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SmithzZ since joining LDLC?
World idkhfhfhf 
Since Smithzz joined Team LDLC he just turned out to be better. How would you guys rate the Smithzz in Titan before and Smithzz in team LDLC right now?
2014-12-03 16:49
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smithzz blatant aimlock ban
2014-12-03 16:50
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Slovakia Axyz
GTFO kid!
2014-12-03 16:52
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Baited so hard
2014-12-03 17:06
wrong question, how would you guys rate the Smithzz in Titan before and Smithzz with supex0 in team LDLC right now?
2014-12-03 16:51
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2014-12-03 16:53
he is pretty solid, but he wasl always solid. still he was a fucking beast in early 2013. i dont think he will ever reach that level again(minus d2)
2014-12-03 16:55
2014-12-03 16:55
he was always solid, he just had to play the Fifflaren in Titan.
2014-12-03 16:56
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lol no, when shox was on titan, he was a key contributor. When kennys came to titan, he lost a lot of the spots he used to play on the team.
2014-12-03 17:05
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yeah i was talking about the time when kenny was allready on the team, i agree with you
2014-12-04 22:42
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2014-12-04 22:58
Put smithz in the same team as shox and he ll deliver. Like he did when he played with shox in titan
2014-12-03 17:02
He was always decent AWPer but the CZ made him way too strong... probably one of the best CZ users in the pro scene and if that gets nerfed, he'll probably drop hard.
2014-12-03 17:03
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i would actualy use this sentence when mentioning JW...Smithzz doesnt need cz to be good he is great rifler and pistol player
2014-12-04 23:09
smithzz was always good. He just didn't play well with Kennys
2014-12-03 17:03
well in titan i though he was pretty bad but now he really has proven me wrong
2014-12-03 17:05
he's still shit
2014-12-03 17:06
awesome player, consistent and makes plays
2014-12-03 17:06
i assume the chemistry wasnt there in Titan for him and the other team members like KennyS and Ex6, but in LDLC he is the main awper so he has more freedom to go beast mode
2014-12-03 17:13
smithzz was always extremely good player,but when Kenny was added to titan,smithzz was forced to play out of his standard position and he started underperforming cuz he wasnt comfortable.
2014-12-04 22:59
SmithZz was always good in everyteam tbh
2014-12-04 23:05
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