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Mouse: FK1 similar to G400S?
Netherlands scytheCS 
Guys, I want to try a new mouse and I'm wondering if I should get the FK1. Does anyone know if the shape is similar to the Logitech G400S?
2014-12-08 09:15
You definitely should.
2014-12-08 09:19
G400s is a pure right handed ergo mouse. FK1 is in the old Microsoft Intellimouse style.
2014-12-08 09:20
No, g400s is heavier and bigger than the fk1. If you use palm grip, then it's not wise to get a fk1
2014-12-08 09:21
Ok, but is there a Zowie that is similar to the G400 serie?
2014-12-08 09:33
Germany [99DMG] aasli 
i would say the zowie ec1
2014-12-08 09:39
Definetly buy FK1, I can highly recommend. Using it right now, beast mouse if you just claw grip.
2014-12-08 09:40
Norway deppa 
if you are used to mouses like g400s, mx518, intelli 3.0 etc u should definitly go for Zowie ec1 (best mouse i have tested in the last couple of years)
2014-12-08 09:45
Oke nice. I will look into it. EC1 is like the same size etc?
2014-12-08 10:05
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