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97club fuck you c:
Finland manu =D 
So yeah, if you are fan of 97club fuck you too :) Why... just why are they throwing this game :( The one where i betted... ROMAN TOGGLE PLEASE!!!<3
2014-12-02 20:00
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Europe snk79 
this is a fuking shame i hope this poor belarrusians are banned from lounge
2014-12-02 20:06
this throw :D :D :D gg 60$
2014-12-02 20:02
2014-12-02 20:05
2014-12-02 20:03
2014-12-02 20:03
2014-12-02 20:03
fuck you
2014-12-02 20:05
Your skins are safe with me, I promise.
2014-12-02 20:03
dude, if you win please give me something worth of $8, if i win i'll give you my desert eagle conspiracy :// fuck my life...
2014-12-02 20:04
rip my 10$ :(
2014-12-02 20:03
Rip to our skins :/
2014-12-02 20:05
Austria DR!FT 
HAHAAHAH BYE BYE SKINS! who the f*** bets on such a shit match?
2014-12-02 20:03
To be serious... I DO :(
2014-12-02 20:06
I agree
2014-12-02 20:07
i am one of the "retards" who gambled on this match
2014-12-02 20:07
Me too, i have serious betting addiction... :/
2014-12-02 20:11
it's on LAN...
2014-12-02 20:04
Do you live under a stone?
2014-12-02 20:12
people saying "WHO THE FUCK BETS ON THIS GAMES?" "WHO THE FUCK BETS ON THESE NOOBS?" People who watched them raping nostalgie some months ago ez pz 2-0 97club also won all their cis games or most part of them, now that they are on csgolounge with 83% they decide to throw like little 12 years old teenagers who love skins. CSGOLOUNGE WILL DRAFT INSTANTLY LIKE I DONT CARE before investigating 97club accounts, like they did on another games ex: LDLC vs Fnatic and some cheaters games. csgolounge admins are braindead and i'm sad that this site have so much rep with this low admins who can't use their heads. keep adding this games csgolounge u are the best lol... tomorow add more chinese or south african games please i love throws. l0l E-sports scene with bets and egaming is a fucking shame. no more love to the game they only want money :D
2014-12-02 20:09
how much did you bet on 97 club? xD
2014-12-02 20:10
medium bet for me 80$ not so much, but is sad to lose because throwers who only want money
2014-12-02 20:16
mach0 | 
Hungary druGh1 
not, they are not, I would rather call brainded ppl who are betting on 75%+
2014-12-02 20:12
why? lol. this was a preety ez game for 97club if they didn't throw. i garantee u that 97club are an awesome and a fantastic team, but throwing it's sad and if they lose this because that throw on overpass i will lose my respect for them. I can accept a loss with a bit of rage (kappa) but when it's like that it's frustrating
2014-12-02 20:19
2014-12-02 20:12
do not forget that CSGL need your 4%
2014-12-02 20:13
1.23 value incoming :D
2014-12-02 20:10
WHY ARE YOU BETTING ON TEAMS WITH 83 %?! It's fucking beyond me.
2014-12-02 20:12
anyone has no idea c:
2014-12-02 20:14
2014-12-02 20:20
ez skins ez life
2014-12-02 20:13
Gotta love ppl who place so much faith ( and money) into ppl to whom CS is not main occupation. Both are 3rd tier teams, for all we know most of them might have been out last night getting wasted, and u expect them to have aim like the pros.
2014-12-02 20:13
This kind of matches are really inconsistent so bet on underdogs safer choice .34c inc
2014-12-02 20:14
btw; if they win cache i believe in a comeback.. mirage is their best map, but they will proabbly lose because of throw
2014-12-02 20:20
9:2 i'm starting to believe in comeback, because they are banned from csgolounge so they cant bet to Nostalgie and lose in purpose. (My thoughts)
2014-12-02 20:25
97 can still win this!
2014-12-02 20:25
2014-12-02 20:25
What does this have to do with anything? :Dd
2014-12-02 20:26
cheaters gonn cheat. throwers gonn throw game
2014-12-02 20:27
2014-12-02 20:25
Russia jmqa ye, 97 club, fuck u ( bet on nostalgie )
2014-12-02 20:27
Reunion ellC 
3-2 win for 97 incoming
2014-12-02 20:27
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