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Mouse for Medium sized hands?
World VACation4every1 
What do you think is the best option for medium sized hands? currently using sensei - i do not like the grip, before that 6 years DA - optimal and ddecent, before that mx510/518 - didnt like much the size and shape I want probably some ergonomic mouse, thinking about logitech g502 - has anybody some experience of it? or knows about players using it? Tried also EC 1 - too large, hard to control, did not tried ec 2 Tried FK too small, FK1 is larger but idk... New DA 2013 has shitty built, the bottom plastic corner was grinding on mousepad instead teflons. This was probably but individual flaw, but the built is made to allow flaw like this to happen. Ozone argon mouse is not released yet, it is interesting mouse..
2014-12-05 03:31
2014-12-05 03:32
2014-12-05 03:32
this, ec2 best mous ever bought, fk1 should be also good from what ive heard
2014-12-05 03:34
what mouses did you buy?
2014-12-05 03:43
intelli1.1, roccat kova, mx510, razer taipan.
2014-12-05 03:49
2014-12-05 03:36
DA 2013 since "optimal and decent"
2014-12-05 03:37
that was old DA the new one disapointed me
2014-12-05 03:42
how do you know ur hands are medium?
2014-12-05 03:38 etc. google up M-L i have...
2014-12-05 03:44
What kind of grip do you use? Claw or Palm??? Fk is for claw use Ec1/2 is for Palm use I use both grips, I switch a lot between ec1 and fk.
2014-12-05 03:45
mostly palm and sometimes semi palm
2014-12-05 03:46
i need mouse which will provide me absolute control, at sensei i have it only with firm grip, which is not very confortable for long time plays
2014-12-05 03:47
EC1/2 or FK1. I have pretty large hands.. EC1 was optimal size for me, FK1 & EC2 are "too small" I guess but I like smaller mice.. Ive owned several mice: MX510, MX518, Kinzu v1, Sensei, EC1 eVo, Roccat Kone.. and some others that I cant remember now.. Ive tried Kana, Lachesis, Rival, Naga, EC2, EC2 eVo, FK, AM and several several several others.. I like both ergonomic and ambidexterous mice.. I might switch to EC1/2 if they had the same sensor as my FK1, but for now this is the best mouse I've had or tried.
2014-12-05 03:59
2014-12-05 04:00
Those who says FK1, which grip do you use mostly? Claw?
2014-12-05 09:15
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