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How many fps will i get ...
Germany jarifiN 
... with this system: AMD Athlon X4 860K Black Edition, 4x 3.70GHz ASUS A88X-Gamer FM2+ G.Skill Ares DIMM Kit 8GB, DDR3-2133, CL11-11-11-31 ASUS R9280-DC2T-3GD5 DirectCU II TOP, Radeon R9 280, 3GB GDDR5 SanDisk Ultra II 120GB, SATA 6Gb/s someone with a same configuration in here ? any guess ?!
2014-12-13 01:00
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Latvia tenke 
20-40fps on low settings
2014-12-13 01:02
come on stop fooling around
2014-12-13 01:03
Latvia tenke 
what do you think?? 250-350, more than enough
2014-12-13 01:05
between 1 and 999
2014-12-13 01:03
2014-12-13 01:03
i would play 1024x768 on medium settings
2014-12-13 01:04
Tthat cpu is shit... and ssd is shit mobo is shit
2014-12-13 01:11
yeah i know but its cheap, and amd announced that they will bring out strong gaming APU in 1Q 2015. so can i play cs:go with ok fps with it? any fps above 200 is perfect ps. the ssd is one of the best 120gb ssd on market according to benchmarktests. and the mainboard is solid
2014-12-13 01:13
save some money and get some 1333 mhz ram it only affects fps with a APU
2014-12-13 01:15
really ? do you got the same cpu ?
2014-12-13 01:20
2014-12-13 01:15
that would be a dream
2014-12-13 01:20
it will stay a dream
2014-12-13 01:28
Iraq IronManuel 
Just so you know, unless you have 144hz monitor any amount of fps above 60 is useless. If you have 60hz monitor u only see 60 fps, if 144hz u see up to 144fps. and for the cunts that say u cant see more than 60 fps anyways, it looks much less blurry when moving.
2014-12-13 01:26
thats true the R9 280 is pretty good for the price yeah, my last amd cpu was the amd phenom x4 965 i think, after that i had only Intel i5. but now i am low on money, and i hope that the next generation of AMD APU on fm2+ socket will rock my system, untill then i will stick with the cheapest cpu.
2014-12-13 01:48
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