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240hz Monitor?!
Germany xs1ndl 
bought an 144hz last year and defenetly turn cs go to an easy game so wanna ask if there is a big difference between a 144hz and 240hz? pls tell me ur expierence also raise your Kappas :E
2014-11-25 15:39
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Other sLim^ 
If you wanna harm your eyes then go ahead :D
2014-11-25 15:40
2014-11-25 16:28
How does 240hz harm your eyes?
2014-11-25 15:41
Is there a big difference between 144 Km/H and 240 Km/H? There you go.
2014-11-25 15:42
Not actually a good analogy, because the real question is whether there is a *perceivable* difference. Obviously the km/h difference is perceivable, but 144hz and 240hz probably isn't an easily noticeable difference for many people.
2014-11-25 16:33
I suppose, I haven't really given it much thought to begin with :))
2014-11-25 16:37
60 hz -> 144 hz = 240% increase in skill 144 hz -> 240 hz = 167% increase in skill Kappa
2014-11-25 15:42
too much hz, your eyes run on 178hz, if u are special it goes up to 185 to 190hz you can get eye cancer if u harm your eyes too often with more than 200hz and yes i am not serious
2014-11-25 15:42
Die you try to oc your eyes? My eyes run stable at 240 hz@1024x768
2014-11-25 15:49
Germany aoN 
2014-11-25 16:47
Its not real 240 hz
2014-11-25 15:43
There exist no such thing (at least consumer grade) as 240hz monitors on the market. The only thing you can find is an EIZO screen, which is marketed as 240hz screen, which it isn't. It's an 120hz monitor with some useless marketing feature that allows them to technically call it a 240hz. Only a complete idiot would downgrade from 144hz to the fake 240hz.
2014-11-25 15:45
ok dondt know that ty :)
2014-11-25 15:49
go watch ur tv from very close range and see if that hurts ur eyes i think its same thing (and those 240 eizo monitors are bs
2014-11-25 15:45
So you think that TV is 240hz?
2014-11-25 15:48
2014-11-25 15:57
nah not 240hz but get the same effect from that and i think those superplasma tvs are pretty high hz? :D that what i think
2014-11-25 16:01
plasmatvs can do fake 600 hz and with 0.1 response time this shit just unreal compared with LED monitors
2014-11-25 16:09
yea its fucking joke how old pc monitors have like 100hz or more and these hyper good monitors are basicly 60-75hz and if u want like 100hz or over u gotta pay atleast 250 (euros)
2014-11-25 16:16
f0rest | 
Denmark d0ng 
Save your money dude and consider buying the 240 hz if your 144 hz monitor breaks. I honestly don't think it's worth it with current prices.
2014-11-25 15:45
show me monitor which has real 240hz rate (not this eizo shit) and cable capable of transmitting 240hz
2014-11-25 15:46
It is throwing in 1 black frame between 2 frames that have colora,so it looks like a crt monitor & its very nice to look on the eizo because of the better panel
2014-11-25 15:52
well my experience with eizo is a little bit diffrent than yours, i felt like this monitor with emulated 240hz has a much bigger ms delay than 144hz benq, 144hz benq feels much more smother than eizo 240hz
2014-11-25 15:54
I dont think that you can feel the difference betweem 1-2 MS & a 3.8 MS screen
2014-11-25 16:01
"240hz" monitor is running 120hz therefore 144hz > "240hz"
2014-11-25 15:47
If you get lucky, maybe some pro player will reply to you (because they play a lot on different monitors when they going on lan) I think Pasha is complaining about 240hz Eizo monitor.
2014-11-25 15:49
I think they are happy with anything above 120
2014-11-25 15:50
they only use in launch options -freq 120
2014-11-25 17:19
France JPK_ 
240Hz is bullshit, its 120Hz + they add a calculted intermediary frame. So ye, 144Hz > 240Hz.
2014-11-25 16:18
Just a marketing trick, that eizo screen runs at 120hz for three times the price just buy the benq XL2411z, it's cheap and has all the features
2014-11-25 16:20
120 HZ crt monitor, profit.
2014-11-25 16:42
Germany ishi 
wait a while till 420hz comes out!
2014-11-25 16:58
No diffrence u still die as fast vs cheaters in mm
2014-11-25 17:04
240 hz from eizo is 120 hz but the picture displays you see 120 hz basically. a 1000 hz tv doesnt really have 1000 hz xD
2014-11-25 17:07
870hz monitor is best (nasa monitor)
2014-11-25 17:35
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