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Bundes > EPL
Norway  Glaurung  
Bayern - MC 1-0 B.Dortmund - Arsenal 2-0 Chelsea - Schalke 1-1
2014-09-18 08:02
2014-09-18 08:04
eng premier league have 5 billion bucks debt
2014-09-21 12:46
Portugal maguire 
Everton 4-1 Wolfsburg
2014-09-21 12:50
paderborn > poortugal
2014-09-21 13:07
Portugal maguire 
ronaldo > Michael.W.
2014-09-21 13:11
only in hairstyling-issues
2014-09-25 16:24
La Liga > Premier League > Bundes Real madrid - UCL champions Sevilla - Europa League champions EZ
2014-09-21 13:12
Idiot lool
2014-09-21 19:53
You are retarded my friend, go back to your cave.
2014-09-21 21:50
well, reaching the top 16 in UCL is better than winning EL XDDD
2014-09-25 16:55
madrid - bayern 5:0 madrid b. dortmund 3:2 madrid - schalke 9:2 conclusion madrid > world
2014-09-21 13:15
5-1 NL/Spain #neverforget
2014-09-21 22:05
please go more retard german.
2014-09-21 22:16
You already went full retard for thinking that LaLiga is the best league
2014-09-22 19:40
World breezy0 
in depends on your point of view. internationally speaking the spanish and also german league are probably more competitive than the epl because their teams usually perform somewhat better than english teams. however if you look at the leagues isolatedly the epl is more competitive because there is a higher power density and teams are lot closer to each other in terms of skill and financial support.
2014-09-25 16:28
Lots of people think EPL is the best league just because there are 5 teams that can win the trophy but please. Apart from those teams, the others don't know how to play football. I bet a mid team in Spain (such Real Sociedad, Celta, Sevilla,Villareal) can beat a mid english team 8 out of 10 times. And I can prove it with the results of spanish teams in Europe (UCL and EL) every year
2014-09-21 13:24
Portugal maguire 
the thing is, the EPL is so much better than la liga in other aspects, one cannot rank leagues based on their teams alone (although i do agree with the point you made)
2014-09-21 13:27
Yeah. That is something we already know. English know how to sell their league better than us. ( cheaper tickets to go to the stadium, cup with just 1 leg, supercup with just 1 leg, good TV product etc..) But in overall quality of football La Liga is better than EPL by far.
2014-09-21 13:33
2014-09-21 17:04
actually its the other way around, half of the teams in la liga cant even defend
2014-09-21 17:05
Everton/Tottenham who were out of the top4 can beat any team except Real, Barca and Atletico.
2014-09-21 19:51
Nah, imo Sevilla, Bilbao, Valencia > Everton/Tottenham/Aston Villa
2014-09-21 21:50
Ofc they can. But they are not consistent in europe. I remember teams like valencia, villareal, malaga going into the final,semifinal and quarterfinal of UCL at least one time in the last 10 Years. I can't remember any english team doing it except for chelsea,ManU,Arsenal and Liverpool. And those are the top teams in your league. Valencia,villareal and malaga dont even have any chance to win La Liga. I can even remember Athletic defeating ManU 2 years ago in EL and reaching the final. Even a few years ago Espanyol playing the EL final versus Sevilla. So thats my point. The mid class spanish teams are moré capable of compete in Europe than the mid class english clubs.
2014-09-21 20:22
2014-09-21 21:37
hahaha saw that one;) 20 minutes of glory
2014-09-21 22:30
Israel TalOs 
trust my grandpa you dont want to mess with them germans xD
2014-09-21 22:11
World breezy0 
wtf, a jew making these kind of "jokes"... now i have seen everything on hltv.
2014-09-25 16:17
Israel TalOs 
we are making this kind of jokes all the time...
2014-09-25 16:49
they are the only one allowed to make these kinda jokes that's the thing. If it's someone else, it's anti semitism
2014-09-25 16:52
Bundesliga 2 team league. Schalke played their best, only got a draw.
2014-09-22 19:44
Denmark dR_JaCkPoT 
bendtner > bundesliga > epl
2014-09-25 16:16
epl - 3 billion debt la liga - 3 billion euro debt BLiga - 0 debt.
2014-09-30 17:20
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