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Disrespect towards Happy
World bester 
What do you guys think? Imo, this LDLC line-up will split as soon as they fail, wtf is this shit? NBK leading the team? They have 0 respect towards happy, this will end up terribly /discuss?
2014-09-06 01:19
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He didnt want to call, Shoxie confirmed this. But still, continue to say shit without any info to back it up :)
2014-09-06 01:21 I wont trad any of this, there's infos to back this up.
2014-09-06 01:25
happy is a pretty awful pick if he isnt leading.. his individual skill is very questionable on this level of play.
2014-09-06 01:24
He was the most consistent in LDLC, normally in the top two amongst his team.
2014-09-06 01:39
you mean on the scoreboard? no he wasnt
2014-09-06 01:40
You don't think so? He is usually second to either apEX or on rare occasion, KQLY. That is if he isn't on top.
2014-09-06 01:50
i guess i watched to wrong matches, cant argue because i have not followed his career closely.. to me it seemed like apex, kqly and maniac were much more stronger fraggers.
2014-09-06 01:54
Its difficult to focus on fragging when you have to make calls for your team aswell, lets see if Happy can adapt to his new role.
2014-09-06 01:57
maniac? heueheue
2014-09-06 02:02
Maniac has not the role of fragger /star player but can be so if he's asked for. Just watch the dramhack winter tournament for example, amazing plays by him during the whole tourny.
2014-09-06 02:05
that was a long time ago
2014-09-06 05:12
He still can deliver. That's what I'm saying.
2014-09-06 05:44
I went through his stats from LDLC, and he is in the top two players around 75% of the time :)
2014-09-06 02:34
Disrecpect towards NBK What do you guys think? Imo, this thread will split as soon as it fails, wtf is this shit? Complaining about NBK leading the team? They have 0 respect towards NBK, this will end up terribly /discuss?
2014-09-06 01:25
2014-09-06 04:24
United Kingdom tomtmh 
Happy always had a good ammount of frags when he called, so now hopefully he could get on a very good level, shame apart nbk calling, he needs to be let loose and destroy everyone, he has sick aim if his team alow him to use it
2014-09-06 01:34
NBK won't destroy everyone even if he wasn't IGL.
2014-09-06 01:40
United Kingdom tomtmh 
I think he would and not being told exactly what to do like ex6 did, let him go and he would destroy imo
2014-09-06 01:42
hmm, maybe, but I doubt he is doing everything himself. He has two great tactical minds on his side in Happy and smithzz. It would be interesting to find out actually how much NBK does.
2014-09-06 01:43
United Kingdom tomtmh 
It would feel like it's alot easier calling in this team than many other top teams
2014-09-06 01:44
+1 yep, amongst other things, they have the most versatile player in the world on their team, and I'd imagine he's an IGL's dream, aha
2014-09-06 01:45
United Kingdom tomtmh 
And whenever Iv seen him he plays alot better when he's with his friends, he is going to be twice as good now then when he was in titan imo
2014-09-06 01:47
2014-09-06 01:48
he played the greatest years of his career under his ex6's leadership. its unfair to suggest that he has ben trapped on some leash unable to shine because of ex6 all of a sudden because his form has slipped a touch.
2014-09-06 04:38
He was the most consistant player in titan imo
2014-09-06 04:22
Could be, but titan was a weird team, no one had great consistency. It's a big difference from last fall when everyone was playing great, to the titan that we saw in 2014.
2014-09-06 15:15
Germany Chris Walker 
Why do you think they disrespect happy?
2014-09-06 02:52
Because they obviously don't have faith in his abilities, and maybe he isn't as charismatic as some other leaders such as ex6 for example. It's like f0xy0 who used to always whine his teammates in the end, because he was playing with less good players, which led him to lose respect in their abilities.
2014-09-06 03:29
Germany Chris Walker 
Where do you have your information from? Maybe Happy didn't want to be IGL anymore and try sth new?
2014-09-06 03:48
2014-09-06 04:24
Well think of it this way: NBK will be going for entries so he will let his team feed off his info and frags leaving the others in a default most rounds so smithz and shox can play loose and happy and kio will probably pick up clutch and bomb roles.
2014-09-06 03:20
OP is stupid, lock thread.
2014-09-06 06:06
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