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Alright lets talk about the JW Hate it's getting pretty sad now just because he didnt want to shake hands and yelled something at NiP in 2012 and till this date he is one of the most hated players it is getting kinda sad because he is arguably the best AWP'er in the world ofc, and people calling him a pig is just sad tbh i hated him too but for like 3 months but the hate is slowly growing....... Can the new lil boys in CSGO please stop hating on everybody you are just making CSGO the worst community of all games..... (Ye bad English idgaf)
2014-10-30 23:30
Heres what I really dont get about people saying JW is the best and all: Yes, JW is a good, probably great AWPer. But his real power is his CZ-75. If you look, JW doesn't hit all his shots and tends to do flashy stuff, whereas AWPers like s1mple and KennyS hit their shots much more consistently. I would take JW on a team over them, however, because of the fact that he can out rifle AK's and M4's using his CZ, and then switch to the AWP when the range is far enough away.
2014-10-30 23:33
He's not a good player. Watch him with an AK or m4, its hilarious. He's a guy who can only, and I mean only use 3 guns. The CZ (requires no fuckin skill at all, and has completely ruined CS) the awp, and the mag-7. Other than that, he's terrible. If you have KennyS, he's a guy who use any gun you give him. He's sick with an AK and silenced M4. Look at his game against Na'vi today, he abrely got to use the awp, and look at his score.... He was dreadful with the AK and M4.
2014-10-30 23:36
"He's not a good player." Are you a chav?
2014-10-30 23:40
make the slightest bit of sense and I'd be able to answer a question you ask. How does that sentence make me a chav? Go back to your gold nova 2 matchmaking games, and cry about losing skins.
2014-10-30 23:49
dude u should stop posting, saying JW is not a good player is so stupid it fucking hurts to read. u should stop watching competitive CS and stick to games like CoD because u dont know shit
2014-10-31 10:18
how can a pig be good at cs?
2018-03-13 21:56
"he's not a good player" LOL, best player of the first major out of everyone, always dominates top teams in b03s. They just won the last tournament, and you're talking shit about him, for 1 game out of 60. LOL Who the fuck do you think you are dude.
2014-10-31 00:16
i sincerely hope you get ebola and die you schmuck fuck
2014-10-31 01:08
2014-10-31 01:11
It's a national thing that we hate Aussies but I agree with you there m8 +1
2014-10-31 09:32
He was the entry fragger as T on old fnatic and that is for a reason
2014-10-31 01:18
The kraken? (Sawed off)
2018-03-13 22:11
We say that because he does thing no one can explain. Sometimes he has 1hp left and kill 2 ppl in 1sec. Not even shoxie can do those plays, he is the only player who can pull out those crazy thing which shows that he has the highest potential among all cs players. But yes ofc he aint the absolute top1, but in 1 or 2 years after he got 2-3 majors won you'll understand.
2014-10-31 00:04
ye he proved his bestEST against na'vi today. kennys>jw all day every day bro
2014-10-30 23:33
Yea he was playing his best vs NaVi, great piece of knowledge you got there mate :)
2014-10-31 01:23
noo pal i didnt mean this was his best performance, but that game just show once again hes not better than kennys
2014-10-31 01:30
So KennyS never has really bad games?
2014-10-31 01:32
he's an average awper and gets more kills with his CZ then with his awp. He's overrated as it is.
2014-10-30 23:34
2018-03-14 21:28
Latvia ;;P 
I can say it is because new members follow like chickens with hate. Yes i am the new one, but i don't hate him.
2014-10-30 23:40
"<3 onlinesports" stop read
2014-10-30 23:42
Agree with ts, jw actually even apologized to nip in an interview. The behavior of these people are more piggy like! Some peoples attitude to the players just makes me wanna throw up!
2014-10-30 23:56
they are just jealous of him man, like he plays the game for a living, wins heaps of money, in the best team in the world, and people can't handle that he has a better life then them.
2014-10-31 00:14
playing csgo 24|7 for 1.5k$ month is a better life? It's a labor lol
2014-10-31 00:23
ye you obviously know his wages rofl.
2014-10-31 00:52
A little less than 24/7 and a little more than $1.5k/m sir
2014-10-31 01:06 is that jw or his sister? cuz admin put my thread into the trash
2014-10-31 00:03
oh! so sexy :3
2014-10-31 00:07
It's good then when people forget about hating someone there is always someone who wake's up way too late to refresh that sweet memory.
2014-10-31 00:05
just because he didnt want to shake hands and yelled something at NiP in 2012 Yes. that's the reason for the hate.
2014-10-31 00:07
Actually it's not only that. Change your nicname to Wonderchild and people will hate you. As they should imo. He shows also zero respect for enemies (allways trying to knife people). And ofcourse his looks don't help him either :D.
2014-10-31 01:01
His name Wonderchild is something the players gave him he didn't name himself that? And wtf is wrong with kniving people ingame? Should Snax be hated because he knifes people? because he does it A LOT more than JW. You all act like 12 year old kids, the guy apologized for his actions it should end there.
2018-03-14 22:12 Interview is in swedish but here they apologize for the handshake thingy.
2014-10-31 00:13
waiting for apologize for the cheating
2014-10-31 00:14
He plays as well on lan as online so theres nothing to apologize for.
2014-10-31 00:16
0/10 c(._.c)
2014-10-31 00:17
+1 for this thread.
2014-10-31 00:17
Brazil markkrj 
i arent think so
2014-10-31 00:20
jw is a top fuckin player right about now and if you dont realise that its because your skill level is 2 low. #truthHurtsBro #RealTalk #SayNoMore
2014-10-31 00:34
People will hate when u are the best. Jw knows hes the best and therefore people will be mad at him.
2014-10-31 01:01
JW = gud
2014-10-31 01:01
wtf r u want dude?
2014-10-31 01:06
JW might not act professional, some might even say he doesn't play like one. But there's no denying that HE IS on Fnatic, and is Fnatic' awper. Fnatic is clearly happy with having him and he does have fans just like every other big time CS:GO player. Every big time CS:GO player also has haters which don't often express their hate very well, but they still do. TL:DR > Y HEF TO BE MED
2014-10-31 01:07
jw not the best but jw best
2014-10-31 01:20
Agreed,what dafaq you have with him?Pigs are nice.
2014-10-31 01:25
It's OK to hate fifflaren but not jW. Lel these hltv kids. Would be better if these topics -+ fiffy or jw would stop.
2014-10-31 01:50
JW, like god, is too mighty for everyone to understand.
2014-10-31 01:58
I feel pretty sorry for him tbh,he is a great player and 90% of his haters are just fucking silver kids who just saw the youtube video of him yelling at nip and immediately started hating him without even knowing the whole story of that incident.. And yeah,last 10% of his haters are these FAT silver kids who are too ugly to even show their face,so they have to say bs like pig etc. to boost their ego up somehow.
2014-10-31 02:09
JW is a top 5 player nonetheless. + they made a JW mask in the halloween update
2014-10-31 02:12
I respect him as a player, and fnatic as a team - but all in all I think they come across arrogant compared to other teams. However, the newer edition with KrimZ and Olof seems to have matured the team. That is just how I feel about it.
2014-10-31 02:14
i think krimz and olaf are more important to fnatic than jw but thats just my opinion
2014-10-31 02:20
He not gud luk but pley yes
2014-10-31 02:26
I agree with you, too much hating on JW because of something that happened 2 years ago. GTFO, if NiP forgave and forgot then so should you.
2014-10-31 02:36 Just gonna leave that there...
2014-10-31 02:49
I mean obviously the guy is a top3 player this year, so people have to hate on him. He did some stupid shit back in the early cs:go days, but hltv never forget when it comes to bullshit. They like to forget good performances for example. Typical random hltv user behavior. Nothing really big with that.
2014-10-31 03:04
Full of retards here .. i am fan of nip but honestly JW is on the best (probably best) awper in secne and his rifle skill is very good too. & you need to forget that incident ... and btw Get_Right is <3
2014-10-31 03:38
+1, he's definately one of the most efficient awp players.
2014-10-31 08:34
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
I would agree that he is one of the most efficient players, but people who say that he is one of the best AWPers clearly have no clue. He gets more kills with CZ than with AWP, if CZ was removed or made an SMG he would have to totally change his play style. He doesn't play like an AWPer and only gets away with that play style cos CZ is op and can go toe to toe against any rifle. In pure AWP play he isn't top5.
2014-10-31 09:30
2014-10-31 03:36
That was a throw so they'll avoid LDLC, just like my lovely 5k33nZ.
2014-10-31 08:08
JW is fat kid that named himself Wonderchild also he play like retard ADHD and i hate him. /thread
2014-10-31 08:28
You're a fucking moron.
2014-10-31 09:18
tl;dr not the best awper. he is top5, mostly using hes cz and rush them down when they eco to look better. he does sick stuff sometimes, but wich pro player dont?
2014-10-31 08:36
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
2014-10-31 09:31
2014-10-31 08:54
I see you wrote this at the end of the blog "Let's get CS to where it really belongs: At the very top. By being positive and thankful for our teams, players, shoutcasters and the rest of the crew that makes everything possible, so we always have new blood that can be interested and end up with a massive community for the game we all want to succeed." Thats how it should be.. but does this player "apply" that ? Now my friend.. this is the answer of why he is being hated, and CS has never been a game for pussies or kids but for men's who know how to deal with a win as well as with a lose.
2014-10-31 12:14
Doesn't justify the hate hes getting. I'm pretty sure they have sorted these issues long time ago.
2014-10-31 12:19
Maybe they have sorted out, but its not that what matters, what matters is that many people saw that reaction and that shows what kind of person JW is, for someone that maybe was the first impression which is really bad and they will never be able to un-dislike him.
2014-10-31 12:23
5 0 22 never forget
2014-10-31 08:56
all the kids still mad at him lmao. would like to see you guys calling him a pig in real life :)
2014-10-31 09:26
Why should they not call him pig in rl?
2014-10-31 09:43
because everyone at the internet acting like a super confident guy with balls of steel and probably they are like ugly ass shits in real life
2014-10-31 10:05
Hahah dude, I wouldn't call him pig cause of my charachter and my manners, but when it comes to "balls of steel" i would beat that little kid who pee's himself every night with my right hand on my back.
2014-10-31 12:15
all people wich call him pig are inmature fags deal with it .
2014-10-31 09:32
JW is a kid, he doesnt have manners yet
2014-10-31 09:32
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
He deserves to be hated, that's why everyone hates him. He is an arrogant, bad mannered prick. He is still young though, so might change. Who the fuck calls themselves wonderchild? Has anyone even called him that? I bet he came up with that himself.
2014-10-31 09:32
I played with him once in MM, sounded like a well-behaved, humble guy. This bad mannered bullshit is just a meme from that dreamhack final and even then what they did was COMPLETELY justified.
2014-10-31 09:41
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
I don't think acting like a prick is ever justified. What NiP did was also justified, it was according to the rules. Even if fnatic didn't like it they didn't have to start insulting NiP. So the JW hate is also justified, he acted like a mong towards nip.
2014-10-31 09:44
Why do you dislike him? Because he has a name you don't like? Doesn't live up to your homosexual standards? Just curious. Since you have no relation NiP (I assume) you have no reason to be upset with him since NiP isn't upset with him either. No hate intended, just curious why you'd insult a complete stranger that has done nothing wrong towards you.
2014-10-31 09:53
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
Because I don't like arrogant people. He was rude to NiP in that DH event which reflects his character. If he was a nice person, insulting people on a personal level wouldn't cross his mind or if it did, he would think better of it. If he acts like that towards others then others have the right to act like that towards him.
2014-10-31 10:32
"Since you have no relation -to- NiP (I assume) you have no reason to be upset with him since NiP isn't upset with him either." Edit: and you do realize he was just saying cry more?
2014-10-31 18:21
Nobody needs to cry man I was just trying to explain to people why he is being hated. peace out
2014-10-31 18:22
If that's the only reason why people hate him and the name change has no relevance, I believe that people are seriously retarded. EDIT: And I was talking about the video, JW keeps talking about "crying" as in whining. He's not insulting them.
2014-10-31 18:25
- " TOO EASY? " - " NICE WHINNING? " Thats my friend its insultative and it showes how much hate he has for NiP. And no matter how much you hate a team/player you shouldn't show it in public it makes you an asshole period!!
2014-10-31 18:44
I rather be friend with Fiffy than JW. he's ugly as fuck. His face make me wanna beat him up like a dirty whore!
2014-10-31 09:33
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
+1 His face irritates me immensely. It's a pretty weird phenomenon, has never happened to me before. JW is so special!
2014-10-31 09:37
JW is awesome.
2014-10-31 09:37
JW fixes his attitude first and we can decide to stop hating on that pig
2014-10-31 09:41
i don't understand the jw hate, he's a BEAST, a true ANIMAL, veri gud player oink
2014-10-31 09:47
A true animal-.- Yeah, cause we didn't know pig was an animal
2014-10-31 12:20
2014-10-31 09:48
JW gives me the Touret syndrom as well as the OCD, each time I see him. I swear and wanna beat his face up. Same categories as Justin Bieber...weird no? I don't eat bacon anymore because of his fat fuck face
2014-10-31 09:50
I bet your mom gets the "touret" syndrom every time she sees you too, out of disappointment over what kind of shitbag she squeezed out 12 years ago.
2014-10-31 10:06
AHAHAH, you're funny. You don't even know that I am your father.
2014-10-31 10:10
Hahahah dude i totally agree JW=JB at least their first name letters are same
2014-10-31 12:27
Kennys,skadoodle, guardian are all better awpers than jw. Even smithz and kukli are probably better
2014-10-31 09:50
+1 skadoodle is better than JW as awp. so, JW gtfo of Fnatic, you dipshit.
2014-10-31 09:55
JW is haxor
2014-10-31 10:00
First, he's not consistent. Second his awp isn't on par with kenny and guardian. Then his try hard child like behaviour.
2014-10-31 10:08
he's actually much better than kennyS or GuardiaN as a player, and lately he has been very consistent, making fnatic much more of a threat.
2014-10-31 10:25
no. lost 15-5 against Navi, I don't call that "fnatic a threat", but more of a joke...
2014-10-31 10:27
what makes him "better" ?
2014-10-31 10:45
Can someone close this shit ? Haters gonna hate ain't nothing you can do about it. You have to be mentally ill to say jw isn't a good cs player. He cheated ? There's a shitload of other players that cheated and nobody makes such a fuss about it. Most jw haters are a bunch of nip butthurt fans and the rest are a bunch of trolls on the internet. You don't get to play in a team like fnatic if you are just average :)
2014-10-31 10:28
You love him don't you? I understand if fat can replace a boob for you, but, you're putting your feelings before the reality my friend...just stop.
2014-10-31 10:30
olof,jw, pronax...a bag of shitturds. It's like a retard trio.
2014-10-31 10:33
2014-10-31 10:34
JW is overrated! he gets a few sick shots and he is suddenly the best awper.. for the hate, i kinda feel like he deserves it
2014-10-31 10:41
pretty sure more people hate on him because he's ugly than hate him because of the get_right handshake situation.
2014-10-31 10:49
JW is a very good player, but his past actions speak for his personality. Not everybody is as cool as Pasza, I can get over that. No need to keep droning on about it.
2014-10-31 10:55
2014-10-31 10:58
homo coz I dont like JW... Only in France... GL with your baguettes
2014-10-31 11:00
hahaha I just read the first sentences. you funny midget
2014-10-31 11:12
French guy calls Dutch guy a midget. Nuff said. Go easy on this guy Hltv
2014-10-31 11:17
hahaha I know right. Netherland are so jerky, think they are better than anybody else, 'cause what, taller. pffff
2014-10-31 11:18
Only in France taller=better. You should relax, read properly and start using your brain :)
2014-10-31 11:23
what do you know about France? DId you even went in France? Do you know and meat french people in France?
2014-10-31 11:26
Yes I "went in France", umad? uworried?
2014-10-31 11:28
where? Just wanna check your info, that's all.
2014-10-31 11:28
Paris 3x, Normandie 5x, Languedoc 3x, and some other places 1x, like Limoges, Bordeaux, Bretagne. You been to Amsterdam yet?
2014-10-31 11:32
Yes I've been in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, been living in Belgium and work with at least 10 Hollande dudes and girls for 4 years. At least, you guys have Burger King. The only thing I like from Hollande. BK is love BK is Life
2014-10-31 11:33
BK bestest
2014-10-31 11:35
I couldn't agree more. I did went to Rotterdam only for BK. Trainstation
2014-10-31 11:36
No BK in Breda/Tilburg? :o
2014-10-31 11:37
Don't know, from Brussels, it seems better to go straight to Rotterdam. Maybe there's one.
2014-10-31 11:41
dude you are part of the "new lil boys in CSGO".
2014-10-31 11:05
WORST community??? did u ever played F2P-Games like Crossfire? or swbf2? u dont know how much better the cs community is
2014-10-31 11:31
You're going too far, you should have asked did you ever play a dota 2 match?
2014-10-31 11:42
i cant jugde them at all cuz i never played that shit, i had to puke when i saw it the 1st time :)
2014-10-31 11:46
2014-10-31 11:42
he didn't just yell something he kept saying "ur scrubs" and "too easy" , JW and Moodie set example for a shitty cs go community and hating on them is a good thing .
2014-10-31 12:20
i don't care whether he is bad mannered or not, I hate him because he is a jew. watch his name JW (= J-e-W-ish), comprende amigos? and u thought it's his initials l0l~
2014-10-31 12:21
Thailand meisy 
2015-06-28 10:43
I don't hate JW. I don't really care how the player looks like I anly care how he performs. JW performs great. End of disscussion
2015-06-28 10:53
why ppl hatin on JW
2015-06-28 11:04
jw has the sickest awping style, it's always fun to watch him because of his dynamic plays unlike allu for an example
2015-06-28 11:08
Alright lets talk about the JW Hate it's getting pretty sad now just because he didnt want to shake hands and yelled something at NiP in 2012 and till this date he is one of the most hated players it is getting kinda sad because he is arguably the best AWP'er in the world ofc, and people calling him a pig is just sad tbh i hated him too but for like 3 months but the hate is slowly growing....... Can the new lil boys in CSGO please stop hating on everybody you are just making CSGO the worst community of all games..... (Ye bad English idgaf)
2018-03-13 21:54
Dumb necrobump....
2018-03-13 22:00
2018-03-13 22:00
why would you revive this?
2018-03-13 22:02
Brazil Portl4nd 
that's so weird.
2018-03-13 22:02
It was 2013
2018-03-13 22:02
I personally like him because he is a flashy player, and very enjoyable to watch and if you watch his streams you can clearly see that he is a straight-forward geniune guy
2018-03-13 22:06
Portugal Turambar 
"I personally like him because he is a flashy player, and very enjoyable to watch and if you watch his streams you can clearly see that he is a straight-forward geniune guy"
2018-03-13 22:43
do you think this is funny, funny guy?
2018-03-14 21:26
I personally like him because he is a flashy player, and very enjoyable to watch and if you watch his streams you can clearly see that he is a straight-forward geniune guy
2018-03-14 22:07
Do you know what happend to wise guys like you back in Nam'?
2018-03-14 22:13
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