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Fifflarens "Role"
gas | 
Finland ka1ske 
This isn't another fifflaren flaming thread, but I am confused about one thing. Every time the discussion comes up, anyway, always, always is someone who says something along lines of this: Can someone who believes this explain the importance of Fifflarens role that I don't understand?
2014-09-29 23:07
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he support player he throw flash and acts as decoy omg guys because of him others on his team look good omg guys
2014-09-29 23:08
Serbia Djomla. 
"acts as decoy" LMAO
2014-09-29 23:25
fiffy is $50 worth basicly they dont need fif coz they can buy 4 fif on every round. gg confirmed
2014-09-30 17:49
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
He throws flashbangs and smoke then drops gun for other team. That is his role
2014-09-29 23:08
Everyone does that, just 5 mins ago i saw f0rest drop a gun, also GeT_RiGhT flashing friberg in banana, Xizt smoking banana from arch to cover friberg, your theory is stupid and brainless, every player drops weapons and flashes/smokes for his teammate
2014-09-29 23:14
dont feed him, please.
2014-09-29 23:13
Sarcasm. drops gun for other team
2014-09-29 23:15
damn didnt see it
2014-09-29 23:19
Yea it's hard to see because lots of people take the supporting thing super serial.
2014-09-29 23:25
2014-09-30 21:46
Germany ayyy 
you obviously understand what he said
2014-09-29 23:18
i get it now but you can see my confusion as there are so many people defending fifflaren in here, he is a great guy but his level is no where near the others in nip
2014-09-29 23:19
Germany ayyy 
2014-09-29 23:21
So GTR did a basic pop flash and now he knows all the smokes/flashes on all maps? He said on his stream that he doesn't even know half the smokes or flashes that Fifflaren does in a daily match
2014-09-29 23:20
So Fifflaren does all the smokes in one fucking round because he is the only one in the world allowed to have 10 smokes 10 flashes in one round, when they do a strat everyone will throw a smoke/flash fifflaren has only one he cant throw it everywhere
2014-09-29 23:22
Only he and maybe Xizt do it on T side. The whole point is that f0rest and GTR don't focus on that part, like at all
2014-09-29 23:24
No two smokes are not enough, did you even watch them vs LDLC on inf, every player has to smoke, the smoke is so important now in csgo that if you have 300$ it will be the first nade you will buy
2014-09-29 23:25
They took mid/arc with two smokes every round
2014-09-29 23:28
Nope, someone smokes the arch, the pit, the door, there are many smokes, plus on the other maps as well, mirage in the beginning of the round you smoke the mid window, then if you split mid one smokes the connector, they go through then smoke b door and window, and there are many examples, two smokes are not enough
2014-09-29 23:30
While playing default 24/7? Good luck proving your point
2014-09-29 23:37
yeah if a team is on a full-buy everyone has a smoke 5players=5 smokes. its magic i know
2014-09-29 23:42
90% of the time yes, sometimes when they force 1-2 players dont
2014-09-29 23:47
thats why i specified on a FULL-BUY. sometimes teams buy one flash and just aks if theyre really desperate
2014-09-30 00:00
90% of the time the team will have 2-3 smokes at least even in forcebuys or in full buys, dont believe me ? watch some cs
2014-09-30 00:01
completely untrue, if a team has enough money every player will have 1 HE grenade, 2 flashes and 1 smoke. every single time. force-buys are a different matter and varies from team to team. for example i remember titan spending all theirr money on 4 molotovs on a force-buy and they only had 1 smoke iirc
2014-09-30 00:19
hes role is to be there, nothing else
2014-09-29 23:10
To do basically everything no one else wants to do/hold. This video might help you
2014-09-29 23:10
To all people Who will vommit with support player word. Other teams also have so called support player, but the don't SUCK.
2014-09-29 23:10
yes, when i hear "support player" in cs i could vomit
2014-09-29 23:12
lol look here: there are many people that have worse rating than fiffy and they are even "fraggers" for their team. u mad bro? 8)
2014-09-29 23:12
Are you really dumb?, last 4-5 months tell me a single playes in top 7-8 teams, who has 0.5 ~ KD in big and important matches like our support player.
2014-09-29 23:17
Trolol u tarded?
2014-09-29 23:28
When you don't have anything to say, you mark it as "troll". Try replying logically?
2014-09-30 00:33
omg no bold in that comment fake SnapDragon
2014-09-30 06:39
Xyp9x, pronax, maniac
2014-09-30 06:47
"many". Fetish, seangares and uzzii. Also you have to remember that NiP dominated the scene for the first year and Fifflaren got great rating just because there was no real competition. Somehow he has managed to drop from 1.1 to 0.95, which means he has played with sub 0.8 ratio this year.
2014-09-29 23:33
Finland FRGVN 
since when sgares & fetish were the support players? I call them IGL.. though sgares doesnt igl anymore I think?
2014-09-30 00:01
2014-09-30 00:25
Yo're right, Semphis is C9s' IGL. sgares is awper.
2014-09-30 04:36
Yeah but those guys arent on the best team in the world.
2014-09-29 23:40
his role is to drop guns to f0rest and get_right.
2014-09-29 23:10
He is friends with them, they really like him and he does anything the igl tells him to do without questioning it and sooner or later hes gonna get replaced, but when, thats nips decision not hltv retard users decision. deal with it kiddo.
2014-09-29 23:10
United Kingdom Alth Watch this, it's definitely worth a watch.
2014-09-29 23:12
Look at all this experts..
2014-09-29 23:12
And can you explain me why do you care about fifflarens role? They are satisfied with him and they're winning. He is doing his best and team spirit of this team is great (+they are winning), so why should they change it?
2014-09-29 23:13
theyre not winning, they just went out of the groups
2014-09-29 23:15
Czech Republic KB24 
they won ESL tournament pretty much by luck if u ask me so much struggle during the whole tournament, and after that they were losing online, and they lost to LDLC and Titan at the last tournament, so i wouldn't say "they are winning"
2014-09-29 23:16
Exactly. 16-14 twice as third map and once 16-13 .. Really lucky imho
2014-09-30 00:27 this video might help you
2014-09-29 23:15
team chemistry is important then kills, anyone who has played this game. Would fucking know.
2014-09-29 23:17
Yea all that team chemistry carried them home from DH Stockholm.
2014-09-30 07:48
coL who became the best in the world were put together, not friends.. they became the best. there is a whole list of teams that have achieved more then NiP without team chemistry.. So obviously you are new to this game.
2014-09-30 07:49
his position is to hold boiler on inferno, probably the shittiest position on that map on ct side. so if he goes down forest is up kill the remainders. long range he is also the awper cuz forest and gtr s rifling skills are required cuz friberg and xizt might be shaky that day, or gtr and forest may not be feeling well with the awp since thy re streaky with it. his skill level is not up to par wth the rest but its not just throwing smokes or flashes. guy does the dirty work that nobody wants want.
2014-09-29 23:19
Yea I've never seen forest or GT buy smokes or flashes either. They don't want to get their hands dirty with those kind of things.
2014-09-30 07:49
he carries
2014-09-29 23:25
if there was a 100% guarantee that their team would get better with a replacement, they would have done it by now. fifflaren is a great player and there are definitely better players out there, but there is no guarantee that the team will be better with a replacement, no matter how good the player is. that's why.
2014-09-29 23:26
Yes thats the only reason he is not getting kicked, he is friends and they have a good chemistry, if they didnt have that he wouldve been kicked long time ago. Not these support player things that people are posting.
2014-09-29 23:28
Austria db42 
I've stopped spilling pointless bullshi about him, i know he is bad and someone like schneider or dennis (especially dennis) could make nip unbeatabley strong again, they have won a major and pretty much everything in csgo so far, im not the guy to judge if it comes to terms of cutting teammates, and they win with him so whats the problem
2014-09-29 23:28
Sweden HovZ 
+hovz +fifflaren
2014-09-29 23:29
main AWPer on some ct-sides. on t-sides his roles are very similar to xizt maybe a bit more passive. friberg entry-frags, GTR lurks, f0rest is the second man in usually with xizt and fiffy behind him. why is it so hard to understand just watch one demo of nip playing and the roles are there, no need to make a billion threads about it.
2014-09-29 23:33
Yeah but xizt is igl and is waay better at fragging
2014-09-29 23:41
what does that have to do with what i was saying? i just explained what their roles are i didnt say how good they were in those roles. xizt is a better player than fiffy so he gets more frags doesnt mean his role is to get more frags
2014-09-29 23:49
Ye fifflaren purposely avoids shooting people so he can stay within his role.
2014-09-30 07:50
I have played cs for 14 years now, and i have never ever been a team where the IGL is better then the main awper.
2014-09-30 07:51
main awper lol, f0rest and GTR can awp better then him.. If that's a main awper, he sure fucking sucks shit at it.
2014-09-30 07:50
He takes every shit position on every map that nip play.
2014-09-29 23:35
Like catwalk on dust2 with an AWP? Short on inferno? Middle on cache? Shit man. Those all SUCK ass for getting kills. What positions are good for getting kills?
2014-09-30 07:51
Yeah go play them against pro's not in matchmaking against silvers.
2014-09-30 16:47
Uh. What?
2014-09-30 17:02
Vietnam hcd 
talked like bullshit. Fiffy is not pro-player ? NiP is not pro-gamers ? Are they noob vs others pro-team ? He is one of 5 rosters of Best CS team in the world (not now,I mean ealier) and He have to kill enemies if He took good position like AShort with AWP. Did u know about the cost of AWP ? 4750$,its 2 (or 3 )eco rounds. I watched everygames of NiP,in my eyes,almost always, when Fiffy take the AWP to camp AS,Terrorist side will be plant bomb easily. Not troll,just fact =.=
2014-09-30 17:11
You have to be an idiot. I was telling him to hold these positions against professional teams with real tactics. Short d2, mid cache are key spots for terrorists on these maps and they keep focusing on them with really good smokes awps don't help.
2014-09-30 17:45
His role is to make kids mad on hltv.
2014-09-29 23:37
LEL +1
2014-09-30 01:28
no one is mad, he is a clown.. A huge fucking joke, it makes me laugh watching him play.
2014-09-30 08:02
no one is mad, he is a huge fucking joke, it makes me laugh watching him play. He's the worst player ive seen in my life.
2014-09-30 08:02
Who asked?
2014-09-30 20:43
he is a support , and he is good .
2014-09-29 23:40
just kick him already +dennis/eksem/twist
2014-09-29 23:43
or maikelele
2014-09-29 23:45
eksem=maikelele :D
2014-09-29 23:50
No no, everyone here know that eksem and maikelele are different players ;D.
2014-09-30 08:07
dennis quit the game eksem cant stay on a team for more than a week twist could be decent, is he a sick awper tho I know he used to use the awp but i dont remember him being that insane with it
2014-09-30 00:03
FaceIT twitch chat is so stupid, I'm pretty sure they're all silvers just talking as though they know how to play CS. Wheezyeezy and H0wle are the biggest idiiots
2014-09-29 23:50
Can some people, who make threads complaining about Fiffys fragging have their eyes on his game last few weeks. I think there haven't been a match where he's been bottom fragger, making few big clutch plays or multikills/round and opening frags. Is that the oh so bad playing? Would someone explain this then.
2014-09-29 23:58
yes it is another flaming thread.... watch this and stop it
2014-09-29 23:58
ppl who try to excuse fiflaren ingame skills with ''that is his role'' and these kind of things are those who are ***** awful ingame and have to trick themselves thinking they contribute to the team
2014-09-30 00:02
So Fifflaren making entry kills, clutches, multikills and not being bottom fragger is excuse.
2014-09-30 00:05
his role isnt to be bad at the game thats just ridiculous no one from nip has ever said that and never will. all these arguments defending fifflaren probably started as a troll on HLTV and now fanboys think theyre actually true. its just an endless circle-jerk that ends in nobody knowing what the fuck theyre talking about.the people who talk shit about fifflaren are probably open players who think theyre sick but will never get on a good team cos they dont even understand that cs is a team game
2014-09-30 00:12
fiffy > you tho.. mad?
2014-09-30 01:29
Fifflaren is maybe some sort of support player, but so is KRiMZ and he is great. I don't understand how you can defend a player that is significantly worse then pretty much every pro at the most basic and common thing in cs, "fragging". And when I say fragging it doesn't have to be a positive score but rather important frags. I mean he is playing for one of the worlds best organisations and at this level he should be one of the best but he is not. I like him as a person from what i've seen but it scares me that so many people defend a player that is missing so many duels, clutches and much more just because he is their friend. I mean ofcourse it's important with team chemistry but he should be able to frag at this level. And the thing people are mad about is that he can't win a clutch or a duel, and that he makes stupid decisions. And ofcourse the best would be if he could step it up and become better asap but I mean, he's had like 2 years. Note that this is not hate but rather something to make people realise that on this level you should be MUUUCH better than almost everyone else. /thread
2014-09-30 00:08
United Kingdom QNo 
+1, good post
2014-09-30 05:15
Why is there no posts like this when Friberg gets like 2 frags in bo3? He's been sucking for a while now. I think that's even worse performance from a guy who's supposed to be entry fragger and relied heavily on by the team.
2014-09-30 00:12
Difference between online and offline, friberg is very good at LAN while fiffy is not very good online and not that good on LAN.
2014-09-30 00:15
Dreamhack in september 2014.
2014-09-30 00:18
That was 1 event, look at the others and then you can make a new post.
2014-09-30 00:20
He is a ward. He dies and puts himself into a ground and provides info.
2014-09-30 00:16
Which one ? Observer or Sentry?
2014-09-30 01:23
Didn't know there were so many experts/professional cs go players on hltv kappa
2014-09-30 00:34
We dont know what fiff does specifically. Only NiP knows. NiPs poor performance lately are probably lack of motivation and the whole team is in a slump. Fiffy is still on his level. Gtr and f0rest are especially not. No one in hltv wants to fucking admit that.
2014-09-30 00:44
France cedd 
what ? f0rest is the one that has been carrying them lately...
2014-09-30 06:27
F0rest and gtr are the ones who are supposed to mad frag. A sub 1.0 rating isnt going to cut it especially for f0rest and gtr. Thats why... :/
2014-09-30 06:32
ct side awper, t side bait
2014-09-30 00:48
Poland venomstw 
The thing is he has no role :D
2014-09-30 01:23
he throws flash bang and takes all the bullets
2014-09-30 04:35
Is role is being the main fragger. Best aimer and player in the whole world. Love you fiffy <3
2014-09-30 05:17
Anyone who played CS competetivly for years understands why Fifflaren plays for NiP, if you disagree I don't know what to say or think. Doesn't matter how much you explain why, there's always something people will wonder why he still plays in NiP. And nobody will ever know exactly why Fifflaren is playing for NiP, the NiP players themself probably just love Fifflaren as a player, it's not always about being a good player ingame and do great stuff, in the end it all comes to have a great team chemistry and be good friends together. THAT is how you sucess as a team. And there's obviously something WE don't know why he's still in there. There is a obvious reason they don't kick him, why should they when they play so good? They just won a major. Why take the risk, though they didn't play as solid as they used to. They just need to focus more.
2014-09-30 05:39
bmb carry
2014-09-30 05:37
At this point I imagine NiP don't even want to replace him just to prove the haters wrong, even if it might mean failure. Some people are simply too stubborn, I pity the NiP organisation.
2014-09-30 05:41
That's exactly how I think it is as well. Had no one complained about Fifflaren to begin with he would probably been switched out for a better player already..
2014-09-30 07:17
Are you saying that you are better then Fifflaren?
2014-09-30 07:20
No I wasn't saying that at all. But yes, I am.
2014-09-30 07:23
You are just anonymous troll
2014-09-30 17:00
Yes, I am anonymous, but I'm also better than Fifflaren who has shaky aim and terrible positioning. Fifflaren thinks he's better than he really is and therefore takes unnecessary duels which he more than often loses. In fact, I think many "anonymous" players are a lot better than Fifflaren, at least frag wise.
2014-09-30 21:35
Fifflaren knows alot of smokes, flashes and plays any spot that no one likes on NiP he is also "the glue" of NiP
2014-09-30 07:23
Finland hltv_b8r 
If fifflaren was dropped from the team I don't think any team would pick him up, can't say that from the others.
2014-09-30 07:55
that's the sad fact
2014-09-30 17:48
holah holah make some noise? =_=
2014-09-30 16:57
Literally Fiff does what everyone on NiP does not want to do. If they need him to awp on a map he will, if they want him to support he supports. He's not playing well I'm not defending him but he's just trying to make it work for his team.
2014-09-30 17:15
-fiff +me im frinley n gut at trowing flesh ples +me nip ples
2014-09-30 17:52
His role appears to be making sure nobody falls off of the bottom of the scoreboard.
2014-09-30 17:56
NIP stays with Fifflaren because they like him and he works perfectly on the role they want him for. They are friends, it's simple. No rocket science.
2014-09-30 18:06
I can't believe you guys acctually care so much about this :P Theres lots of threads every single day, don't you get bored of it? zZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz zZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz zZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz zZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz
2014-09-30 18:20
Denmark vexity 
Okay so his role ingame is a support player, right. Doing the stuff you guys are listing and saying everybody can do. But i think he is doing his job quite fine. Yea he probably had some very terrible games and so on, but he is doing what he has to do. But what i also think he brings to the team is a positive atmosphere. And that is huuge in a team, because if they bring in a player with more fire power, they might not have that guy helping them to turn their minds so they can turn the game around when they are behind. And that might result in the players losing motivation etc. etc. and from there everythings get worse.
2014-09-30 18:30
how can u be that dumb to not see what is his role.... his role is to die ffs...
2014-09-30 21:39
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