
thanks man, it was driving me crazy
2012-06-25 17:59
so whats the short version? cause from what i understand this is useles cause you are unable to do this at a lan so why do it at all (cant install drivers/updates at lans)
2011-02-21 18:39
Yes, you cant use it on lan. Therefore I ask you guys send request to valve.
2011-02-21 18:45
how so? you cant install any programs on the lan computers, and you need to run Rinput v1.31 am i missing something?
2011-02-21 18:51
valve added raw input to source-engine games in Nov 2010. If we ask, they can add this support to CS 1.6. Offically. And we wll forget about rinput and lan problems.
2011-02-21 18:59
ok so now this is illegal at a lan until valve puts it into effect, and even then i doubt valve is going to put this into effect on an engine that is outdated
2011-02-21 19:06
They can add this for one day. If they receive many requests. It's easy.
2011-02-21 19:22
Netherlands K1NGBOAZ 
lol i believe all the pro's use it on lan though...
2012-03-04 13:40
Short version is that you're reading a troll thread, 100% nonsense
2011-07-20 18:00
made the mouse test and got 0.9031111111111112 m/s of neg accel, is this bad? hahaha i'm completely lost
2011-02-21 19:01
Shurely bad. You lose movement on each little flick.
2011-02-21 19:06
can u give me some overall 'good' m/s area of neg accel?
2011-02-21 19:06
type all your settings: resolution mouse current dpi currrent game sens current windows sens accel off/on
2011-02-21 19:07
640x480 deathadder 1800 3.5 4/11 accel off (-noforcemaccel -noforcemparms, disabled pointer precision)
2011-02-21 19:09
4/11? It's VERY high sens. It's like f0rest or zonic (with other their settings) set ingame sens 7. If you set 3/11 win and 3.1 in game (and keep other your settings) it's settings be like f0rest or Edward or Zonic use. You shure that you want play this strange settings?
2011-02-21 19:30
i'll tryout hehe, thanks (:
2011-02-21 19:32
i'll be gettin 1.8062222222222224m/s of negaccel i think it's alot better now, isn't it? (:
2011-02-21 19:35
Yes it's good.
2011-02-21 21:35
where can i count it? It seems they deleted the url..
2012-03-05 15:51
Players with most high sens: f0rest, Edward, Zonic and maybe Spawn. If you want same settings you need: 1800 cpi, 3/11 win, 3.1 in game with noforcem commands. High perfomance settings with RInput: 900 cpi, 1.555 in game (win settings is bypass by RInput).
2011-02-21 19:39
hm, does mousefix inflicts on this? because i don't use it, only noforcem commands and pointer precision disabled witch already disables mouse accel.
2011-02-21 19:38
forget about mousefix. noforcem command is enough for CS 1.6. But raw input is best.
2011-02-21 19:41
ok from this comment i determined you are not that experienced in CS and are one of those people that blame you lack of skill on other things other then the fact that you missed my recommendations to setup your mouse 1. take what you have and measure your turning radius 2. repeat step #1 3 times each time going different mouse speeds to make sure accel is off (it will be very close to the same point never exact since you cant control exactly how far the mouse travels it will be millimeters off each time) 3. at this point you are looking to take your settings and make an equivalent match to what you are comfortable with, start by changing your windows sensitivity to 6/11 (and launch options if you want to i suggest having them in and uncheck enhanced pointer precision) 4. do step 2 with new setting in windows/launch options 5. now you got your reading and it will be too fast or slow, now you need to play with 2 factors at the same time to get your desired results, DPI and ingame sensitivity. (I recommend of my persoal experience that you want your mouse DPI as high as possible while making your ingame greater than 1.5; why so you are able to fine tune if you go to a lan and its not exact) 6. repeat step #2 and get your results 7. repeat step #5 and #6 till you get your desired results. 8. ITS ALL ABOUT PREFERANCE, no one sensitivity is better than the other its all about what you are used to. my mouse settings (im an old quake player that likes high sens) 800 DPI 3.0 ingame 500 MHz 6/11 windows edit: section 1.2 for why windows should be what it is
2011-02-21 19:56
Is it for me?
2011-02-21 19:59
yes since your having people change their settings without having a way to make sure it is working
2011-02-21 20:08
If it's for me: 1. I dont need "measure turning radiuses" or something like that. I can EASY calculate all needed settings. 2. Statistic: NO ONE proplayer play with sens or equivalent more than: 6/11 win, 400 CPI, 3.6 in game (30 cm for 360 degree). NO ONE. Maybe it's usefull for quake but for CS 1.6 it's UNCONTROLLABLE. Remember about game specific. CS is not quake. 3. Dont explain me things about mouse or game. I know all this techical things NOT worse than you.
2011-02-21 20:14
you misunderstood the objective of it 1. what happens when you go on another computer and you plug in your settings and you dont get the desired results it happened to a few players at lan before example: WCG 2010 USA Qualifiers players were complaining that they had to lower their sensitivity by .2 in order for it to feel right. 2. just cause a pro does it doesnt mean it will instantly be good, that still doesnt mean people cant use greater than 6/11 windows even though i dont know a single pro that has, and pros do use greater than 400 CPI/DPI, and 3.6 in game could be high but as i said before its all about preferance. I never said you need to turn X amount. Here is n0thing profile on esea: take a note on the windows 3, and DPI 1800 so ya pros do use that cause as you said before forest played with similar settings 3. technical things lol this game has been out for so many years and people are used to the settings currently out there, i dont know why a basic mouse guide offends you so much to help people measure, that are not you who can do it in calculations. Edit: As i said before those are my recomendations not that you had to do it
2011-02-21 20:37
1. How can this happen? 2. It's SIMPLE logic: even if you play with short mousepad you don't need sens more than 25 cm for 360 degree. And there is one rule: low sens = high precision = low mobility; high sens = low precision = high mobility. But even on short mousepad you don't need sens more than 25 cm for 360 degree (equivalent: 6/11, 400 cpi, 4 in game)
2011-02-21 20:56
1. different monitor size, desktop resolutions, different in game resolutions, feel of the different table height/chair heignt for arm movement (im not sure but it happens) im not saying its horribly off .2 ingame only was alot ive been to other lans where ive used my exact stuff, verse like .1 difference 2. again your getting into stuff that is preference ("you dont need sens more than 25cm for 360 degree") you cant dictate what a good sens is for a person. Most people like to use low sesitivity because of the accuracy like you said, but people who are comfortable with high sensitivity feel that they are able to be very accurate with it since it is what they are used to. Your rule is correct with low sens = high precision = low mobility; high sens = low precision = high mobility
2011-02-21 21:02
1. Monitor size dont affect sens in CS 1.6. Desktop resolution don't affect sens in CS 1.6. Other things earser to calculate than to measure. If you not totally techical ignorant person. 2. I dont dictate. I told about simple time-proved and statistically-proved logic. But your settings is your choice of course.
2011-02-21 21:14
1. you dont think that if you play on a 21" widescreen monitor then go to a 19" full screen monitor you might have to adjust your setting a little bit, come on nothing is perfect as you like to think it is with lans 2. what time proved and statistically proved logic? time proved, ok i dont see what time proved based on what you said. you said statistics but didnt quote any sources and in 20 seconds i disproved one of your statistics with the CPI by linking you to a pros profile. also you never even stated what logic you proved and or disproved
2011-02-21 21:37
1. For this purposes proplayers always play in one resolution and use one aspect ratio. And your "measure turning radiuses" didnt help to adjust properly sens. 2. from n0thing profile: Windows Sensitivity: 3 In-game Sensitivity: 2/1800dpi Extra Info: -mparms -maccel It's 46cm/360, It's LOW sens. much lower than f0rests or zonics sens. It's PROVE for my opinion, NOT disprove. NO ONE CS 1.6 profi play with sens higher than 25cm/360. NO ONE. It's statistcal prove. And two simple moments: 1. low sens = high precision = low mobility; high sens = low precision = high mobility; 2) even on short mousepad you don't need sens more than 25 cm for 360 degree (equivalent: 6/11, 400 cpi, 4 in game OR 3/11 win, 1800 cpi, 3.55 in game OR etc.). So if you set sens higher than this value you didnt get "mobility" but lose precision.
2011-02-21 22:12
And another one known fact: many of proplayers (when he was newbies) was start played with high sens. But greatly reduce it when they became more experienced.
2011-02-21 22:34
You are always saying something about pro players... Then, I will ask you just one question: Does any of those pro players use RAW INPUT!? Don't answer me...
2011-02-23 00:13
1. RInput is illegal on offical events. 2. CS 1.6 doesnt have native raw input. They CANT use raw input even if they wish.
2011-02-23 12:18
So what you're saying is that despite the fact that you're supporting all you arguments in proplayers, you're asking help to make a program that none of them (proplayers) use, native and legal in events?? There's a hole in this whole thing or it's just my distorced view?
2011-02-23 20:14
theres a hole in this whole thing thats why i stopped responding cause he didnt get the first time i made the point (above this part) and then this time i offered friendly advice and he started to attack what i was saying on a setup guide that pros (irukandji and dboorn) have told me at lans to do if you are going to change your setup to match what you are used to if your not used to setting up for a lan
2011-02-23 20:35
I told not about programm I told about game feature that, for example, valve added to CSS in Novemer 2010 and that q3, ql and many many other games have. This feature give some obvious benefits for gaming and proplayers (in q3, ql and other) use it. RInput it's just side programm that add this feature to CS 1.6.
2011-02-23 23:08
Using of RInput is illegal on LAN events, I think. But game feature (raw input) is absolutley legal.
2011-02-23 23:38
2011-07-20 20:10
I know this is old, but seems like you are the non-experienced here. -noforce commands deactivate mouse POSITIVE acceleration, which many players like and use. Raw input prevents NEGATIVE acceleration problems, WHICH IS ANNOYING. OP is right. You are wrong. If you have any doubt just check ESreality forum and search for MOUSESCORE There you will find a good explanation about CS 1.6, video resolution and NegAccel problems. Good games have Raw Input option, why no CS 1.6? Quake Live have, every game have.
2011-07-26 04:52
Netherlands K1NGBOAZ 
f0rest uses 6/11 ingame sense 3.5 400 dpi 500 hz
2012-03-04 13:41
640*480 Xai 923 1 6/11 mousefix on -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -noforcecmds
2011-07-18 21:07
-noforcemds? it's not -noforcemspd? btw, have you ever tried yo play with just maccel and mparms?
2011-07-26 11:42
i hate accel :/ thats why i use mouse fix
2011-07-26 12:07
with only those 2 commands you remove the accel
2011-07-26 14:26
maccel + mparms + mousefix isnt the same as maccel + mparms
2011-07-26 14:53
yeah, you're right, it's worst for me
2011-07-26 17:14
hahaha yeah :D
2011-07-20 18:00
Are you OK?
2011-07-27 17:45
2011-02-21 19:07
I dont realy understand how i can installe RInput specialy the .dll thx for your answer ps: im not rly good in english:s
2011-02-21 19:34
1. Run game. 2. Join to server. 3. Run RInput.exe. Don't forget about right settings for RInput.
2011-02-21 19:39
Can you help me one more time please?:) there is my settings: 800x600 roccat kone 3200 2.9 4/11 accel off (-noforcemaccel -noforcemparms) thx for your help
2011-02-21 19:52
It's absolutley insane settings for CS. Insane sens and negaccel. If you want try RInput just: 1. Run game. 2. Join to server. 3. Run RInput.exe. No changes need for you to get equivalent. But my opinion about max usable sens for CS 1.6 you can read above (my answers to towzao). With your setings (without RInput) you get negaccel about 0,635 m/s. It's unplayable and remove all benefits of using good mouse. Im shure no one can play CS 1.6 with this settiings good.
2011-02-21 20:27
Ok thanks for your answer, actually I play pretty well with those settings =D When I launch RInput.exe it seems I must type some commands but I dont rly understand the meanings of: <case sensitive, e.g. ET.exe> is 2.9, steam.exe OK ? thanks in advance.
2011-02-21 20:40
1. Run game. 2. Join to erver. 3. Run RInput. 4. Type hl.exe in black window. That's all.
2011-02-21 20:50
Estonia rEDv 
what about these settings ? 640x480 a4tech x7 2400 dpi 3.02 5/11 with mousefix
2011-02-21 21:59
Your sens is EXTREMELY high. You establish a record in this topic. For RInput just set 1800 dpi for mouse. All other settings you can keep. It's equivalent for you to use RInput. My opinion with proofs about such high sens you can read in discussions above.
2011-02-21 22:26
Estonia rEDv 
Ok , Ty
2011-02-22 14:15
I get a majer mouse freezes during game with rinput :)
2011-02-21 23:05
You can get problem with menu but in game all should be fine.
2011-02-21 23:11
The mouse freezed a few times in the first map but then it stoped.
2011-02-21 23:28
2011-02-21 23:34
You email to valve? If yes - thank you. :)
2011-02-21 23:37
2011-02-21 23:39
OK, woot about VAC ban possibility? Is that rinput safe?
2011-02-22 01:51
At now (and about 2 years from release in 2009) is VAC safe.
2011-02-22 11:11
2011-02-23 12:16
what about 800x600 Zowie gear EC2 800DPI 2.5 6/11 noforcem commands
2011-02-22 08:09
Zowie have 800 cpi? In specs is only 500/1000/2000 cpi. Check your current cpi. If it's shure 800 cpi when for RInput: set 2000 cpi for your mouse and sens 1 in game. You get full equivalent of your original sens (if it's real 800 cpi).
2011-02-22 11:27
you're right, its 500 CPI :p
2011-02-23 00:06
640x480 1.1se 2.6 6/11 accel off -maccel -mparms, disabled pointer precision mfix on :DDD
2011-02-22 08:52
Just run RInput. No changes need. Your mouse is only 400 cpi. No choice. :)
2011-02-22 11:27
640x480 1.1 800 1.2 6/11 accel off (-noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -noforcemparms -freq 75, disabled pointer precision) for more information about settings, because I don`t know what give you
2011-02-22 09:13
ms 1.1 have only 400 cpi. Here is no choice. Just use 6/11 in win and sens that you prefer. With RInput your sens will be same.
2011-02-22 11:25
640*480 intelii 3.0 3.5 6/11 -noforcemspd -noforcemaccel
2011-02-22 12:06
Only 400 cpi. No changes need (for RInput or not).
2011-02-22 12:16
Romania amt;D 
The new model has 800 DPI, stop with that 400DPI bullshit.
2012-06-16 16:53
Give me link with offical information or Enoutus Mouse Test result or just shut up. I've tested dozen of MS 3.0 include some special edition models and they all have native 400 CPI.
2012-07-07 13:39
Denmark Wich 
800x600 450 dpi (msi 3.0) 1.5 sens 8/11 accel on (pointer precision on) -freq 100
2011-02-22 12:05
MS 3.0 have only 400 dpi. Best equivalent is 6/11 win, 3 in game. RInput disable accel. So you cant play with it. But your sens is very high for accel on. For example roman, trace and minet use sens about 6/11, 1.5 with accel.
2011-02-22 12:50
Denmark Wich 
3.0 have 450 dpi, its 1.1 that have 400dpi... have used both and have to adjust my sens everytime...,2845,2019037,.. the default DPI hovers around the 450 range. yea i know trace and minet use 1.5... so what?
2011-02-22 14:18
Offical technical data sheet from Microsoft: X-Y resolution: 400 point per inch. And you can measure real cpi for example by the enotus mouse test. Dont trust to bullshit on side sites. P.S. 1.1 and 3.0 have same sensor.
2011-02-22 17:02
Denmark Wich 
same optical sensor but not the same dpi... you can feel the diiferance right away
2011-02-22 17:48
It's shurely same.
2011-02-22 22:29
res.640*480 mouse.MX 518 dpi..400 in game..2.444 windows...6/11 accel OFF.(mspd-mparms). CANu guide me abt how much negaccel m i getting...ans whats best for me.....RICFOi......THANX IN ADVANCE.
2011-02-22 12:12
For game without RInput all good. For RInput test set: 800 dpi 1.222 in game Run RInput and feel the difference. :)
2011-02-22 12:47
hey guys, i just wanted to know what is (-noforcemaccel -noforcemparms), i keep hearing about it.And do i want to use it
2011-02-22 13:21
any help on my settings? res 1400x900 / 800x600 sometimes. CPI/DPI 1800 Steelseries XAI ExactRate 1000hz ExactAim 0 FreeMove 0 In-Game sens 2 with -nomp vars :D
2011-02-22 14:41
With RInput set 3600 dpi and sens 1 in game. Try it.
2011-02-22 22:30
1800 dpi; win 4/11; in game 1.9; 1000hz... what do you say about this? and plz for 3500 dpi say somthing) my eng suxx but a have too say yoo doo interesting job about precision in cs....because i am thinking 400-800 dpi end defoult in win 6/11 its greate precis...mouse i bought for sc2 and in cs its suxx)
2011-02-22 16:13
For RInput try: 900 cpi 1.9 in game without RInput: 450 cpi 6/11 win 3.8 in game. Better if youdont use 1000 Hz (DeathAdder cant cprovide real 1000 Hz polling rate). Set to 500 Hz. Dont use razer driver (remove it). Foget about 3500 cpi. Its all what I can suggest you. :)
2011-02-22 17:08
GTR use in-game sens 2.9 and 6/11 windows sens, and he owns, are they strange settings for u ?
2011-02-22 17:14
Nope. Good settings. But raw input is much better.
2011-02-22 17:37
its abyssus) 125 hz and 1000 )
2011-02-22 17:23
6x4 2.8 ingame 400 dpi 6/11
2011-02-22 17:45
2011-02-23 15:46
2011-02-23 19:31
with RInput try: 1120 cpi (set 1100 cpi if you cant set real 1120) ingame sens 1
2011-02-23 19:38
nice one i like it
2011-02-24 00:04
Belgium TanQ 
Razer DeathAdder v2 1024x768 Sens: 1 DPI: 1800 HZ: 1000 Windows: 6/11 Used mousefix registery
2011-02-22 23:03
Just run RInput. No changes need.
2011-02-23 12:41
Aerial | 
Denmark Esgar 
do anyone know if higher ressolutions will make negative accel more possible? I have these settings: 1400x1050 400DPI/CPI 6/11 Windows 2.99 ingame 500Hz markc mousefix i've tried this rinput and i think it makes my sens feel alot more smooth and responsive...
2011-02-22 23:01
Mouse? High resolution make negaccel less (with deafult mouse input).
2011-02-23 19:43
Aerial | 
Denmark Esgar 
intelli 1.1 :) and yes i believe that i have some negative accel, it feels alot more smooth when i run the fix...
2011-02-23 20:08
Does it work with windows positive accel settings???
2011-02-23 00:17
It's totally off all software positive accel. So, no.
2011-02-23 12:40
640x480 Cyborg R.A.T. 9 5600 4.0 9/11 -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms what i set riput
2011-02-23 12:45
640x480 xai 500dpi 1.97 ingame sens 6/11 markc mousefix noforce 1000Hz(mouse) 120 Hz monitor
2011-02-23 16:17
awesome stuff, killed mouse lags, but now everything is freakin fast. what i need to change? 6x4 noparms,accel a4tech x7 400dpi 5\11win 2.5 :D
2011-02-23 16:21
razer deathadder 3g mouse dpi 450 mouse hz 500 win 6/11(can any one tell me wht is this /11?) ingame sens 3.0~3.5 plzz can u help me bro ? thanks a lot in advance
2011-02-23 18:55
In Windows you can chose mouse sensitivity from 11 different positions. 6/11 mean 6 from 11. With RInput you can use these settings: 900 dpi ingame sens 1.5-1.75 (original sens divide 2)
2011-02-23 19:54
1800dpi polling rate 1000hz mouse deathadder win sens 6/11 sens 1.5 did i need to lower it to 500hz? (wondering about your post telling that it isn't real 1000hz lol)
2011-02-23 20:02
Would the program do much changes to these settings; resolution: 800x600 mouse: QPAD 5K dpi: 450 game sens: 2.2 ws sens: 6/11 accel: off
2011-02-23 20:47
990 dpi sens 1
2011-02-23 20:49
And what does that improve?
2011-02-23 20:51
1. smoothness 2. decrease mouse latency 3. fps-independent sens (when your fps drop, software negaccel get lower) 4. Some precision increasing. I wrote you settingso for RInput. Wihout it, this settings is useless.
2011-02-23 23:32
It felt a bit weird playing with rinput, but dont take me wrong, it did feel more smooth. I'm going to stick with the old settings tho 'cus that's what I'm used to :)
2011-02-24 00:05
not sure if its because higher DPI might be more accurate but it also increases your human errors and in the end its actually more unstable unless you're a superhuman.
2012-03-08 16:14
ricf0i answer my private message please
2011-02-23 21:04
Wtf is this ? Too long initial post , havent read IT . Does It involve hot women ? Dont care , nevermind . Denny Crane !
2011-02-24 01:18
do we have to run rinput.exe everytime we start the game?
2011-02-24 02:47
yes i think
2011-02-24 15:00
is rinput detected by any anticheat as cheat for injecting dll in cs?
2011-02-24 14:09
2011-02-24 15:00
eac blocks this..
2011-05-06 16:59
really? doesn't block for me
2011-07-17 17:02
could u tell me what is the perfect resolution for a 200 dpi mouse and a steelseries qck? thx
2011-05-06 17:23
so is it legal @ lans?
2011-07-17 15:53
VAC2, WAC, EAC shurely dont ban for using RInput (EAC authors even want to add this feature to their anti cheat).
2011-07-20 17:27
if i use rinput, do i have use markc fix too? i have w7
2011-07-17 16:27
Netherlands K1NGBOAZ 
no u can use only rinput. friends of mine use it on w7 and now the accel is gone.
2012-03-04 13:46
ms 1.1 res 640x480 win 6/11 ingame 2.4 500 hz acc off -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms thx
2011-07-17 17:45
With MS 1.1 there is no significant reasons to use RInput cuz it have only 400 CPI.
2011-07-20 17:29
oh okey
2011-07-20 19:54
can you run markc windows 7 64bit and rinput be compatible ? also does this work for win7 64bit ? anyone test it ?
2011-07-17 18:47
help me figure how to use this program .. i get a recommended dpi ! but how are u figuring out what sensitivity are the appropriate to accommodate the CPI/DPI ? how mouse resolution (dpi) 800 windows sensitivity multiplier = do i put 6 here ? since im 6/11 ? in-game sensitivity = cs sensitivty or what ? 2 m_yaw (0.022 default) = dont touch this ? in-game resolution width = 600 ? , i use 8x6 field of view (fov)= i changed this to 120 ingame so do , i type 120 ? or leave as 90 ? cl_mouseaccel (m_accel) = is this the noforcecmds ? what is this mean frames per second (fps) = i get 100 constant keep as 100 ?
2011-07-17 19:00
Mousefix just NOT WORK with your settings. Any mousefix work ONLY if mouse pointer precision is ON. Read attentively instructions for mousefixes. Use only mousefix OR -noforcemparms OR RInput. Instead of "-noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -noforcemparms" you can use only "-noforcemparms". Cuz -noforcemparms = -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd.
2011-08-21 23:41
What about...? Resolution: 800x600 Mouse: Intelli Mouse 3.0 DPI: 450 In Game Sens: 2.3 Windows Sens: 6/11 accel: -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -freq 75
2011-07-17 19:11
2011-07-20 17:30
im getting an error now. "Failed to allocate console" weird, cuz it used to work
2011-07-17 19:12
yeah i get that to.. any solutions?
2011-07-17 22:05
2011-07-26 07:54
tested it with my new EC1 at 500dpi and it had lots of neg accel, I couldnt believe it. We really need the RImput (or True Imput, as is called on the source engine) on 1.6, can someone with a decent english open a thread on the steam forums? it sure's going to be nice to be able to play with more than 400 dpi.
2011-07-18 17:46
weird, just tested it changing manually the hz and its okay. no neg accel.
2011-07-18 18:54
Resolution: 800x600 Mouse: Deathadder DPI: 450 DPI Pulling rate: 500 Hz Windows sens: 6/11 In game sens: 1.7 Launch options: -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -freq 100
2011-07-18 17:57
For 900 CPI you need to set sens 0.85 in game for equvalent settings, but 1 is minimal value. So keep your original settings. With your very low sens (and 450 CPI) you dont get significant benefits from RInput. But you can try it. It can be little more precisely.
2011-07-20 17:41
"failed to alocate console" How do I fix this, any idea?
2011-07-26 04:56
Sent an email to valve to include the raw mouse input in 1.6
2011-07-18 19:10
2011-07-18 22:02
im getting a mesasge "failed to alocate console" anyone could help please?
2011-07-18 22:12
neg accel = 2.032 Is this bad? I use Kinzu. 400 dpi 1.7 sens 6/11 win noforce windows mouse acc fix 500 Hz 640
2011-07-18 22:20
I used this settings without Raw input until now.
2011-07-18 22:36
everyone email valve to implement this!
2011-07-19 01:03
can someone link that page so i can send the request of that rinput thing
2011-07-19 07:09
Can you help me ? Steelseries kinzu 640x480 3.5/11 2.5 ingame cpi1 800 / cpi2 800 500Hz noforce commands thank you
2011-07-20 17:41
2011-07-20 17:52
yeah, I able to set this in kinzu drivers
2011-07-20 20:05
X7 Oscar X-710MK dpi 400 500hz 3.5 ingame 6/11 -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel + mousefix for windows 7 ?
2011-07-25 18:29
what about this one :) 640 4/11 2.2 ingame 1400 dpi noforcemparms noforcemaccel i got like 3.3736717827626914 good ? :D
2011-07-26 01:46
No he can't help you because the whole thread is 100% bullshit.
2011-07-20 18:01
I admire the effort from someone who clearly knows nothing about anything, a lot of bullshit there. +1 EDIT: These videos have been posted here years ago
2011-07-20 17:56
i use dpi 450 Reso 640 * 480 sens 2.5 win sen 6/11 mouse da accel: -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel hrlp me bro
2011-07-20 19:03
Mouse: ZOWIE EC1/2 Mouse DPI: 1000 Game resolution: 800x600 Sensitivity in-game: 1 Sensitivity in Windows: 6/11 Mouse pointer precision: OFF Mousefix: MarkC [Windows7_MouseFix_TextSize(DPI)=100%_Scale=1-to-1_@6-of-11] Monitor Hz in-game: 75Hz Game launch options: -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -noforcemparms -freq 75 Thanks in advance for corrections, but I think I've read many threads about mouse settings configuration and that is the best with my sensitivity preference.
2011-07-20 20:23
1) Just run RInput for remove negaccel that is present on your settings (cuz of 1000 cpi). 2) Your Mousefix just NOT WORK with your settings. Any mousefix work ONLY if mouse pointer precision is ON. Read instructions for mousefixes. Use only mousefix OR -noforcemparms OR RInput. 3) Instead of "-noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -noforcemparms" you can use only "-noforcemparms". Cuz -noforcemparms = -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd.
2011-08-21 23:33
Thanks, but can I change Windows sensitivity to 5/11 because this sens it's to big in desktop. When yes, with 5/11 I will have 1 to 1 windows mouse movement?
2012-01-29 20:15
With 5/11 (or any windows sens ecxept 6/11) you use windows interpolator that is not good. In this cause it's better just decrease mouse CPI.
2012-02-23 11:34
So best option with this mouse for me is min. dpi 500 and 6/11. I'm using right now: Mouse: ZOWIE EC2 Mouse DPI: 500 Game resolution: 800x600 Sensitivity in-game: 1.5 Sensitivity in Windows: 6/11 Mouse pointer precision: OFF Mousefix: MarkC [Windows7_MouseFix_TextSize(DPI)=100%_Scale=1-to-1_@6-of-11] Monitor Hz in-game: 75Hz Game launch options: -freq 75 And it's really good configuration for me. One more question, mousefix module in RInput is different than this one in MarkC, yes? I only know that this program forces winsens to default 6/11 in-game and reduces hardware negative acceleration in mouse with more than 400dpi.
2012-02-23 15:05
So if i use rinput, i shouldn't use any noforcecommands? (or rather, they won't make a difference?) (1024x768 or something, 1, 6/11, 1000dpi)
2012-03-05 17:34
They won't make a difference.
2012-03-06 09:05
I've and IE 3.0 with win7 x64 and this doens't work..
2011-07-25 00:37
hey , help me. 640 sens 2.9 kinzu noforcemparms noforcemaccel 6/11 cpi 400 what i have to change with input?
2011-07-25 00:53
help me please 640 sens 1.3 Deathadder noforcemparms noforcemaccel + Mousefix 6/11 cpi 900 ty for all :3
2011-07-25 03:29
800 sens 3.9 deathadder noforceparms noforcemaccel 6/11 dpi 450 does anything change if i use rinput??
2011-07-25 10:14
res: 640 sens: 1.32 ZOWIE EC2 dpi: 500 all the norforce in properties. 6/11 mousefix Need Rinput? I can feel sometimes that it gains speed and it is because of some random mouseacc shiet, any idea genius? ;)
2011-07-25 12:43
I think your mousefix is not good. You really playing on that sensitivity?
2011-08-05 18:10
Why does my rinput says can not allocate console?
2011-07-25 18:21
2011-07-26 07:55
ricf0i helpme with settings. Razer deathadder 1800 dpi res:640 sens:3.2 dpi: 450 2 noforces 6/11 this is ok to Rinput?
2011-07-25 23:48
Aerial | 
Denmark Esgar 
you're spinning around yourself pretty quickly with those settings, aren't you? - like least 2 turns from end to other, on a QcK Heavy/+ ?
2011-07-25 23:58
Keep going with this. Thumbs up even though Valve don't care.
2011-07-26 00:30
For me it doesn't work anyway. (It says "Failed to allocate console". Help if possible :@
2011-07-26 00:43
2011-07-26 07:54
Hey guys, if you got "allocate" errors try this: extract rinput.exe and rinput.dll do a short directory, without spaces, ex.: C:\rinput131\ then create a batch (.bat) file with the following source code: START C:\rinput131\RInput hl.exe EXIT save it as rinputlauncher.bat run it gg I uploaded my .bat + rinput.exe + rinput.dll here:
2011-07-26 07:54
Windows cannot find ''C:/rinput131/rinput'
2011-07-26 11:35
just extract rinput.exe and rinput.dll in C:\Windows and C:\Windows\system32 and then you can Start > run > cmd > rinput hl.exe anywhere
2011-07-26 14:46
yeah, or create an environment variable: right click My computer, Advanced tab, then click on Enviroment variables, new > Variable = rinput, value = the complete path to rinput.exe I think I'm just complicating it even more, but its what I did, simple to me. This way you can open any CMD terminal and rinput is now a command. Btw with the BAT file you can just click and run, no need to type anything
2011-07-26 17:50
You must change the path in the launcher.bat to the actually path of your rinput or just do EXACTLY what I said (following religiously what I said, same path, etc)
2011-07-26 17:50
I'm getting rly confused. I tried a lot, I tried hard. Is it possible to create some videotutorial for noobcakes such as me?
2011-08-05 20:25
Are you there? PM me your msn or something
2011-08-06 00:29
I finally made it tho I see no significant changes. Anyway big thanks. The last question is if MX518 is stable with 1000Hz or just stay on 500Hz or even try 750?
2011-08-06 13:37
well I'm not sure about this, but at least on my computer, which is quite old (AMD64 3000+ + A8V + Radeon 9250) I have problems when I set 1000hz on my DeathAdder, probably its my motherboard's fault. So I set it to 500hz as everyone else does. Works fine.
2011-08-08 00:47
640x480 Kinzu in-game sens : 2.9 windows : 6/11 accel off -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel no mouse fix
2011-07-26 08:28
640x480 Xai: 1800 DPI in-game: 1.45 windows: 4/11 accel off -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel mouse fix on
2011-07-26 14:22
When using rinput.exe + EAC I have experienced some bugs, like zooming with sniper rifles turned to a full black screen, but it was just one time
2011-07-27 01:16
Mass Placebo effect thread?
2011-07-28 01:03
just play the fucking damn game
2011-07-28 01:26
rofl a little too technical
2011-07-28 19:20
keep playing lol
2011-07-28 19:22
Send request to Valve.
2011-08-05 18:14
posted here for later at home (iam at work)
2011-08-05 18:27
800x600 microsoft wheel I think its 800 cpi/400 dpi ( in-game sens 2.7 windows: 5/11 -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -noforcemspd -noforcesmoth
2011-08-05 18:41
Change your Windows sensitivity to 6/11 don't ask why! and decrease CS sensitivity to 2-2.1.
2011-08-05 19:40
zowie ec1 640 2.0 sens win 6/11 1000 dpi mousefix on
2011-08-05 23:20
Norway billson 
6x4 1600 CPi 3/11 2.3 in game
2011-08-18 21:59 cArn said about RInput: "this aplication that the most of progamers used today". :) It's surprize for me. :) But his explanation about this software is a little bit incorrect.
2011-08-21 23:00
rinput is only for windows 7 or vista? by carn
2011-08-21 23:16
RInput is better than the default CS 1.6 mouse input method on any OS.
2011-08-21 23:31
ricf0i , help me PLEASE. 640 sens 2.9 kinzu noforcemparms noforcemaccel 6/11 cpi 400 qck + what i have to change with input to become better?
2011-08-21 23:35
Yes, RInput is better. But in practice you can just don't notice it with 400 cpi and Kinzu. Try it.
2011-08-21 23:43
ah , i understand. I change my DPi of kinzu to 800 , and change my sens to 1.45?
2011-08-22 00:09
yea , but what sens and DPI i have to change , for better? sry for my bad english
2011-08-21 23:46
Firstly max your DPI up, and then tweak your sens to fit for you. And stop listening to that unexperienced player...
2011-09-04 12:29
800x600 sens 2.6 deathadder noforcemparms noforcemaccel 3/11 dpi 1800 goliathus alpha speed
2011-08-22 00:06
6x4 600 CPi 6/11 2.0 in game noforcemparms noforcemaccel mouse fix
2011-08-22 00:26
so i read some comments and the conclusion is that if you are using 400dpi with 6/11 win sens there is no need to run rinput? im using MarkC mousefix and didnt notice any bugs etc. with it.
2011-09-04 11:40
I recommend you start using it, eventually you will start noticing that something is wrong with your mouse every time you forget it => there is a difference. I doubt 400dpi 6/11 will fix the accel.
2011-09-04 12:01
is using Rinput legal in leagues? tourneys?
2011-09-04 12:12
@OP. We can see in your videos, that your hand is very unsteady (for those who asks, look at Y axis of his 1st and 2nd videos), so your own precision is way off by default. So how can you even try to teach others? You need to find the best configuration for yourself first. Calling others dumb because they don't understand your nonsense logic (sorry but it really is like that) is really not the way you should go. Every single player uses HIS OWN configuration that is BEST for himself, not some pro etc. No copies of other player configs, settings will help you play better, and 99% of em won't even fit for you. Just sayin'...
2011-09-04 12:28
Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 400 DPI 500 Hz 6/11 OS & no enchance pointer precision -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms Windows XP In-game sensitivity 2.6 No need for rinput or what?
2011-09-04 13:08
You don't need RInput.
2012-03-01 15:37
Logitech G400 400 DPI 500 Hz 6/11 OS & no enchance pointer precision -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms Windows 7 In-game 2.5 Using rinput for random accel spikes. New setup :P
2012-03-01 17:53
World 2i0 
IKARI LASER MOUSE @ 2000 DPI 3/11 on Win7 ingame Res:800x600 CPL Mouse Fix -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd CS sens: 1.4
2011-11-11 06:08
its only for vista and 7 right ?
2011-11-11 07:26
Norway billson 
2012-01-13 01:31
Hey i think the link is not working can you please upload it again? by the way ricf0i is the man haha.
2012-01-13 00:42
when you have a mouse with an high cpi, you have to decrease the windows sense ...... after that it is the same 1800cpi - windows 4/11 or 3/11 400cpi - windows 6/11 it is really simple
2012-01-13 01:08
800 dpi, sens 7/11win sens 2 cs and i feel it too slow :S
2012-01-13 01:18
stop "reviving" this useless thread, thank you
2012-01-13 01:37
You're useless in here, becasue it's good thread.
2012-01-29 20:02
Its not useless .. maybe for you .. even EAC think this is useful.
2012-01-13 02:58
Help me finding the same sens that i used with these settings: ingame sens: 2.7 windows sens: 6 mouse report rate: 500 hz mouse cpi: 400 ingame res: 640*480 desktop res: 1920*1080 mouse: SS Kinzu the settings i want to use with RInput: ingame sens: ? windows sens: 3 mouse report rate: 500 hz (or 1000 if u recommend it to be better) mouse cpi: 3200 ingame res: 640*480 desktop res: 1920*1080 mouse: SS Kinzu I have a SS QcK Heavy Thx in advance
2012-02-22 00:08
You can't use 3200 cpi with rinput. Because rinput bipasses the windows sensi. When you use rinput, it's like using 6 windows sensi. The max cpi in your case would be 1080 with in game sensi 1 and rinput on. Your original settings are best and sign of a good player. Just use rinput with your original settings. Your sensi won't change and you'll get the advantage of rinput.
2012-02-23 12:04
can you help me to give me advice for the best accel? and this is my setting: mouse : kinzu 800 DPI windows sens : 6/11 mouse hz : 500 hz ingame sens : 3.4 noforce command : yes
2012-03-01 15:20
400DPI -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel And you don't need RInput.
2012-03-01 15:36
thx man you always reply my post :)
2012-03-04 13:21
You're welcome. You can be my fan on ;)
2012-03-04 13:23
ill write my settings here when i get home! i would really like to get some good advices.
2012-03-04 13:13
and how to use it?
2012-03-04 13:19
#249 When you started RInput, you need to start the cs, and put in RInput windows 'hl.exe' and Enter.
2012-03-04 13:21
It is possible to check what mousefix is in this program? Because I think it's different than this one from MarkC.
2012-03-04 13:22
what you talking about? what programm?
2012-03-04 20:43
I wanted to ask, this module in RInput called WM_INPUT (aka raw input) is more precise than MarkC mousefix, I mean about 1-1 pixel mapping display?
2012-03-05 13:30
Tunex MH-175B (lol) 800 DPI 6/11 OS & no enchance pointer precision -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms Windows 7 In-game sensitivity 5.0 ingame res: 640*480 desktop res: 1280*1024 mouse fix: on any advices?
2012-03-04 14:46
EDIT: mouse fix is now off
2012-03-04 15:11
I play with accelaration and for me it`s perfect :)
2012-03-04 15:26
Portugal olh 
MX 518 640x480 6/11 600 DPI 1.1 in game Thanks.
2012-03-04 21:29
Portugal olh 
Can you help me? ^^
2012-03-05 17:15
Can you help me see if my config are good? The website ( ) are off. 640x480 (Resolution) 1800 DPI (Razer abyssus) 4/11 (Win sens) 2.0 (sensitivity in game) -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -noforcemspd -noforcesmoth -freq 75 (no forcem commands) mouse fix: ON
2012-03-04 21:34
There is rules for best settings: 1. Increase mouse cpi (see 6.). 2. Decrease ingame sensitivity, but note that you cant set ingame sens less than 1 (see 6.). 3. Use only 6/11 in windows settings. 4. Dont use noforcem commands and mousefix at the same time. Use noforcem OR mousefix OR RInput. 5. Sensitivity with RInput = 6/11 in windows. Only sensitivity but NOT perfomance. 6. If you increase your mouse cpi then decrease ingame sens for same multiplier. For example, your original cpi is 400, ingame sens 4, and new cpi is 1400. It means that multiplier is 1400 cpi / 400 cpi = 3.5. Just decrease your ingame sens for this multiplier to get equivalent i.e. 4/3.5 = 1.143. This calculations is inly for 6/11 in windows. 7. Also you can calculate your settings in The thing on than you need to pay attension for get equivalent is is "real sensitivity".
2012-03-05 07:30
Mouse: Gigabyte M6980 Mouse DPI: 800 Game resolution: 1024x768 Sensitivity in-game: 1.5 Sensitivity in Windows: 7/11 Enhance pointer precision: ON Monitor Refresh Rate: 75Hz
2012-03-05 09:40
I used rinput and i loved it but easy anticheat blocks it ..
2012-03-05 14:14
EasyAntiCheat dont block it:
2012-03-05 14:51
800x600 400 dpi (Inteli 1.0) sensivity 2.77 in-game 5/11 in windows -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -freq 85
2012-03-05 15:07
lachesis(bad mouse btw i dont recomend it) 3/11 windows 11.47 in game noforce commands 400 dpi
2012-03-05 15:37
Portugal olh 
I'm having a real strange issue with my mouse: MX 518 640x480 6/11 600 DPI 1.1 in game MarkC mousefix If I do a slow movement (of about 25 cm) from left to right and then fast to the right (to where it started) the CS crosshair stops more or less 1 cm before where it was, BUT if I do a slow movement from right to left and then fast to the right it goes more 1 cm from where the crosshair was. Left to Right to Left = -1 cm Right to Left to Right = +1 cm This is really strange. What could be causing this? Mouse problem? Driver? MarkC mousefix?
2012-03-05 18:25
In My neg accel (maximum speed (meters/second)) are 0.9031111111111112. This is bad right? The correct is >= 1 ? I use: 1800dpi 2.0 ingame 4/11 640 0.022 If i change 4/11 for 3/11 And 2.0 for 4.0 ingame, the real sensitivity dont change and neg accel go to 1.8062222222222224, this is better?
2012-03-06 03:09
640x480 zowie ec2 1000 1.8 6/11 accel off (-noforcemaccel -noforcemparms, )+ enabled pointer precision) It's k?
2012-03-06 09:21
- Does it make any difference if you exec RInput before you open CS? - Any time you close the game, does the program close automatically too? In other words: do you have to exec RInput everytime you run/open CS? thank you
2012-03-08 15:58
640x480 800 dbi 1.2 ingame sensivity well which windows sensivty, kinzu config or control pannel etc etc win sensivity? pc win sens 3/11 kinzu cfg win sens 5/11 noforcemaccel no forcemparms mouse kinzu ...and without RInput when i move my mouse slowly i can make about 110° when i move it fast 360° with RInput it's default
2012-06-14 20:53
never used this shit and never will,ffs xD
2012-06-14 21:00
This is not a shit.
2012-06-20 13:12
640x480 900dpi (razer dt ader) sensivity 1.5 in-game 6/11 in windows -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -freq 75 When I play on the server after a few minutes, sensitiv suddenly increase and can not be controlled ......
2012-06-26 15:28
runput does not work with UCP-anticheat. can someone please help!
2012-08-28 07:40
resolution: 1024x768 mouse: mx518 current dpi: 1800 currrent game sens:1 current windows sens: 3 accel off/on: only rinput -freq75 Bumping ...But this is my current settings...
2012-09-10 20:08
800dpi 500hz 4/11 windows epp off 3.2 cs sens cool?
2012-09-10 20:21
doesnt work with UCP
2012-09-10 21:18
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