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Semmler went full retard?
World heyjoehey 
Semmler went full retard? Imo after this Semmler should be removed from casting.
2014-11-25 00:13
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Casters not allowed to have an opinion? Think the theory could very well be true.
2014-11-25 00:15
For some reason if you don't use twitter and call other people dogshit you can't state your opinion
2014-11-25 00:16
what? i just listened to like the first 20 seconds because i figured he was probably trolling. surely he has read or heard the interview where fiff clearly stated that he retired without any of his teammates or from nip had even said anything about that before and he did it solely bcs he had planned on retiring within the next few months anyway and figured that it might be a good time to do it when he did it?
2014-11-25 00:19
+ fucking 1 , damn good theory actually. still think flusha and jw cheat though
2014-11-25 00:22
even fxy0 said if he hadn't known flusha was in fnatic he would assume he was also using cheats. Now I am not agreeing with people calling out flusha, but it isn't just pita who suspects flusha as being a cheater.
2014-11-25 01:35
2014-11-25 02:24
Don't pull the retard card.... It's such a troll lmfao.
2014-11-25 00:15
Denmark OIJM8 
they didnt get rid of him tho, he left if he hadn't left im pretty sure they would still be playing with him right now
2014-11-25 00:16
i m sure you were present at that moment.
2014-11-25 00:18
2014-11-25 00:20
im sure u have read the interviews about that? we dont have any reason not to believe that any of the nip guys who talked about it were lying.
2014-11-25 00:20
what is way more urgent is that he should never ever be allowed to cast any games solo anymore. NEVERRRRRRR!! i usually think hes alright in RoF but without anders or anybody else he was just the shittttttest caster of lyfe. even ddk or tosspot could have done a better job i think.
2014-11-25 00:16
2014-11-25 00:16
what's wrong with that? don't take it too seriously. also some people were already commenting that semmler is biased towards fnatic :D for months and months everyone's been saying anders and semmler are nip fanboys :D make up your mind folks
2014-11-25 00:17
2014-11-25 00:17
Germany pmb  
never solocast bad things happen:D
2014-11-25 00:18
Sadly - Yes.
2014-11-25 00:19
Nah dat man is hilarious !! and if hes right...
2014-11-25 00:19
Iceland fatboislim 
those who take that video seriously are retards.
2014-11-25 00:20
2014-11-25 01:24
+1 this thread is actual proof that hltv is retarded
2014-11-25 04:23
Every time I watch him play I lose more and more respect for him. He gets mad at the game and says the shittiest things constantly complaining about everything
2014-11-25 00:21
it's an interesting idea but what the fuck is wrong with him in that stream, he seems like he is coming up on something. Maybe without anders he is boring so he tries to be enthuastic about stuff when he could very well just talk normally
2014-11-25 00:23
that's what i'm thinking as well. people shouldn't take things so seriously. sometimes casters just talk for the sake of talking.
2014-11-25 00:24
I mean, it is basically their job to fill up dead air time.
2014-11-25 01:36
India h8or 
seems legit
2014-11-25 00:23
Semmler casting is painful enough without this nonsense
2014-11-25 00:24
i like semmler :S
2014-11-25 00:24
Its a theory guys so come down. :)
2014-11-25 00:24
rofl he just talking shit, and ur getting trolled
2014-11-25 00:25
I don't even like Semmler, but it's clear that hes joking. It is also hilarious.
2014-11-25 00:26
+1, its funny how people still take it seriously
2014-11-25 00:49
He's trying to add some humor to the situation. If you think he isn't being sarcastic - you might be retarded. The fact of the matter is flusha will probably be caught sooner or later. Or maybe he'll just stop cheating all together. We've seen enough evidence to conclude something is going on. The movements of his crosshair are too artificial to even be him bumping his keyboard. It may not be during DHW, but he will be caught.
2014-11-25 00:26
If you think he is being serious, you're a fucking idiot.
2014-11-25 00:27
how is this theory any crazier than the ones I've seen posted? If Pita's tweet was a calculated move, it's a pretty good one. Fnatic were favourites before Vacation and were probably the most studied team to begin with, but now with the accusations, they're without a doubt the most analysed team. Maybe this means that teams are more likely to beat Fnatic so NiP can ninja their way to another major.
2014-11-25 00:27
until now RoF said that fiffy retired,now wtf he`s saying?i find it insulting
2014-11-25 00:27
It's a sarcastic fantasy story lol.
2014-11-25 00:28
Semmler is completely right here. His romantic sarcasm will not be the case. Pita went too far by getting carried away in the witch-hunt.
2014-11-25 00:27
semmler has been smoking the wrong cigs again Kappa
2014-11-25 00:28
If you cannot sense the sarcasm you sir, are an idiot.
2014-11-25 00:28
Hahaha Semmler and his conspiracy theories.
2014-11-25 00:29
i cant understand how to cheating on lan?...
2014-11-25 00:30
i hope you realize what sarcasm is
2014-11-25 00:32
why this h8...the vid is funny... "HE HAS TO KNOW...he has to know.." :D
2014-11-25 00:34
It was his theory, sounded pretty reasonable, pita sounds just like the man semmler was describing him.
2014-11-25 00:34
2014-11-25 00:41
Your post should be deleted for being a dumbfuck
2014-11-25 00:35
best video so far about flusha
2014-11-25 00:35
add csgolounge
2014-11-25 00:36
Sad but true
2014-11-25 00:40
actually i don't give a f*** what some pro guy from any team say. i play for 10 years + aswell and i can see for myself if something is suspicious. and flusha's play was definetly very suspicious. and not only in 1 scene but in several
2014-11-25 00:40
you are the retard here, not him, his theory make sense
2014-11-25 00:40
Well the answer is obvious. Either Semmler is stupid or he is joking. I'm 90% sure he's joking but I still find the joke very boring.
2014-11-25 00:42
The joke is waaaaay too long lol
2014-11-25 00:45
2014-11-25 00:43
Latvia SEHUN 
No respect for semmler anymore. He just fanboys everything that includes sweden. He wants peace yeah, flusha is more happy now that you morans listen to him. Why woud you not risk using a fcking toogle for 250k$ ? Idk tournament to win. Jesus ,its all about money.
2014-11-25 00:48
i just belive he's butthurt about this thing around fnatic, cus he's a fnatic fanboy.. thats all
2014-11-25 00:53
Netherlands jwtt 
2014-11-25 01:05
You know, one thing is true no matter how you look at it. Whether or not they or anyone was actually cheating, a coach of a professional team should never without substantial proof say the things he said. This alone you have to question. Why would pita do that? From the very beginning, he was actively spreading hints on the topic and ultimately dropped a bomb. Of course he knew what effect that and his other tweets would have. He may not be the sole reason for all the accusations and simply used the situation, but undoubtedly did he know the outcome of his actions. This was clearly an attempt at getting an edge. NiP in general are no strangers to doing that. Not praccing against other teams, trying to get the CZ changed, allegedly knowing about cbble/ovrpss earlier than other teams, skipping events, pausing big games just at the right moments, somehow always getting the easiest groups. As competitors, they have every right to try and get an edge however possible - that is to be expected really. But where do you draw the line of where competitive efforts end and dodgy methods of poor sportsmanship begin?
2014-11-25 00:59
Netherlands jwtt 
the pita tweets has nothing to do with getting an edge... he just spoke his mind and maybe went abit to far but he might actually think that he is 100% right about it. about the pausing games that is so fucking old alot of top teams used to do that in 1.6. and btw not only pita thinks flusha is hacking, alot of other pros do think that too but not sayin it straight they just say it with hints;)
2014-11-25 01:04
Well, it's either he is trying to get an edge or he is the actual retard. As someone in his position, he should know that saying something like that is unthinkable without conclusive proof. If you are trying to tell me he didn't know the consequences of his actions, then I must say that he seems pretty naive for someone working in finance and for the most high regarded team in the game. Even if he was convinced that what he tweeted was true, if he understood the meaning of his role within the community and knew how to handle things professionally, he wouldn't have said a word. Cheating accusations without proof very clearly have to be considered defamation at this level of status within the scene. What would you think of cArn officially accusing Maikelele of cheating and calling for NiP's exclusion from the major based on some videos? Just because the "general atmosphere" was to accuse players of cheating, and even though fnatic were always a target of those, doesn't make what pita did any less unacceptable.
2014-11-25 01:19
ah cmon as if they (RoF) never would trash talk live. semmler made some theory up, no harm happened just a few hltv users took it much too serious and are annoyed because hes a "famous" caster and not allowed to trash talk therefore? I can'f find any disturbing thing in his "story". it was entertaining, filled with some facts and its kind of obvious that he didn't take himself too serious. he laughed all the time because it has this some sort of conspiracy and DRAMA in it which everyone here LOVES WAY TOO MUCH! He just delivered. Good entertainer!
2014-11-25 01:01
Hong Kong bufu 
2014-11-25 01:01
its true
2014-11-25 01:01
Dude, if you watched the context, he said put your tinfoil hats on. He said after that he was just joking around. Go troll somewhere else.
2014-11-25 01:03
bad joke is bad
2014-11-25 01:04
Explanation: 420
2014-11-25 01:05
Well this thread clearly shows(yet again) that hltv is filled with 12-year olds & mindless retards. So great
2014-11-25 01:08
#92 this thread clearly shows that csgo scene is filled with 12-minded clueless high profile experts/analysts/organizers who doesn't have any balls for anything except making silly jokes.
2014-11-25 01:17
My god I can't believe how many retards actually think he's being serious.
2014-11-25 01:13
that's not the case kid
2014-11-25 01:16
you're high... on chromosomes
2014-11-25 01:20
i agree with semmler.
2014-11-25 01:15
and then.... people didn't watch the whole video..
2014-11-25 01:16
He's joking when ppl expect to hear something smart. For most CS fans this is depressing times. No need to joke
2014-11-25 01:24
just some thing posted here u.u
2014-11-25 01:25
lmao look at all these salty haters who can't fucking realize he's beign sarcastic the whole video .
2014-11-25 01:27
hes trolling u idiots why u post this shit here omfg.
2014-11-25 01:28
thats what you get if ya smoke 2 much weed xD conspiracy everywhere
2014-11-25 01:30
<3 Semmler
2014-11-25 01:31
i know things get lost between languages and even accents (ie ask any american about their perception of british humor; hint: it's full of sarcasm and most americans get offended), but it's blatantly obvious that semmler was just saying shit for the sake of saying shit.
2014-11-25 01:32
^^^ The first 5 minutes are pure sarcasm. At the end, all he says is that the accusations are unfounded and he needs substantial evidence if he was going to say flusha is cheating. I don't see anything wrong with what he did.
2014-11-25 02:34
2014-11-25 01:33
semmeler's cfg?anyone?
2014-11-25 01:42
Hahaha the age in here, no thinking what so ever. WHY THE FUCK WOULD HE TROLL? This theory struck me after thinking about what pita wrote, but does this mean that flusha isnt cheating? No. Is Semmler saying that this doesn't mean that Flusha aint cheating? No. I mean, the other option is that Pita got some inside-information about Flusha, and if that's the case he still did the twitter-post to a certain point to make it a + for NIP. Really smart move however. Fnatic got the psychological advantage on every team, even the second best LDLC.
2014-11-25 01:50
Poland MatiPasio 
big bang theory
2014-11-25 01:53
Portugal dracø 
Isn't the way he's talking indication enough that he's joking? geez
2014-11-25 01:53
semmler can have an opinion? and pita not! Fully retarded theory from backstabber
2014-11-25 01:54
Sweden X-rAy 
pita definitly know more than semmler, u just watch the pros, he played against them. dont tell me ofcourse there are no accusations on nip, they are legends, not 3/4 year players who become unstopapple from 1 day to another
2014-11-25 01:59
Enjoyed every second xD
2014-11-25 01:59
Sweden X-rAy 
there is an expression in portuguese SEMMLER: "QUEM NAO DEVE NAO TEME" it means if u got nothing to hide, there is nothin to be afraid of. DONT GET EXCUSES FOR THEM NOW
2014-11-25 02:00
Bulgaria bUHALOVIC 
He is just a commentator not analyzer or some ppl who play with the pros. Useless thread.
2014-11-25 02:02
Seems pretty Trolly to me.
2014-11-25 02:02
everyone can have an opinion but saying that flusha is a legend .... semmler pls forest is a legend, neo is a legend not flusha who 2 years ago was a noname semi pro player in 1.6 . just pls
2014-11-25 02:06
Semmler 4 lyfe <3
2014-11-25 02:12
the one who went full retard is you.
2014-11-25 02:13
hes trolling but for the most part, hes right, there are way to many cheaters still in the pro scene.
2014-11-25 02:13
United States admiralsid 
Clearly he's joking smh. Funny theory though lol.
2014-11-25 02:17
semmler is corect?
2014-11-25 02:18
No one see sarcasm or you all being sarcasmic yourself
2014-11-25 02:21
first time i saw is tweet i tought the same, adding pressure on fnatic.
2014-11-25 02:22
Semmler is the best, love you!
2014-11-25 02:25
What is your problem. Semmler can be actualy right. Just think of the small details. Why would you post sth. on twitter and delete it after many people saw it? Correct, to get attention AND to bring pressure on Fnatic! It was also very cool that titan and epsilon got banned so shortly before the tournament. Seriously, I think some people had their fingers in this whole thing. sad thing is just, that matchmaking isn't fun for a long time in cs go because you had a cheater in every 3rd game, but now it's just totally out of control and every player, teamleader, captain is doing dirty things!
2014-11-25 02:45
People do not understand sarcasm anymore? ?_?
2014-11-25 04:38
getting kicked from casterteam for setting up a theory and telling his opinion? is this Murica?
2014-11-25 07:30
Hi, no, this is HLTV logic
2014-11-25 09:06
Semmler king.
2014-11-25 08:58
what a shitty theory....
2014-11-25 09:00
i thought the same thing for a while but anyway flushas actions are totally strange and cant be explained.
2014-11-25 09:05
I don't even believe semmler believes this theory
2014-11-25 09:11
just his opinion
2014-11-25 09:12
If I assume that it was meant as ironic bait pointed towards witchunters then I wonder if there are any of that level... Otherwise I have no clue what this is about other than just making shit up on spot and failing.
2014-11-25 09:12
He's joking. leleleel.
2014-11-25 09:13
<3 semmler! lol'd
2014-11-25 09:13
I love every second of this video. I also love every butthurt comment in this topic. After you learn to live with the sheer amount of idiocy around here, HLTV is quite an amusing place.
2014-11-25 09:18
this is his opinion dont blame him. but also if pita thinks that flusha cheats let him think that. I believe that some things flusha have done looks very strange. But wtf everyone does crazy stuff right? If he cheats he prob will be banned so
2014-11-25 09:21
lmao semmler says things for the "sound" not for the truth
2014-11-29 04:58
Old news
2014-11-29 05:07
Denmark Fr0nda 
how much semmler?
2015-03-25 16:38
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