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Does it feel good to be swiss
Canada Rynou 
I always hear good stuff about them. How is it to be Swiss?
2014-11-19 00:46
Serbia k1ss 
Big part of Switzerland citizens are Germans/Frenchmans/Italians i believe. I believe its good, good standards and good living society.
2014-11-19 00:47
Brazil Collee 
Yes, but not as good as being murican
2014-11-19 00:48
But better than being the 1-7 boys.
2014-11-19 00:55
but better then losing 0-1 to noname islands
2014-11-19 00:56 admins please no bannerino
2014-11-19 01:02
Burgers are good stuff m8
2014-11-19 01:05
simbly ebin :DDDDDDDDD
2014-11-19 04:03
Don't you ever... call me a swiss again!
2014-11-19 00:56
Canada Rynou 
2014-11-19 00:59
Canada Rynou 
2014-11-19 00:59
You can edit in the first 10 minutes you know.
2014-11-19 01:03
Mobile :/
2014-11-19 01:04
i like you
2014-11-19 01:10
Me 2 <3
2014-11-19 01:11
Alot of Swiss people are immigrants, its hard to get an 'i live here license' tho. Cant come up with the word ffs ahah halp
2014-11-19 00:58
Canada Rynou 
I live here licence are the bestest :D
2014-11-19 01:00
2014-11-19 01:00
It's called citizenship.
2014-11-19 01:07
Switzerland NEIN 
is this the result of marijuana legalization?
2014-11-19 01:11
Is this cockyness a result of having too much money?
2014-11-19 01:16
Switzerland NEIN 
Is this question the result of being butthurt?
2014-11-19 01:19
Nope :D Although I would kinda love that money.
2014-11-19 01:36
2014-11-19 03:35
2014-11-19 04:30
Switzerland NEIN 
it feels gud.
2014-11-19 01:09
2014-11-19 01:14
it feels good to be gangsta
2014-11-19 01:25
Switzerland NEIN 
2014-11-19 01:25
asator > all :P
2014-11-19 03:30
swiss is nice they have sick trained soldiers, nice weapons, great banking system, alot of money, not that I still smoke weed but its legalized or at least its allowed, nice 3 languages always helpful, nice chocolate toblerone :d, great snowboarding mountains, pretty nice girls with nice attitude even being rich not spoiled brats mentality,...
2014-11-19 03:30
i was born there, and i think that one of the best things about that country is that they dont use the €, that makes a big difference in terms of economy. another big thing is that swiss banks hold a big % of the worlds richest people/companies. but to thsoe people that think "i will move to switzerland and im gonna be rich soon, it doesnt work like that, unless u have a good major degree.
2014-11-19 11:40
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