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GuardiaN | 
Serbia NESi [w] 
can anyone tell me yours previous experience with mouse is it worth of buying advantages and disadvantages etc
2014-12-27 19:05
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good for brainwashed noobs who try to be good bad quality materials, not the best optical sensor. But noobs still buy it. I had zowie ec2 evo cl, mouse coating was dead after 3 months of using. This is pathetic, 70$ mouse is such a crap. FK had similar issue. Just find yourself an info in the internet. DA Chroma or G502 are eating all zowie/ss mice, then vomitin/shitin it out. These you should be looking for.
2014-12-27 19:11
fk isnt probably that bad, but for me its overpriced as fk. you can get rival, da 2013, sensei, kinzu, logitech and much more cheaper than fk btw dont buy DA 2013/Chroma unless you like when surface of the mouse is rough, and rubber sides are slippier than plastic from da respawn
2014-12-27 19:22
cyx | 
Europe dA-oInK  
Where do you live? Here FK and the other mices you mentioned above are nearly the same price. In fact, I bought my FK1 in a winter sale for 43€. Regular price is ~55€ just like Rival, DA etc.
2014-12-28 02:11
the only mouse ive found in the last 5 years that ive actually really enjoyed using is the rival, it has the right amount of weight and mouse button resistance that i havent been able to find on any other mouse.
2014-12-28 12:34
Got FK1 for around 60eur, i really like it, fits perfectly to my hand and i can shoot a lot better with it than DA cuz it doesnt fit into my hand.
2014-12-27 19:26
Got it from neo in competition and I'm happy with this mouse. Works well for 1,5 of year and it's better for me than DA, IE 1.1, Kinzu and MX518.
2014-12-27 19:33
its a good mouse, but I just dislike the switches because they give me an extra .4ms to a mouse that has omron switches.
2014-12-27 19:35
go for the SS Sensei, it looks very good and the quality is also good
2014-12-27 19:45
how does it feel in your hands? cuz i have smaller hands and i was thinking of getting the sensei but i didnt know if it would be comfortable
2014-12-28 03:14
good question, thats one of the reasons why I choosed to buy fk
2014-12-28 03:17
have you ever tried the deathadder? i have that mouse right now but i think its too big
2014-12-28 03:20
yes, its too big for my small hands, his shape doesnt fit to me
2014-12-28 03:25
Im also thinking of getting zowie fk but its really expensive for shipping cuz theres no stores near me that have it
2014-12-28 03:22
yes, thats a big problem, its just overpriced too much
2014-12-28 03:26
TBH the Zowie FK isn't that small. I've had both DA13 and FK1 and only differ by a very small margin if at all IMO
2014-12-28 03:25
you know of any small gaming mouses without too many buttons? i cant seem to find any that aren't overpriced
2014-12-28 03:29
i used to play with kinzu, its really small mice with fair prize
2014-12-28 03:31
oh yeahh thanks
2014-12-28 03:35
and a fair acceleration bullshit
2014-12-28 12:42
its not that bad
2014-12-28 14:10
Maybe look into Logitech G100 or give the Kinzu V2 a try.
2014-12-28 03:36
i have one and dont see any disadvantages, maybe its too small (for me) only. i have big hands and now i have FK for sell :DD
2014-12-28 03:21
glad to hear that :D
2014-12-28 03:28
It's a little overhyped but it's still good, maybe the best mouse there is for smaller hands/tight grips.
2014-12-28 12:03
FK 2014 is a very good mouse, better than kana v2/kinzu v2 for most people. G100s is £19:99 direct from logitech with free shipping and it's a really excellent mouse. If you want a smaller mouse then it's probably the one to get unless you have very low sensitivity. I'm using 45cm for 360 with no problems.
2014-12-28 13:27
for girly hands only
2014-12-28 13:34
or maybe younger hands?...
2014-12-28 13:47
indeed, im only 18
2014-12-28 14:11
what is the difference between EC1 eVo CL and EC2 eVo CL ?
2014-12-28 13:46
2014-12-28 13:47
ec2 is smaller
2014-12-28 14:14
2014-12-28 14:48
Just buy fk and be happy for next 10 years. Some years ago I bought so many cheap mouses that I wanted to put some money in and buy good mouse. I bought FK and I have been using it and will not change. Only problem I have had is that I punched my mouse so hard to table that mouse wheel jumped off from its place. I opened mouse and put it in right place and stopped beating my stuff. Now I have had zero problems.
2014-12-28 13:47
I heard tgat the wheel button could cause some problems, but im going to take my chances with this mouse. :)
2014-12-28 14:13
y i bind jump on mousewheel and sometimes im just jumping ingame without active scrolling by my site.
2014-12-28 14:49
I got FK1 :P I like it verymuch it shape is 5/5 and i like it very much :) zero problems here :)
2014-12-28 13:50
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