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flusha laughing at HLTV
Poland kriSs93kr yeah right flusha.. and on the 8th bullet both those times, "ok" have a nice VACation flusha
2014-11-22 11:51
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and nice aimlock @ mirage
2014-11-22 11:52
easy to blame m8..but he heard him at palace..just aimed there randomly..but then JW asked him to pick his awp which was at CT base he looked back..
2014-11-22 12:12
Ireland mnc 
That's why he aimed straight to his chest in 2ms from a slope to balcony? Then (with fire still pressed) crosshair went up straight on the player and when fire was released he continued to move his crosshair right?
2014-11-22 12:17
2014-11-22 12:41
He always jump prefires those spots.
2014-11-22 16:39
every good player do Kappa
2014-11-22 17:19
2014-11-23 23:29
legit wallbang, come and play with the germans, seems u need to l0rn a few basics :S
2014-11-23 23:45
legit like german players online :S
2014-11-23 23:48
#420 KurwyS
2014-11-27 10:04
Peru unfaithful93 
2014-11-27 07:48
Chance jump prefire
2014-11-22 19:16
Looks like an aimbot that triggers only on the 8th bullet on enemys within field of view. That would explain how when spraying he "flicks" to the second enemy which is one video is completely invisible (behind smoke on mirage), and barely visible on inferno. I had to slow down the slow motion portion of the inferno game to 0.25 speed, and when you see it, you will realize the chance of this happening by luck is close to impossible..
2014-11-22 13:35
lol man U hate him so much :D I dont know reason but he is clear :) open eyes :)
2014-11-22 14:43
ahhahaha so funny
2014-11-22 11:54
Rofl. Touché
2014-11-22 11:54
What a cocky bastrad :D
2014-11-22 11:54
what would you respond if a community of kids is yelling that you're a cheater based on 1 or 2 separate actions from a demo? hahah
2014-11-22 13:16
if i knew i didn't cheat i wouldn't even bother to respond :) learn some psihologics m8,he's showing us that he's not afraid and tries to look not-scared at all. while he might be cheating and he's kinda mad now
2014-11-22 13:52
''if i knew i didn't cheat i wouldn't even bother to respond'' Biggest eurofag I've ever seen
2014-11-22 14:48
You have logic of a 12 year old kid. Unless valve bannes hims his innocent. Have you heard the phrase "Innocent until proven guilty"?
2014-11-22 14:48
True, but he is also suspect and open to to investigation for sure, as is that pig teammate of his.
2014-11-22 15:55
f0rest | 
Belgium Qker 
jeez how can fanboys be so naive -_-' after seeing that and olof usp action on mirage u still claim eveything's clear.. I wish it was but it ain't.. i know u guys want to believe but cmon guys...
2014-11-23 07:45
until he's banned he's still legit
2014-11-23 23:29
2014-11-22 16:36
lol said by silver or wot?.. sry fanboy but flusha cheats 100%
2014-11-22 17:59
/ban /delete like JW said yesterday on stream , " peoples are just mad coz of our World Domination in cs:go and are trying to find reasons of this , but we will show everyone that we are legit , and we are just the best team in world right now"
2014-11-22 11:54
oh yes. I thought JW would say on stream: " people are right and good that they are trying to find reasons of this , but we will play anyway because no ban inc. we are the best cheaters in world right now" Kappa
2014-11-22 11:59
you'll see that fnatic are not cheaters , you again trying to find another reason for their World Domination :) how many ur team lost to fnatic ? 16-0 ? hhahaha , Flusha is Right tho , you guys are never failing to amuse me too
2014-11-22 12:00
looks similar is this flusha? oh w8 -_-
2014-11-22 12:05
go find better reasons , normal play , gg. More Fnatic Haters coz of not shaking Hands with overrated NiP to come :)
2014-11-22 12:08
better reasons? lol what you want man? Video with flusha speedhacking with negev dealing 5 hs within the seconds? Come on man I know you can be good person and not troll. Some legit players like GMX won't have money because of these cheaters :( He want's to quit csgo. This is sad man. Something need to be done. Stop trolling please
2014-11-22 12:11
ok but tell me wheres the cheat in this gif ? normal play when you sneaky walking behind smoke , and this kill is just a reflex , all pro players has it lol
2014-11-22 12:10
reflex to what? he can't see anything behind the smoke. And enemy was in center of the smoke
2014-11-22 12:13
if it was center of the smoke i am Vladimir Putin
2014-11-22 12:14
idk if it was cheats or not but where he adjusted his crosshair is also the top of mid stairs. Could of easily just been preaiming at that.
2014-11-22 13:05
blindest fanboy ive ever seen
2014-11-23 07:55
yeh , something need to be done , maybe he should join better team than Epsishit? when good players are only ScreaM and GMX(not far best from Uzii lol)
2014-11-22 12:21
huyak | 
Russia Svirv 
tarik pls
2014-11-22 12:57
Jdoubleoink should better shut his mouth he admited cheating in csgo and there are severeral videos about it if there is someone on valve having a bad day he will get banned and worlddomination of the piggies is over
2014-11-22 12:10
ok , link those videos
2014-11-22 12:11 i dont know his stream acc on this weird site but he admited it on stream once
2014-11-22 12:15
on stream he said he never cheated, and his friends too Pasha on interview in ESWC 2014 was sorry for him that he called him a cheater and he called him the best player/awper(idk) in the world right now Nice try anyway.
2014-11-22 12:18
dude pasha said it why should he lie on the stream? Ofc he said that because hes now friends with JW and the other guys from fnatic but at the time he didnt knew them he was 100% sure and said one of JW's teammates admited it.
2014-11-22 12:23
+1 this community has turned into cancer, fnatic are all clean for people to say otherwise are just a disease
2014-11-22 12:36
Czech Republic J0s3e 
Because you know the best. Right
2014-11-22 16:03
It's not like JW used to play with xelos and emilio which are both confirmed cheaters.
2014-11-22 18:14
JW is retarded, why should we be mad at fnatics success if it was legit? I have nothing against them as humans they are just cocky and they are insulting the fnatic brand.
2014-11-23 04:05
It's so depressing that these cheaters acting the same way like emilio did. Laughing at us etc.
2014-11-22 11:55
delete and ban
2014-11-22 12:03
ahaha, the inferno lock is so spoted
2014-11-22 12:10
JW you're the next one!
2014-11-22 12:11
flusha and jw talks like douchebags
2014-11-22 12:15
Denmark dR_JaCkPoT 
very arrogant too imo
2014-11-22 12:18
the inferno clip is indisputable i don't care if he doesn't get vacced and valve covers it up, i and anyone else who knows anything about cs will know hes a piece of trash forever
2014-11-22 12:16
2014-11-22 12:18
2014-11-22 12:23
2014-11-22 12:25
2014-11-22 13:04
+1, him and JW are two cocky pigs. #sry, sry for insultes
2014-11-22 16:37
2014-11-23 05:15
2014-11-27 10:20
Ireland mnc 
All that fnatic domination came out of nowhere, yes? yes?
2014-11-22 12:18
2014-11-22 12:20
Laughing because he will probably get away with it :\
2014-11-22 12:21
you really believe that idiot? :D
2014-11-22 12:40
Says the unbiased fnatic fanboi Kappa. Both videos of him his 'flicks' instantly lockon on the 8th bullet. 8th bullet. But then again you were first sperm so I guess anything is possible :\
2014-11-22 12:43
uhhh, valve are going to shit all over fnatic's faces at DHW.
2014-11-22 12:57
Australia Dancing Panda 
god dam you people are stupid ahahah
2014-11-22 12:26
It's so sad that people actually think he hacks. Hope none of you have OW so innocent people don't get punished. EDIT: Stop being so paranoid. The mob mindset hasn't worked in the past, it's not going to work now. Only bad things come out of people spouting nonsense out of their ass. 2 people getting caught in the pro scene doesn't equal to everyone cheating.
2014-11-22 12:29
It's so sad when people actually think he does not hack. There is enough evidence in the two videos to see the obvious unintentional locks on targets and the "reactions" afterwards = cheating fat piece of ... .
2014-11-22 12:30
The fact that you have 2 instances that look slightly weird from the hundreds of matches and thousands of rounds played just speaks for itself.
2014-11-22 12:32
there is minimum 3
2014-11-22 12:33
Subtle usage, 'nuff said. Of course they cannot run 24/7 with the hacks on, and of course they make mistakes using it, just like we see in the videos.
2014-11-22 12:38
How do you explain the 2xzoom on cpl_mill, he was looking for Neo and ended up giving headshot to the guy that rushed him without even seeing him.
2014-11-22 13:15
Link please.
2014-11-22 13:17
2014-11-22 13:26
I don't see flusha in that video.
2014-11-22 13:29
there is 3 video. Third one is flusha vs navi 14 -14 ESL ONE COLOGNE.
2014-11-22 12:33
Do you mind linking the video in question?
2014-11-22 12:34 That's not blatant video but He has no time (to defuse) but he shifted to the ramps exactly to the guardian's position. Many ppl thought that this is devilwalk ghosting but it was crazy to call something like that before KQLY's ban. But As i said this this video is just suspicious not blatant
2014-11-22 12:45
Which kill do you find weird in that video?
2014-11-22 12:41
2014-11-22 12:42
2014-11-22 12:44
If you mean 00:46, we're done talking.
2014-11-22 12:45
we'll talk again when flusha will get a ban.
2014-11-22 12:46
Wanna bet?
2014-11-22 12:48
well they knew guardian was alone left and he's the awper. so only logical thinking that awper could hold bomb from ramp?
2014-11-23 08:58
if people like you do OW and dont think what flusha does is cheating I know why I never been banned in my 500 wins yet :) ty for ezy life ezy cheat in MM xDDD
2014-11-22 16:12
You are wrong untill he's banned though, you do understand that right?
2014-11-22 16:14
Finland siloquez 
Just stfu.
2014-11-22 16:29
When you don't have any arguments, why do you even type?
2014-11-22 16:35
Finland XAF 
Just stfu.
2014-11-22 16:59
He isn't banned, therefore you're wrong untill proven otherwise.
2014-11-22 17:06
ok what you're are saying is that he isnt cheating until he has been caught? LOL
2014-11-23 03:15
So you're saying everyone is cheating then? Same argument.
2014-11-23 08:28
"everyone" doesn't have that many suspicious plays against them. Don't play dumb, you know very well that your line of defense is very thin, and your only real argument is that he wasn't busted by an anti-cheat program. Yet. I'd really like to believe too that he didn't cheat, but the amount of weird plays is too high, my guts tell me he's cheating, and anyone who's seen these actions in very slow motion and has a few clues about aim locking know that he's busted. Remember that you don't have to be banned to be a cheater, as it was proved time and time again.
2014-11-27 07:32
Rather have someone fucking up MM than making someone lose his reputation, career and job because of lack of evidence.
2014-11-22 16:21
completely agree with flusha, kids are mad cuz fnatic is dominating and trying to find excuses for it.
2014-11-22 12:30
explain those two then, what the hell was he looking at on mirage after the lock? some ghosts up there on the wall? And on Inferno, why did he pull to the left and down in the middle of pulling up and right? Does his aim suck so hard his hand slid in the opposite direction?
2014-11-22 12:33
1.) the guy on palace was fighting with his teammate like 10 secs ago and that was most likely the only place the last guy could be. 2.) spotted the other guy and reacted in panic in a split second while keep spraying dennis. Theres nothing you can prove after those only 2 clips. Fnatic is the most hated team in the world, kids are so mad that they try so hard to bring them down during this whole cheating thing. Look at jw, the guy getting the insane hate for what? refuse to shake nips hands after they cried to admins not during but after the whole OT was over? Then u all should hate on loordb kurwa at gtr in wcg 2009 too.
2014-11-22 12:40
Portugal dracø 
1) yes, exactly that, but then he casually turns his back and checks CT spawn. why? he was 1v1.. Looks like panic to me. 2) He gets the kill while spraying the player closest to him, when his crosshair is no where near the the player coming from mid, and you can't even call recoil on that because he was barely lowering his crosshair. When he actually sees the player and his mouse movement react to it, the player was already dead for 2.5 secs. This was on lan, there is no lag nor shit servers. Tbh when all this cheater talk came in, there were a few players that would not surprise me at all if they got banned. Flusha I always thought he was clean, but not I'm not sure anymore.
2014-11-22 16:49
f0rest | 
Belgium Qker 
funny thing is, u're so convinced that everybody saying they're not legit just hate them that u became the exact opposite. The blind fanboy who will still say "it was a conspiracy, they got hacked" if they get caught somedays.. i really have nothing against fnatic and there's no team i support. I don't care about players as human beings, don't give a damn about how they behave. The only things to care about are plays and those i saw these days, if not obvious, are really freakin suspicious. The fact that u say "it's all clear, nothing to see, u could slice my cock in little pieces if day ever cheated" makes u look very dumb.
2014-11-23 08:19
first, who are you talking to here? are you pulling words out of your ass? Did i ever mention about everybody telling them cheating are all haters? second, do i seem like i give a shit about you have something against fnatic or not? I was directing to those people who used this whole cheating thing as an excuse to bring fnatic players down, insulting them etc... You have trouble at understanding? third, same as first one. Who the hell are you even talking to here? "Theres nothing you can prove after those only 2 clips" having a hard time at reading again...? You are totally smart.
2014-11-23 10:15
confirmed, when i hear people i always lightning-snap to their heads thru smoke
2014-11-22 13:06
yep, another new account haters create to spam all over the place
2014-11-22 13:40
I wish him VACations ;-)
2014-11-22 12:31
Iraq XTAC 
Let him laugh... we'll laugh when he gets that Vac Ban.
2014-11-22 12:33
he wont. After some period of time all suspected cheaters started streaming, joking on twitter etc. Befor that they were silent (some of them tryed to safe his skins). And before-before that they were laughing at crzy's blog (jw, olof etc). I think they're 100% sure now that they will not get ban.
2014-11-22 12:37
WHAT? JW, olof and flusha stream regularly on azubu since forever. Please, stop talking about what you dont know
2014-11-22 12:58
Turn on logic and come here then
2014-11-22 13:00
dude just let it go, there is no point in trying to talk to these retards trying to make their lives better :/
2014-11-22 16:31
laughing cause valve ill not ban him! i love the slow camera lock its so normal that
2014-11-22 12:41
Hahaha, now all the HLTV kids are so butthurt. Priceless.
2014-11-22 12:44
It's insane, actually... Fucking CS extremists all of them :D CS is their lives and flusha just murdered someone...
2014-11-22 12:51
it's crazy right? everyone just went full fucking retard in 1 day
2014-11-22 16:32
Indeed :/
2014-11-22 17:21
chrisJ | 
Denmark cOcun9 
Thanks for posting is twitter, forgot how diabetic/unwashed he looks
2014-11-22 12:50
What's the point of insulting him? He might have cheated, but it's far from confirmed, so you're basically throwing insults at him for nothing.
2014-11-22 12:53
chrisJ | 
Denmark cOcun9 
Felt like insulting him, dident insult him for cheating he just looks like a diabetic homeless guy. But he does cheat my eyes are confirmation enough 8th bullet x2 unhuman reaction both times, did he get lucky? If you ask me no what are the coincidence of this happening ?
2014-11-22 13:12
This is starting to look like a witch hunt... #HLTVbeingHLTV
2014-11-22 12:50
It has been a full blown witch hunt for the past few days already. It's retarded, but I guess it reflects the maturity level on this forum.
2014-11-23 04:47
Totally agree with you
2014-11-23 07:15
Sweden X-rAy 
the kid cheats.
2014-11-22 12:53
Laugh while you still can. Have fun getting eliminated in groups.
2014-11-22 12:56
Ooh thats why he never had expensive skins!
2014-11-22 12:58
He is right. People in here are stupid-
2014-11-22 13:07
confirmed, when i hear people i always lightning-snap to their heads thru smoke
2014-11-22 13:07
Why was the other thread closed? Was a legit discussion. Scandinavian CS mafia doing his thing again? "Hey let's only invite Scandinavian teams to the second qualifier" "Hey let the people accuse everyone of cheating, except for Scandinavian players" Fucking disgusting.
2014-11-22 13:13
2014-11-22 14:11
Finland is not in scandinavia
2014-11-22 18:07
who cares
2014-11-22 18:09
hahahaha, fucking flusha, his face never fail to amuse me - professional behaviour
2014-11-22 13:17
My first comment after a long time. The second clip is wierd, that aim accelerated pretty fast in totally other direction then rest of it.
2014-11-22 13:30
i dont even need him to be VAC banned, im already pretty sure hes cheating ;] hope krimz and olofm are legit but after all this cheating shit im starting to doubt that
2014-11-22 13:31
Australia eClipz-AU 
You can see blood splat on the box that he turns to, he's just looking for the awp, and that isn't "Snap locking" onto a target...he knows the last guy is palace and he just snaps to the smoke briefly. HLTV is kind of hilarious in this regard, flusha is a great player, get over it.
2014-11-22 13:31
United Kingdom levymonsta 
If he knows the last guy is palace why would he casually check behind toll booth?
2014-11-22 13:51
You sir, are retarded
2014-11-22 13:51
lol wut ? retard spotted
2014-11-22 13:57
Lol, watch this, he is definitely cheating
2014-11-22 14:37
you're obviously new to cs if you think that is remotely suspicious lol.
2014-11-22 16:35
The video where flusha supposedly has "aimbot on" is actually edited and sped up on this moment to make it seem like he snaps on there instantly. If you go and see the original video (the whole match), he aims in the smoke much much slower and smoother. So someone is mad that flusha is pretty good and really hopes a fake video will get him banned.
2014-11-22 14:00
the strange thing is that i cant find a reason for him to check that spot on ct spawn at the end :)(not saying there is cheat envolved)
2014-11-22 14:03
JW died on the spot so flusha wanted to save the awp
2014-11-22 14:11
STFU I watched it live and everyone in chat was saying WTF etc but it never came to light until these cheating allegations.
2014-11-22 14:04
You're wrong if you're referring to this: It's not sped up.
2014-11-24 00:10
This witchhunt is just so patchetic! Bet if you would look trough your own games you would find similar situations.
2014-11-22 14:12
Prove it, words = ez
2014-11-22 14:14
I get the whole witchhunt thing and how everyone is now racing to find the next sketchy looking play from a top player, but be realistic for a moment. 2 out of who knows how many TOP players have been VAC'd for a cheat used that was vividly explained by another person, who has nothing to gain by making up extremely long blogs as if trying to ruin the reputation of all the legitimate players. Which means... there are most definitely a lot more players out there that have yet to get banned, who very likely deserve it and have yet to have the hammer come down on them. You can't get mad at people for wanting to find the truth.
2014-11-22 14:33
your fightback arguments are on subhuman intelligence level
2014-11-22 14:34
You know, there wouldn't be a witch to hunt if the people in charge would officially say anything definite. At this point in time, we have DH saying they will take strict measures against cheating at DHW - even though all hackers are already caught? And we have big figures of the scene (Pita, Xizt, HeatoN) and the coder himself and smn, and another guy who has legit sources saying there are more professionals cheating. What do you expect people to do? Just go on as usual when rumors say the whole scene is a lie and people actually start getting banned a day after, in a very strange manner, and then the bans suddenly stop, even though the guy that helped initially expose the cheat at ESEA says he thought there were more bans coming?
2014-11-22 14:42
So right, seriously... there is no witch-hunt? All that I've seen so far on these boards are alot of videos around a single Fnatic pro, and most of them are debatably sketchy or not. That's one guy being called out so far, and yes, ofcourse there have been other threads around other players, most of them simply guys on HLTV trolling, and you call that a massive witch-hunt? If anything from what I've read on twitter from the various pro players/organizations, they seem to be rather worried about the situation as awhole aswell, and Flusha's POV's too... so the whole discussion is completely legit.
2014-11-23 23:26
u mean flusha is hacking on lan?
2014-11-22 14:23
This one is so suspicious
2014-11-22 14:35
lol this flusha actions and olof usp looks rly weird...
2014-11-22 14:36
Who doesn't laugh at
2014-11-22 14:39
I think pretty much anything will look like cheat for the majority on HLTV as most sits on silver-dmg rank. I mean the people on those ranks aren't exactly qualified to be experts on these kinds of things, no offence. Your skill level is too far below that you don't really know enough.
2014-11-22 14:43
Czech Republic J0s3e 
Yes, because aimlock to a player behind the smoke is a daily occurence. Stop defending this pathetic fat cunt please, he is a fucking loser and it will soon be revealed that this WORLD TOP 1 is nothing more than a fucking joke.
2014-11-23 04:09
He laughing for a reason. 99,9% of threads and comments here are retarded as fuck.
2014-11-22 14:43
people stop spraying anyone who will make a headshot with 8th bullet will be insta-banned (coincidence or not) #just_hltv
2014-11-22 14:48
RIP fnatic
2014-11-22 14:48
all you fucking scrubs hahahahahahah, you know if you're good things like this happens now and then..
2014-11-22 14:55
My tweet if he ever gets banned - Fucking flusha ! You always amused me with those hacks
2014-11-22 14:58 4:39 VP and ESC guys talking about flusha and watch? his action and they r like "o my fucking god"
2014-11-22 14:59
India h8or 
what are they saying? translate plz
2014-11-23 04:57
You kids are destroying This site is getting a bad reputation because of shit like this. Flusha and every other player out there is innocent until proven guilty, and in this case that means until valves decides to ban them. No one here are in the position to put any judgement on any other player, period. Just because you scream loud on this forum about people cheating left and right and making videos "proving" how they cheat, doesn't change the fact that it's just your OPINION, it's not FACT. There are random shit that happens during matches all the time that can be interpreted as cheating if you choose to do that. It's not proof of anything. Valve is the only judge here. I suspect people are going after fnatic especially because they have been dominating the game lately.
2014-11-22 15:00
stop watching thorin vids and come up with your opinion, not thorins, thx
2014-11-22 16:27
Flucha mad cause VALVE found out about their little secret HEHEHEEEEE
2014-11-22 15:00
Flusha, Olof, JW get out. We cannot let that happen. How can we ?
2014-11-22 15:01
If you're saying that this snap was random, "he heard him" and other nonsense of that sort then you're clearly in denial and should not be apart of this discussion , nor should you be apart of overwatch. This is an obvious triggerbot of some sort. IT STOPPED DIRECTLY ON HIM , HE LET GO OF THE AIM KEY AS IF NOTHING HAPPENED.
2014-11-22 15:42
2014-11-22 15:56
The list from smn was real if you know german read this from smn's stream =)
2014-11-22 16:10
it's not safe for flusha on hltv anymore. my goons are looking for him.
2014-11-22 16:25
You must SUCK at counterstrike if you consider that an obvious aimlock :D haha silverscrub ^^ The only one laughing in this case is flusha, reading your post.
2014-11-22 16:36
ahahah flusha, your skill rose too high lately, bro) cheats?..
2014-11-22 16:38
He used to carry fnatic back when they had DW and Schneider. If anything, hes got worse lol
2014-11-22 16:40
lol.. its been his best period in last half a year) lol
2014-11-22 17:13
someone give the pro kids a mediatraining please. fnatic this is your own responsibility .
2014-11-22 16:38
flusha and jw were both arrogant pricks on stream yesterday. i was a bit disappointed tbh.
2014-11-22 16:46
rofl, with so much idiotic shit thrown at you, how would you react? the vast userbase of this website is fucking cancer, that's why you never see a pro going for a serious reply here
2014-11-22 16:54
+1 rare person with a brain.. Thank goodness.
2014-11-23 07:47
They could just open a blog and explain, or in fact if their conscience is clear, they won't care at all. Acting high and mighty is stupid, it aggravates people
2014-11-23 10:34
what stream, can u link?
2014-11-22 17:12
2014-11-22 17:51
they were laughing about people like you, who wouldn't?
2014-11-23 07:47
rofl completely understandable reaction :D
2014-11-22 17:11
In regards to looking back "to look legit" it could simply have been at the awp probably lying on top of the boost spot (there is blood on the wall behind it). Regarding smns list, disregarding IF any of them actually are cheating, it is not possible to know if that is what he "feels" or if he actually knows anything. Similarly the guy that may have had a part in outing the cheat also just guessed, he thought people "used a certain style" when they played. It is possible in both instances that they just threw a bunch of names forward. And if I am not mistaken Flusha was on neither and Kioshima was atleast omitted on one of them if not both.
2014-11-22 17:32
but he is right, whats wrong with that... threads like this and the other 80% of the threads are funny because of the people's ignorance and/or retardness. for example, you and many other users saying VACation to every pro players without thinking and knowing shit
2014-11-22 23:58
2014-11-23 00:30
Fanboys defending, KQLY banned, SF banned, why not flusha next with this VERY wierd clips? The actions have NOTHING to do with skill, both actions is INHUMAN dragshots with no sense what so ever.. if this clip was shown without any name given, people would've said it was 100 % cheat.
2014-11-23 03:12
if this clip was shown without any name given, people would've said it was 100 % cheat. agree on this. having that in overwatch would make me nervous...
2014-11-23 03:25
look at him... THATS funny...
2014-11-23 03:18
2014-11-23 03:24
2014-11-23 07:34
He was not hit the second time at the same place as the first..
2014-11-23 23:49
2014-11-23 03:32
2014-11-23 03:52
... Flusha.. REALLY? This community is so fucking toxic, filled with silver scrubs who think that they spot cheaters just because pro's can do stuff that they never will be able to in this game. Now, just like in the legal system "innocent until proven guilty" holds up so can you god damn pathetic nerds sitting behind your safe monitor please stop it with the old"VACation" and death threats? It's pathetic
2014-11-23 04:07
Czech Republic J0s3e 
I will never be able to cheat, true doe. Just sit back and relax, prepare explanation for the bans incoming, how accounts got keylogged etc.
2014-11-23 04:20
haha hltv you never fail to amuse me! <-flase sense of security because the pending vac bans have not been issued. Just wait until after dreamhack when volvo has already made its money ;) enjoy VACation flusha
2014-11-23 04:13
the thing is valve make 10x in the next hour over the whole course of dreamhack. So explain to me in that thick little brain of yours, why would they do it for 0.000001% of their earnings to give themselves a bad rep after dreamhack for purposefully delaying the bans. Or did you just jump strait to your retard conclusion and think you're right? LOL Jesus christ.
2014-11-23 07:51
f0rest | 
Belgium Qker 
So for a second use your little brain. If u were in the business world, not your shitty gaming world and being valve. How would u handle this? U'd ban the best team? All pro's who fucked up? Because if u do so, unfortunatly, i have to tell u that u're fuckin braindead and u just made a commercial suicide. U would have told everyone, that what they saw untill here was a joke? that they've been fooled during xyears by cheaters and that every events that were casted and viewed were full of crap? No they won't sir. What they do is making an example with 2 or 3 not so important player but very well known anyway and then warn the others. "Once again and u say goodbye to your career, we'll watch u closely." On the other hand i'm not especially speaking about fnatic here. BUT still i don't hate fnatic, only like good plays, and u must be freakin stupid to say that those plays are not suspicious at all but i guess it's a fanboy thing. As esea said there was more to come i think there will be a lot of underperf at dh : )
2014-11-23 08:37
holy shit, did you write that expecting it to be read, if so you need help :/
2014-11-23 08:46
f0rest | 
Belgium Qker 
u're absolutly right about that. talking to u must be the dumbest thing i ever done : )
2014-11-23 08:58
Pretty suspicions tbh, mostly the first clip though even though the frag on the guy coming up from mid on Inferno is just plain disgusting.
2014-11-23 04:35
I think his tweet makes it even more suspicious.
2014-11-23 06:38
I bet he won't laugh for long tho.. if Valve just could do the right thing here..
2014-11-23 14:20
gg flusha
2014-11-23 06:39
flusha pro :D
2014-11-23 07:53
if flusha is not vac banned its because valve is protecting their commercial income and afraid to banished too many pro players since its going to kill the pro scene, probably valve going to give some of these pro a second chance, although id rather see new teams and players that are legit from the start given the chance to shine then watch old cheating players getting a chance to play legit.
2014-11-23 08:35
guys sell your skins, dont buy stickers show valve we demand clean players
2014-11-23 08:37
2014-11-23 23:28
Flusha does not hack, trust me guys! He is legit, and he is laughing at you guys because you are being so ridiculous and trying to hunt him down when he hasn't done anything wrong. Just stop the witch hunt now!
2014-11-23 23:31
if is he clear (or you?), explain us all these aim locks.
2014-11-23 23:52
money and it's ways never fails to amuse me.
2014-11-23 23:52
World h3lltv 
Flusha,call JW and go celebrate ur gay party Have a nice VACation
2014-11-24 00:01
for me this seems more like some weird general hate (jealous?) towards fnatic/flusha more than rational thinking as the evidence presented over and over again is just very thin
2014-11-24 00:06
It is exactly that. But kids here love to join any bandwagon, no matter how idiotic, just so they don't feel so left out. It is easier than to critically think for themselves. So they just sit in their rooms, watch couple of gifs and spew shit over the internet. "F*CK FNATIC HOPE YOU CHEATERS ROT IN HELL I SAW A GIF 100% PROOF YOU ARE DONE FLUSHA VACATION IN KQLYWHATEVER !!!1!1!1" "Dinner's ready sweetheart!" "I'm coming, mom!" "AND JWPIG IS HACKING TOO 150% PROOF THIS GIF [link to curse giveway]"
2014-11-27 10:15
2014-11-27 06:44
He gets his aim from his neckbeard
2014-11-27 06:48
AZK | 
United States Dood 
flusha laughing all the way to the bank
2014-11-27 07:37
and we are laughing at you. Stopped responding on twitter because its not funny anymore. Fat pig goes to slaughter. #justflushathings
2014-11-27 07:39
Strong words by some random kid. I feel sad for pronax that has to play in this unprofessional orga, that is trashtalking another teams, obviously cheating and behaving like little kids.
2014-11-27 07:40
pronax has goood strats and i like him. But, his players feel like they have to cheat. Wall banging 8 times at long range was enough for shox can you explain this?
2014-11-27 07:44
No one can explain it, we just can hope that Valve will get rid of these cheating kids from Sweden.
2014-11-27 07:49
Dear diary, today I learned that fnatic is an unprofessional organization. And that's based on couple of accusations from some pathetic nonames, so it must be true.
2014-11-27 10:11
Fnatic is a joke orga
2014-11-27 07:43
yeah its really quite sad I once loved the scene now its just really disappointing. Fnatic taking down NIP was amazing i hope they didn't have to cheat to do it/.
2014-11-27 07:46
say it to my face fucker
2014-11-27 10:04
2014-11-27 10:10
i hope he won't commit sudoku when he gets busted
2014-11-27 10:36
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