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Another ESEA 1 week code thread
Europe ayylien mao 
If u are global/supreme, u may know about how its hard to play mm now, coz of hella big amount of cheaters. Almost in every 2nd game u meet some1 who uses shit. SO could any1 gift me 1 week code for testing esea stuff in pm ? We could play together as well, if u are alone and looking some1 to play with.
2014-09-21 01:43
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its dirt cheap, just buy one month. And if your too poor theres always: FaceIt (noobs) and CEVO (leavers)
2014-09-21 02:13
i played vs 3 cheaters in last 2 days, i am legendary eagle btw i believe its much worser in ge and smfc
2014-09-21 02:20
>much worser in ge and smfc It is.
2014-09-21 02:53
Its impossible to play, came home and wanted to play a bit, after 3 matches with rage cheaters i almost smashed my keyboard..
2014-09-21 02:57
There are more in higher ranks but there all plenty at DMG too. Cheaters that are 12 hour account don't hide anything spin-botters are your GE hackers. Togglers and wallhackers who you have to watch the demos of to see them following people through walls ( or not in some cases when you're wrong :D ) are what you get at the "middle" ranks, I just don't know whats worse.
2014-09-21 05:06
Same shit, different toilet. :\
2014-09-21 05:09
2014-09-21 05:11
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