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HLTV users education
Brazil #7-1 
Hey guys, seeing how much trolls, kids and skinaddict there is on HLTV, I wanted to know what is your education. What studies are you doing ? If you already have a work, what do you do ? As for me, i'm in 6th year of medical school in the University of Liège, Belgium
2014-09-29 20:56
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graduated from the pedagogical university, faculty of physics and mathematics
2014-09-29 21:01
help me in calculus bro.
2014-10-01 06:02
fox | 
World WEZZyx 
1+1=3 gg wp AHAHA xD
2014-10-01 22:04
man+woman = family w/ child ggwpbb
2014-10-01 22:12
fox | 
World WEZZyx 
damnn. U'r sick dude. o :
2014-10-02 20:10
2014-09-29 21:02
m a software engineer
2014-10-01 06:00
Can confirm, the subject has no elementary school education. Source: Doesn't know how to spell kindergarten.
2014-10-02 13:33
His name says it all
2014-10-02 14:09
5th year of medical school at Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam, here.
2014-09-29 21:04
very nice!
2014-09-30 10:33
3rd year of Computer Science
2014-09-29 21:06
2014-09-29 21:06
2014-09-29 21:28
2014-10-02 20:18
4th year computer technician
2014-09-29 21:07
4th year energetics/electrician/high voltage
2014-09-29 21:10
Germany Dok1 
5th semester business administration
2014-09-29 21:11
Business Development / Technology Solutions at a 5-10 person small business. Currently studying information technology with slow pace.
2014-09-29 21:13
Is that the same as information architecture pretty much?
2014-09-29 21:40
2014-09-30 09:44
6th year medical student, in rotations.
2014-09-29 21:13
law , 3rd year
2014-09-29 21:13
7th year of computer medical high voltage administration
2014-09-29 21:14
SOOOOOOOO many smart guys here but this forum still toxic...
2014-09-29 21:15
who say doctors / medical students are not toxic ? remember Boston bomber ?
2014-09-29 21:17
I'm not sure if that's a good example
2014-09-29 21:21
its not ofc.
2014-09-29 21:25
Law at Uppsala university, 1st year.
2014-09-29 21:17
Norway kakkopp 
Henry bowers!!
2014-09-30 09:21
second or first semester?
2014-09-30 16:08
Spain ewg 
aeronautical engineering in Massachusetts
2014-09-29 21:19
Cool :)
2014-09-29 23:52
it developer, the man behind organner Keepo
2014-09-29 21:21
Medical school, MD/PhD tract. Finished first two years of medical school and first set of board exams, now working on PhD in biochemistry/cancer biology. Hoping to go into radiation-oncology. For you other medical peeps, what are you planning to specialize in?
2014-09-29 21:23
i specialize to dig chick pussy
2014-09-29 21:25
orthopedic surgery / sport injuries more specific.
2014-09-29 21:26
Solid man gl to you. If your flag is "real," I must say I'm also Vietnamese, lol!
2014-09-29 21:46
My grandmother went into biochemistry after studying biology at Harvard but she hated her job (kept being promoted to managerial positions when she really wanted to work in the lab)
2014-09-30 15:44
7th year of hamburgers developpement: preparation department, specialized in ketchup administration & applied sciences. Yeah I work at McDonalds, whatever.
2014-09-29 21:25
First truth in this thread.
2014-09-29 21:26
mine is also true, 3rd IT year isn't hard at all
2014-09-29 21:42
2014-09-29 23:21
Ive worked there previously before getting a serving job. This made me laugh mate. Funny lad :D
2014-09-29 23:33
haha that was a nice one =D
2014-09-30 01:11
Norway kakkopp 
Thats the last place i would ever Work!!
2014-09-30 09:24
United States drsj 
Law, Harvard University.
2014-09-29 21:26
hahahahhahaha fuck off you twat
2014-09-29 23:36
i have a hltv masters degree.what up now?woooooooooooooooooo
2014-09-29 21:26
2nd year applied biology and biotechnology student.
2014-09-29 21:27
i quit kindergarten
2014-09-29 21:28
Albania dMZ- 
3rd year harwards
2014-09-29 21:28
2014-09-29 21:33
haha sorry classmate my fail
2014-09-30 13:48
i work at HP, as administrative, and in 3 year of business administration. 24 years old.
2014-09-29 21:28
Twistzz | 
Latvia `DinGo 
1st year translator, student 18years old.
2014-09-29 21:29
Software Engineering
2014-09-29 21:30
2nd year of Chemistry
2014-09-29 21:31
LAW at brisbane
2014-09-29 21:32
3rd semester of business financial economics. Second to last semester untill I finally can.... Study some more.
2014-09-29 21:34
who the hell goes to school / gets educated lol its not worth it nowadays
2014-09-29 21:34
Let me hear your brilliant reason to why getting a good education isnt worth it nowadays.
2014-09-29 21:43
Does university cost a lot in Sweden?
2014-09-29 21:44
it doesn't cost anything, same thing in France
2014-09-29 21:48
fuck off :D really???! I had my first day of uni today and in 3 years I will have ~£30,000 of debt :(
2014-09-29 21:50
omfg, I feel bad for you, especially when you see that students here don't realize how lucky they are :(
2014-09-29 21:59
The law changed several years ago and unis were allowed to greatly ramp up their admission fees :( Still, not as expensive as America :)
2014-09-29 22:04
that's not even bad compared to here XD its a bless its not that huge.
2014-09-30 00:05
800 - 1200 € / years in belgium
2014-09-29 23:24
It's free, you even get paid like 300/month to go there^^ But the cost of living etc will make you have to take a loan anyways unless you come from a rich family. But anyone has the opportunity to go to University and if you study something good you will easily be able to pay back your loans and still make money than you would with 99,9% of the jobs you couldve gotten without university education.
2014-09-29 21:49
I need to move to Sweden..
2014-09-29 21:53
:D Lund University, I'm maybe starting there next year after a year of shitty jobs
2014-09-29 22:50
Finland merkkis 
Well you can be succesfull without or with degree (its just a lot easier with degree)
2014-09-30 10:47
Yes I know and that is why its a good idea to study.
2014-09-30 18:29
I feel sorry for you. I dont know where you are from. But it's only about time, before the state requires everyone to have a education...
2014-09-30 15:37
gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8
2014-09-30 16:09
I study psychology not only to get educated but also to understand myself, in the future I want to help people with certain fears like social anxiety etc. Beside that, I get €800,- a month (-200 for school expences) and free travelling during the weekdays just for following this study. Education has more to it than sitting behind a desk listening to a teacher.
2014-10-02 13:48
Actually this post is more true than most of you realise..
2014-10-02 15:11
Electrical Engineer of Computer systems.
2014-09-29 21:36
Elementary school. Who the fuck needs university?
2014-09-29 21:41
still elementary school
2014-09-29 21:42
I only play counter strike. I don't need Aalto yliopisto. I speake rally englis.
2014-09-29 21:43
I'm a rapist and pizza delivery,I rape the girls I deliver to Kappa ,Iplay video games,so a loser
2014-09-29 21:46
rape jokes very funny xaxa
2014-09-30 15:28
ksaksaksa havent seen any adequate englishman here get a life, lad
2014-09-30 23:03
Master degree in computer science. Ulyanovsk State University.
2014-09-29 21:47
master blyat in pizdec idi nahui.
2014-09-30 01:02
2014-09-30 23:03
[BSc] in Economics and Business Administration.
2014-09-29 21:47
12rd round of Kebab science in Turkland.
2014-09-29 22:02
very funny racist xaxa
2014-09-30 15:29
I like all races, but kebab is my favorite.
2014-09-30 16:01
device | 
Denmark AwzuuM 
10th year of educating to McD assistant
2014-09-29 22:09
I am a celebrity star so i had to quit school. Due to privacy reasons i have to stay hidden under a fake flag and name
2014-09-29 22:12
Totally Legit brah XD
2014-09-29 23:58
it's funny cause with the amount of people actually registered on this site there is a 0,0000000001% probability that what he said is true
2014-09-30 14:02
Its much higher than 0,0000000001%
2014-10-01 02:05
doesnt really matter if it's a bit higher or lower than my example percentage , the point is it can happen :D
2014-10-01 12:11
Portugal maguire 
2nd year of Industrial Engineering
2014-09-29 22:15
5th year of vetenarian school. Specialisation in biomedicin
2014-09-29 22:16
rly cool !
2014-09-30 06:00
bac in psychology ( belgium ) now livin in dubai and doin a lot of formations :)) gl for your studies boys
2014-09-29 23:22
dropout fuck school
2014-09-29 23:25
2014-09-30 01:22
2014-09-30 15:07
i created 12 accounts for flaming cuz i lost skins... i study for Master of Science in Medicine
2014-09-29 23:26
2014-09-29 23:27
Just finished my welding education. TIG and MIG/MAG certified welder. No job because no drivers license. No drivers license because no money. Currently surviving by taking distance-classes and getting payed like 650€/month.
2014-09-29 23:28
Getting paid to take classes :[
2014-09-30 02:34
i been working as a welder for 10 years now mostly on ship building
2014-09-30 11:06
I love it. Especially TIG welding stainless steel. Probably going to take a continuation class if I can't get a job soon.
2014-09-30 18:08
i hate my job :D been welding pipes with tig for years
2014-09-30 21:17
How long did it take for you to get bored with it? It's not really something I'd want to work with my entire life, that's for sure.
2014-09-30 23:09
about 2 its just so damn boring but it pays the rent
2014-10-01 01:36
Just started my User Experience Design MSc
2014-09-29 23:33
Portugal poiuytNf 
just finished Pussy Engineering. . .Science
2014-09-29 23:53
arent you glad you passed that
2014-09-30 02:13
Portugal poiuytNf 
yes! im excited!
2014-09-30 23:26
Will be finishing my Double Masters in Automation and Robotics tomorrow :D and I still don't know what I am doing :P
2014-09-29 23:56
developing robots i reckon?
2014-09-30 02:12
yes XD inb4 Skynet :P
2014-09-30 19:57
nice! PLC/FPGA/Microcontroller? which is your favorite? :D i used all of them for different projects, but my list would look like this: Microcontrollers>=PLC>>>>>>>FPGA xd
2014-09-30 09:43
Personally I have worked with PLC only during my B.E. for Masters its been mostly simulation simulation simulation -.-' in Simulink and such. My specialization is in Smart Aerospace and Autonomous System lol its a mouthful but I don't know much because I dint have any basics in Aeronautics :/ And to top it all I did my Masters Thesis on a subject from Image Processing. So dint work on those that much :P but if I had choose I'd go with PLCs lol just for the sake of it XD
2014-09-30 20:02
after 2 semesters the Simulink made me hate every simulation. xd i am specced on industrial automation, and wireless technologies :D
2014-10-01 19:35
ikr :O btw I cleared my Masters :) today was my thesis defence :D it all went well XD now let the job hunting begin :D
2014-10-01 22:02
Gratz! Well done, good sir! :D As an engineer, job hunts you :DDDD
2014-10-02 11:50
hahahahaha thank you XD
2014-10-02 11:55
United States MichaelRoss 
Law, Harvard
2014-09-29 23:58
HS senior HS = highschool not headshot :D
2014-09-30 00:06
LLB & LLM, working.
2014-09-30 00:07
I'm about to chose Finance and Accounting but still thinking on Engineer in Computer Science. For now I'm studying both first year.
2014-09-30 00:30
studying law in sixth form
2014-09-30 00:33
just law? interesting. rofl.
2014-09-30 02:43
1st year "Computer science"
2014-09-30 00:39
2nd year of psychology. Dropout from biology 2nd year and advertisement and public relationships 2nd year aswell lmao
2014-09-30 00:42
should of went with psych in the first place
2014-09-30 02:11
3rd year, Applied Computing
2014-09-30 00:43
Philosophy and english language and literature. Translate and teach ethics on the side.
2014-09-30 00:43
A*A*B at A-level in History, Politics and Psychology respectively. A level = age 16-18 years advanced education Currently on a gap year, setting up my own business to raise money to travel Europe Start learning Modern History at Uni in 2015.
2014-09-30 00:45
Interesting XD
2014-09-30 19:55
2014-09-30 21:05
Im just sitting home and smoking weed xaxaxaxa
2014-09-30 00:48
Last year at school,studying to pass in a International Relationship in an University here in Brazil.I love economy,and i'll probably gonna like what i'll learn in the university.
2014-09-30 00:57
4th year in medical school, Portugal!!
2014-09-30 01:05
LA compton crip.. tripple OG LOC cuzz
2014-09-30 01:06
Valve developer
2014-09-30 01:16
You bastard :P XD
2014-09-30 20:02
I almost speak or will speak 5-6 languages in the future. University.
2014-09-30 01:19
3rd year , business management
2014-09-30 02:29
hltv full of students
2014-09-30 02:44
you mad?
2014-09-30 02:40
France cedd 
3rd year environmental biology with specialization in wildlife biology edit: i'm probably gonna be walking around in forests looking for birds and shit for a living
2014-09-30 02:49
Sounds interesting :D
2014-09-30 20:03
1st year Information Technology
2014-09-30 05:08
1st Year HVAC-R Technician. I wanna work on Ice Rinks.
2014-09-30 05:55
who neds edukation when u hav count-striker:globel offence
2014-09-30 06:02
4th year,Altai State University,International Economic Relations.
2014-09-30 06:03
Vietnam N4M 
Dropped out of Highschool, doesn't mean i'm not smarter then most of these plebs
2014-09-30 08:53
2014-09-30 10:29
programmer and cs
2014-09-30 09:18
2 year of Industrial Mechanic and another 2 year in Machinist im a specialist in custom made Heavy Hydraulic
2014-09-30 09:22
23 yrs old, and I'm a bachelor in National Security, and now I'm trying to get somethining even better in Archeology. Maybe even a phD ? I'm really fascinated by this stuff ;)
2014-09-30 09:30
Im an it-consultant. :)
2014-09-30 09:34
So you basically dont do shit at work right :D ?My brother is also an it consultant, that's what he told me.
2014-09-30 09:46
haha, it's often like that yeah. there's some busy days, but often days where I just.. sit and drink coffee. ;) (like this day)
2014-09-30 10:04
how much do you make in a month? $$$$$$$$$
2014-09-30 18:56
I have not been working for so long, just graduated from a university. but i make decent amout per month (around 27 000 SEK after taxes, thats ~3000 euros)
2014-09-30 19:28
2014-09-30 19:54
electrical engineering BSc -> automation spec, 7th grade. next year going for MSc
2014-09-30 09:38
B.Tech. (Petroleum Engineer) - completed
2014-09-30 09:42
Nice :) good choice :D
2014-09-30 20:04
but still searching job... In India, job opportunity is very less and abroad like UK, USA, Canada or middle-east asian countries don't take fresh graduates from other countries... so still finding my first job :|
2014-10-01 05:40
Marketing Manamagement & International Sales and specialization on analysis.
2014-09-30 09:53
Banker #boring
2014-09-30 10:00
Graduated from DePaul University in Chicago IL. Just recently took the LSAT and I am pretty confident that my score will be pretty high =]
2014-09-30 10:05
phd lecturer for undergraduates, i specialise in quantum physics and astro physics
2014-09-30 10:11
:O Coooool :D
2014-09-30 20:05
Institute of tourism
2014-09-30 10:15
4th year of Bachelor of commerce in International Business. Currently doing my internship in London, I also studied in Moscow for 1 year at the Russian University of Economics im. Plekhanov!
2014-09-30 10:22
University of I am a spoilt brat with shitloads of cash from parents.
2014-09-30 10:29
Bachelor of Engineering ( Computer Science ) completed 3 years back.
2014-09-30 10:34
Finland merkkis 
Bachelor of Business Administration
2014-09-30 10:38
Hello fellow med student :) ! I'm also in the sixth year. Always nice to see someone from medical field on a gaming site, there are very few of us. Any plans for the future?
2014-09-30 11:11
4th year Architecture student
2014-09-30 11:21
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Did a year apprenticeship as an accountant and hated it. Realised I liked programming so went to college and did a IT Professionals diploma, then did 2 years at uni doing interactive media development. Left after 2 years (After achieving foundation degree) because the subjects in the last year didn't really interest me (Video editing etc) and managed to get a job as a PHP Developer where I learnt 10x more than I did at Uni :D Been there for over 3 years now and I'm one of the more senior developers and love my job most of the time, beats accountancy any day.
2014-09-30 11:23
I've got a Bsc in economics and business administration, and after that I went the cand.merc.aud way. Spend 3 semesters and realized accounting wasn't me, so now I'm going to start all over. Biology for me next year! Never do accounting kids, don't let the high wages and low unemployment trick you.
2014-09-30 11:54
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
2014-09-30 12:11
I'm just starting my AS/A2 now, with aspirations to go for an accounting degree. What was it that you didn't like? You've made me pretty nervous now haha
2014-09-30 14:08
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Just really boring. Same thing everyday. Don't be put off, some of the people that worked there loved everything about accountancy, and get the same feeling from searching for missing amounts to balance a clients account, as I do from coding cool stuff. I imagine it's like marmite :)
2014-09-30 15:50
Drug cartel owner
2014-09-30 11:25
Commodity Science at University of Economics in Cracow. 2nd year.
2014-09-30 11:34
Educated Constructing Architect and now doing my master thesis in Management and Informatics within the construction sector. Also have a Prince2 practitioner titel.
2014-09-30 11:44
computer science engineer applying for masters
2014-09-30 12:12
currently in the second year, studying business information systems
2014-09-30 13:53
psychology student and part-time male prostitute
2014-09-30 13:55
2nd year of sociology & korean language and history; working part-time in a bookstore.
2014-09-30 14:04
Germany volt =D 
Is korean hard?
2014-09-30 23:18
it's just different from indo-european languages. korean, japanese and chinese are very simple as far as grammar goes. why?
2014-09-30 23:35
Germany volt =D 
thought of learning it
2014-09-30 23:36
dunno how you are with languages but look into it a little, after you get a hang of it it's smooth sailing. first steps are a pain, as always. :)
2014-09-30 23:45
going to santa monica CA state University pursuing marine biology
2014-09-30 15:11
2nd year in Computer Science
2014-09-30 15:23
2014-09-30 15:41
2014-09-30 16:02
2014-09-30 15:29
I'm going to study in California, USA soon
2014-09-30 15:45
me too brah ^^
2014-09-30 16:06
2014-09-30 16:07
santa monica
2014-09-30 16:12
I see :p Berkeley here
2014-09-30 16:13
3rd year of Coledge of tourism at the moment, and I'm a professional waiter/bartender, and have degree in marketing consulting. Also i'm a inactive Army member ;)
2014-09-30 16:03
Brazil CHEMyyy 
9th grade , iam trying to complete this for 6 years :s
2014-09-30 18:15
i know the feel bro :s very hard :/
2014-09-30 18:43
Germany volt =D 
9th grade ez bra :)
2014-09-30 23:17
getting paid roughly 500$/month to study lel ez
2014-09-30 18:43
Diploma in Animation and VFX ... and yeah im a vfx artist
2014-09-30 19:08
Hospitality and Hotel Management (B.Sc.) MBA with specialization in Marketing. Looking for a job since the last 4 months. Anyone in a good mood to help me out with any referrals? :D
2014-09-30 19:26
Lol same here. Tip : start working in a random then in a decent caffe as a waiter, slowly you should advance, like I did, next year i'll be a F&B Manager trainee in 5 star hotel ;)
2014-10-01 22:08
Thanks for the tip man :D Will get to it \m/
2014-10-02 11:23
Is the market that bad in India? lol Come to Germany and go big.
2014-10-02 12:15
Two of my friends are already in Germany for higher education. I hear education is government funded there? Apologies for my ignorance. And yes, I will take your advice into serious consideration. Is English popular in Germany? P.S. Since you mentioned Germany I'll reveal that it has always been my desire to visit it for its historical significance (no offence meant) and landscape. Will get to it.
2014-10-02 14:12
If it's a public university it's government funded but you still have to pay your living obviously. You should probably ask a German student since I'm not in university yet. I just finished high school. There are enough English speaking companies in Germany. :) What I don't understand though is why you can't find a job with a MBA? My friend from Ukraine (studies in Ukraine at a private uni) hasn't even got her BBA and found a fulltime job beside studying for a salary that's a little more than double the average income in Ukraine. I would imagine that the market is way bigger in India though so that's confusing.
2014-10-02 14:38
You're right that it is bigger in India. But what I am looking for as someone without any prior work experience is a salary that only a few companies pay. Mainly 'start-ups' because unlike big companies they have not assigned set salaries for job profiles. I could get a job easily but I want a career :D
2014-10-02 15:15
You gotta start somewhere. By not working you won't get work experience and thus no possibilities for "better" comapnies. ;) If you want a career you need to start your own thing.
2014-10-02 15:16
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
no education, cant even read
2014-09-30 19:29
But can magically write :P XD
2014-09-30 22:53
Austria db42 
Bachelor of Science edit: trying to
2014-09-30 19:31
wtf is that? what science? or science in general?
2014-09-30 20:04
my first day of nursery :D
2014-09-30 19:33
drop it mate trust me
2014-09-30 20:05
5th year faculty of foreign languages
2014-09-30 19:45
absolutely no culture. filthy savages. say no more.
2014-09-30 20:01
Im in year 11. Thinking about doing Health and Social, Psychology and A level Mathematics
2014-09-30 20:20
Great to see lots of motivated students in here ! Pharmacy freshmen here :P
2014-09-30 21:15
Masters and RA in Accounting, Bachelor in Politics specialized in Political philosophy
2014-09-30 21:19
Recently completed my Bachelors in Computer Science, minors in Cognitive Science and Business. I work for a financial services company.
2014-09-30 21:22
Cs:Go in the university of VALVE by Bill Gaben.
2014-09-30 21:25
Chile Cristoff 
pls fix MM system :C xD
2014-10-01 22:23
Hahah :D
2014-10-01 22:28
Studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry at AS Level, then hopefully Computer Science at Oxford or Birmingham University :)
2014-09-30 23:06
Germany volt =D 
Doing my Abitur with 16 Y :)
2014-09-30 23:15
3rd year CNC programming + learning c# as a side thingy
2014-09-30 23:20
Studying computer programming. Pretty gay.
2014-10-01 01:45
gay for what?
2014-10-01 12:20
Norway Magnetic/ 
I dropped out of Highschool to bet skins on fulltime.
2014-10-01 01:47
haven't finished yet, but film directing. not sure if that was the right choice, though. hoping to perhaps get into the gaming industry with it anyhow.
2014-10-01 02:02
2nd year Financial management
2014-10-01 02:27
studying marketing on the university
2014-10-01 19:40
Last year of college in business studies, hopefully some decent uni next year
2014-10-01 19:45
Sweden hagge931 
Bsc in industrial economics
2014-10-01 19:47
Russia rassvet 
1st year Russian State Agrarian University - ecology
2014-10-01 22:07
Chile Cristoff 
graduated from electrical engineering (specialization in control systems & signal processing), Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences in University of Chile. if possible, i'd like to pursue a postgraduate studies in a foreign country (maybe Germany cuz onliners Kappa)
2014-10-01 22:21
Sweden hagge931 
Apply for online courses
2014-10-01 22:24
Chile Cristoff 
totally agree xD
2014-10-01 22:42
look at all these "intellectuals" and look at hltv's standard SEEMS LEGIT
2014-10-01 22:30
Yr8 m8
2014-10-02 11:55
currently studying for vocational qualification in information and communications technology for third year
2014-10-02 12:10
I make food for people :DDDDD. I cook meat and make gravy all over it :DDDDD. People like gravy and cooked meat. xddddd
2014-10-02 12:43
2nd year of business school now. But got a job in the tax office in Nordrhein-Westfalen (state in germany) this week.
2014-10-02 12:47
2nd year in materials science in university
2014-10-02 12:50
Automatician, going offshore next year. whoopdifuckindoo
2014-10-02 13:01
im in the school (university - 2 years to go) i wanna be a programmer, im making progres in codecademy, im in 56% now.
2014-10-02 13:03
Finished my Masters Degree in Informatics. Currently working as a IT Systems Engineer for a multinational company.
2014-10-02 13:08
Master of Science in Medialogy from Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark.
2014-10-02 13:19
sound engineering
2014-10-02 13:23
Philippines kApE^ 
SAP ABAP Consultant for more than 8 years now but I'll be retooling to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Why? I'll be working to a Forex company in Manila :)
2014-10-02 13:30
2014-10-02 13:32
1st Year of Applied Psychology, its allright.
2014-10-02 13:39
Data Architect, with an BSc(Hons) in Outdoor Adventure Education.
2014-10-02 13:40
4th year of IT class High school :p
2014-10-02 13:41
History bachelor and philosophy
2014-10-02 13:41
2014-10-02 14:07
Miami University next year <3 Gnna be awzum!
2014-10-02 14:41
Highschool teacher. History and civics. Will study for 5 years and still i will only get around 3000 euros/ month. But i dont do it for ze money:) As someone mentioned, it is free and we even get some money to studie. Working 1 day/week and doing just fine.
2014-10-02 15:10
Bachelor degree in web development. Working full time. Education is getting dragged under the bus by easily accessible information/tutorials. When i'm hiring and having job conversations i honestly never care about education or grades. The only thing that can have interest is the fact that completing a 3 year education with a respectable grade shows determination and will.
2014-10-02 15:24
I deal drugs for fun, just because I have lots of weed.
2014-10-02 15:26
Studying FAPIOLOGY atm..
2014-10-02 20:16
bow maker, family buisness
2014-10-02 20:17
Swole Patrol
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