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Jules Bianchi crash video
Lithuania 4eyedgeek 
The video has been published. Stay strong Bianchi..
2014-10-07 07:50
god bless jules!
2014-10-07 08:00
Yugoslavia bleaq 
Yeah, hopefully he is ok. Still don't understand why there was a green flag right before he crashed.
2014-10-07 08:06
green flag was waved behind the sutil's car, so after it is back to normal racing
2014-10-07 08:14
Yugoslavia bleaq 
But Sutil's car and the crane we're still on the side of the tracks which is definitely not green flag worthy. And that's why these things happen.
2014-10-07 08:20
Hopefully someone is sanctioned. but remember it's a spectator sport
2014-10-07 08:25
Green flag shows that the next corner is ok. Before corner where he crashed were double yellows.
2014-10-07 15:25
It's completely normal for the flag to be green
2014-10-07 15:06
Part of track where the yellow flag was showed was just too short, drivers should be able to notice it just after exiting the last 'S' curve, NOT almost alongside with the crash spot, especially in conditions like these when driver is in 100% focused on road, not on things around him
2014-10-07 15:17
This is complete speculation on your part. Flag rules in F1 are the same across virtually every motorsport, if there was a problem with the flag rules they would have been changed.
2014-10-07 15:18
Flag rules are 100% ok but while respecting the rules shortcomings can occur anytime, IMO they could happen in this case, in the past f1 years there were no dangerous crashes or situations like that so people who manage races may not apply to the rules, like it's nothing serious, we dont need to respect the rules in 100% and then we have what we had in Suzuka
2014-10-07 15:29
This is nothing more than a very unfortunate accident, there is no single thing that caused it, so stop looking for something to blame it on. I've watched for over 30 years and F1 has been fortunate to avoid many serious injuries since senna, the flag rules which are adopted across every motorsport are in no way the reason this accident happened. Also the proceeding corner where Jules lost control of the car has no view of that marshalls post, so Jules wouldnt have even seen the green flag you are claiming caused it.
2014-10-07 15:35
Even letting a safety car just after the Sutil's shunt couldn't prevent it? You sound like you are still watching the 80's f1 when every crashes were caused by drivers in the people's opinion
2014-10-07 15:40
If they did that every time there was any kind of incident fans would be complaining even more about safety car being out all the time. I am not the one who is looking to blame anyone or any thing here that's you. Sometimes shit just happens, I'm sure F1 will learn from it as it does every big incident.
2014-10-07 15:55
Complaining about SC? That's exactly that, it shows how big cunts F1 owners are, they are carrying more about the viewers and audience than drivers. You're right with that the flags didnt cause the crash, exclude that, Sutil said that in spot where he lost control of the car was big puddle which he didnt notice because of limited visibility induced by rain and late hour, so Bianchi probably crashed in the same way but he wouldn't do that if the SC was on track. Btw. I dont watch f1 for about 30 years like you but im just fucking crazy fan of this sport, so sorry if i look too much inquisitive :)
2014-10-07 16:03
stay strong jules!
2014-10-07 08:14
That's crazily scary, hes still in critical condition right? God bless him.
2014-10-07 08:18
Finland pezuy 
Reported to be critical but stabilized
2014-10-07 08:24
Critical condition, probably will need second surgery
2014-10-07 14:56
This impact with truck was extremely hard, straight in his head, fortunately he's still alive, keep fighting Jules, one of the most talented young drivers in modern F1!
2014-10-07 15:02
crazy he is even still alive when you see the video ForzaJules
2014-10-07 15:08
that was a massiv blow, second earlier and he would have missed that truck :(
2014-10-07 15:25
horrible crash :-(
2014-10-07 15:26
may the miracles of modern medicine save him
2014-10-07 15:40
R.I.P Jules Bianchi..really sad day !
2015-07-18 11:03
rest in peace :( fatal crash after 1994 senna.. :( may god bless you Jules
2015-07-18 11:07
not a surprise sadly... :(
2015-07-18 11:08
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