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Motar2k explained
United Arab Emirates RealMotar2k 
So I have read a lot of threads and see a lot of misinformation here and want to answer them once and for all. 1.) A lot of people say I am an attention whore and they are entitled to their opinion. I have explained before the reason I go public with the donations is so that maybe it motivates other people to start donating as well. Amhai's donations are still talked about today and I think that is a good thing. Also if attention was my main motivation I could easily go to Vegas drop 15k to 20k in some nightclub and go home with some hot lady friends. Instead I get attention from people that I will never ever see or speak to. I am not trying to be the Dan Blizerain of CS, all my social media is on private. 2.) I started playing CS like 5 weeks ago and have been hooked. Initially some of the mods in my channel would tell me to go watch certain players and if I liked what I saw, I would donate to them. Pasha really stood out for me because he is a genuine guy who I knew would use the money for his family. Is there some people I feel like I shouldn't have donated to? Absolutely but I wont name names. I try to donate to people who are good players and also entertaining. 3.) Some of the conspiracy theories I have read on HLTV are just comical. People have said I make these donations and plan to start streaming so I get subs and donations. For the people that really believe that is a viable business practice please don't start a business and lose your money. I opened over 4k cases which cost around 10k, and I raffled most of it away and sold none of the items. Then I read on here that some guy thinks I am selfish because I kept some of the items and gave them to my mods. I just find it funny considering other streamers will raffle away some crappy knife after they get like 1k subs and everyone gets all excited haha. I will NEVER have a sub button or accept donations from people, so please explain on how I will recoup the 50k+ donations I have done so far. 4.) Some of these angry people on twitch baffle me. I will go into a stream and donate to some CS players and then there is always that one guy who starts talking shit to me. I never understood why someone who follows and subs to a player would get angry if he receives a donation. You should be happy that the player you like has received a good donation. I dont see Kobe fans up in arms when he lands a big sponsorship deal haha. 5.) I will never do a LAN tournament. It seems like too much effort and work and I don't have the knowledge to run one successfully. I would possibly make a CS team but I have to do my research on what it would take. The other idea I was thinking of doing was doing an online tournament with prize money to see some new talent that hasn't been discovered yet. 6.) Friberg. I am a huge fan of his and have watched his recoil vid 100x. I would fly him out easily for private lessons to be taught his ways. I have been told NiP players have very big and strong sponsorships so he doesn't need the money. I just like his play style and would love to learn from him Anyways I hope that explains almost everything. I will answer a few questions in this thread and that will be it.
2014-11-15 07:48
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friberg has a fanboy. And rightfully so, that guy is a god. Hail King Friberg.
2014-11-15 07:54
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Love that guy. Is he considered the best sprayer? who would be the top 3 you think
2014-11-15 07:55
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get_right used to be the best sprayer but lately hes being playing not to his standard. shroud is also a great sprayer
2014-11-15 08:01
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China zhoQueeN
motar2k donate me pls i am poor and need food to feed family in zimbabwe here my qiwi link:
2017-02-07 13:08
Yea consider one of the best but the one that really stands out and always come up in the discussions about spraying and recoil control is GeT_RiGhT. His spraycontrol is absolutly amazing!
2014-11-15 08:01
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Maybe true but being a good player doesn't meen y'r a good teacher (: So maybe the Friberg video's is just what he was looking for!
2014-11-15 10:14
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i forgot the movies name, do you klnow it?
2017-03-11 00:56
When thorin interviewed get_right, GTR said fribergs recoil control was better than his.
2014-11-17 10:48
afaik initially get_right was considered the best, friberg a close second, there were hiko and others too. Now its as if spraying takes too much time, 1 taps or bursts are better.
2014-11-15 08:02
Get_Right #1. friberg #2. #3 just about any pro out there besides f0rest & ScreaM cuz they like to tap tap
2014-11-15 08:04
If I had your amount of money I would probably do the same and try to support the scene. I think you are doing a great job. Can't understand how someone could get this the wrong way. I bet u give to charity also.
2014-11-15 08:17
I heard HIKO and Shroud are legit sprayers too
2014-11-15 08:18
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Belgium FnX^
i think the best sprayers to learn from are : friberg , shroud , gtr , hiko but there is lots of good players out there :) , btw tnx for what u are doing i think it's great u give back to the streamers. hope u won't get much more hate from some random people :) gl & hf
2014-11-15 08:50
Hiko is pretty amazing if you see one of his Dust2 matches from ESL One Cologne he literally sprays down towards Long A Pit from Bombsite A, freaking amazing for a spray shot, let alone with mass kills around that bombsite.
2014-11-15 09:47
try dosia as well, his spray is so good. :)
2014-11-15 14:08
United States sxg
heaton best sprayer
2014-11-15 18:31
Thanks for being my fan. I appreciate :D
2015-01-18 00:51
Hiko and Shroud, love spray of those two. NA actually has strong spray controls i would say.
2015-03-12 08:52
You are the dream of newplayers =D <3 motar2k
2015-07-14 00:40
Friberg is best.
2016-03-06 23:27
As someone said below, GeT_RiGhT is considered the best sprayer, but friberg comes very close. I personally think Xizt and dupreeh have got pretty good sprays too.
2014-11-15 08:20
swag is a spray god.
2014-11-15 09:02
if u want to learn to spray u really need to get get right to teach u.. dont think any 1 can spray as good as him.
2014-11-15 09:54
Friberg is great, but for me Get_Right is slightly better. I found this map by Pingu very helpful in learning recoil patterns
2014-11-15 10:30
tbh everyone can spray (of the pros) :D
2014-11-15 11:14
Is nice seing what i thougjt about you . you're not the bad guy , you re the savior you kept cs scene alive it would be awesome you invest on sometime team is good for you because you like ans ia good for the community cuz there will be more people following your example :) i think you are trying to show to big companys that is worth to take these pro players and sponsor them. Ty for what you have done motar2k ,if i had lot amount of money i would share 2 like you have done :)
2014-11-15 11:34
GeT_RiGhT would have to be the best, but recently he hasn't been playing at his usual level, we will have to wait for DHW to see whether he is top 1 still or not, Shroud is also an insane sprayer with very strong aim. Other than that nothing comes to mind at the moment.
2014-11-15 12:44
motar, make an anual cup in your name for a big tournament.. more big tournaments is what the community really wants and they are the best ways for CSGO to grow, thanks for your help towards the community and donating anyways.
2014-11-15 14:05
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that would be cool
2016-07-22 06:12
You should really go watch some "Shroudcontrol", people actually do think he uses no recoil :)
2014-11-15 14:51
Denmark MrDivi
Friberg is their entryfragger afterall, hence his training_aim video. React fast and be precise, do so and you'll probably be a good entryfragger. I do it a lot myself, being one off my roles in the teams I play in. ^^
2014-11-15 15:02
lol no.
2014-11-15 15:49
Probably Get Right is the best, the spray he did in Maikelels debut on short was insane, not to mention he has the best spraying feats so yeah GTR #1 for sure , Friberg and Hiko are close as well
2014-11-15 15:51
Second or third best entry fragger after Apex and f0rest.
2014-11-15 17:31
you're doing a great thing for the pro scene, we appreciate the generosity congrats on your past success i wish for it to continue for you
2014-11-15 19:40
Motar2k,you are actually Dan Bilzerian don't try to prove me otherwise.
2014-11-16 11:22
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You know that difference is Dan would say he's Dan, he wouldn't denied that :D
2014-12-23 13:48
Im living in dubai atm, if you want some lessons or playing in a cyber with me just pm :) hf
2014-12-27 22:07
get_right is considered the best sprayer. even tho im personally thinking, that friberg is kinda underrated. he's an insane entryfragger and clutcher. often hes outshined by f0rest and gtr - but from my POV friberg is actually one of the top5-players for me. how often he just goes madfragging in a situation where its necessary, and hes doing his job well.
2014-12-31 15:00
friberg gtr rpk - when he's back to his best
2014-12-31 15:03
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rpk is back (:
2016-07-22 06:28
Austria db42
2015-01-18 01:13
Israel selukvey
shroud sprays are awesome
2015-01-24 14:33
2015-01-24 14:56
Mortar. We love you man. There is just hateful people no matter where you go. I'm great fun for what you do for these guys.
2015-10-26 12:17
Australia USTlLO
Big ups to everything you do for the community, appreciate it
2015-12-04 21:01
Are you still a fanboy of friberg ayy
2016-02-14 22:04
Hey you are awesome man! The community definitely needs more guys like you, people talking shit about your donations are brainless! friberg has indeed a pretty sick spray. if you dig this kind of play, try to check out some defensive/back-up players (ex-LG steel, nV nbk, LG taco, mouz Spiidi, etc), they all tend to have very good recoil and medium/long-rage spray just as friberg. also I would recommend looking up for some old-school players. 1.6 was all about controlling your AK/m4a1 aim, and most of this players still have that classical kind of gameplay: nak, bit1, dosia, edward, zeus, ...
2016-03-17 04:58
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Nice thread resurrection bro xD
2016-03-17 05:04
Norway JorgyZ
Im guessing you regret donating to shroud? :)
2016-04-19 12:34
hail king friberg only 1 job to do get them entry frags will always be number 1 in my book idgaf fanboi4lyfe
2015-01-24 13:38
i arn't think that xd
2016-07-22 06:20
Stimulating the cs scene the way you do it is good, you're helping people out, not the other way around, respect my brother.
2014-11-15 07:54
What do you do in reAl life?
2014-11-15 07:54
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he owns his own company and its not oil related
2014-11-15 08:12
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2014-11-15 08:32
He lives in Dubai. Selling golden tennis balls to oil sheiks is oil related.
2014-11-15 10:36
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Talk is cheap, Dubai is not how you think it is.
2014-11-15 12:53
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Austria DR!FT
but 12 is still a number
2016-03-19 12:09
I think he owns a company in the IT branche.
2014-11-15 13:35
im not playing, just sometimes watch twitch,but nice to have people like you. Maybe csgo will reach a high level in world.
2014-11-15 07:55
What about helping some other less known players / streamers?
2014-11-15 07:56
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Known players/stramers (not boobs) deserve all the money they have. They have charisma and they are very entertaining.
2014-11-15 08:02
its great how ure improving the cs scene and u creating a team or an online tourament would be awesome!! one question though sry if it feels like im being rude but can you donate to handi? tell me if u dont know who it is. he really needs the money
2014-11-15 08:02
1 reply
When do ppl stop "begging" on behalf of Handi? He made a thread about being thankfull for ppl thinking of him but he didn't want ppl to beg using his name.
2014-11-15 14:30
actually,im glad he donates to those instead of the real " atention whores " , big up
2014-11-15 08:03
Friberg is the real MVP. Look what Fribergs reaction just started. He is starting to break down. Dayuuuumn..
2014-11-15 08:04
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2016-07-22 06:30
Respect ;)
2014-11-15 08:04
Just a curious thought, what do you do in real life that helps you be so generous to others btw?
2014-11-15 08:04
Fuck the haters, do your thing Motar2k, you're doin' god's work son. :)
2014-11-15 08:07
8 replies
"God's work".. Feed the ones who have enough. Oh my Hindi friend.. You have to learn..
2014-11-15 08:09
4 replies
Implying I give a fuck about what you say
2014-11-15 08:10
3 replies
That's why you're getting so mad huh. Haha... He is talking about "god"'"s work". .. oh my hindi friend, go and learn something about God.
2014-11-15 08:14
2 replies
y us saying hindi friend so much "watever language u speak" friend ?
2014-11-15 09:14
1 reply
Shh, let him shit it all out, just watch :D
2014-11-15 10:04
How is donating to an entertainer/streamer god's work? And where is this so called god?
2014-11-15 09:01
2 replies
It's a phrase. You must be fun at parties.
2014-11-15 10:04
1 reply
A phrase or not, its usage was incorrect is what the question meant, im sure ur great in school though.
2014-11-15 11:09
You'll find haters everywhere bro, Just ignore them.
2014-11-15 08:08
Dont take HLTV seriosly, a lot of people are talking out of their ass.
2014-11-15 08:10
1 reply
Well, technically, they are talking out of their ass, because their mouths are in their ass
2014-12-27 22:09
Thanks for doing what you doing. You could totally just blow the money on drugs and bitches, instead you support people who deserve it and people you like to watch.
2014-11-15 08:13
When I listen something about rich people first what coming my mind is big ego and selfish, but not this time! GTR top1 sprayer was... If u make team, go for unknown people ho has skill all what need to be best, giwe a chance.
2014-11-15 08:16
Sponsor a lan then... Get someone else to do it all and just supply funds.
2014-11-15 08:17
Thanks for what you are doing
2014-11-15 08:17
Love what you are doing! All the big donators on twitch are awesome. About the topics being made on hltv and everytime ppl beg on twitch, just ignore them. Its a sad fact that the internet has alot of beggars/trolls. And about Friberg, well hes definately one of the best sprayers in the game... to get to his level of spraying you really need to practice it daily untill you can feel the spray... and that takes months if not longer!
2014-11-15 08:18
"The other idea I was thinking of doing was doing an online tournament with prize money to see some new talent that hasn't been discovered yet." I'm pretty sure you will see too many talents on online tournament if you know what I mean. Don't take hltv seriously.
2014-11-15 08:18
1 reply
online tournaments = a lot of cheating and ddos
2014-11-15 09:46
m2k keep going !!!!!!
2014-11-15 08:19
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2014-11-15 13:58
Though there was no need for explaining yourself , continue streaming and enjoy the game. Peace , haterz gonna hate
2014-11-15 08:20
Romania fluxz0r
It's not like the nip players has a lot of money,they just won everything like 1 year ago.. inculding ESL Cologne which is 100k prize.
2014-11-15 08:20
2 replies
good times :/
2016-07-22 06:22
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Romania fluxz0r
ayyyyyyy lmao
2016-07-22 17:08
don't know where you're from but it would be really great for you to host a LAN. this would support all of the players you want to support, support the community with entertainment, and support CSGO with an increased playerbase I know you don't know much about running LANs and probably no interest to learn, but you can collaborate with tournament organizers for help
2014-11-15 08:21
This post made me like you even more. Now it's easier to see there's a person behind the name Motar2k. Great post! =)
2014-11-15 08:22
Well said, keep doing what you're doing. You're a great person!
2014-11-15 08:22
hltv is the /b/ of counter strike community
2014-11-15 08:34
<3 you motar. keep doing your thing. btw, even if you feel they didnt deserve a donation, you still helped them out big time.
2014-11-15 08:27
it would be better ot make article about thi than to hear how maikelele will make a debut... respect
2014-11-15 08:31
Romania JeeFo
Friberg is a well mannered guy. You shouldn't ask players if they want a donation, simply donate to them if you feel like they deserve it. The NiP guys are the pioneers of the cs go scene, they definitely deserve donations. ;)
2014-11-15 08:31
3 replies
He wanted to donate to friberg but he doesn't have a donation button on his profile :D Then asked for it on the chat and friberg said he doesn't want any donations
2014-11-15 11:30
2 replies
Romania JeeFo
Oh, thanks for clearing it out. I saw friberg saying that he doesn't want donations but i thought that he is just being nice and modest like he usually is. :) He should accept donations though, it's not like he is begging, cs is his job. :D
2014-11-15 12:07
I think its the same with device but not sure
2015-10-30 13:28
you're a legend, motar. all that needs to be said. you have literally changed pasha's life completely for the better, and there is probably no one in the scene who deserves it more.
2014-11-15 08:31
Just throw a epic party on Vegas, fk CS:GO
2014-11-15 08:32
It's your life, and your money, so you don't need to explain anything to anyone. 80% of hltv users are kids/immature people who are able to just troll, write shits and stuff. I would like to see more donations if you're able to do that ofcourse. Cheers.
2014-11-15 08:35
1 reply
2014-12-31 14:37
Come on Man Don't take the shit on HLTV threads seriously Because even if someone has a point here gets Attacked Just Keep up the good work dude :) Respect!
2014-11-15 08:38
1 reply
2014-11-15 16:35
Good to hear from you motar, the internet is filled with idiots who just ramble on about nothing i say ignore them as much as you can. The majority of the community really enjoy your contributions and its genuinely cool to have some from your class enjoying something in common with us. I think you should start your own team when ure ready and the time is right. If its within your reach aswell you should host a tournament :) Anyway keep doing your thang mate!
2014-11-15 08:40
You're the man.
2014-11-15 08:42
Gotta say I was skeptical about why you donated so much etc. but now I believe you are genuinely trying to help out the scene and those players. For me watching a lot of competitive matches on YouTube and Twitch helped me a lot by learning the maps and spots to hold from etc, and playing some Arms Race or Deathmatch helped me improve my aim. After that I just started playing some Matchmaking and I got my 10th win today and I got Gold Nova II. So that are some tips to improve yourself other than just playing the game and practicing. Anyway keep up the good work man!
2014-11-15 08:43
I am actually glad you made this post. Now all the retards that were flaming and telling you what to do with your money can shut the fuck up once and for all. You're great for donating to people, whether it's some players in csgo or any other cause.
2014-11-15 08:44
A very well written and professional response. I really do respect the way that you addressed the situation and didn't flare up / argue back with the 'haters'.
2014-11-15 08:48
u can keep doing what u are doing, dont care whats the reason, i still dont like it and dont approve it , but in the end who gives a shit about me :) ;)
2014-11-15 08:50
you're the boss man, you do your thing and just ignore them a--holes. i personally find your efforts very genuine. you're a great help to the cs community. @btw, i heard you run your own company. mind if i ask what industry you are in?
2014-11-15 08:53
lol too much hltv retards anyways. u shouldn't even have give a single fuck to them.
2014-11-15 08:53
don't mind hltv haters most of these kids don't know what support means nor do they make money and they are just jealous of what u do to support our scene. Keep it up even if haters try to bring u down just do what u do i would day
2014-11-15 08:59
All that story is just a big LOL
2014-11-15 09:00
1 reply
2016-07-22 06:17
United Kingdom Button
Jealousy, my friend. That's why people hate. What you do is a seriously generous thing, that money you donate can help these players in all sorts of ways and maybe even give them more motivation to stream? If they really need it lmfao. Just keep doing what you do, enjoy the game, enjoy the streams and just ignore the hate because it's the minor minority that are haters, everyone else thinks you're a pretty cool guy. xD
2014-11-15 09:02
Dude.. just don't mind the retarded kids here. just keep the good deeds you're doing. btw: i'm looking forward to that online tournament. You could also make an big pot online tournament where pros will join. please make it happen. =) thanks.
2014-11-15 09:06
nice store mate :D
2014-11-15 09:07
This scene will remember your name forever.
2014-11-15 09:08
Please dont stop donating or encouraging teams just because of soem hltv threads......there are people criticizing mother theresa and gandhi also ...just an example
2014-11-15 09:08
you are really nice guy, thanks for all
2014-11-15 09:10
I think you should definitely host or fund a tournament. you wouldn't have to organize it, just pay some existing event to run it for'd get to meet all the pro teams and players that you've been watching and donating to. if the prize pool was more than valve's 250k, maybe that would motivate valve to host a TI for cs:go
2014-11-15 09:14
3 replies
But before TI CSGO need a GOOD anti cheat .so less cheater and more GOOD PLAYERS :D then more followers = more crowd = BEST TI :D
2014-11-15 09:36
+1 exactly my thoughts, put 100k towards MLG or something..
2014-11-15 14:08
2017-04-29 06:05
Only reason why I am streaming is to get some money to spend to make my son ok. But I think I can get these money by working though :)
2014-11-15 09:14
Thumbs up dude! Like you said, THERE WILL BE ALWAYS THE ONE...
2014-11-15 09:17
Just do whatever you want to do. GL!
2014-11-15 09:18
It would be great if you can fund an online tournament... It will be treat for both players and spectators.. Also if you are not sure about hosting a LAN tournament, you can contact organisers who have organized various LAN tournaments in the past and just fund the prize pool.. You can also contact anders (he is quite frequent on HLTV and he would be happy to help you) as he has a lot of experience in casting and I believe he probably has some contacts to good production crews as well(I think he is also involved in organizing the King's of the Kings tournament that is taking place right now.) ..
2014-11-15 09:26
motar, u da real mvp bro. <3 much respect.
2014-11-15 09:32
Dude Common Jus Ignore Them :) Dont Give a Shit to those People :D i like what u doing , supporting a ESPORT GAME is really a Great Job and your doing Very Very GOOD . Keep it up and Thanks :D
2014-11-15 09:32
i really like you Motar2k , not of your money :)
2014-11-15 09:39
1 reply
of course not :)
2016-07-22 06:27
I'd say shroud has the best spray control but I don't necessarily think he would be the best person to teach. I think the skill of teaching is also required. WarOwl is probably your best bet. He is a very good player and the best teacher I've seen in cs.
2014-11-15 09:40
give 100k to anders and he will set up a lan for you ez pz
2014-11-15 09:42
1 reply
lurppis from hltv and anders d orginize the best tournament with LAN finals ever
2014-11-15 09:52
Donate here man, these disabled and sick kids need it more than the people already making a good living off of our favourite game :
2014-11-15 09:44
1 reply
we pay taxes (up to 90%) for that so if you think so do it by yourself
2014-11-15 09:51
It s a great thing people like you are the part of cs scene. About hosting a LAN i saw somewhere fragbite and/or hltv workers said they d volunteer to organize it so they d do all the boring job :)
2014-11-15 09:49
Good man
2014-11-15 09:50
What do you do for a living? :)
2014-11-15 09:50
It's called the internet yo. You got all these juveniles, idiots, jealous fucks, and such thinking they should diss anyone that sparks their attention with money. They obviously have no clue you are doing great things with your actions and if you wanted any of those negative things they think of you could of been 100x more so with other actions so you really aren't doing any of those things. I think sponsoring anders to do a tourny, maybe sponsor faceit/esea/cevo or such but anders is probably your best bet. Anders is all about that I bet he'd have a field day with you he seems like a really heartful guy that you could work with as well as his buddy Semmler :D.
2014-11-15 09:51
"I never understood why someone who follows and subs to a player would get angry if he receives a donation." Because they're jealous nerds and they don't understand that you can do anything with your money. And they'll never receive money from playing.
2014-11-15 09:52
Whoever you are and whatever you do, you'll always find haters. Most of them will hate you for irrational things regardless. Can't do anything besides brushing them off while continuing with your life. You don't need to explain yourself and your actions to anyone in this life besides maybe your own family. No point in bending words over people who've convinced themselves for whatever reason that what you're actually doing is wrong. If those stubborn people can't find on their own that they've made a mistake judging you - nobody else could help them understand.
2014-11-15 09:54
1 reply
true m8
2016-07-21 06:22
Well I guess you aren't Mr. Arbalet v2.0. :(
2014-11-15 09:55
you can't become popular without making enemies, there are always kids out there who are jealous or trolls and will yell at anyone. don't take it personal, in general people are praising you so why bother. btw ask to help you setup a motar csgo invitational and host your own tournament, you can bring in your own team like overdrive does
2014-11-15 09:57
who are you?
2014-11-15 09:56
I just wanna say one thing. you are an awesome person motar2k. i'm not dick riding or trying to suck up for free shit. I think what you have done is great and hope you continue to show support to players and streamers. you have done more for the players and streamers then 99% of these people.
2014-11-15 09:56
not funny at all, nice try retarded -_-
2014-11-15 09:58
2014-11-15 10:00
Its the internet mate, people cant help but talk shit, even when its not needed. As soon as you leave this game people will be crying, believe me. Its nice that you have donated to some of these players, really good to see.
2014-11-15 10:02
ppl are now just getting mad and probably fapping when you donate someone. look: when you first time donated pasha, ppl were happy, saying that he deserved it. Now when you donate him ever more than b4, ppl are starting to blame you and making stupid threads about you. keep doing dude, I like what are you doing, supporting players is pretty nice idea. gl further!
2014-11-15 10:02
Word up man! Stay tru! Man, don't give a fuck 'bout dat shi... U do good things! keep it up, motar2k!
2014-11-15 10:12
I'm not sure anyone would pick forums for this kind of post, hence my suspicion about the legitimacy of this account. Anyway, I really can't see why would you feel like you need to explain anything to an internet community, especially this one. The Internet is full of trolls and there is only two ways to go about them, one is to completely ignore them and the other one is to join them. Trying to fight them will only make things worse for you.
2014-11-15 10:12
1 reply
older generation is not so rotten like todays kids and still think internet is more serious that it is
2014-11-15 11:24
Keep it up, Dude! But pls donate too XD
2014-11-15 10:31
How did you ended up in esport more precisely in CS ?
2014-11-15 10:31
its alright man, you seem like a reasonable (rich) guy...fuck those nerds man ;) but great ur made ur point, some of them will shut up now since u made a statement :)
2014-11-15 10:33
Quite swell, motar. Screw the haters. It is most likely that they will behave in a similar manner to whatever extraordinary event they may assist.
2014-11-15 10:34
Motar, why don't you go help some of the 3 million slaves working in Dubai instead?
2014-11-15 10:37
2 replies
why don't you help the poor man down your street that's homeless?
2014-11-15 11:04
1 reply
I do. The point though, even if I didn't, is Motar isn't unlikely to have made his wealth through exploitation of slaves, since he's shamelessly rich and lives in Dubai.
2014-11-15 11:54
United States lurppis
just do your best to ignore the haters, your reasoning is all rational.
2014-11-15 10:39
5 replies
alas yours is not.
2014-11-15 10:53
1 reply
2014-11-15 11:49
Lurppis <3
2014-11-15 10:56
ignore just fifflaren ignored u :D
2014-11-15 10:59
mortar, this guy here can teach you how to ignore them haters. he mastered it.
2014-11-15 15:58
i can honestly say your donation to me has helped a lot with me moving into a new apartment!! thanks dude
2014-11-15 10:59
3 replies
2015-01-18 11:56
hello tarik u best
2015-01-18 12:57
haha :D:D
2015-06-20 20:31
Keep doing a good job fuck haters!
2014-11-15 10:59
don't see a reason to write this topic , we all understand your point of view loud and clear . good to emphasize what I had in my mind about you though which is good of course
2014-11-15 11:02
here is the critical point " I have been told NiP players have very big and strong sponsorships so he doesn't need the money. " maybe he need a money but not yours
2014-11-15 11:03
6 replies
nah, friberg is not an active streamer and a decent guy so he knows he doesnt deserve donations because he ll not stream on regular basics
2014-11-15 11:26
5 replies
he need a money because he is poor by his logic, o_O
2014-11-15 11:36
4 replies
friberg has the sub button so he needs money
2014-11-15 11:50
3 replies
2014-11-15 12:08
2 replies
it doesnt matter what is the source, lol, you need money or you dont need
2014-11-15 12:35
1 reply
maybe it does matter to him
2014-11-15 13:07
thanks for helping the scene and players who deserve your financial assistance. as you know, people in real life have a hard time containing their jealousy whenever someone with a lot of money walks by. but know that the majority of the scene welcomes your assistance.
2014-11-15 11:03
motar2k for president <3
2014-11-15 11:06
You´re amazing. Dont let anybody ruin that because they are jealous. Just keep it up.
2014-11-15 11:07
I think its awesome that you try to help the csgo scene :) - I hope that you will enjoy the time u spend with csgo, you seem to be a generous guy who just wants to support the streamers Ps. The majority of the users are retards, dont listen to them
2014-11-15 11:09
its nice to see people care for others thank you motar2k what you are doing is a great deed and it shall be repaid in the afterlife.take care don't listen to the haters shit on em.
2014-11-15 11:09
Am i the only one who thinks these donations are really positive because pro players dont make that much money although they put in loads of time to get better?.. anyways motar, dont feed the HLTV trolls, dont change what you are doing.
2014-11-15 11:15
Try not to bother about stupid comments. Stupid people talk loudly. [FACT]
2014-11-15 11:16
I have question. How you make this money? You come out from rich family or you start your own business and it works great and you dont care to much about money? BTW I really love and appreciate what are doing.... it helps players like pasha a lot. Hope for online tournament or huge team sponsored by you. After Arbalet we have finally some guy to help of growing CS. Keep up good work.
2014-11-15 11:18
online tournament is a good idea :D waiting for the invite k4pp4
2014-11-15 11:20
12 replies
Do you even have a team?
2014-11-15 12:25
6 replies
I dont need a team
2014-11-15 12:31
4 replies
2014-11-15 12:48
hahahah i love u joelz
2014-11-15 14:21
2014-11-15 14:55
Mä en oo varma who you're trying to fuul. Ofc you need team. Join Nipples of Fate, the winners of Assembly summer 2014. -Beni +JoelZ Lohja dreamteam Go win lan JoelZ. You are very sick player.
2014-11-16 00:18
fake :O
2014-11-15 12:52
yeah i'm sure an online tournament would suit you best
2014-11-15 13:41
3 replies
indeed, thats why im asking for it
2014-11-15 14:06
1 reply
shameless onliner cheater lol
2017-03-11 00:13
2014-11-15 14:18
nt joelz
2016-07-22 06:26
Why did you change your name to RealMotar2k? Last time if I remember correctly it was only Motar2k. Did someone hacked your account or something?
2014-11-15 11:21
5 replies
I think it was always RealMotar2k cus someone was fakenicking
2014-11-15 14:10
4 replies
But why change it? I mean the name Motar2k is unique in itself. No one can take it
2014-11-15 15:18
3 replies
yeah someone had it before he had an hltv account i think
2014-11-15 15:25
2 replies
Correct, motar2k was already in use before he registered his account.
2014-11-15 18:58
1 reply
yeah i know, he said that on stream
2014-11-15 21:08
Now I see that you've been around only for few weeks. Soon you will realize that this community in general is not even worth shit and for sure not worth your explanations. You're doing good job man and don't listen to anyone, just do what you feel you need to do.
2014-11-15 11:23
May I ask you a question ? How old are you ?
2014-11-15 11:25
1 reply
so lazy. he stated at twitch he is ~35
2014-11-15 11:28
Doing an online tourny would be cool. Get Room on Fire to host it! :D
2014-11-15 11:27
Its hard to do it online or offline. But you could easily hire some guys to do that. Can tell you what you will need exactly as I worked at some lans.
2014-11-15 11:30
I don't think you have to explain yourself with what you're doing. I honestly think you are too generous for these selfish kids (giveaway) but you have the right to do anything you want anyways :p A lot of haters of course because they have to DDOS players and do a lot of shitty things to ruin the game to get what they want but you make it easy because you have the money and love for the game. I admire that. Just ignore them it's really typical in this internet world.
2014-11-15 11:36
god bless you motar , don't listen to 12 year old cry babies
2014-11-15 11:34
The good out weigh the bad but the bad just make up for it by being a lot more vocal and memorable from my experience.
2014-11-15 11:39
4 replies
Not sure I follow...
2014-11-15 12:46
2 replies
He says that for example out of 5 things u just remember the bad one and forget the 4 good ones.
2014-11-15 13:09
Basically there's a lot more people that appreciate what he's doing than the ones who don't and the negative feedback is more noticeable since they are more vocal about it and it remembered easier.
2014-11-15 14:18
yes...! exactly..
2014-11-15 14:06
respect m8 but i hope you do more donations to poor people because they need it more.
2014-11-15 11:40
So Motar, I just wanted to say that you're doing a good job dude.. It's nice to see you support some of the streamers and I understand where you're coming from. When I see Anger streaming, he always comes across as a genuine dude and I would love to donate to him. I'm a huge friberg fan as well, because like you said.. He is insanely skilled and probably the best sprayer in the world! Anyway, keep it up. Don't mind all these hating children, the fact that you are a successful person scares a lot of people who might not ever get a chance of becoming wealthy. Just know, that if you ever do decide to start a cs team or anything else, you and your team will be getting a lot of whining.. I don't want you to, but you've made a name for yourself in this community and unfortunately, that's just what happens to people in the spotlight! Anyway, keep it up bro. Greetings from Belgium.
2014-11-15 11:41
Motar2k you are awesome.
2014-11-15 11:41
I think you're great dude, keep it up!!!
2014-11-15 11:47
You don't need to explain yourself dude, +1
2014-11-15 11:47
5.) I will never do a LAN tournament. It seems like too much effort and work and I don't have the knowledge to run one successfully. I would possibly make a CS team but I have to do my research on what it would take. The other idea I was thinking of doing was doing an online tournament with prize money to see some new talent that hasn't been discovered yet. Tell me who says that before? nobody. motar2k comes from nowhere but he helped to manny people then we help and donate then valve help and donate in years etc ... he is a guy with money yes. but he dont hold it for himself. offered so much money that maybe that person does not make in a year to pro player and other strangers. don't blame motar2k because he helped people. blame on you because you dont help other people and you are angry when they recieve money for a good life. You help alot this community motar but if you make an online tournament you do to much then valve do it for this community .... be strong dont lisent this idiots and do what you want to do with your life and your money and your energy. Be a good man! God bless you !
2014-11-15 11:53
hahhaha the fanboism is real :DDD seems like with money you can buy everything how pathetic
2014-11-15 11:56
8 replies
Do you have a dawn dyndrom? Funny how you think donating will get you something, he is giving away the money, but seems like your brain does not work the right direction. Read your comment and see who is pathetic, jealous because poor?
2014-11-15 12:33
5 replies
says a latvian dude :DD haha i could buy all your friends, your house and your family
2014-11-15 13:39
4 replies
seems like with money you can buy everything, how pathetic haha i could buy all your friends, your house and your family
2014-11-15 13:55
2 replies
2014-11-15 14:47
indeed :D
2014-11-15 14:49
20 years old guy who is living with hes parents are talling me he can buy everything I have, 10$ lunch money your parents are giving you won't buy anyone. Continue being delusional
2014-11-15 15:37
Clearly you've been in your basement for so long you don't know that money runs this world.
2014-11-15 13:26
so... he should ask for your permission for donating his money? maybe you should restrict his monthly allowance.. how dare he wants to spend money on stuff he likes.. on people he admires... outrageous...!
2014-11-15 14:11
Why don't u sponsor like roomonfire or something, some money to host a tournament? like caseking does...?
2014-11-15 11:59
2 replies
Did you read, he isn't familiar with making tournaments etc., just by sponsoring roomonfire ( they already have sponsors ) is nothing because it's just a broadcasting service
2014-11-15 12:29
1 reply
Doesn't have to be RoF, I believe that was merely a suggestion, hence the "or something" But I'm sure, coupling the money that is obviously available with someone who knows how to run a tournament, would make for some interesting stuff.
2014-11-15 15:42
A lot of pro players started streaming more regularly, mostly thanks to you. Everyone that enjoys CS is thankful for that. People are just shocked by the size and frequency of the donations and HLTV is the place where they make known their every thought. It's just people not being able to handle all that and trying to calm their confusion. That said, if you genuinely want a overwhelmingly positive reaction and a legacy within the game, so to say, consider partnering with fragbite or FACEIT who just started getting into the LAN realm of competition and both had a very solid premiere. No idea if there's any merit your branch of business has advertising to a CS target audience, so I don't know what's in it for you, financially speaking, but it would surely help people make sense of what it is you are trying to do.
2014-11-15 12:02
and you are mad cuz you dont recieve money from him? me neither. but i dont say something bullshit about him just because he dont donate to me anything. i am not a fanboy. but when somebody help this community his deserve respect not hate... so you can lick my ass and go to sleep. :D
2014-11-15 12:00
1 reply
Use reply button next time.. :)
2014-11-15 12:07
You shouldn't care about some haters, they are just jelly nothing more...
2014-11-15 12:14
United Kingdom jMz86
You shouldn't have to come here and explain yourself to anyone, it's your money, do as you please :) People are just jealous. I think it's nice to see some of the guys who work hard entertaining people on stream and mixing with the community being rewarded by people as generous as yourself. If I had the money I'd probably do it too.
2014-11-15 12:20
It's a shame this was was even necessary. You should be able to do whatever you want with your money... People getting angry are just jealous idiots. I hope you do consider starting up an org, it would be fun to see another team competing!
2014-11-15 12:26
"I have been told NiP players have very big and strong sponsorships so he doesn't need the money." That's the only reason you would understand, it appears.
2014-11-15 12:26
There's always going to be people who act unreasonably and try to spoil things for others. What you're doing is a great thing, not only for the players but for the community. Just wanted to say, ignore the haters :)
2014-11-15 12:33
I actually apreciate what you do, most of these people that cry and talk shit to you is because they are jelly, you donated to someone else but not to them :) What would the hater/flamer would say if you was gona donate to him ? Still same words ? i doubt. Yet people are addicted to skins and stuff so they get angry when they see other people receiving such amount of money :). When i was watching pasha and you actually donated him i was so happy for him, since i really like that guy and i know he has hardtime when the child came on earth, you helped the right guy, keep up the good work :P i am working my ass off to get a car and i know how hard it is :D @Ignore the haters, they are just braindead kids that got no idea how is to work and they all wana get shit for free without doing anything.
2014-11-15 12:36
Motar, if you aren't accepting subscribers how are you gonna play with the people that watch and/or follow your stream?
2014-11-15 12:41
I appreciate the fact that you come here and give your insight. It is a good thing you did this, it will put an end to all the debate around you. I like #5, but be careful with online tournaments :). None really likes them because it is full of cheaters. Id rather see a team sponsorship, there are many talented players around, and it will bring some more challenge to the scene.
2014-11-15 12:51
You are a great man motar2k. Please don't read too much into the posts here. HLTV is home of the most dedicated, hardcore Counter-Strike fans who know this game inside out, but it is also very toxic... Reddit CSGO is a lot more friendly, especially towards newer players, but you don't have as many high-end players there as we have on HLTV. If you decide to spend your time on other things in the future at some point, great, but please don't do the mistake that Cro_ did and get upset over a loud minority. GL HF my friend <3
2014-11-15 12:58
MOTARI2K TEAM IS REAL!!!!! moe emilio delpan cLY OnlineJ
2014-11-15 13:00
"Is there some people I feel like I shouldn't have donated to? Absolutely but I wont name names. I try to donate to people who are good players and also entertaining." I bet was shoxie, that bitch streamed to get donation, never saw him again. fu shoxie.
2014-11-15 13:08
u're the real hero, dude... respect for you.
2014-11-15 13:15
90% of the people talking shit are just jealous. Instead of getting bothered by the comments, just laugh at it and keep doing the fine job you're doing for the pro-scene.
2014-11-15 13:16
The guys hating are jealous, nothing else. Why would you even care LMAO.
2014-11-15 13:22
cool story. ur not the real motar2k
2014-11-15 13:27
5 replies
You're wrong, it's him and he proved it.
2014-11-15 19:08
3 replies
Sorry for bother you. But can I ask you how?
2014-11-16 07:13
2 replies
post #455 for example.
2014-11-16 09:07
such a hard thing isnt it
2015-01-24 14:17
2015-01-24 14:17
Finland coswell
"People have said I make these donations and plan to start streaming so I get subs and donations. For the people that really believe that is a viable business practice please don't start a business and lose your money." Word. Its the same people who think that by playing CS as a professional, you become a millionaire. :D
2014-11-15 13:27
I love motar2k. Keep it going man, you are awesome. The only reason why people criticize you is they are jealous.
2014-11-15 13:28
keep the good work man and pls donate me with some skins, I rly need it for my familly, peace
2014-11-15 13:28
Mortar its your money do what ever you feel like it with it. Don't let the idiotic kids who are jealous get into your Brain. Keep up the good work !
2014-11-15 13:29
Poland maxiu
dude just keep it going and dont care about kids witch are frustrated that you cant donate them ... Goo Job
2014-11-15 13:29
You seem to have a lot of character. #respect
2014-11-15 13:30
Team Motar2k confirmed! Keep it up man :)
2014-11-15 13:31
I'm glad we have such supporters like you. It is important to keep up good stream work and will motivate everyone to invest more time.
2014-11-15 13:32
6 replies
2014-11-15 13:38
2014-11-15 13:47
some1 want motar donation hehe :D
2014-11-15 14:43
3 replies
everyone wants donation, thats obvious. but in general i feel happy for everyone who got some donations from him, especially pasha....
2014-11-15 15:10
2 replies
+1 ;)
2014-11-15 15:39
taxis are expensive :D
2014-11-15 17:14
You know what's funny ? Posts here with people saying that 90% of hltv or so is retarded, yet all i see here 90% legit smart-ish encouraging posts. People are not dumb by birth, they are by choice, and i don't know if that's worse or not. Like twitch chat associating every team/gameplay/tact with "cancer or ebola". Go to a hospital and visit some people with these diseases and please, joke about it again. P.S. On topic, to many posts, didn't see anything related to this or maybe i missed it - "The other idea I was thinking of doing was doing an online tournament with prize money to see some new talent that hasn't been discovered yet." is a really good ideea tho if some pro's dared to cheat, you can be sure lower unknown players will to, especialy for the chance to go big.
2014-11-15 13:45
If he dont want to go in Vegas to spent 20k in one night and get some lady why the fuck he dont donate to poor peoples, they really need donates. Hes from Dubai, one of the most richest city/country in the world, but anyway you can see lot of poor familys here, or if he has done already this, why he dont go to hand1 channel and donate some money, he need more than cloud9 team this money. Im muslim like him but muslims in Arabia are full toxic because they know only money for other things they dont care, only money, only money. P.S i know my english is bad but i think everyone can understand what im trying to say
2014-11-15 13:36
1 reply
we pay fucking high taxes, up to 90% because goverments take care of poor people, now stfu u moron
2014-11-15 17:24 is a good entertaining stream, you should have a look on his stream ;)
2014-11-15 13:36
bro but you are millionaire ? keep going be yourself you dont haave to explain to anyone
2014-11-15 13:40
Pasha deserves the $$ his stream is funny
2014-11-15 13:42
Dont really get what all the fuss is about, but still, everyone is entitled to do whatever they seem fit with their own money. I would also like to thank you for contributing to the community!
2014-11-15 13:45
Big respect! You motivate a lot of pro players to start streaming for their fans :) and it's a good thing for our community because we didn't have a lot of streamers before!
2014-11-15 13:46
7 replies
2014-11-15 13:54
I don't think you guys start streaming for money..please..
2014-11-15 14:19
3 replies
No, but it motivates other to do. As you might have noticed?
2014-11-15 14:20
2 replies
where is pyth stream T_T
2014-11-15 14:44
Yes, motivation is a fact but I'm wondering this is going to be more a job than pleasure. anyway hf gl pyth
2014-11-15 15:00
Pyth I'm glad you're joining the thread.
2014-11-15 14:49
please leave NiP :\
2017-03-11 00:14
Who remember Mr.Arbalet with NaVi ? And no one was trashtalking about him ! Sorry that happens to you m2k
2014-11-15 13:47
Happy | 
Poland Mdv
You doing really good job motar , keep up ;)
2014-11-15 13:48
People are just jealous, that's how it works. It's rly nice of you but help =/= help. There is more poor people who would do much more with $3000 then best streamers with $20k. (:
2014-11-15 13:48
respect man, no matter what
2014-11-15 13:50
Seriously Motar, people who complain are just jealous because they don't get the donations. Don't care about the haters and just continue to do what u feel is good. I think it's awesome! :)
2014-11-15 13:50
1 reply
+1 i said nearly the same. "People are just jealous, that's how it works. It's rly nice of you but help =/= help. There is more poor people who would do much more with $3000 then best streamers with $20k. (:" people from sweden <3 (im not from sweden) :(
2014-11-15 13:53
seems like a good man! :-)
2014-11-15 13:52
Keep it up, you are a thrill to the community :-) Ur donations makes more ppl trying to be good streamers and some ones will be :-) There is a lot of jealousy out there, don't mind them.
2014-11-15 13:52
keep going on mr. M2k u are doing great work so dont waste time for haters. BTW. +999 for donations to pasha because of his family
2014-11-15 13:53
hhahahah wadaaaaaaaaaap haters now?
2014-11-15 13:53
1 reply
+1 :D thought the same while i was reading :D
2014-11-15 14:04
motar2k buy vip :P
2014-11-15 13:56
1 reply
2016-07-22 06:35
Hltv people are so retarded lol. I've watched so many people here on this thread talking shit about m2k and now are here giving him good words and stuff, people really need to be more consistent in their thoughts :) M2k u're awesome and thanks for making cs grow,, but please try to donate more to good causes like today games "GamersImpact Charity Drive" PS:KEEP IN YOUR MIND that the most people that u donate live in rich countrys with a good wage salary so think first when u want to donate to someone. Hf and keep the donations ;)
2014-11-15 13:56
1 reply
yep i will never win more than 600 euros in my country, seeing 15k+ donations make me fell bad :D
2014-11-15 14:04
motar2k da king
2014-11-15 13:57
motar2k for president
2014-11-15 14:00
Ignore the hate. The fact is that you've already made a big impact on the scene and you're helping it grow. Anyone who does that deserves praise, regardless of whether it's through donations or other means.
2014-11-15 14:00
1 reply
Hello my friend <3
2014-11-15 17:00
I'll lay it out for you.. About you being an attention whore. What I've found out by doing some reading, people call you that because of 2 things. The first thing would be because they are jealous. Secondly because they've seen you asking the people you donated, to change their top donators and changing their names on their knifes etc. I'd just call it decent credits. I can't say I've liked all the people you've donated too but it's your money so I don't have anything to say about it, period. However, I'm still glad to see that your having second thoughts about some of your donations. :) About the "conspiracy theories" you mention: Once again, people are jealous. That's the reason for all the flaming. I bet 99% of all the people love you for your donations & for being kind and all, but I'd say about 50% "hate you" for it, because they didn't get donations or giveaways themselves. About "Your own CS Team and/or Online Tournament": I'd still say that a super awesome LAN tournament would be the coolest thing to host but I can clearly see you being a huge contributor in both a team and Online tournaments too. To end this post, I'd just say, Keep it up Motar, you're doing great things for the community and for a handful of lucky players who recieves your donations. You've manage to make all this fuzz in this short amount of time.. Imagine what you can accomplish by hanging out for a few years :) I wish you the best Motar. Cheers, E
2014-11-15 14:01
1 reply
2014-11-15 14:09
You are a hero for the whole the cs-community. Motar <3
2014-11-15 14:04
6.) Friberg. I am a huge fan of his and have watched his recoil vid 100x. I would fly him out easily for private lessons to be taught his ways. I have been told NiP players have very big and strong sponsorships so he doesn't need the money. I just like his play style and would love to learn from him You dont need to give anyone you like money. Buying his friends isnt the way.
2014-11-15 14:04
Big love motar, dont listen to all the angry kidsthat are mad cuz they dont get donations :) Big up to you mai frind <3 Pashalove <3
2014-11-15 14:08
My friend Motak please do not pay attention on hatters by this I am not trying to get your attention or to be a kiss ass I am just saying that you are doing really nice acts of kindness and you are helping many people i needs just by your dontaion I mean people who are professional are not rich and dont make much money even if they win a lot of tournaments. Motar you are really the one of the niciest people i have met i dont like to send money to charity you dont know where the money will go but this situation when motar is helping pros in needs its just awesome and the fact that Pasha got a child recently is definetly a great idea to donate to him or just any player that you donated thank you again I am sure 90% of people who have money like you and play CS would not donate more then 10 dollars so thank you again for the donations and remember if anybody is hating on you its because you are doing it good that why the haters appear.
2014-11-15 14:10
The only thing with making an online tournament would be ddosssss... Make a new major motar2k major, just get someone to run it.
2014-11-15 14:11
Thank you sir for your contribution towards the Counter-Strike community. Ignore the asshats, most are trolls, and the rest are just actually that stupid. It's no secret that the CS community never will agree on anything.
2014-11-15 14:12
Respect for you, dude! I've recently started streaming myself (because I don't have a team and I don't want to come back 'again' just to suck ass :D) so I'm getting the hours needed by streaming and playing individually right now till I feel confident enough to be brought back again. Until then I've found pleasure in streaming - whether its for 20 people or 500 people I don't care. You do inspire a lot of people, getting their hopes up for one day to get the "motar2k"-donation. Whether or not it will arrive on their stream doesn't really matter - you inspired them to start streaming and that's what counts. You're awesome and you shouldn't have to explain anything to hltv community - as long as streamers and players keep rising, you're doing exactly what is needed.
2014-11-15 14:16
10 replies
Looks like somebody wants money :D
2014-11-15 14:21
2 replies
2014-11-15 14:27
2014-11-15 14:32
(pls donate me)
2014-11-15 14:27
5 replies
Why do you say that? I'm not looking for motar2k to donate towards my stream. If he wants to watch my stream that's cool - if he decides to donate any amount of money towards my stream, that's also cool but I won't ever ask for donations, it's simply up to my viewers to decide whether or not they want to give me a donation - I don't feel obliged to get donations at all but I'd be grateful for them because they make my stream better. For ex. I open cases for donations (some cases for my own money - especially here in the beginning) and maybe sometime in the future I get enough donations for a better cam or enough followers/subs to actually get a sponsorship for giveaways, discount on things or some other cool feature.
2014-11-15 16:57
3 replies
Finland siloquez
I'm not looking for motar2k to donate towards my stream. ,D::D:D::D:D::D:D:D Suddenly every "pro" player have an account in and contribute to the topic and the first thing is "I actually don't want a donation, but ....." :DDDDDDDD
2014-11-15 19:16
2 replies
suddenly? I think most pro players have an account but don't want to comment on every retard post there is out there. Finally someone who does a good thing - and you call it a bad thing to comment on it? lmfao. If you think I stream for the donations, you think wrong.
2014-11-15 23:05
1 reply
So sad. Starting streaming for money, doe.
2014-11-16 03:05
Thanks for tldr. KAPPA
2014-11-15 17:04
HAHAHA LICK HIS ASS BRO I HOPE HE WILL GIVE YOU SOME MONEY$$$$ but seriously nico you are awesome and you dont have to explain yourself because i have recently started streaming myself to get the hours needed and i dont care whether i get viewers or not because seriously you are awesome nico and i respect you
2014-11-16 21:03
You are permanently banned from talking in motar2k.
2014-11-15 14:18
Stay classy motar, hltv 10% non-troll comunity gets you!
2014-11-15 14:19
Good read! Your money, your choise!
2014-11-15 14:23
fake motar2k, guys pls watch some motar streams... He never talking about friberg and never explain because motar dont give a fuck...
2014-11-15 14:25
17 replies
you are really retard
2014-11-15 14:26
16 replies
tell me why im retarded
2014-11-15 14:27
15 replies
he is fake he explained here what happend with his nickname someone make account with his nickname
2014-11-15 14:29
14 replies
if i create today "TheRealPasha" and create thread u also belive me im pasha... everything what this guy explain in he's thread thats from mothar stream... this guy just do some reserch and create this thread...
2014-11-15 14:33
13 replies
dude are you idiot srsly now how can u tell me he is fake? he show me picture of paypal history
2014-11-15 14:34
12 replies
why all muricans are soo naive... gosh!!!
2014-11-15 14:35
11 replies
DUDE U ARE ONLY 1 FROM HLTV WHO SAID ITS NOT motar2k u are very dumb
2014-11-15 14:37
10 replies
cuz i dont have proof!!!!!!! maybe thats why...
2014-11-15 14:38
9 replies
wow he explained very clear what's happened with his money and u dont have any proof gj braindead
2014-11-15 14:38
8 replies
thats fucking story... give me fcking proof in images, links...
2014-11-15 14:39
7 replies
5 replies
Ahahhahahhaa.. Love to see you having a booster in your friend list.. The one and only 'mekelek'.
2014-11-15 17:17
2 replies
it couldn't possible be someone fake nicking him right? god i have 3 guys in my friend list named like that lol
2014-11-15 19:29
1 reply
I know that obv. -_-
2014-11-15 19:37
I'm glad you provide some proof of who you are, but seriously.. You shouldn't bother about most of the users. Most of them will flame you in one of your threads or about your next donation and they'll love you in another. They are the ones being attention whores in the first place. They are crying about not getting donations & giveaways but you can't really please them all, right? Cheers, E
2014-11-15 17:51
Dat fb doe... number id
2014-11-16 08:15
ahah, slaped xD
2014-11-15 21:35
Respect man, hosting a tournament would be really cool. :-)
2014-11-15 14:26
You have money bro!!!! Don't need to care about retard people. Sorry my bad english... hope you can host future tournaments ^^
2014-11-15 14:35
2 replies
Did you even read this?
2014-11-15 14:45
1 reply
do you even read "hope" ?
2014-11-16 01:51
Someday I will be streaming and will be always waiting for you <3
2014-11-15 14:36
Just keep up the good work. There will always be ppl that just are online-trolls and just keeps on saying shit because of jealousy or immaturity. You do a gr8 job and hope to see a tournament with you hosting.
2014-11-15 14:38
1.I am Legendary Eagle Master, if you would like to create a team with me then I can do it. I can teach u some things like how to spray and such :) 2. You shouldn't care about those kids from HLTV mate. They are just mad, because of having 15 years old.
2014-11-15 14:41
1 reply
LEM and he thinks hes good ahahahah get ESEA A/A- then u can talk about being "good"
2017-03-11 00:19
Its ok buddy motar2k, you dont need to explain your self to them. I think you are cool. If you are going to make a team feel free to message me i want to join.
2014-11-15 14:43
i read the whole thing and all i can remember is "I would possibly make a CS team" !!! but really, i also wonder why people get upset. and what i really don't understand is why they start to judge like "you could help some sick africans...". they twist something that is good to something not good enough. sick
2014-11-15 14:44
Eh people are so greedy, i respect you what ur doing motark, keep it up dude...
2014-11-15 14:45
Motar <3
2014-11-15 14:46
Good for you motar2k, love (no hetero)
2014-11-15 14:47
MOTAR2k for every 1 hater you get there's a 100 of us that will always support and appreciate what you are doing to the community. so don't mind the 1%
2014-11-15 14:48
we <3 u
2014-11-15 14:50
Bro, one thing I've learnt from living on this Earth (especially the online community) ; Don't give a damn to what they say. As long as it doesn't hurt anybody, do it. And in your case, you are donating ALOT of money to make people donate more to players/people so they can have better lives, and that is one of the most NOBLE thing you anyone can do in any normal circumstances. Take it easy bro, you are doing a great favour to improve the community and life of players all around the world. I remember watching you donate to Pasha on stream, his reaction was priceless. And this reaction and appreciation is what you deserved imo, not these haters that are just pissed they are working at a 9-5 job and not satisfied with it. What YOU are doing is what makes you, and as far as I can see, you are a good man. If you ever feel down/gave up on the community (which you will have trust me) , remember that you have made ALOT of people happy: Pasha, M0E, ScreaM etc. and these people will forever remember and appreciate what you did to them. TLDR : Don't give a damn to haters, what you do is what you are, a great man.
2014-11-15 14:51
thanks for what you did to csgo scene motar2k!
2014-11-15 14:53
Keep it up bro :D :D :D
2014-11-15 14:57
Motar, you don't have to do the hard work to host a tournament or create a team. You should contact known organisers, and make an offer. How sick would it be to see a Motar Tournament, with 100k? Then you could also invite 5 players to this tournament under the Motar Squad :D
2014-11-15 14:58
You're nice and generous guy. Good things happen to good people like you.
2014-11-15 14:58
Motar is love, motar is life. Love what you are doing for the community, and keep it up. Pasha deserves every penny he gets Love <3
2014-11-15 15:04
1 reply
hhahahaha so fcuking dumb
2014-11-15 15:40
Would be great if you come to Sweden @ DHW and introduce urself to the players in personal. Maybe some1 could make interview with you also since ur a cs:go icon for many players here. Would be a nice gesture if ur able to come! :D
2014-11-15 15:04
Mortar2K everyone loves you ignore the rage comments
2014-11-15 15:04
I've been playing a game called Wolfenstein ET since it came out but competitive its dead now. So my lil brother made me play this game once on his computer and i did give it a shot and liked it. The point is im playing this game for 4 months now and i am at DMG rank soloque without even playing to much. The biggest reasons i ranked up fast are the "PRO Streamers" man i learned all the maps all the spots flashes and stuff from them. So they really deserve the donations stop being jelly and give them the credit they deserve. I would do the same shit motar doing if i had the money keeping them motivated to stream...
2014-11-15 15:05
wouldnt be that hard to host an online tournament if you really want to host a tourney
2014-11-15 15:11
everyone being trolled by a fake namer, get rekt
2014-11-15 15:12
1 reply
lol I have never seen so many people being nice in one thread, sucking a dick of a faker XD
2014-11-15 15:54
people are just jealous... keep doing what you do man, its great for the community...
2014-11-15 15:15
Can you give me a knife? I got scammed off my M9 fade.. No problem if you don't i'm just really sad atm
2014-11-15 15:19
You're a good guy motar :) Please continue supporting the cs community.
2014-11-15 15:22
You're a great guy!
2014-11-15 15:31
I have no opinion on what you do, really. It's your money so you do whatever you want to do with it. I would probably do the same if I had the money. I love seeing the reaction on the streamer's face when the 1k+ ticks in though.
2014-11-15 15:33
haha just need thick skin on the internet. There always will be haters out there
2014-11-15 15:34
I really do hope that you follow through with funding an online tournament. Would mean a lot to which ever scene you decide on. I think you're really great and we're all glad to have you do what you do.
2014-11-15 15:36
I wouldn't explain myself to any of these illiterates. It's your money and you can do whatever you want with it. You're free to support who you want to, nobody should ever have a say on that.
2014-11-15 15:35
he's a good guy ;)
2014-11-15 15:40
I believe your a good dude at heart motar, just ignore the hltv trollololol we <3 you & oczosinko
2014-11-15 15:40
Motar, you are good person. Nice to hear you there, because it`s interesting to get the right knowlege about you. Hope you will still being a good man!
2014-11-15 15:46
Denmark fyhn
When you ask why people act like they do, I've one word for you: Jealousy. And when I read number 5, I feel like I have to comment on that. You don't necessarily have to make your own LAN tournament, you could do as Valve do, and chip in on the prize money. If you feel like spending your money on this sort of thing of course.
2014-11-15 15:49
I understand what you are saying if I was able i would donate a lot to , just out of love for Esports and nothing else at times
2014-11-15 15:52
Inb4 motar buys up the h2k organization and renames it to m2k. No but it would be awesome with a motar team :D
2014-11-15 15:53
Well, it's your money and you obviously do what you want with them. To quote you in the donation of 1000$ to Pasha a while back though, with the message "please mention my name in your stream". Please enlighten me as to how that is not craving attention? Seen as you're claiming you're not after attention at all. Video of the donation:
2014-11-15 15:55
1 reply
how much did you lose?
2014-11-15 18:39
What's your job?
2014-11-15 15:57
Latvia SEHUN
If you donated after stream and nobdy knew about it,it woud be fine,allot of people arent rich ,like me, so its a bit annoying watching some famous player get allot of money. I never hated but thats just my thoughts.
2014-11-15 15:59
haters gonna hate they are jealous - that's the main reason why people talk shit about you! Maybe you don't hear it often, but I would like to say: Congratulations that you are running a successful company and living your life to fullest. Everyone would change his life with yours and it's a good motivation for me to reach that goal one day, too. Keep it up! Many Greetings
2014-11-15 16:45
Portugal antCB
wow, you even had the trouble of writing a topic explaining why you donate. a thing you don't have to explain in the 1st place. keep being an awesome dude ;)
2014-11-15 16:45
You do whatever the fuck you want with your money, why should anyone care ?
2014-11-15 16:49
*donate to handi, you wont regret....
2014-11-15 16:50
Thanks for making the community better Motar. And donating money to Pasha. He doesnt seem to be a selfish guy and he will probably use the money on his baby and family. C'mon guys, how could that harm anyone? I think people is angry becuse they think Pasha will lose motivation tho. but naah, i dont think so, he's still a proffessional player.
2014-11-15 16:54
can you make a donation to hltv, as its the most important website in my life and im sure i speak for many others!
2014-11-15 16:55
You're a champ :-)!
2014-11-15 17:08
" Is there some people I feel like I shouldn't have donated to? Absolutely but I wont name names. I try to donate to people who are good players and also entertaining. " And you donate to Moe?
2014-11-15 17:08
1 reply
mimi | 
Sweden eNvym
what the fuck is hard to understand that people have different tastes and some find moe a entertaining guy, I myself find it funny the way he rages most of the time
2014-11-15 19:31
Thanks for helping the community grow!
2014-11-15 17:11
Motar i remember long ago thinking if i was a millionaire i'd bump up e-sports, and i mean CS. I'm too bored and old now and still not rich but you might have potential you don't realize. With introductions to the right people (from sponsors to organizers to casters, production etc.) a certain sum of money from you could propel a massive event. Or start a pro team. I phrase this like the way i do because from what i know you are filthy rich from Dubai, and interested in the cause. Which is great. Look up your options, so few have the privilege to be in your position. Regards.
2014-11-15 17:14
Much love from Sweden, keep the good work up!
2014-11-15 17:14
donate to shroud :D
2014-11-15 17:14
DSK | 
Albania DSK-
Motar2k dont listen to hltv kids they are toxic ppl and they complain about everything, and thnx for supporting CS scene, not a lot of rich ppl do(not every hltv kid,there might be max 20% sane people)
2014-11-15 17:18
I like what you do, feels like it is a good way to make the scene grow. It's people like you that make our pro players more motivated to become even better, thanks! :)
2014-11-15 17:22
motar is a gr8 guy
2014-11-15 17:25
2 replies
hellooo martino
2015-06-20 20:41
1 reply
2015-06-28 16:04
Dude, there will be always people who will say bad things about you, mostly because of jealousy, but just ignore them. What u do is awesome, u're making our community more mature, and also helping players which is great thing especially for players that don't get a lot of money from organizations or sponsors. Keep it up Greetings from Poland
2014-11-15 17:27
i really woulnd't care about what others think if i were you, the fact that you've probably donated to some who weren't worthy doesn't change the fact that you tried to do something good. keep it up man
2014-11-15 17:29
1 reply
oh and Pasha , get_right, friberg always number 1 :D good guys
2014-11-15 17:30
I bet Mortar is
2014-11-15 17:32
Who cares who he is because he is supporting the game and the future of it.
2014-11-15 17:33
Cool bro, keep it up then!
2014-11-15 17:34
Anyone criticizing you for donating money to others has only ONE reason: pure envy. /close
2014-11-15 17:40
Friberg disagree, he needs cash, fast!
2014-11-15 17:47
What i really don't understand is, why people are complaining pro's are streaming for money. It's like complaining at starbucks for making profit.. it's the damn purpose of streaming to make money dickheads. And if there is someone willing to donate more than 1$ that just motivates more people to stream and the community will grow...
2014-11-15 17:52
how much do you have on your bank account?
2014-11-15 17:57
Bosnia and Herzegovina Cevap
Online tournament? Bad idea there will be cheaters just to get money from you!
2014-11-15 18:07
I need a job, please hire me :(
2014-11-15 18:14
You da real MVP motar2k!
2014-11-15 18:21
Some animator please make animation cartoon on csgo scene and make Motar as CSGO jesus. :-D
2014-11-15 18:28
How can you afford to throw away so much money? Do you run a really successful business? Or are you just from a really rich family? I'm really curious but If you don't want to/can't answer that for private or whatever reasons I understand.
2014-11-15 18:30
Keep doing what you're doing, these players do appreciate what you have done for them. Just don't back charge them :P P.s. Hook a brotha up with some of that guap lol
2014-11-15 18:32
Guys really wtf are you talking about? Let's sum things up. He has donated more than 50k to well-known streamers. He has spent more than 10k in case openning + keys. What he got in return? Nothing, happy faces & nice reactions (e.x pasha) Tbh i agree with some people of you, some people didn't deserve to get the donations, ofcourse, i will not say their names but pasha is a really great guy and he has a kid now. What Motar2k did to him none of us could do it. The 25k donation that motar2k dropped @ him can make his life really easy for the next 2-3 years. Most people talking shit about calling him a scammer and stuff, let me tell you something, all the payments are "COMPLETED" status. I know there are many people that donating crazy ammounts such as 10k (if you remember from reckful's stream) and after 2 hours the donation got refunded, simply, cause the guy who sent the donation had no money on his paypal and somehow he managed to sent a fake donation to Reckful (WoW Streamer) but when PayPal investigated the payment after some minutes, it got canceled. So please, think before you speak.
2014-11-15 18:37
2 replies
25k makes your life easy for 2-3 years? Damn, I wish I lived in Greece.
2014-11-15 23:28
1 reply
You know, in many countries, some things might be cheaper than your country for example. In PL and GR (as far as i know, there are other countries aswell) people can live with 600 - 800 euros/month because thats what 80% people get in Greece. So please, use ur irony somewhere else brah.
2014-11-16 05:54
My personal opninion is that its good to see some support to the streaming / Cs community. U da rl mvp mortar2k
2014-11-15 18:34
How is your family? :)
2014-11-15 18:36
Donate handi ty
2014-11-15 18:42
United States sxg
you seem like a good guy. I think your donations are bit to much at once, its kinda obvious you're just looking for a reaction. That's cool I would do the same if I was rich. It's nice to see how people act when you change their lives in one moment.
2014-11-15 18:49
motar op
2014-11-15 19:00
Brazil Nobuga
Please make the Motar2k Team happen!
2014-11-15 19:12
Friberg is the best sprayer, ever : )
2014-11-15 19:25
There will always be people jealous of others. Don't focus on the negative in life, you'll always be able to drown in a sea of it. Just focus on the positive. You're supporting players you like and creating a LOT of buzz. So good on you. I actually tried adding you on steam just to say thanks for all the cool shit you're doing, but I imagine you're flooded with adds.
2014-11-15 19:27
Hosting a tournament / going behind a tournament would be a great idea - maybe do some sick tournament in dubai :)
2014-11-15 20:01
1 reply
too expensive. it is better to host in poland, cech, slovakia or ukraine where everything is cheap as fuck and this is still a western world
2014-11-16 02:56
5.) I will never do a LAN tournament. It seems like too much effort and work and I don't have the knowledge to run one successfully. I would possibly make a CS team but I have to do my research on what it would take. The other idea I was thinking of doing was doing an online tournament with prize money to see some new talent that hasn't been discovered yet. Instead just be a partner for events like Valve, they would do all the job and you would give money to increase the prizepool.
2014-11-15 21:22
4 replies
pretty sure valve has no idea about handling tournaments. Arent they usually giving prize money to esl and dreamhack and they do the work
2014-11-15 21:43
3 replies
I mean these event would do all the job not Valve ;]
2014-11-15 22:06
usually? only 4 times
2014-11-16 02:55
1 reply
thats what i mean. they just help tournaments in highering the prizepot and only? thats like 1 million they threw in
2014-11-16 14:21
someone can do TL:DR?
2014-11-15 21:36
1 reply
TL:DR motar2k is rich.jk he doesn't want to be famous or sth . he wants to watch pro players streams and keep improve his CS skills. Friberg is one of his favourite player and gonna have a CS lesson with him . He is sponsoring NIP . Maybe making a new team"Motar2k-Gaming"?
2014-11-15 22:42
You forgot to tell us that you were super-rich, and when you make a donation, it's like when we offer some coffee.
2014-11-15 21:39
I don't mean to be rude and you don't have to answer this question but what do you do for a living?
2014-11-15 21:52
You wonder why people are hating on you?Well,I bet every person who talks shit about you would trade their life for yours in a heartbeat.
2014-11-15 21:54
hashtag TRUTH
2014-11-15 22:29
Well said ! keep it up
2014-11-15 22:48
It is hard to teach someone to spray, you just need to practice and get the feel of it yourself to learn it
2014-11-15 23:00
There are many players who do great streaming and are yet to become famous and since you want new legends to get born I see no point in donating only famous players. You should highlight them and might make some "minor" donation <$500. I know that you can't focus 100% of your time into research of them but you can get some advices whom to watch and consider to support from the others.
2014-11-15 23:06
Just saw you ranked up, congratulations! Keep up, the community loves you. Dont give a shit about HLTV, this is pure toxic right here :D
2014-11-15 23:15
Hi Motar, I wrote a song for You my friend Motar2k knows how to play a cs:go game - he's the real man. Real MVP if you know what I mean! He has a lot money, donates Pasha's honey. In my dreams I see every night that he gives me Asiimov – all right! Motar please sign a Vulcan for me, cause you are the real MVP! Motar please sign a Vulcan for me, cause you are the real MVP! Add me on steam and give me the skin! I'm poor polish guy with an amazing smile, Without skins, I'm silver elite, but when I got the Jag I can drop fifty frags! With the Eagle Blaze I make a blood haze! I can eat you like Snaxex just give me the cyrex! Motar please sign a Vulcan for me, cause you are the real MVP! Motar please sign a Vulcan for me, cause you are the real MVP! English rhyme lvl Proland biceps is always with you
2014-11-15 23:19
there will always be someone being a prick just to be a prick, especially on hltv. we all love you bro, even the haters secretly love you too
2014-11-15 23:21
You better donate to people in need, you could build so much instead of donating money to cs nerd, but of course you do whatever you want with your money, none of my business.
2014-11-15 23:32
1 reply
maybe he does this as well, how do you know he doesn't ?
2014-11-17 01:52
motar, keep donating to them, they trully deserve (at most some of them). You have all my respect.
2014-11-15 23:50
Motar, do you own the Arabian falcon?
2014-11-16 01:02
Norway M0LTEN
Dude it's your money, who the fuck cares on what YOU want to use it on? It's just dumb imo. Let the guy do whatever he wants with HIS own money. Don't care about the million retarded poor kids on HLTV talking trash, what you are doing is amazing in my eyes! Keep it up!
2014-11-16 01:07 Motar2k, if you would like, help italians people. A lot of family are without an house right now because of weather. If you want do it, just message me in private and I'll give you info for the donation. Thanks anyway, if u'll read this comment.
2014-11-16 01:29
3 replies
there are high as fuck taxes for that, also poles pay more to retarded EU so stupid poles ll pay for that from their taxes too. get a brain please
2014-11-16 02:52
1 reply
Please... just shut up. There are like 100 way, like Pita did for his country in the past.
2014-11-16 11:12
yeah i agree, we are in a really bad situation, just look at news
2014-11-17 12:56
And this guy have haters ? F*ck this world...
2014-11-16 01:31
1 reply
only some mad swedish mental kids
2014-11-16 02:50
Real talk. Motar2k is love, Motar2k is life.
2014-11-16 01:55 , take a look at the arab stream bro!
2014-11-16 01:57
If HLTV was a country and Jesus Christ was born there.. Dude how long J.C lived like 31yo? In HLTV country he should be dead in less then a day. This people (community) will never be happy. Another day another hater. Just keep donating and supporting and dont open threads in HLTV
2014-11-16 02:17
Why do you give a shit about what other people say? latsawi lilzag 5ishag
2014-11-16 02:33
all bunch of nerds talkin about players which know nothing about them at all.
2014-11-16 02:35
keep doing what you do!
2014-11-16 02:39
Dude, you're amazing. Really like your reasoning about donating to pasha. I can fully agree! Keep it up if you have it man and ignore the haters
2014-11-16 02:41
Every one sucking the arab's dick. Funny
2014-11-16 03:08
1 reply
2016-07-22 06:32
haters are gonna hate, you are only a blessing for the community. Keep up the good work
2014-11-16 03:08
how can I be milionare just like you ?
2014-11-16 03:14
There always will be people bitching around no matter what you would do, no matter how big things you would be doing for humanity... You are doing great thing for community, especially for players who seems to be motivated by your donations to keep streaming. I support you! :D
2014-11-16 03:40
Mate, if you ever read this comment, please, don't bother with HLTV ramdom topics about you or what you do with your money. If you want to donate, fell free for it, your work->your money. Glad to see a guy like you in the cs scene.
2014-11-16 03:44
Good to have you making things clear. I also find it wierd some of the complains people throw at you, but I guess it's a matter of think "is the problem with me or with them?" and most of the time it's something wrong with their minds. I quite like the idea of you making/sponsoring a team, gl on that.
2014-11-16 06:53
You remind of that kid that has a rich father can't remember his name who puts together mix teams for lans (just buys players), I'm sure ppl know who I'm talking about. You can't buy everything in life, and don't feel bad about Friberg turning you down, he turned down donations before you came along and he'll turn them down after you're gone. Good luck in the future I don't really know who you are so I could care less about all of this only know about it because it involved Friberg.
2014-11-16 06:57
1 reply
Take it easy man!!
2014-11-16 11:02
mty friend you are 2 good you can also donate me np but stop donating so much to those guys dude they dont care about you man alot of those guys are started streaming because you donated wtfffffffff its like they only care about the money donate your money to a charity instead of all those wankers man wthhh im just being honoust al those guys started streaming since you started donating wtffffffff man is that fair from belgium with love so think about it
2014-11-16 07:02
motar2k look i understand you but stop donating to the streamers man look titan they dont care anymore about the game they only want money those wankers even when people still believe in them and correct me cwhen im wrong man but im not its like some people of today they only care about money but thats just bad ùman look at mouz they are playing so good and i belive in them i hope mouz will take evryone even when im not betting on them but they are playing as a team not like some other teams that only care about the prizes +1000 for mouz right now, i hope they will own evrery team chrisj and allu and whole mouz they dont care about money they want to win thats the whole thing about this go mouz i hope they will crush evryone
2014-11-16 07:09
5 replies
rip englando
2014-11-16 07:35
4 replies
hahahaahhaha enlando wahahahah its belgando mate i mean its belgica xDDDDDDDDD
2014-11-16 07:58
and btw read it its good belgian people neer lie they are always serieus
2014-11-16 08:00
motar2k if you rreally want a good team i dont care about your money mate but im the man titan wont be anything against my team because they wont throw xDDD
2014-11-16 08:03
1 reply
belgian teams dont throw so no money wasted xDD
2014-11-16 08:04
+1 for me ????????????
2014-11-16 08:06
Claim's he's not an attention whore. Creates a thread being an attention whore. Qatari education system is too strong.
2014-11-16 08:31
2 replies
if motar is attention whore so who is he?
2014-11-16 08:42
1 reply
2014-12-10 10:12
You don't need to organise a LAN event - you can be a sponsor. I'm sure there would be people who would do all the "organising" part for you.
2014-11-16 08:52
<3 from Poland. Thank You 4 everything. The ONE and only
2014-11-16 09:34
+1 respect
2014-11-16 11:00
1 reply
Your comment somewhat reminds me of San Andreas missions.. :)
2014-11-16 11:01
gg yesterday motark2k ;D
2014-11-16 11:09
The only thing that I can say with people like you is: you got my RESPECT. The real support of CS are both professional players and people like Motar2k, who prefers to support a guy that recently had a baby, instead of waste his money his own fun. Hopefully he will understand that a big quantity of this community are guys that have never fought for a job.
2014-11-16 11:37
>Only played CS for a couple of weeks >Donated 15k to pasha
2014-11-16 11:39
thank you for donating to handi !!much respect
2014-11-16 11:41
gg man keep doing what you are doing, supporting the scene.
2014-11-16 11:44
love u dude
2014-11-16 12:14
2014-11-16 22:00
You are my god
2014-11-16 23:09
Motar2k is truly our hero. Motar ftw
2014-11-17 00:47
Not sure if anyone asked you, or you answered allready, but I'm wondering what you do for a living? :) Keep it up btw, Pasha is a great guy and deserves every donation he gets! NelaBiceps!
2014-11-17 00:54
i dont know motar2k, the only think i know about him is that he is a nova player and he donated A LOT of money to some pro players.. so what's special about this guy? i dont get it
2014-11-17 01:46
"People have said I make these donations and plan to start streaming so I get subs and donations. For the people that really believe that is a viable business practice please don't start a business and lose your money" HLTV kids, right there. Fucking tards talking out of their asses.
2014-11-17 01:53
keep it up motar you are a nice guy.
2014-11-17 01:59
Good Job and good luck
2014-11-17 11:44
Who are we to tell him how to spend his money? I think its great what he is doing, he makes top players continue streaming, also he makes other skilled players to put up streams. He makes it possible for cs players to make a good living out of cs, and he makes other skilled players to put up streams aswell, thus making csgo online more entertaining. Who knows maybe in a couple of years motar may have made csgo alot bigger. more players results in more money and sponsorships for the good teams.
2014-11-17 12:15
motar is a gay, he likes pasha and his biceps.
2014-12-10 10:01
3 replies
2014-12-10 10:05
2 replies
? dint u realize he only donates much to the handsome. pasha scream shoxie etc. hahahahah
2014-12-10 10:06
1 reply
They deserve it
2014-12-10 10:09
Just keep up your good work, haters gonna hate, no-matter what ;)
2014-12-10 10:24
You're great man, you helped people who needed help :) God bless u, and good luck
2014-12-10 10:30
lol I can't understand people who complain about m2k. but m2k i would like to say something, get_right is the spray master not friberg lol :) ... also where can i participate in your raffle?
2014-12-10 10:40
Friberg isn't a god, you are !
2014-12-10 10:44
Keep spreadin the joy man. Theres nothing wrong in your actions. Just let those jealous haters be jealous and ignore them.
2014-12-10 10:46
Fake Motar lol.
2014-12-23 13:50
i would start streaming if u visit vegas with me
2014-12-23 13:52
I appreciate you very much. Been following you for a while now, and I love to see what you are doing. Keep it up man, the CS Community needs players like you. Love from Finland!
2014-12-27 21:48
can you make a donation to a poor child that needs csgo skins to survive?:(
2014-12-27 21:59
best sprayers by far is shroud/hiko/swag
2014-12-27 22:16
1 reply
get_right is the sprayking, 2nd pasha, 3rd shroud
2014-12-27 22:25
Keep up the good work man !
2014-12-27 22:38
Donate to Kjaerbye please good talent :)
2014-12-27 22:39
host your own tournament will be awesome respect for u motar
2014-12-30 15:13
make donations to LAN tournament, of course there are sponsors but you could make another prize money for MVP etc.
2014-12-30 15:46
top 3 sprayers - Friberg,v1c7oR,KRIMZ
2014-12-31 14:29
1 reply
haha v1c7oR Kappa
2014-12-31 15:05
motar2k - rich guy making petrodollars by skyrocking petrol's price
2014-12-31 14:51
1 reply
Actually petrol prices have been declining lately. Stop living under a rock and pay attention to the world :)
2015-01-18 01:05
If you really want to do something with your money to push cs go in the right direction - Invest your money in fighting the cheaters destroying the game for the rest of us. Motar2k-anticheat.
2014-12-31 15:09
1 reply
2015-01-24 13:44
Haters gonna hate! he's not the only guy who have money but i don't see too many people donating like he does! #Respect!
2015-01-13 22:48
2015-01-18 00:09
motar is life, motar is love.
2015-01-18 00:15
1 reply
shrek is Kappa
2016-07-22 06:28
My dream is to see you donating to the Fallen (KaBuM.TD-Esports) who asked for your organization fails to pay his salary to pay the expenses of an international championship (They will play the X Games Aspen), and also has almost no sponsors. His team does not have a gaming house and he opens his home to the team train and spend the family money so that the team can evolve... His twitch is /gafallen
2015-01-18 00:39
1 reply
Germany Tunio
how times change
2017-03-11 00:52
Motar ForTheWin.
2015-01-18 00:57
how about instead of wasting thousands on cs go and donating to greedy fake personality streamers you put your money into something good like feeding the homeless?
2015-01-18 01:10
3 replies
hes prob doing more for the betterment of humanity than your lousy lazy wrinkly nerd ass, so gtfo and stfu
2015-01-18 01:14
1 reply
Slovenia eTheBlack
I doubt that, but I agree with second part. Leave man alone, it is his money, let him do whatever he wants with it.
2015-01-18 02:30
Tell me more about what you know about his exact spendings...
2015-01-18 01:35
Keep doing what you are doing Motar, don't mind these people who talk shit to you... Keep supporting the community and the players you like!
2015-01-18 01:16
Motar2k, my friend, remember that CS community is packed with stupid kids and nolife trolls. Don't get demotivated by them. Most of us really appreciate what you're doing so GJ !!
2015-01-18 02:29
motar2k, donate no american players anymore pls until this matchfixing shit is clear if they want to take our skins and our money i think we should stop supporting and support the good guys that are not a victim of cheat-accusations and deserve support like pasha donate pasha 1 mio dollas
2015-01-18 02:33
You also get good messages about it , but you just dont read it, i sent you one, thanking for donating to people, and making this community bigger, you probably didn't even see it so you think you only get bad messages, yeah i get it you get a lot of messages on twitch from beggs and stuff. I mean good luck + you didn't had to explain your self to these trolls.
2015-01-18 11:38
plz ho is dis motor???? (aswner plz)
2015-01-18 11:39
1 reply
motor=engine. So it's engine2000
2015-01-18 11:48
Finland Jiksu
Motar2k, likely to be the biggest single supporter of the CSGO competitive scene. Your actions are much appreciated, don't let the haters get into your head.
2015-01-18 11:49
yea ok thx u man <3
2015-01-18 11:53
Motar2k a offline tournament funded by you could easily be possible, try to make arrangements with faceit's staff or such. _IF_ you want to throw a offline tourney it would done pretty easy _IF_ you _REALLY_ want to fund one. Since there is alot of help out there. CEVO have helped private funders to make online tourneys as far as I know. so your knowledge in offline tournaments wont matter if you talk to the right persons/organisations to help you out. As long as its serious from you :)
2015-01-19 11:41
Anyone who donates to Pasza is a friend in my book <3
2015-01-24 13:30
pls donte me
2015-01-24 13:39
It would be awesome if you can do some online tournaments
2015-01-24 13:42
You should really stop caring about what the jealous kids trashtalk about you. You've done a huge effort for CS, alot of streamers have stepped up after you donated some people which is a great thing. Imo you had nothing to explain at all, you decide the way you want to spend your money without having to explain a single reason to anyone. Anyone with even a single braincell would have understood why you decided to donate to pasha, theres so many great reasons why one would do so. Anyways if I could I'd say thank you on behalf of everyone but apparently theres some people that disagree with this, so I'm just saying it personally. Keep going :)
2015-01-24 13:45
1 reply
+1 Gj mate
2015-01-24 14:35
plain and simple: There are MUCH better things to do with your money if you are that rich. These people sit in a box having fun already and then you give them more money. These people are not the ones needing encouragement
2015-01-24 13:50
1 reply
cmon, dont be stupid
2015-01-24 13:51
do you donate to other causes outside of gaming? My only criticism of you (and yes it's kind of a cliche) is that dropping 30k on a gamer is great and I get helping Pascha, he has a great story but I'm sure you can think of much more worthy causes? I know it's your money and I have my own business and do well but I would never dream of dropping 30k on a guy for playing a computer game well. Pick up some teams or sponsor a few orgs from different nations that are looking for young talent, help the scene grow that way so cs gets even more competitive. Also be careful, donations encourage streaming, which is a good social interaction between fan and gamer but it also kind of kills the competition a bit because there is more motivation to get 30k for a nights work playing with noobs and subs then to have to train and practise with your team for months to win an event, where prize money can take a while to pay out etc. And lastly, it is a fucking awesome game. Enjoy and you shouldn't have posted. Fuck the haters.
2015-01-24 13:58
Don't donate to humans, they are evil! >:[ Help animals, they are kewl and cute! <3
2015-01-24 14:02 whatever u want and be happy u dont need write here i think
2015-01-24 14:15
Hey motar i am a uae player looking to expand the mid east scene and shine them by being a professional player, im investing most of time practising but i don't have a team or have connections to make or join one. please reply =)!
2015-01-24 14:42
Mortar make some online asian tournament to make csgo in asia more popular :D
2015-01-24 14:51
2 replies
i feel ya dude. They're all about dota2 there. XD
2015-01-24 15:11
1 reply
yeah so sad :(
2015-01-25 09:26
KennyS 1 pasha 2 GTR 3
2015-01-24 15:05
major attentionwhore. i wonder how he is in real life, because in his last chroma opening stream he was weird as fuck. "ey i can buy every player to come and teach me cs" "ey i can buy the epic sax guy to come and play on stream" "ey i can buy buy buy buy buy". if i was rich id be buying whores and drugs instead of sitting on stream for 6hours. fuckin weirdo. he sounds like a nerd whose father died and now he has money.
2015-01-24 15:21
5 replies
and you sound like a judgmental bitch
2015-01-24 19:03
1 reply
how? its literally what he said on stream and saying such things doesnt sound like a business man or boss, but like someone who just got rich out of nowhere.
2015-01-24 20:30
"if i was rich id be buying whores and drugs instead of sitting on stream for 6hours." and then you call him a weirdo? hahaha :D but i agree with the attentionwhore part
2015-01-24 19:05
1 reply
bro you are from the netherlands... legal prostitution and weed!
2015-01-24 20:29
"if i was rich id be buying whores and drugs instead of sitting on stream for 6hours" +69
2015-01-24 19:59
How do you recognize pro players? U said that you would like to make tournament to see new talents but i didnt hear that unknown playaz got donations from you. I guess there are stronk and entertaining streamers with 3-4 viewers but they are unknown so noone wants to see them playing. So. Do you always watch "known/named" players or are you looking for unknown ppl on twitch as well?
2015-01-24 19:26
hes working for amazon to help get streamers up and going
2015-01-24 19:39
Motar2k is love
2015-01-24 20:11
Hate hate hate is all around:-( One Czech proverb "There is no man, to please everyone"
2015-01-24 21:06
1 reply
it isn't a jesus proverb ._. ?
2015-01-25 09:34
Haters gonna hate. If everyone likes you , you are doing something wrong. Just stick with your friends and do what you like.
2015-01-25 09:30
1 reply
sad but true
2016-07-22 06:34
rob_wiz enough said
2015-01-25 09:40
Congratulations, not only for what you are but also by what you do. Just see the joy of the pasha when he hugs his wife and the son is magical. Congratulations and continue the good work you have done. A hug and congratulations. ( sry for my bad english :) )
2015-02-10 21:01
@RealMotar2k 1) your donations are awesome, thank you for supporting the cs community and players 2) the reason some people may talk shit is because if they dont know about you they will assume the donation is a troll or a charge back and some people get angry because it would cost the streamer, others are just stupid kids who want attention, dont let it get to you man. 3) im sure if you contact friberg or find a way to get a message to him im sure he would try to share his knowledge with you, the whole NiP team seems pretty chilled aswell as alot of other pro players who would help their fans if they could keep up the good work man
2015-02-13 20:48
wtf are you want dude?
2015-03-07 19:08
Where is motar2k now?
2015-03-12 07:19
holy shit anyone seen his guestbook entries... people are so f*cking stupid and greedy man. "yo motar2k i need 1 billion Euro's cause my E-Penis dick is not working properly, can u help me with my E-Penis carriere and give me a billion Euro's"
2015-03-12 07:37
can i have a knife? :D Just kidding. keep up the good work motar!
2015-03-12 07:43
3 replies
2015-07-14 00:46
2 replies
lol you're a fucking nerd
2015-07-25 08:04
1 reply
2015-07-25 13:22
Who bumped this shit
2015-03-12 07:54
odd sway is real
2015-03-12 08:03
motar pls give me skins my friend. thx.
2015-03-12 08:43
yo donate me a notebook gamer pls so i can stream my life for the world
2015-03-12 08:46
you're so lucky, and I don't even have that 15 USD to buy CS:GO xD
2015-04-08 22:06
1 reply
2016-07-22 06:19
@RealMotar2k just wanna say thank you for your donations towards olofmeister which made him so happy he even shed a tear or two it was a spectacle that really touched me being a huge fan of his(he is my favourite all time).good job buddy continue the good work :)
2015-06-09 19:48
motar2k why u never didn't donate to handi? atlest 100$
2015-06-09 20:00
1 reply
he already donated to handi, it happened on a day when handi wanted to quit streaming actually
2015-06-09 20:05
Have you ever considered donating to Keyd Stars, the main brazilian team in the international scene? They really need some support bro :/ Last major they went, wehad to put out a lot of effort gathering money for them. They're such nice guys and do their best to represent our country no matter how poor their sponsorship is. We brazilians are very proud of them and we do our best to support, though life in Brazil isn't easy. Keep up the good work, I'm happy there are guys like you supporting e-sports.
2015-06-11 18:45
1 reply
dude they have skins like rich guys..fallen - dragon lore and I wont be cheking their inventory just because of this .. I know that
2015-06-11 18:49
show us how do you live ?
2015-06-11 18:51
come to Poland we will take a picture with pasha :D (show your picture if u can)
2015-06-11 18:55
motar,ur very good ma frend
2015-06-11 18:59
Motar I wish somehow I could contact you.
2015-06-20 20:11
3 replies
Denmark fujiYEEZY
why you wake up this dinosaur thread?
2015-06-20 20:12
2 replies
Australia Champione
cause he needs money
2015-06-20 20:16
1 reply
2015-06-20 20:17
viva la motar, keep it up buddy
2015-06-20 20:17
he is not even the real motar
2015-06-20 20:17
The CS community sure needed someone like motar2k a few years ago when it was struggling, but honestly not so much anymore. Don't get me wrong, I'm appreciative of his support for his community, but it's not like he's that Arbalet guy (the NaVi funder) who pretty much was the savior of pro-CS for years. I'd like to see motar2k put a team together, but I'm afraid he would be too hands-on and try to coach the team or demand too much 1 on 1 time from the players.
2015-06-20 20:25
JW | 
Sweden Hasklon
I hope Motar2k will donate 2k to me when i go pro.
2015-06-20 20:29
There will always be haters, so just try your best to ignore them. Glad to hear you are hooked by CS by the way.
2015-06-20 20:31
Motar, i love you. and i love you too friberg.
2015-06-20 20:31
you can't get popular on the internet without at least having a bunch of haters. most of them are just jealous. why even care? I and pretty much everyone else thinks you're awesome.
2015-06-20 20:38
Your money you do what you want with it, but helping streamers who are already making money from their streams and likely from sponsors and team salary doesn't help esport at all, its nice when you help the little guys out though and I give you props for that.
2015-06-20 20:40
people actually hate you for donating to other players? damn
2015-06-20 20:41
1 reply
they are jealous
2015-07-01 22:45
What business are you in to get that much money?
2015-07-14 00:43
1 reply
right? lol i always wondered
2015-07-14 00:54
"Created 2014-11-15" Why still post here, lol?
2015-07-14 00:45
good talk :)
2015-07-14 01:01
its good to see friberg fanboy :D
2015-07-14 01:06
I don't know how old you are Motar2k (you're probably old enough) but you should know one universal truth about human race - there will always be people who hate other people for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Hateful, resentful, angry, frustrated and all kinds in between, all these people exist and they're in all aspects of our lives from manual labor jobs to entertainment. And no matter WHAT you do, you can't please these people. I'm serious - there's nothing you can do to make them happy. So you might as well stop trying and don't let them bring you down. Peace! P.S. Huge respect for doing what you do!
2015-07-25 07:20
I have no idea who is this man but I love him. He makes people happy, recognize the cool pro-players and help them. What he did for pasha was just amazing! Wish more men like this exist in the earth. Thank you m2k
2015-07-25 07:28
as usual haters are gonna hate
2015-07-25 07:46
Just sponsor a team with new talents. Would be the best for the community. & thx for your donations.
2015-07-25 07:52
2015-07-25 07:55
lol fake motar "started playing 5 weeks ago" plus this exact same thing was posted by the real motar a few months ago on reddit
2015-07-25 07:56
3 replies
try reading the date this was posted rofl...
2015-07-25 08:03
1 reply
2015-07-25 08:15
This was posted in 2014.
2015-07-25 08:18
2015-07-25 08:18
it encourages other people to donate? i think it does the opposite to be honest. A number of times ive seen someone donate like $200 and then you do $201 to get top donator or something, most of the time that person who initially donated what they could afford doesnt do it again. I think its great that you donate to streamers but i dont think you should get any more credit than the guy who donates $20 just because your obviously more financially stable than them.
2015-07-25 13:28
Changed opinion about you big time. Good job, and good luck in suceeding what you intend to.
2015-07-25 13:41
Bosnia and Herzegovina Synthyy
Motar would never donate to us u dumbfucks,he only donates to people he likes on streams,that's the whole story about this guy.
2015-09-06 23:15
2 replies
So? Don't you sub and donate to the people you like? What's wrong with that?
2015-10-14 15:18
i won a giveaway, replied to him, he sent me trade offer but it was invalid when i tried to accept. I contacted him several times but he never replied. he obv doesn't care about us regular people, only looking for attention through donations to famous streamers
2015-10-14 15:21
Nice to have people like you motar, you seem like a very Nice guy! All the best and dont listen to the haters, just jelouse like in any Other part in life
2015-10-02 08:44
1 reply
Bosnia and Herzegovina Synthyy
Norway OMG.
2015-10-29 22:26
What I respect about you is that you donate to people because you think they'll put it to good use. You don't donate to people just because they have boobs showing. You're a great guy Motar, keep up the good work, Karma will get you back hope you live a great life1
2015-10-02 08:51
2 replies
he donated to kitty
2015-10-14 15:22
1 reply
wish I could delete my comment
2015-10-14 16:03
Doing great job
2015-10-14 15:03
If you attempt 50 handshakes in a day and one of them ends up slapping you in the face, it's the slap you will remember and not the 49 handshakes. That slap hurts, no doubt. But don't let that one guy who talks shit to you become anything bigger than an outlier. You don't need to justify your actions to anyone. Donation is an act of giving. Who cares if there's a name attached to it or not? There's no right or wrong way of donating so long as it reaches the intended recipient. People are just salty that they can't get you to like them enough. You've done well for yourself in your life by whatever means and you have shared that wealth with absolute strangers. If that isn't generosity, then what is? I hope you don't get bogged down by hate, gossip mongers and jealous people. Just do your thing.
2015-10-14 15:43
1 reply
haters gonna hate no matter what
2015-10-14 16:10
Ayy u all took the b8
2015-10-14 15:44
Based on your post it sounds to me you are a nice guy.
2015-10-14 15:48
I wonder if he still fanboys friberg AYYAYAYAYYYYYAYY
2015-10-14 15:48
You're really amazing bro, don't let the hate get to you. The fact that you donate to pasha is a very wise choice, because he needs the money and such. Much respect from here!
2015-10-15 23:44
Motar2k i've got something to say to people like you! Thanks, to see the community give so much back to the players it's wonderful and the idea behind it, just genius, because they already make money but for some players that money wont cut it, and i'm really impressed by pasha you know he is a nice guy, and loves his family a hole lot then anything. I cried watching pasha video, and i thank you for the experience of seeing someone as being so helpful to others. unfortunatly, i can't donate a lot, seeing as my girlfriend lives far away from me and my job isn't paying dat well even working after hours, but you sure gave me a good memory of someone as giving as you. Faith in humanity is restored. Thanks Motar2k thanks...
2015-10-30 13:17
1 reply
sneaky bump
2016-02-14 05:45
2014 thread in 2015, hype
2015-10-30 13:22
+1 made me cry ;-; motar2k too nice stop h8n pls guis
2015-10-30 13:28
Russia .cyb3r
lol 2014
2015-10-30 13:35
2015-11-12 13:23
friberg lmfao
2015-11-30 19:51
Hey probably people who are you hating on you are just mad jealous people. They think the world is so bad that people wont donate money without a purpose to make more money or for something bad people just forget that are still people with good intentions !
2015-11-30 19:54
real motar2k? wow man you are a legend <3
2015-11-30 19:56
Tbh, it's sad you have to make a post like this. It just shows how backwards our society has really become. Think about it, people are fans of the streamers he donates to, but then when they get a huge donation they get mad at Motar2k for donating and supporting the stream. I guess I just don't understand the logic behind it all. After all, its Motars money to spend how he wants to. If he wants to live stream himself burning 100k, he can, because it's his money. Is it the smartest thing to do? No, but in the end, it's his money and he can do with it as he pleases.
2015-11-30 19:59
Long time that I don't "see" you. Keep going, money creates envy and a lot of jealousy so it's normal but since you seem a nice guy who spend the money on the thing you like the most, helping the community and yet keeping the posture that's something. Mucho love *
2015-11-30 20:04
Respect. Choose your players wisely.
2015-11-30 20:07
motar i suck your dick 4 10k dollars, pLiZ
2015-12-04 21:04
Turkey Mustafa-
2015-12-04 21:06
Romania rockNoob
Nice copy pasta 2/8 for trying EDIT: OHH 20014 thread, I failed to the bait
2015-12-04 21:10
dude who gives a crap what other people think, you're a good person with good intentions.. just do you man, dont let the jealous haters get to you !
2015-12-04 21:09
2015-12-04 21:10
w/ Motar2k do not need many words to say who you are, just thank you that you have!
2015-12-04 21:14
money man motar
2016-01-04 13:04
2016-02-14 05:54
1 reply
ty mr necromancer
2016-02-14 06:18
thank mr friberg
2016-02-14 06:11
1 reply
nice meme
2016-07-22 06:33
Fallen from LG made some videos in english talking about some maps, its really good if u wanna improve.
2016-02-14 06:28
Ireland Intrilo
2016-02-14 07:16
Iraq omar^
2016-02-14 07:39
2016-02-14 21:57
2016-02-14 21:58
no one likes you, rapefugee
2016-02-14 22:00
1 reply
someone is jelly
2016-03-16 14:14
motar based god! thanks for spending your unlimited money on our scene! <3
2016-02-14 22:02
I do like people who came to this game to add something. Hope you get where you intend to be soon. Good luck
2016-02-14 22:02
1 reply
2016-07-22 06:36
Germany GODsuNny
keep up the good work
2016-02-27 20:54
Does Motar2K have twitter?
2016-02-28 01:34
3 replies
stop bringing this shit thread to life retarded
2016-02-28 01:40
2 replies
how jelly poor brazilian
2016-03-16 14:24
1 reply
fat murican motard2k fangay, expected.
2016-03-16 21:05
2016-02-28 01:42
necrobumping :^)
2016-02-28 01:50
South Africa BrucieBoi
why do you donate to players that suck tho :/ there are so many streamers that are good that need your donations much more than already established pro players ..
2016-02-28 01:54
motar donated to tarik :D
2016-03-01 01:45
hey motar i saw you donated to swag just wondering what is your opinion on his ban and are you a fan of him? good luck dude
2016-03-06 23:35
hi moTERK
2016-03-16 13:01
You probably won't read this but thanks for the donations to brazillians players (I saw you donating to Fallen). Every donation means a lot to Brazil's CSGO scene. Keep on the good work and support for the csgo scene. This is a great game indeed. :)
2016-03-16 13:53
1 reply
well you have 2 majors in a row now so
2016-07-22 06:24
thank mr. friberg
2016-03-16 14:10
Who is the tard that bumped this? I had to read whole post before noticing its the same shit from 2 years ago tyvm i want my time back
2016-03-16 15:00
9 replies
Norway AleXeiCS
well, then you have shitty memory if it took you a whole post to read before noticing its the exact same thing you read before.
2016-03-16 15:05
8 replies
tyvm for insight on my memory, ntykthxbye and stop bumping this shitthread
2016-03-17 20:33
7 replies
Norway AleXeiCS
stfu you bumped it first
2016-03-17 21:03
6 replies
you bumped it twice now faget
2016-03-18 15:48
5 replies
Norway AleXeiCS
you bumped it three times, faggot
2016-03-18 15:56
4 replies
now we are even whoops
2016-03-19 11:48
3 replies
Norway AleXeiCS
2016-03-19 12:31
2 replies
2016-03-19 23:25
1 reply
Norway AleXeiCS
2016-03-19 23:48
Best spray these days I would say NAVI flamie
2016-03-16 15:16
1 reply
get_right spray god
2016-07-22 06:18
I don't think that this is real Motar :D
2016-03-16 15:21
Are you crazy I'm not reading this you cunt
2016-03-16 15:26
12 replies
2016-03-16 15:29
2016-03-16 15:30
10 replies
2016-03-16 15:31
9 replies
How are you my brazilian friend <3
2016-03-16 15:31
8 replies
I'm fine motar2k's dad
2016-03-16 15:49
7 replies
How you know I am his dad? U want some pocket money?
2016-03-16 16:00
6 replies
Because my dad abandonned me and his name was Rohan Samal he was indian he said to my mother that he already had one son and his name was Motar Samal I have been following you all my life
2016-03-16 16:10
5 replies
oh. my dog said the same thing to me though :D no offense:D My dog said: ive been following you my whole life too haha
2016-03-16 16:25
4 replies
yeah Barney it's a good dog
2016-03-16 16:32
3 replies
How is brazil as a country?
2016-03-16 16:32
2 replies
Too much corruption, the president sucks and was reelected besides that the people are nice when they're not on internet (hltv) haha
2016-03-16 16:44
1 reply
Haha. yes I like brazilian people . lets see
2016-03-17 04:22
but... Where do you get the money from??
2016-03-16 15:54
who actually believes this is the real motar? If so you're probably a retard
2016-03-16 15:56
can u donate me
2016-03-16 16:01
I dont give a fuck about u and ur donations to pros
2016-03-16 16:26
1 reply
United States MadCl0wN
2016-03-16 16:55
i got more money than u bra and im giving no explanations to anyone about it bye
2016-03-16 16:37
2016-03-16 20:04
2016-03-16 20:11
Iceland Ebbi2K
@motar2k haters will be haters and what you do with your money and make your self and others happy KEEP doing it you DONT have to explain your self and ignore these angry life hateing kids becouse in the end of the day they will always find somethjing or some1 to hate on and the funny thing is they are mostly makeing them selfs misserable !!! Ty for read if you do Ebbi79
2016-03-17 20:42
xddd lmao
2016-03-17 21:03
Have u been at amazon and drink ayahuasca maybe? :D
2016-03-17 21:07
you should build a sauna in to your house
2016-03-17 21:10
attention whore
2016-03-18 15:49
Germany GODsuNny
nice can i have my skin now
2016-03-18 20:31
2016-03-19 11:54
stewie2k = motar2k wannabe
2016-03-19 12:05
who carez?
2016-03-19 12:07
Fam i don't care if you're benching bare Man still get left in intensive care!!!
2016-03-19 12:07
hes a lier, hes a pimp
2016-03-19 23:49
do what u like!
2016-04-19 12:27
2016-04-19 12:28
fuck you allahu akbar
2016-04-19 12:29
Huge fan of friberg.Fucking lie,pasza is love is life.Fake confirmed
2016-04-19 12:36
Genuine guy ^^
2016-07-06 11:39
2016-07-21 03:52
1 reply
ye lets get this to 1k comments
2016-07-21 04:10
2016-07-21 03:53
going to bump this just because i want
2016-07-21 04:00
Brazil napoL
1k comments hype
2016-07-21 04:16
2016-07-21 04:21
2 replies
is that originality from iceposeidon stream or what?
2016-07-21 04:42
1 reply
2016-07-21 04:45
Sweden ghostjke
bump =d
2016-07-21 04:37
2016-07-21 04:41
2016-07-21 06:16
why is this thread coming back alive LOL
2016-07-21 22:22
not sure fake or retarded
2016-07-21 22:25
1 reply
6.) Friberg. I am a huge fan of his and have watched his recoil vid 100x. I would fly him out easily for private lessons to be taught his ways. I have been told NiP players have very big and strong sponsorships so he doesn't need the money. I just like his play style and would love to learn from him LUL
2016-07-21 22:26
1K Hype PogChamp
2016-07-21 22:31
You are doing gr8 job bro. dont care about hltv boyz, this forum based on trolling, baiting, full immature kids and immature minds. Keep up the good work.
2016-07-21 22:33
2 replies
hey its me your brother
2016-07-21 22:36
1 reply
wtf do you do? why you thumb up this topic it's old af !
2016-07-22 00:17
2016-07-22 00:24
if u donating to good players u shoud donate to Mouz NiKo
2016-07-22 00:29
2016-07-22 06:15
I was reading the comments without seeing the date, i was like wtf u talk about BOT FRIBERG hahaha
2016-07-22 06:21
2016-07-22 06:29
Comment #1000 HYPE :D!
2016-07-22 06:36
2016-07-22 06:38
2016-07-22 06:44
Belarus Starvoid
2016-07-22 17:08
show ur face
2016-09-29 04:06
i need your face
2016-09-29 04:15
+1 if you are watching it today
2016-11-05 15:12
>Is there some people I feel like I shouldn't have donated to? Absolutely but I wont name names. >But I will. >Izakooo after this fake robbery.
2016-11-05 15:22
You know that nip players haven't been payed this year right?
2016-11-05 15:26
this was definitly the best esport time...2014 i miss you
2016-11-05 15:38
1 reply
Mooootar !!! Come back and make CSGO Great Again!
2016-11-05 15:40
Brazil seltinn1
haaaaa motar god
2016-12-05 20:31
Online tournament maybe? by motar2k:) i can help:)
2017-09-23 19:42
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