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Best snus that is weak?
Czech Republic silencee 
So, I just had my first snus ever, General White Portion, I know first time is always harsh as I heard but I really dislike the taste, I don't think that for example Ettan would be any better, what would be your recommendation for a normal or weak snus that tastes great? Portions only. I kind of like the sound of Goteborgs Rapé and I will definitely be trying it, I've heard ppl say that is "girl's snus", well I don't really care about that, and I think Friberg does neither, haha.
2014-12-10 22:56
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I don't see the point in taking snus if it's not strong. I personally prefer Thunder, which can be bought in regular 7-11 stores. I haven't tried many varities though, so I might not be the one to ask (I'm not from Sweden).
2014-12-10 22:58
ive been using general white for a couple of years and im not gonna change. you will like the taste as soon as you get addicted anyway... its like coffee, beer and everything else
2014-12-10 23:00
the problem is that I was smoking cigarettes before and I grew to dislike pure tobacco taste over time, I had to smoke mint ciggs or only specific ones like Marlboro Black Gold etc, so I want some nice fresh/fruity/minty taste
2014-12-10 23:04
yeah well try göteborgs rapé lime then
2014-12-10 23:12
Catch Mint hehe Nice and weak for u. and Ps Göteborgs Rapè is some good shit nice taste very diffrent from regular snus
2014-12-10 23:03
Literally pointless and gives mouth cancer, if you want to ingest chemicals do some drugs like an adult.
2014-12-10 23:03
I heard cocaine makes you play better coz you're more focused and shit, but I don't have money :/
2014-12-10 23:04
Adderall is the best from what I hear in regards to playing (haven't taken it) but cocaine is the most overrated drug of all time. LSD+MDMA=win
2014-12-10 23:05
MDMA makes sense but I really don't wanna be seein´ dragons with LSD.
2014-12-10 23:08
depends on the dose, but mdma will generally make you play like shit. i once played lol on 120ug of lsd, wasnt exactly the best either. low doses of shrooms make you literally godlike, but it dont think you should take them that often. from my experience, good speed (amphetamine sulphate) is the best for such things. its quite cheap too, just dont do it on a daily basis over a prolonged period of time. you will start seeing things. XD
2014-12-10 23:32
Skruf or redbull nose snus from cze 8D
2014-12-10 23:08
You mean snuff... and yeah... I use snuff already, Gawith Apricot is fuckin great
2014-12-10 23:09
Skruf strong is the best :)
2014-12-10 23:19
Hey man, I bought a whole bunch of swedish snus after saw Friberg with Goteborgs Rape and krimz with Kaliber. My match (mythic vs vexx) will be on golounge tonight, and I will be using Goteborgs Rape during the match. to see the results. LOL.
2014-12-10 23:09
Really want to try dat Goteborg, Kaliber is however a shit poor-persons snus as HLTV informed me haha if you do snus for first time tho, don't do it b4 a match lol, I had it for 20 mins in mouth and after like 10 minutes I had to puke, that viking shit is stronk, especially for weak ppl I guess xD
2014-12-10 23:11
skruf is my favourite :)
2014-12-10 23:13
If you don't like General I doubt you'll like the other shit thats out there (in my opinion General is the best tasting Snus). Also, if you've tried it and you don't like it, then don't continue, cause once you're addicted to it (takes a can or so) you'll be stuck with the shit forever. I've tried to quit for the past 4 years lol...But if you want to be cool, then start out with Mocca Mint
2014-12-10 23:15
Addicted on nicotine you mean, and yes, I fear it's been a rather long time I'm addicted on it.
2014-12-10 23:18
They say that one Snus is like seven cigarettes, so it will only make your nicotine addiction worse, lol
2014-12-10 23:20
general extra stark porsjon
2014-12-10 23:24
Do your teeth, body and wallet a favor and don't pick up a bad habit. Snus rots your teeth a lot faster than normal chew/dip and even cigarettes.
2014-12-10 23:33
teeth? if you're rotting your teeth you're doing it all wrong man. gums is a different story tho on topic: jakobsson melon all the way, it's strong but tastiest. and if you smoked before it shouldn't feel that strong after a few poaches
2014-12-10 23:39
Faroe Islands chem 
snus makes your teeth stronger so Xit_tv seek some learning. Snus can damage your gums if you are a terrible brusher. Snus is not a damage to your teeths. Exspecially your you swedes ahha, you use those bags for snus its so week if you snus for 100 years you wont even realize it in your teeths and gums lol.
2014-12-10 23:38
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