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Germany Bahisf17 
Hey guys n' girls Can someone recommend me some good animes with good art style Example animes: Sakurasou no pet na kanojo Highschool dxd Highschool of the dead Attack on titan Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Maou sama Demon King Daimao Genres I like : Slice of life,Romance,Fantasy,Harem even Ecchi(haha) Thank you :)
2014-12-23 21:56
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Bible Black
2014-12-23 21:57
yes, can recommend!
2014-12-23 22:27
Canada LuoL1 
Bocu no pico
2014-12-23 21:58
+1 m8.
2014-12-24 00:22
Hunter X Hunter - is best. Akame ga Kill - is good also
2014-12-23 22:00
Thank you for recommendations !
2014-12-23 22:02
Europe auguR 
Trinity 7 Grisaia no Kajitsu Kore wa zombie desu ka Nisekoi
2014-12-23 22:04
seen all , but Grisaia
2014-12-23 22:18
How about hatarakou maou sama? Best anime I've ever watched and fits all the genres Ur looking for
2014-12-23 22:21
This a nice anime overall, idk if u were to like the art style but give it a shot - Code Geass(best anime i've watched by far) Also cool anime u could look up Darker than Black Death Note(probably watched it...) Future Diary(just started watching it looks good for now :p)
2014-12-23 22:09
Seen most of them, but I'll give a shot to Darker than Black :)
2014-12-23 22:19
DtB is a must watch.
2014-12-23 22:21
DtB is overrated and not as good as everyone else makes it out to be. There are FAR better ones than DtB like mars of destruction.
2014-12-23 22:24
yeah but there's no reason to not watch it
2014-12-23 22:31
Mirai Nikki is fucking awesome !!
2014-12-23 22:31
do u have autism
2014-12-23 22:43
What is wrong? o.O
2014-12-23 22:46
Guess it's nothing then... Probably just bad troll, looks like that when you look at your profile.
2014-12-23 22:56
Seems pretty cool aswell creepyy
2014-12-23 22:51
highschool of the dead... even porn got more plot than that!
2014-12-23 22:10
your lie in april
2014-12-23 22:13
code geass (watching atm love it <3) sao (sword art online) my afv anime of all time also mirai nikki isnt bad :)
2014-12-23 22:15
Seen all :D
2014-12-23 22:19
SAO favourite anime? I'm gonna assume you haven't seen over the 3 you just listed.
2014-12-23 22:24
Liechtenstein (Ys) 
2014-12-23 22:26
The second "arc" in the first season is kinda bad, but 1st arc in season 1 and almost whole season 2 is amazing.. Still my top1 anime, and I've watched .. alot of anime.
2014-12-23 22:34
"whole season 2 is amazing" that arc is considered the worst arc of SAO in japan
2014-12-23 22:58
"almost whole season 2", The part with Death Gun and the ending is good? The ending doesn't really have any action, but still?
2014-12-23 23:03
grisaia no kajitsu
2014-12-23 22:16
the anime version is fucking shit compared to the VN , it's only worth watching for the angelic howl arc which they made a decent adaptation.
2014-12-23 22:20
Elfen Lied
2014-12-23 22:21
hunterxhunter 2011 haikyuu kuroko no basket shinsekai yori baccano hellsing ultimate noragami
2014-12-23 22:22
lol gaijins want to watch anime ^__^ EDIT: btw I heard Pokemon is very popular among you gaijins, you should give it a try.
2014-12-23 22:26
This is the only one post that people actually helped someone .. Christmas magic ?
2014-12-23 22:26
Harem? Seriously -.- go watch hentai then..
2014-12-23 22:28
Death Note Darker than Black Bleach Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood One Piece Naruto Gantz (4 teh lulz) Steins;Gate Monster
2014-12-23 22:28
Oh, and the first season of Sword Art Online AND ALSO... Samurai Champloo!!!
2014-12-23 22:29
akame ga kill
2014-12-23 22:36
Spain akproxx 
the most shit anime on years, raped the original story so hard
2014-12-23 22:43
Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou aka Nichibros aka The daily lives of high school boys. It's definitely one of the most funniest slice of life comedies ever. Also watch Toradora! It's also a really good slice of life
2014-12-23 22:40
+1 for Toradora
2014-12-24 00:22
Sword Art Online Code Geass Death Note Mirai Nikki Btoom! Claymore Guilty Crown Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood The Seven Deadly Sins (Ongoing, so if you're not patient, wait until it's completed.) Akame ga Kill Accel World Steins;Gate Psycho-pass Zettai Karen Children - The Unlimited Just some, can recommend every single one of them.
2014-12-23 22:41
Spain akproxx 
Romance,Harem,Ecchi all of that: Zero no tsukaima (fantasy too) Infinite stratos Seikoku No Dragonar Nisekoi Date A live No game no life (best) Sakara boku wa h ga dekinai
2014-12-23 22:42
If you like slice of life: - Nana - Hachimitsu to Clover
2014-12-23 22:44
DEATH NOTE IS MASTERPIECE but the end is a little dissapointment but its very nice overall
2014-12-23 22:45
Finland luse 
Guys are you fucking series, id get all this shit if this would be like leagueoflegends forum or some shit or if you guys are under 12 but cmon, cartoons are for kids, there must be something wrong with brain if youre adult and watch anime, people with social contacts and healthy mind dont do shit like that. I could never take any human being seriously if i knew he watches any kind of anime (unless hes kid like 10yo and its only a phase)
2014-12-23 23:06
People watch, what they want, why would you even care about them?
2014-12-23 23:33
Finland luse 
yea i know, i just wanted to mention that 99% of anime watchers are somehow wierd and have bad social skills etc. so it tells something about the whole thing
2014-12-24 00:21
Naruto One Piece Bleach Gundam D. Grey Man
2014-12-23 23:06
United States Tane 
if you're looking for eye candy watch the monogatari series. it is however heavily story driven
2014-12-23 23:10
2014-12-23 23:11
it seems you know alot about anime
2014-12-24 02:02
i'm going to be completely honest Another Mirai Nikki those 2 are god also a week ago i've watched psychic detective yakumo which was ok overall i dont really watch anime but i remember that another and mirai nikki are k you should skip the stupid hentai anime thingy like highschool dxd shit shit i feel nerd right now
2014-12-23 23:13
Iv'e seen over 100 animes and my favorite one is HighSchool DxD, not because of the ''hentai thingy'' but the plot is great + boobs man... Boobs are great ! fake or real still great
2014-12-24 02:04
Spain Deryko 
Steins;Gate is the best anime for me, but it has a slow start.
2014-12-23 23:14
Isekai No Seikishi Monogatari - 12 or 13 Episode, each one 40min. Kind of nice ^^
2014-12-23 23:14
2014-12-23 23:16
Tokyo ghoul. Deadman wonderland Kenichi: the mightiest disciple Guilty crown Blue exorcist Code:Breaker Maybe you'll like some of these.
2014-12-23 23:32
yosuga no sora
2014-12-24 00:25
You can watch FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood and FullMetal Alcemist and the Conqueror of Shamballa. They both have good art style and plot. First season of FMA is boring and not completely based on manga.
2014-12-24 08:17
I think u have never heard of this one, NARUTO ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
2014-12-24 09:01
Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, DB and DBZ Movies, Dragon Ball KAI. For me Japanese dubbing is the best but English is ok. Dragon Ball GT is total shit and gives me cancer...
2014-12-24 09:06
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