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Fnatic kicked schneider, cause they wanted full cheat team? and he was the only clean player there.
2014-12-10 02:11
lol, so whole team cheated, cheating and will cheat :( even CoD is a better competitive game.
2014-12-10 02:20
That's nothing, CS:GO framework doesn't have a window popping up like that. he did cheat in 1.6 tho.
2014-12-10 02:24
2014-12-10 02:29
United Kingdom grund 
Schneider was a cheater too, so... no.
2014-12-10 02:16
except no one on fnatic cheats
2014-12-10 02:22
chrisJ | 
France Escher 
Pronax is legit.
2014-12-10 02:22
we still have some derps left who are still on cheating train.
2014-12-10 02:24
Portugal xhz_ 
hm...the logic...
2014-12-10 02:29
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