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got a new car!
United States amarble :D 
recently went on a honeymoon with my pregnant wife and picked up this beauty! It got redelivered to me a few days ago! :D (in Bosnia, Sarajevo) Baby mobile is ready to go! Other cars won't have the space for a baby holder :/
2014-11-26 22:15
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Poland jnsVd 
N1 glhf with baby
2014-11-26 22:18
2014-11-26 22:31
Latvia prelideN 
2014-11-26 22:19
aahahahah #rekt poor op
2014-11-26 22:21 Actually yeah i did list it for sale. It's got redelivered recently. But I changed my mind since then.
2014-11-26 22:22
did you? were you also american then as well? stop bullshitting you low life.
2014-11-26 23:30
2014-11-26 22:21
sergej | 
United States t0xic93 
2014-11-26 23:22
good luck and have fun
2014-11-26 22:22
2014-11-26 22:24
gratz on the wife, baby and car take care of them mate and lovely car dude, glad to see you living the life :)
2014-11-26 22:26
Thank you man, Baby is due in January, can't wait to be a daddy! :D
2014-11-26 22:27
that's good news, I wish you all a healthy life
2014-11-26 22:34
Pic of my old car and current wife :) :D
2014-11-26 22:26
mm interesting, on this photo we can see 3-doors version, but on your earlier photos we can see a 5-doors version.. iiinteresting
2014-11-26 22:29
2014-11-26 22:32
"Old car"
2014-11-26 22:32
Studying that picture so hard, he missed posters statement of it being his "old car"
2014-11-26 22:33
Maybe because I had that car (M3) before this new one (M5) Also it seems that you know what pregnant women look like (obviously not pregnant in that photo)
2014-11-26 22:33
mkay, my bad
2014-11-26 22:34
2014-11-26 22:33
why are you lying about your life? is it that bad?
2014-11-26 23:31
Is your wife single?
2014-11-27 08:16
2014-11-26 22:29
isnt she beautiful ?
2014-11-26 22:30
Yes man! I'm the luckiest guy ever!
2014-11-26 22:33
yesterday she cheated to u, she fucked with all of your m5 exhausts (4)
2014-11-27 01:17
2014-11-26 22:31
Pregnant? R.I.P your life
2014-11-26 22:31
Wants to pose with a "kid car" and can't even take a baby buggy with you in that one? Come on :P
2014-11-26 22:33
Baby buggy? :D
2014-11-26 22:33 Yes, sometimes you need to take it in the car with you. ;)
2014-11-26 22:46
Hahaha, I got to find a small one, i hope my kid loves fast cars (not going fast but fast accelerating to normal speeds)
2014-11-26 22:47
Your kid doesn't really care about that, I think. :)
2014-11-26 22:49
Pssh, I hope my kid is around for CS to still be around! Especially since I stream and keep all my VOD's saved so my kid can see them when he's older!
2014-11-26 23:02
:-D Counter-Strike 5.0 by then!
2014-11-26 23:10
Fully automatic lazer deagle with M32000000 nuke launchers LOL
2014-11-26 23:14
Just one thing bro, don't wear flower shirts anymore. :-D
2014-11-26 23:17
WOAH. How do you know that? D:
2014-11-26 23:30
Googled for proof, found it within 10 seconds!
2014-11-26 23:31
Add me bro!
2014-11-26 23:31
s1mple | 
Russia Sample_ 
gz dude
2014-11-26 22:33
Who the fuck cares?
2014-11-26 22:35
2014-11-27 08:24
:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Living that virtual life.. Get out in the open and get a smell of fresh air. You look so stupid fakeing yourself out here :D:D:D:D
2014-11-26 22:38
I was in Munich (so I probably was in your neighborhood.. watch what you say! JK)
2014-11-26 22:42
Oops... This is for the trolls.
2014-11-26 22:46
goddamn you be owning them so hard bruh bruh googling dem random car pics
2014-11-26 23:39
what a liar lmaooo
2014-11-26 22:51 Just for you
2014-11-26 22:56
why not coupe gg no re
2014-11-26 22:51
Already have a two door
2014-11-26 22:55
Awesome car but EPIC pictures, are you by any chance a professional photographer or have it as a hobby?
2014-11-26 22:52
And actually, I'm not. But so many people have told me to get into professional shot taking. Here's a few photos I've took.
2014-11-26 23:00
2nd one is horrible haha
2014-11-26 23:16
Cell phone. :(
2014-11-26 23:23
write hltv on the car + a timestamp otherwise fake
2014-11-26 22:59
Netherlands rajino 
2014-11-26 23:15
let me guess stolen in west europe
2014-11-26 23:02
f0rest | 
Lithuania TaigoN 
Adopt me, i will be great brother to your baby and a great FRIEND of your wife.
2014-11-26 23:07
not sure if srs lol :D more pics of wife? :D lol.
2014-11-26 23:08
f0rest | 
Lithuania TaigoN 
ofc not srs :D Nice car btw. BMW is the best, M5 is the dream.
2014-11-26 23:11 For you, my friend. Thank you man, if you were local, i'd let you take a spin in it my man!
2014-11-26 23:13
Does your wife even know you are posting pics of her on some random CS forum? You're a troll anyway.
2014-11-26 23:17
Umm yes actually. My wife doesn't give a shit, all she does is post pics of us and me on her Instagram.. I don't care lol. We're not children here :)
2014-11-26 23:22
Consult a psychiatrist.
2014-11-26 23:32
Wtf are you doing?
2014-11-26 23:27
f0rest | 
Lithuania TaigoN video of you?
2014-11-26 23:40
Yes it is!
2014-11-26 23:56
M5 <3
2014-11-26 23:07
Just because I love her so much.
2014-11-26 23:10 Wtf is wrong with you? U have mythomania?
2014-11-26 23:13
Busted again. inb4 he claims that he posted those pictures when they weren't together anymore. lololol
2014-11-26 23:20
What? I have pics of me with her? LOL. 2 year anniversary on the 9th of November just passed.
2014-11-26 23:21
2014-11-26 23:21
No I just figured it was a thread and I posted it up! I'm in love dude, spare me the BS man. She's my wife dude, that was a year ago. :)
2014-11-26 23:20
Lol dude, u need some serious help.
2014-11-26 23:20
For what exactly?
2014-11-26 23:21
Consult a psychiatrist.
2014-11-26 23:32
Portugal dashh 
2014-11-26 23:36
World p1vo 
dunno what to say, its my fuc*ing first comment ever. YOLO
2014-11-26 23:15
Your penis is so small that you need to post your new car to be bragging at a counter strike platform where most people aren't even earning their own money... You made it bro. Hope you're happy you got my attention :>
2014-11-26 23:26
Aww! :D Well, honestly, I don't even need the cars to keep a girl. LOL.
2014-11-26 23:29
yeah, you just need the money! xD And now you have a kid, gg!
2014-11-27 09:26
K now get lost. Bye.
2014-11-26 23:27
Brazil INSIDER1234 
Very nice car, bmw best!!
2014-11-26 23:28
you are best :D Got it tuned as well! :D
2014-11-26 23:29
shes with you for your money bro
2014-11-26 23:31
She met me before she ever had an idea what I did for work :) in fact, I actually kept my private life out while I was dating her for a few months.
2014-11-26 23:55
i was joking dude ;) dont sweat it
2014-11-27 00:37 Me and the wife in Croatia! Gdje su moji hrvati?
2014-11-26 23:31
Who gives a fuck? Wow, get lost you retard.
2014-11-26 23:35
Bosnia is soo beautiful!! Can't wait to go next year!! &#269;estitke !!! Car is amazing don't listen to these 11 year old pricks
2014-11-26 23:32
Hvala buraze. Yeah, I'm just posting up photos to get them even more mad. It's just easy, it's sad they can't appreciate the pics I posted :/ Jeli zivis u Americi?
2014-11-26 23:36
Ne america! Australia!!
2014-11-26 23:37
WHAT? I wonder what a australian/bosnian accent sounds like... LOL
2014-11-26 23:55
So so bad HAHAHAHA
2014-11-27 00:25
this guy living the fake life on the internet, what a fucking joke.
2014-11-26 23:33
where is this fake? Please let me know how this is fake at all?
2014-11-26 23:36
Audi > BMW :P But else, gz ofc
2014-11-26 23:33
RS7 is sex man! <3
2014-11-26 23:37
That's my favourite ^_^
2014-11-27 09:45
United Kingdom paullll 
2014-11-26 23:33
attention whore
2014-11-26 23:36
BOT Troy, i love you dude. :)
2014-11-26 23:37
NEO | 
Russia melelele 
f10 oooh/ gratz mate
2014-11-26 23:38
If anyone wants to see me playing CS:GO. Bam. This is from a year ago. (for the trolls mainly) Everyone else, thanks for your wishes <3
2014-11-26 23:39
BMW Z3? TaZ has one too. Kappa
2014-11-26 23:40
Why don't you just post a picture of you next to your car with a piece of paper saying fuck you hltv for proof? takes like 2 minutes.
2014-11-27 00:07
I will, but instead of FUCK, I'll say I LOVE :) At work currently :(
2014-11-27 00:45
Timestamp your pictures if you wanna prove shit until then bad troll/5
2014-11-27 00:11
OKAY :( Im at work, but I took a pic of the keys instead :D
2014-11-27 00:57
Fair enough
2014-11-27 01:01
there are 2 options... 1.its just fake 2.its actually true and you are only attention whore i dont know which option is more pathetic
2014-11-27 00:38
Fake, but i found real one. Which car is your? (Legit pic from Sarajevo)
2014-11-27 00:44
all of em dem boyZ
2014-11-27 08:11
this is actually mine, bought it 2 months ago: BMW 535i F10
2014-11-27 00:44
Wow dude nice! I love those 20's. Best wheels from BMW seriously! How much does it cost over there? I know your prices are crazy
2014-11-27 00:46
bought it for 38'000 Swiss Francs (31'600 €). it is 3 years old and 80'000km on it. i love the 20's too but they are too big for winter :( gonna buy 18' next week but they look too funny because they are very small :D
2014-11-27 00:50
Well it must snow where you are so I'm assuming it's hard to find winter tires for the crazy big wheels :P
2014-11-27 00:57
it's not, but no one recommends you to drive 20' in winter with no 4x4 :D
2014-11-27 01:09
nice pussy magnet
2014-11-27 01:04
Marla is your wife?
2014-11-27 01:07
I think motar is laughing at you atm ;D
2014-11-27 01:31
Dig the car! Almost as nice as mine. ;) I envy your European plate, though. The plates here in the states are hideous.
2014-11-27 08:05
I wanna trade it, i'll give you Gut Crimson knife.
2014-11-27 08:15
laughed so hard
2014-11-27 08:29
Lithuania AioNw0w 
Looks sweet.
2014-11-27 08:30
hahahahahaha sadd life..... no lifer confirmed
2014-11-27 08:50
What's the point of it? You put your wife photo in this site like an asshole to keep virgins wanking and to say that you have got new car?
2014-11-27 09:04
I like you. Fuck tha jelly haters.
2014-11-27 09:19
clinically insane or troll? you decide
2014-11-27 09:48
Ukraine lancee 
gratz mate, too bad you have a wife and a baby incoming. This car is a pussy magnet :D
2014-11-27 09:52
The wheels look like oreos. i r8 8/8
2014-11-27 09:57
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