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Solution for Dreamhack
Finland mefody 
A guy suggested to force pro players to play on linux instead, that way possible cheaters would be fucked with their windows developed cheats. Would be pretty nice hotfix for this situation, temporarily. Thoughts?
2014-11-25 18:17
This would cause 100 problems and unstable event. They are strict with their schedule.
2014-11-25 18:18
Portugal acidq 
offline games and no pen drive, ppl should write all his configs and done
2014-11-25 18:18
I remember in 1.6 at LANS you had to show the admin what you were putting in your console for a command, during game time you weren't even allowed to open it, the good ol days ;(
2014-11-25 18:20
i dont know is somebody remember about CPL2005 100% offline game all cfg and mices kboards used by players must send 3 weeks before event (the CPL guarantee that equipment will be. Players dont see the eq to 30min before game Simple? Simple
2014-11-25 18:23
there is no solution gg RIP CS:GO
2014-11-25 18:24
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