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Sweden Xoxogossipgirl 
since aim makes you a cheater lets start throwing some clips under the bus edwards pistol ace from 1.6 must mean he was cheating, looking at the reation it must mean he's cheating?
2014-11-22 08:40
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swedish fanboy spotted they cheat, deal with it.
2014-11-22 08:44
Mad fanboy is mad
2014-11-22 08:45
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lmao he's not mad he's just trolling you
2014-11-22 09:50
don't compare 1.6 to cs:go please =D and legend players to random unknown faggots since 2012. PLS.
2014-11-22 08:45
agreed ban this guy dont even test him for cheats
2014-11-22 08:45
navi only ghost on lan Kappa
2014-11-22 08:46
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chlenix never forget Kappa
2014-11-22 09:51
That's pure aim and reflex.
2014-11-22 08:46
2014-11-22 08:48
get right and f0rest are also cheating, obviously
2014-11-22 08:47
Portugal dracø
Funny to read you saying that those guys opening this kind of posts should get a life... Oh the irony :D At least they, even if they are wrong, try to discuss something serious. You on the other hand are just a butthurt fanboy.
2014-11-22 08:47
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their threads are serious though LOL
2014-11-22 08:51
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Portugal dracø
More than this one for sure, even if they are wrong. At this point I'm not sure anymore ^^
2014-11-22 08:52
Edward no :( Also pasha no :(
2014-11-22 08:47
chlenix v7.13.37
2014-11-22 08:48
Butthurt Swedes everywhere.
2014-11-22 08:49
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you're trolled
2014-11-22 09:52
everyone knows that this is chlenix... internetexplorer user
2014-11-22 08:53
mad coz your noname "star" team got caught red handed?
2014-11-22 08:58
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no one has been vac'd moron? No one has been caught you dumb idiot.
2014-11-22 09:00
I barely ever comment here, but you are dumb as fuck. get a fucking brain will ya?
2014-11-22 09:04
op is angry
2014-11-22 09:04
mad cuz flusha confirmed
2014-11-22 09:09
Ironic that you lurk all the threads calling people brainless and illogical... and then you make such a retarded straw man retort as this, LOL.
2014-11-22 09:38
stupid swe arab immigrant
2014-11-22 09:42
swedish noob go back to source plz
2014-11-22 09:43
I feel sry for your parents that they have to pay for ur mental care though it's obviously not working.
2014-11-22 09:46
You do have to admit though that the aim is really shaky. I'm pretty sure if this scene had come from a no name - high chances he 'd get busted. -> Timetable ESL -> byebye
2014-11-22 10:09
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