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g100s click problem
Japan removedBadUsername 
just bought this mouse last month and it was flawless but today suddenly it started to miss clicks and do double clicks like when u tap 4 times, it only registers 3 taps and the next second it does a double click. anyone have the problem with this mouse? is it software related or hardware related? ive googled it and it turns out that this is a common problem for g100s (missing clicks, then double clicks). hope someone knows the fix to this cuz i really like the mouse, shape is perfect, sensor perfect, clicks perfect (before) note that i always used my mouse with small force not hitting it like crazy so..
2014-09-26 09:54
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nope. im using one and its perfectly fine. just ask for a change yours might be a defect
2014-09-26 10:04
if i RMA then the same problem occurs with the new mouse, can i RMA again? if this click problem is common with g100s then theres no point in trying new g100s, i would just sell the new RMA'ed one XD
2014-09-26 10:29
I noticed that double click problem , but it just happens rarely at least for me.
2014-09-26 10:21
read dick instead of click
2014-09-26 10:24
If you like the mouse then no problem, there are more models from G series.
2014-09-26 10:37
Netherlands maRs- 
why did you even buy that mouse hiko fanboy much :D?
2014-09-26 10:39
its the cheapest gaming mouse with good brand lol. i dont want to spend like $100 on a mouse :D
2014-09-26 10:41
Netherlands maRs- 
If you saved up some money, and bought the zowie FK1 you wouldn't have that double click problem.
2014-09-26 10:48
But then if the fk1 has double click problems too you have to talk to non-existent zowie support.
2014-09-28 07:55
2014-09-26 10:51
Same problem with SS Kana ~.~
2014-09-26 10:54
typical logitech mouse =)
2014-09-26 11:05
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