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Community destroyed flusha's reputation
World fnatic fucking sucks 
Looks like the community matter alot,we started this shit and i see HR is supporting us by not hand-shaking with flusha. Respect HR for not being fake-faggots,well done HR !
2014-11-27 17:05
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Pro's saying that they agree that flusha is cheating (and those vids) apperantly isnt enough proof for valve to disqualify fnatic from dh...
2014-11-27 17:09
valve only cares about money. they will let cheaters play all day long even it means money for them
2014-11-27 17:12
Be abit more mature. First of all ofcourse a company is there for making money. But valve wont ban you because of a video that show maybe nothing. Its a 16Tickrated movie your watching on youtube and alot of the evidence is missing. Valve is focusing on detect these players instead and didnt they even make overwatch?.. But hard evidence is needed before it can be legat ban. Think about it, what if this was the real world and yes you killed a person.. or maybe, but 70-80% are saying that you did it? Without hard evidence its not fair you jugde you...
2014-11-27 18:39
there is hard evidence. flushes aimlocks are not normal mouse movements. you will NOT see that from any legit pro. you can go back and watching every single round they ever played. you will not see a crosshair instantly jumping to people through walls. it does not happen without cheats
2014-11-27 18:53
when i was playing 1.6 i was always shaking with my mouse in a weird way, it was weird to everyone but it was just the way i played. yes ofc i wasnt a pro so it was kinda obvious that i didnt have aimbot but imagine if i were good, crosshair shaking + hs's? suspicious. about through box etc shooting...everyone who has played this game for enough time has made some wtf kills that u would be 100% that it was cheat if it wasnt u, sometimes its instinct shot (not hearing anything just some random reaction) sometimes its just pure crap. anyway im not defending flusha (i dont know much about those cheats) im just saying that based on that 1 action i dont think its possible to say 100% that he cheats
2014-11-27 19:40
constantly flicking at peoples heads through walls seems legit.
2014-11-27 19:57
videos? i have only seen this 'famous' one
2014-11-27 20:08
"flusha reel: [F1]*holds down aimkey* 'toggles CLOSEST-ALIVE-player' <3blubav [F2]*holds down aimkey* 'call-of-duty:Advanced-aim-assist-ACTIVATED' <32ndaccount [F3]*holds down aimkey* 'toggles players-position' <3exitone <3rell <3rell <3Metamf " I agree, not ALL of them are sketchy enough to be used as proof, although there are just TOO MANY, no other pro has a demo with mulitple headlocks in one match :( Source: EDIT: Or this lovely compilation, also here i would not agree that all clips are aimlocked, but most of them are.
2014-11-27 20:32
ok i do think he cheats from what i've seen but i think some of those links are just stupid :P
2014-11-27 20:47
Yeah, youre right, some of those clips are complete bullshit. But i just couldnt find any similar clips like these from other professional players, GTR didnt have these lockons... I think its very sad how the fnatic of now is destroying the great reputation fnatic had before. Once i was a fan of fnatic...but since they have flusha and jw i lost faith in them..
2014-11-27 21:01
i still think that some players look way more suspicious than others just because of different aiming style. the thing is just that there are too many cases where it looks like aimlock (or whatever this is called) and unless he uses very low sens some of those moves just make no sense (like the one on dd2 on B site where he looks inside the tunnel while walking out of B site through doors, nobody moves the mouse in such a way, makes no sense imo)
2014-11-27 21:45 Like this looks really fishy, who would do such a weird crosshairplacement? i mean cmon, flusha is a pro, he is supposed to know how much he has to swipe to aim at the door. Or how does he even get kills/headshots xd I dont know why this .gif has been cut, but in the original gif/demo he does this same movement twice, although he can do the cat to main swipe in 1 turn, however in the gif, for some reason he locks right onto that guys head. and sadly enough, he does this more than just 4-5 times :(
2014-11-27 21:55
the nuke example is exactly what i was talking about, it makes no sense to make such a mouse move (unless u wallbang there or u are so bad that u want to aim at vent but fail hard :D), everyone who played cs for some time knows that he should directly move to that area and its easy to do that when u play a lot of cs. about the first example well yes, looks weird but if u know that nobody is on B site or at the doors then u dont rly care where u put your mouse at start because it doesnt matter although i agree that most of players would still put it directly at the doors (still probably cheat its just that there exists a reason why someone would do this kind of mouse move)
2014-11-27 22:26
2014-11-27 23:07
You clearly have no idea what hard evidence means.
2014-11-28 00:26
you are clearly new to cs and have no idea how cheats work in cs
2014-11-28 00:41
You could have just admitted you don't know what hard evidence is instead of writing some half-assed reply trying to save your face. Those clips of flusha are quite condemning indeed, but in no way are they enough evidence to ban someone from competing in a major. Claiming otherwise just shows how detached you are from real life. I suggest you go out every once in a while and see how things work in the real life.
2014-11-28 00:53
sure thing noob that thinks he knows what hard evidence is. plenty of pro's says it's obvious along with everyone else that isnt a blind naive moron. your obviously new to cs. which your opinion means nothing
2014-11-28 01:05
Hard to take you seriously when you can't make a single real argument - just throw around insults and fallacies - and still haven't bothered to google what "hard evidence" actually is. On a second thought, it's probably better for you to stay inside and troll HLTV as you wouldn't last long outside our house with your IQ.
2014-11-28 01:10
plenty of real arguments you blind fanboy. the obvious videos plus the plenty of pro's that say he is obvious. but i guess those pro's dont know what they talking about either right? fucking moron
2014-11-28 01:13
How many times I have to repeat "hard evidence" until you figure out that the whole point of this conversation was me pointing out that you use the term incorrectly making anything you say void. You're fucking hopeless and suffer from serious lack on reading comprehension.
2014-11-28 01:17
Mate, you obviously don't know what _HARD_ _EVIDENCE_ means. Seriously, fuck off you clueless CLOWN.
2014-11-28 00:52
fuck off clueless clown fnatic fanboy. defend your cheaters
2014-11-28 01:07
cause kicking epsilon and titan in the ass supports your logic, oh wait.
2014-11-27 22:12
kicking fnatic the #1 team right now i think is a bigger deal than epsilon and titan
2014-11-27 22:16
Obviously they do since they know fnatic is a big candidate to win...stop being so stupid please.
2014-11-27 18:56
what proof? Okay you're the best, 1000 player tell you're cheaters and that's proof? Just VAC ban or if u see directly that someone cheating is proof not some words from your enemies. I will find 1500 ppl who will tell that GeT_RiGhT is cheater and NiP should be disqualified?
2014-11-28 01:15
it's not about the opinions, it's about the crystal clear proof. There are LOT of bust vids out there and people still play it off as "coincidence" he's literally the only player to have these mouse snaps(except for Superfighter), you could go through any NiP player's demos and you wouldn't find anything like this, especially not in this quantity
2014-11-28 06:12
World veela 
And that's the correct thing to do. It's their job and some coward is cheating. Of course they won't accept this shit.
2014-11-27 17:11
Austria mnk23 
he destroyed it himself - by cheating.
2014-11-27 17:14
2014-11-27 17:35
guilty until proven (not by community)
2014-11-27 18:07
innocent is the word u are searching for. so who is the one to prove? noone feels responsible and vac aint gonna do/catch shit.
2014-11-27 18:11
everyone seems to be sure he is cheating without any proof except by the community is the reason why I swapped the words. jk
2014-11-27 18:14
cause it fricking obvious. what kind of do you need? him 360 spinhacking an entire game? vac will not detect him. its olny possible to bust him via demos. and come and the gathered scenes are more than obvious. take off ur fnatglasses pls. btw if even shox pit etc. cll him a blatant hacker you should reconsider your thinking.
2014-11-27 18:18
I dont fanboy fnatic or any team for that matter so flame isn't effective. I find it funny how justice in the community work is all. I don't consider him hacking at all, only the community does.
2014-11-27 18:33
tell me who do you need to step in, for you to change your opinion? the current problem in the scene is that everybody wait for valve to act. but they wont, unless vac detects their cheats, which is not going to happen. " I don't consider him hacking at all, only the community does." - you wat? you are part of the com, nothing more, nothing less
2014-11-27 18:36
I don't see if he were indeed using external files why VAC would be protecting him. It doesn't make sense. Like they have banned KQLY who was playing in a top 5 team, reasonably if he had been caught valve don't protect him by that logic. On the matter if somebody is cheating there has to be evidence which are absolute. For example, VAC, ESEA, ESL and EAC anti-cheat.
2014-11-27 18:50
i just dont get you people. do you really thing the cheat KQLY, sf & smn used is the only one out there(supex0s)? ofc not, there are several undetected private cheats out there. AND like i already said 100 times in several threads, vac only caught supex0s cheat because the code was leaked and they had help from esea. vac sucks, stop putting all your hope and trust in it. it never was decent. if a player isnt vac banned doesnt mean AT ALL that hes not a cheater.
2014-11-27 18:59
Im not into debating how cheat are being detected. My point being about proof, videos arent enough. Real proof is VAC, ESEA, ESL and EAC to mention a few. That's the only thing that really proves if one is cheating these days. Almost everything can be made into "hacks" with the right material.
2014-11-27 20:09
that argument is just plain bullshit. show me scenes of other players locking on players trough walls that often!
2014-11-27 20:18
your shit is plain bullshit kill yourself
2014-11-28 00:15
nice arguments :)
2014-11-28 00:48
You can ponder over which argument is bullshit when you're comparing players locking on targets randomly . Get your head out of the sand.
2014-11-29 16:11
ESL also busts people based on demos, ESEA as well. If anything can be made to look like hacks then prove it, show clips/scenes of other pros locking on heads like that.
2014-11-27 23:10
and BTW please (to all the people not only you): STOP REFERING TO VAC AS IT WAS A PHYSICAL PERSON. it does not make decisions. it just bans if it detects a cheat or not. no matter how blatant somebody is hacking, if vac doesnt detect the cheat in his system it wont ban him. its as easy as that. thats also why they started the overwatch project in mm. *cause they know that the best anticheat is experienced players.
2014-11-27 19:03
VAC does detect cheats if they are run with .exe or the developers can get their hands on the cheat to see how it runs and then detect it. ESEA very intrusive AC detected this private hack, and banned smn. Then ESEA admins contacted Valve and helped VAC developers update VAC accordingly. VAC will not catch another single private hack this way, unless someone leaks them more information. Flusha is obviously using another private cheat and isn't dumb enough to use it with ESEA anticheat, so he will never be caught by VAC. Every clip from flusha could be just luck, except for the cache clip. That is as blatant as it gets. Crosshair glues on top of enemy, through a wall, he sprays without even moving his crosshair, landing EIGHT (8) (yes, seriously, EIGHT FUCKING BULLETS), to a long range targer. EIGHT BULLETS HITTING THROUGH A WALL WITH STATIC CROSSHAIR.
2014-11-27 19:57
2014-11-27 18:26
2014-11-27 19:02
Germany Bongskie 
if i would've been flusha i wouldn't even care what other ppl saying
2014-11-27 17:15
Europe  Skaarj  
Nah, community can say anything - its meaningless. Only people like Pita are destroying flusha's reputation.
2014-11-27 17:17
And from where Pita started all this ? He saw our topics,our gifs,our videos. We started all this thing and Pro's along with nip's coach supporting us.
2014-11-27 17:19
Europe  Skaarj  
I didnt say that pita started this. I say that community can say anything, but professionals should focus on facts not mass hysteria. Professionals like Pita joing that are real problem.
2014-11-27 17:31
He did focus on facts, the fact that flusha cheated.
2014-11-27 17:45
Europe  Skaarj  
All actions described as proof are only strange, but thats not proof at all (same shit happens around, even gold novas do such thigns, in 1.6 these would be perfectly normal actions). BTW: In last match flusha just proved he is capable to get happy kills without cheats. Same olofm.
2014-11-27 17:49
Then fucking show us some demos of other people doing this instead of JUST CLAIMING other people do this all the fucking time. I have not seen one demo of another player who does this multiple. Fucking show us some proof of your fucking retarded arguements.
2014-11-27 20:01
lol that was not normal even in 1.6. I dont know if you knew this but, remember Delpan? His clip against danes was pretty famous back then. Guess what, he got banned from tournies and then he proves himself at LANs with SK later. Just because he can be a beast at LAN(without cheat), doesnt mean he's clean/cheat proof.
2014-11-27 22:32
Afaik one demo was enough to convict him? Or am i mixing this up with someone else? You mean SNL finals in 2006 right? And hasnt he also played with emilio in ESG together? :D EDIT: haha found it; Just wanted to post this cuz i hate delpan. :)
2014-11-27 23:34
Yep.. that demo clip caused a huge uproar back then. Pretty much the same as flusha's case right now.
2014-11-28 05:59
Europe  Skaarj  
I dont say that flusha cheated or that he's clean. But guess what, we must be on opposite sides of barricade, because im against banning people where their guilt is questionable.
2014-11-28 00:31
You should reverse your statement considering VAC is useless as it is right now. Better ask whether their "innocent is questionable". VAC cant do shit to protect the scene and if you're dependant on VAC to raise a case against cheater, well.. those haxor would be enjoying the moment of their life right now.
2014-11-28 06:09
Europe  Skaarj  
No, I dont trust in VAC for sure :D.
2014-11-28 08:41
your mere speculations are not facts lol
2014-11-28 00:16
And you're proud for being immature shitbeards without definite proof? Trying to hurt a dude's career for no reason? Silly fucks. The amount of videos being thrown around which shows absolutely zero makes all of you look incredibly stupid. He's not cheating, I'm betting my imaginary dog's life on that.
2014-11-28 00:54
fnx | 
Denmark lucas0b 
+1 go vladyslava zakhliebina
2014-11-27 17:17
he was cheating who cares about his reputation
2014-11-27 17:18
who care about cheater...
2014-11-27 17:33
I respect it too! Even if Fnatic plays well or even wins flusha (case can be made for olof/krim too) DEFINITELY CHEATED which should mean he gets the same treatment as KQLY and SMN
2014-11-27 17:33
idk if flusha is cheating but when i saw that they didnt shake hands with him i felt really sad...what if he isnt cheating..
2014-11-27 17:39
Russia coolakaoff 
This was my thought too. Must be hard feelings if he isn't (
2014-11-27 19:03
World doh 
thought the same :( was really sad
2014-11-27 22:18
flusha destroyed his own reputation when he snacked on cheats. I hope he gets banned soon.
2014-11-27 17:37
Cheaters should be removed from scene cs, like a criminalists from society. They should think about punishment before they started cheating. So, back to main topic, they destroys self reputation be themselfs.
2014-11-27 17:39
Sorry but when other pros are convinced he is cheating, of course the rest of the community is going to hop on the wagon.
2014-11-27 17:41
if you needed "pros" to tell you, you don't get an opinion anymore. it was 100% clear after that first mirage clip.
2014-11-27 18:18
First off, although those clips were sketchy not a single one was conclusive. Secondly, when the people that play the game at the highest level say a guy is 100% cheating, it is definitely going to fan the flames for anyone on the fence about flusha, as pretty much most were seeing those clips. It has nothing to do with letting them decide for you.
2014-11-27 18:25
2014-11-27 18:32
Right, but you are possibly a silver elite master for all we know. When the best players in the world give definitive statements saying someone is cheating, it raises eyebrows. Btw, not calling you a silver, just an example. :)
2014-11-27 18:53
i made a thread after the first mirage clip came out saying fnatic should be DQ'ed. it was immediately deleted. it's sad that cs players today aren't good enough to tell the difference between natural aim and an aimbot. this would've never flown in 2002.
2014-11-27 18:56
What's sad is people burning a player at the stake for inconclusive evidence. But once again, I don't care too much about that, my original point was that when the creme of the crop players in the world start the accusations, it'll draw people's attention. It's great that you know flusha cheats, congrats, but at the end of the day no one cares what ispep from thinks like they care about what someone like shox thinks.
2014-11-27 19:12 make a decision will the the resources available
2014-11-27 20:45
LOL, dumbfuck. The community was the first to discover these clips, get your facts straight fanboy.
2014-11-27 20:02
Fanboy? Rofl, Fanboy of what? Let me rephrase that, If pro players and analysts never brought the issue of flusha possibly cheating to light, the backlash wouldn't have been as bad. They might have not discovered it, but they fueled the fire so to say.
2014-11-27 20:16
You know what started this? An ESEA ban to smn. not VAC. VAC was WORTHLESS. Esea shared their information on the cheat to valve, valve updates VAC, BOOM. Valve bans all other players who were using suspex0s hack. KQLY/sF get banned. People wake up and understand that LAN means nothing and start reviewing certain teams. How come fnatic? They were already sketchy as fuck before this whole vaccing happened. More and more clips were collected, and the most obvious ones were targeted(flusha). Pro's see these clips and support the communitys opinion. If the community, nor pros, nor CHEAT CODERS THEMSELVES are able to judge flusha, then tell me, who is?(And go fuck your VAC because it wasnt the anticheat which busted smn in the first place)
2014-11-27 20:39
i think the community actually meant "qq i lost my skins cus fnatic win 2 much ;S"
2014-11-28 00:19
Why are you talking to people like that? If anyone looks like a "dumbfuck" it would be you.
2014-11-27 20:59
Definition "dumb" : 1. lacking intelligence or good judgment; stupid; dull-witted Stating an opinion on a subject without doing research is something we both could agree on being dumb, right? He had multiple chances to do his research after ispep replied to his comments, he clearly didnt thus making him a dumb(-fuck). Source:
2014-11-27 21:19
Pretty sure he is just saying (very logically) that when pro players call something cheat a lot more people will join in and be convinced - what is wrong about that?
2014-11-27 21:31
Yeah, makes me wonder why pro players would even do such a cruel thing like pointing out obvious things - what is wrong about that?
2014-11-27 21:38
Wtf are you talking about now? Are you trying to sound retarded or am I missing something...?
2014-11-27 21:40
Lets just assume for one moment that the community and the pros are right with flusha cheating. k? So the comments of a pro are legitimate fuel for the fire. Nevertheless, vankz claimed that after a pro is convinced that someone is cheating that everyone hops on the wagon, implying the fire started/was fueled by some pro. However, if he would have done his research, he would have known that the fire already was so fucking huge that the comments of pros only solidify the fire.
2014-11-27 22:07
And then he rephrased it. Regardless, calling him a fanboy and a dumbfuck for a comment like that is absurd to me and I don't really see the point.
2014-11-27 22:25
Might be a little bit over the top, true. I apologize for being pissed that people cant see the obvious and dont do their research before stating their opinion on things they have no clue about.
2014-11-27 23:14
he destroyed it himself - by cheating.
2014-11-27 17:41
There's no cheating possible in DH right now and fnatic owned C9. Flusha played really well. stfu plz
2014-11-27 17:42
KQLY played rly well as well
2014-11-27 17:43
What does his DHW performance have to do with prior matches? Do you even think once about the things you're writing? Nobody doubts that he's a good player. But neither do we doubt that he's cheating.
2014-11-27 20:04
hah all these proof videos of random gifs taken out of context (no sound, improper sync, even forged "evidence") qq all you want, wait for the vac to actually happen and then talk afterall, nobody was accusing anybody specific before simon & the crew got their asses handed to them ;}
2014-11-28 00:23
ofc they don't have to shake hand with a **** cheater, they should punch in the face of flusha. That's all.
2014-11-27 17:43
Community is doing witch hunt, Pita just put cookie that everyone want's, and boom Flusha threads, witch hunt, etc etc. Im not Fnatic fan, i love Na'Vi and i would still support no matter what.
2014-11-27 17:46
The Community had these posts before pita even commented on this matter, get your facts straight.
2014-11-27 20:05
community produces shit pros reflect upon shit community shitproduction increases tenfold yesyes, important facts were missed in his argument
2014-11-28 00:24
so much polish butthurt here (including fake flaggers) they are so mad because they know that fnatic >>>>>>> VP
2014-11-27 17:45
flusha is a cheater, thats why lol
2014-11-27 17:45
Finland coswell 
Is that real? HR didnt shake their hands?
2014-11-27 17:48
Switzerland Sylleo 
? he did it himself
2014-11-27 17:52
I never really liked fnatic but I cheer for them so much now... If fnatic wins this event cheat free I hope every single one of you retards who said things like 'flusha should die' (Exact same words...) will take a good look at yourselves and bang your head into a wall. I'm done with HTLV until this whole cheating scandal is over, so many bloodthirsty fucking hateful faggots accusing people of cheating without solid proof. (And NO, I don't think a 1 second long clip of some random mouse movement is conclusive.)
2014-11-27 18:04
Agree. Sucks to see the keyboard fighters . Feel bad for the guys
2014-11-27 18:06
why should we bang our heads into a wall? %90 proscene agrees that he was cheating. maybe not now but he was. thats all about it. they can win the event without hacks? do you think does it really matter he was cheating and its all matter. and see you i dont think you gonna be missed
2014-11-27 18:09
Yea so before the KQLY case nobody ever said anything about flusha cheating. That is why I call bullshit, some people here are just bloodthirsty little shits who want to see someone getting fucked. That's it. Sadly everyone's entitled to their own opinion, I only care about facts and conclusive evidence (of which we don't have any.)
2014-11-27 18:17
yeah dumbass... because before KQLY nobody fuicking considered it... then he gets banned, it's revealed how he did it, it's revealed how it works, people look for evidence, and they fucking find it. there's a fucking reason certain players are targets. it's not personal. it's not hate. it's because they're fucking cheaters. wake the fuck up.
2014-11-27 18:17
1) I don't remember calling your names... dumbass. 2) Maybe we should fucking wait for VAC to ban people before we rush to conclusions. I don't say you are all wrong, I just said you have no solid evidence. Just think about it for a second. WHAT IF flusha is in fact innocent and never gets banned? You guys gave him so much hate and destroyed his reputation for nothing. Calm the fuck down, every cheater gets caught sooner or later.
2014-11-27 18:21
at this point it's too late. because you can proof someone is cheating, but you can't proof someone is innocent. whether flusha's cheating or not, his career is basically over. Fnatic will kick him anytime soon because of the atmosphere or the sponsor will pull back their support
2014-11-27 18:26
yea but i feel this should not have happened. it's just wrong on so many levels and i'm sad not a lot of people look at it the way you are. :(
2014-11-27 18:29
people just feel great because they feels like the superhero of the world in the movie. but reality does not work that way, they never thought of getting back to old civilization where people just tie and throw women to the water and watch her drown. this community forgot the human right for flusha, but because the majority are doing the same there's no guilt whatsoever. remember, if some man drown a women it's a crime but if the whole village agree to drown her, it's for the sake of removing the witch
2014-11-27 18:38
LOL, all i hear is random bullshit coming out of your mouth. Now please tell me this: Lets assume this guy never gets VACbanned: Although we have this demo, following your logic he is innocent or what? Next thing: "accusing people of cheating without solid proof. (And NO, I don't think a 1 second long clip of some random mouse movement is conclusive.)" Random mousemovements do NOT LOOK LIKE THIS. "" If you can just show me ONE other player who does this multiple times during one single match, i will drop all accusations and believe that flusha is clean.! Since when do we people actually rely on VACbans, like really?! In 1.6 it was possible to ban people with demos, its still possible in ESEA/ESL. VAC only bans people whose cheats are known, if valve does not know how they work, then they cant be detected and cant hand out any VACBANS. And were not talking about some cheapass public hack. Just think about it for a second. What if flusha is in fact a cheater and robbed people lots of money and their career chances, huh, what about that?! Not only does he harm other pros, he also poisons the entire community.! If you really think people just want some people to get banned, then why the fuck are always the same fishy players being targeted? You think its a coincedence? So after seeing coin land 100 times on HEADS you wouldnt think somethings wrong? Read what i wrote and just think about it fo a moment. Which other pro players have clips like these of BTW, as far as i know, in old civilization they hunted lots of witches, and not only one. Also they all seemed to fail the witchtest, whereas flusha is the only one to fail this "test". If i havent convinced you, then i pray for you to someday maybe finally open your eyes. :)
2014-11-28 00:35
Look, you totally missed the point. you keep attacking people that disagree with you by saying that these people who disagree, defended flusha. this is wrong misconception. most of the time, people agree that flusha cheated. at this point I'm not sure whether flusha is clean or not, but that's not the point. you see, what you guys are doing right now is over the limit. I don't mind hundred of thousand of flusha bust movie reposted every second, the problem is when people started saying stuff like 'flusha should be banned from DHW!' or 'he's a cheater and he doesn't deserve to live!' why? because 1. you're attacking the whole profesional scene as one, I can imagine people that gets paranoid in case of someone making those 'aimlock' movie and this can affect their mentality ingame. for example TaZ is worried so much that he check his PC and phone whenever hes about to play incase if someone cheated and plays in the same computer as him. 2. you're attacking the fnatic organization as a whole, saying that fnatic is a cheater team. This affect the profesional scene as sponsor might stop support the team or good organisation wouldn't pick up new talents because they're scared of repeating flusha's scandal 3. it is morally incorrect to cyber-bullying flusha because majority of people think he's cheating. look at how many people got bullied , kioshima, pyth? what did they do to deserve this? but still community attacks profesional scene as a whole.
2014-11-28 00:50
Sorry if i missed the point. Im not only attacking these people, but im also laying out reasonable proof which supports my opinion. 1. Im not accusing anybody else than flusha. 2. You're right, i am. You know why? because im pretty sure the management knows about them cheating. JW already has been busted before cheating against ESC - still have no idea why he isnt banned yet. flusha and his teammates except pronax all are just way too fishy. I dont trust them. And in the end, it is not my responsibility to check on my own players. As manager of a fnatic i would have never contracted someone like JW in the first place(convicted cheater...seriously?doing some research before signing someone like him is...Its their responsibility, not mine. 3. Not my website, i dont take any responsibility in what other people do. (anyways it rather looks like a troll to me) To be honest, i think you also are kind of missing the point, were not attacking the whole proscene as a whole, but rather certain players. In one thing i agree with you, saying things like "[...]he doesn't deserve to live!" is not acceptable and just wrong.
2014-11-28 01:21
yes I understand that people rages over the fact that flusha "stole" money from other players who worked hard.. but it seems that people just ignore the fact that these witch hunt as a whole affected the professional scene as well as the future of it... no one wants to invest in toxic society, with toxic pro scene..
2014-11-28 01:32
Russia coolakaoff 
2014-11-27 19:15
Russia coolakaoff 
So true
2014-11-27 19:16
ya bcoz of random idiots
2014-11-27 22:23
nobody ever said KQLY was hacking but he got vacced out of nowhere so in your perspective kqly didnt cheat since there is no proof that he was cheating since there is no evidence besides of vac. i smell bullshits from your posts... do you know better than pro players like these are doable shots or not. oh comon you gotta give some credit to pro players who thinks he was cheating
2014-11-27 18:21
KQLY's VAC ban is the proof we need in the flusha case. Until then, why rush to conclusions? In case of him being innocent he recieved a shitload of hate for nothing. Suspecting somebody is cheating is okey*, rushing to conclusions is still bad. Also nobody gives a fuck about KQLY now because he was the first to get banned. If it had been SF for example then I guarantee you that people would have flooded these forums with the same kind of 'evidence' about KQLY. *edit
2014-11-27 18:26
"a shitload of hate for nothing" You mean headlocking at players through walls while no other pro seems to be doing this? Imagine this was KQLY and not flusha, nobody would really believe that KQLY is cheating because theres no evidence, BOOM. No imagine if someone knew kqly was cheating and tried to call him out without evidence, no chance anyone would believe. But in this case we have evidence. Why is it evidence? Because nobody else does this multiple times in one single match.
2014-11-27 20:52
whether KQLY cheated or not has no relation to flusha's bust movie.
2014-11-27 23:29
All im saying is that you cant always wait for VAC the almighty tool to do its work. If valve does not have the code or know how the hack works, VAC wont be able to detect it. Imagine someone hacking his arse off but isnt banned because he simply doesnt get VAC Banned, thats simply madness. You always have to put things in relation, why do people consider 360 aimbots as obvious blatant hacks? because its not possible for a human to do these things. Why do we think that flusha is cheating? Because its just not effing possible to lock on to enemys heads through walls multiple times in one single match.
2014-11-28 00:11
90%(possibly more) of medieval priests & 'important' people thought it would be perfectly fine to execute anybody found to be practising witchcraft. you wouldn't think that was actually reasonable, ey? or do you sincerely believe gingers fly on brooms and cast curses on you? idiot.
2014-11-28 00:27
This guy just scammed them and everyone following CS for months...WHY THE FUCK would he deserve a handshake? Oh we're just making things the FUCK are you going to explain this:
2014-11-27 18:07
Flusha tried to shake hands so much with HR you mean?
2014-11-27 18:08
2014-11-27 18:15
Russia sjf 
plenty of evidence, but still no solid proof
2014-11-27 18:17
2014-11-27 18:31
Compare it to any other player?! Who does this inhuman locks? How is a mere human supposed to be so un/lucky to aim several times at peoples heads, srsly, how blind must one be not to acknowledge the fact that this is not possible without external assistences...dafuq is wrong with you people...i just dont get it
2014-11-27 23:17
Playing since october 99 and this shit is weak and just sad Game WILL die
2014-11-27 18:19
completely agree. i wanna smash my monitor reading these comments. i've played since 2002. when the fuck did idiots forget we use demos to bust cheaters, not anti cheat software...?
2014-11-27 18:29
dude NEWFAGS the little fucks of this time are freaking hilarious compared to the clanbase times. Dont even try to tell people of this cause they dont know better :)
2014-11-27 19:06
ispep: i've played since 2002. when the fuck did idiots forget we use demos to bust cheaters, not anti cheat software...? +11111
2014-11-28 00:14
it's a bit different in csgo than in 1.6 as it is far less obvious external help has been used, thus more conclusive proof is required. and does the whole 'community' honestly think the demos aren't being checked by the people who are dedicated just for that, at all? what makes you[the 'community'] more credible than those people? you happen to have played the game 2k hours? you're a professional player? you're just a really enthusiastic demo viewer? you are simply bandwagoning for the attention? haha, let's just wait for the all-promised vacs that are going to happen sooner or later, because they're all "blatantly obvious", ey?
2014-11-28 00:33
true, it's a fucking disgrace
2014-11-27 18:41
Cry, baby, cry.
2014-11-27 20:08
f0rest | 
Romania front48 
2014-11-27 18:28
pity they did't spit on him
2014-11-27 18:28
no doubt , flusha/fnatic is cheating obv. or did cheat in the past month , we cant tollerate this
2014-11-27 18:32
Canada theSWBFman 
flusha didn't even try to shake their hands though, he was sitting until after the rest of his team finished shaking hands with hr.
2014-11-27 18:34
2014-11-27 20:06
even though he may be playing legit on this tourney doesnt change the fact that he cheated in the past, and its freakin obvious. I bet that 9/10 of people would say that all those actions posted are cheated if they would not know the player that pulled of those flicks. sry for bad englando, but you got my point I think.
2014-11-27 18:43
englando is not baderino:)
2014-11-27 23:19
Poland tentego 
destroyed cuz deserved ...
2014-11-27 18:53
dont pity cheaters. They are destroying game. Respect for HR.
2014-11-27 18:53
He knew what he was doing and he deserves all the hate. CLOSED.
2014-11-27 18:56
Cheaters don't deserve any respect, only ridicule. #flushFlusha
2014-11-27 18:56
2014-11-27 19:04
flusha destroyed his own reputation by using obvious cheats
2014-11-27 19:07
Russia sjf 
flusha doesn't give a shit
2014-11-27 20:04
he can be happy people dont crush his fuckin face
2014-11-27 20:04
Id love to see pasza beat the shit out of this piglet.
2014-11-27 23:20
Bulgaria b0xeR4et0 
Flusha didn't handshake HR because he just knows that he's guilty
2014-11-27 20:06
2014-11-27 23:20
gj HR
2014-11-27 20:11
this community is a joke, just read the comments
2014-11-27 20:20
community didn't do shit Flusha did that to himself ....
2014-11-27 20:49
I love this community!
2014-11-27 21:07
New Zealand MontanaNTC 
It's actually somewhat sad. I feel sorry for flusha. Anyone got a video of HR not giving flusha the handshake?
2014-11-27 21:09
perfect drama. I can see perfect drama and yeah exactly like all other sayin, Flusha did that to himself.
2014-11-27 21:13
it is well deserved
2014-11-27 21:38
obvious cheats = bad reputation :D
2014-11-27 21:38
2014-11-27 22:18
i totally agree with the topic creator
2014-11-27 22:19
Agree +1
2014-11-28 00:26
he destroyed his own reputation
2014-11-28 00:38
How is he even allowed to play, we have 10+ clips of him balantly cheating, this is ridiocoulus, shows us how usless VAC can be.
2014-11-28 01:12
2014-11-28 01:12
well,how could ya shake a oink! oink!...a cheating oink! oink!?
2014-11-28 01:22
Flusha can only blame himself. The evidence, be it 16tick or not is clear as it fucking gets. Only matter of time now.
2014-11-28 01:30
Norway humaNN 
TBH, let Valve take care of it. Yes I agree that flusha is cheating but.. They got rules and policys to follow, and it's not just one guy sitting there watching demo's, logs or w/e they catch them with and hit the red button that says "BAN" I know that, to tell this community to let Valve handle this, is like telling mother nature to stop killing people. You're wasting your time still sitting here spamming hltv, reddit etc.. with this. VALVE ARE AWARE OF IT, there's no way they aren't.
2014-11-28 01:35
BROLY is the perfect example about how valve will "handle it"
2014-11-28 06:17
Community did not destroy flushas reputation. Fluasha cheating destroyed his reputation.
2014-11-28 06:10
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