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World kacperq 
Let's talk about this lovely plant. What is your attitude to marijuana? What you think about people who are smoking it? Btw. what was your first time when you were smoking weed? :) Serious topic. Kids that wants to get attention, please gtfo.
2015-01-01 02:21
First time i smoked was with my cousin i was 12-13 yo. I got no problem with weed, smoking it almost every day =D
2015-01-01 02:22
France YLQK 
pretty sure its illegal in denmark but I'll let it slide just this time
2015-01-01 02:41
2015-01-02 15:11
wtf do u mean by that? let it slide just this time?
2015-01-02 17:26
it means i am the internet police but i am too lazy to do anything about him breaking the law
2015-01-02 17:58
I hate these kind of swedish people who think state is right in every way.
2015-03-29 17:35
In Copenhagen its legal in the freetown "Christiania" but w/e :)
2015-03-29 17:51
It was, it isn't anymore, Christiania was it's own state for a while with their own free laws, but the danish government started sending in police raids and and such (still are) because they do not tolerate the cannabis trade that is going on. But the residents still go on like always, if you go there you can openly buy cannabis pretty easily according to a friend of mine. But it is technically not legal anymore since 2004 due to Christiania being on danish territory.
2015-04-22 08:32
you are just a big junkie :D
2015-01-02 17:19
you know me to well :DDD
2015-01-02 19:57
i tried at 11 :P
2015-01-04 09:54
hvor du is
2015-03-29 17:52
Germany gzuz 
Not smoking it always have to puke of it lmao :S its not my problem if they smoke it so its ok for me. And i was 16
2015-01-01 02:23
Lower the dosis. Some people get high from just a little bit & drink alot. Before you smoke look up the strain you're smoking, Some strains indeed makes you dizzy and stuff =)
2015-01-02 17:50
I was like 12 years old with my 15 year old sister and her friends. It wasn't bad, but, I don't really like it all that much. Only did it around 5 times in my life. I think it's fine for recreational use. Here in the USA, it's a very hot topic, legalize or not. In the next 10 years, I see it being nationally legalized here, with many countries following afterwards.
2015-01-01 02:24
Yeah, in Poland too but of course it's not that popular like in US. Most of our police guys dont know how does weed smell like haha
2015-01-01 02:28
How does it smell? Im just curious :D
2015-01-01 17:59
hmmm... a little bit sweet and a little bit like dried leaves :)
2015-01-01 18:11
If it's good, it'll have a skunky smell too it! Thats that FIRE MAN
2015-01-02 17:21
You will know it when you smell it...
2015-04-22 07:42
Sweden mrarrogant 
spice is legal in sweden and marijuana is not which is pretty fucking stupid lol. i haven't actually tried it but sooner or later i guess i will what's a normal price btw? my friends sells for 10~ euro / g. ok price?
2015-01-01 02:24
Germany gzuz 
Standard price
2015-01-01 02:26
In Poland you can get 1g of high quality weed for around ~7 euro. So 10 euro isn't that bad price :)
2015-01-01 02:29
Sweden mrarrogant 
ye thats sounds cheap! what does your government think about weed? Sweden are very anti-weed and i dont think we will see it legalized on a long time, if ever
2015-01-01 02:33
Same. I think this might change after ~20 years, when the current politics will be replaced with the new generation ones. But there was an one guy in politics who wanted to legalize weed but he got like 10% votes :) People above 40 years shouldn't be allowed to vote in this case, most of them believe in everything what they heard in TV. That's sad.
2015-01-01 02:36
cheap? here its 3.5g for 20$/25$ and its real sick weed
2015-01-01 02:41
I feel you bro. Halfs for 45 of some fire. Gotta love Norcal
2015-01-01 02:53
You are right. Canada has the cheapest and greatest weed in world. Same with your anti drug law I mean MMPR licenses for growing and using. Am I right in Canada you could carry up to a pound o flowers with you legally?
2015-01-01 17:11
Yes you can have up to a pound but it needs to be all in one bag, not separated in smaller pieces (1g/2g/3.5g/7g/etc... ) Quebec ftw, same prices then trashers :P
2015-01-02 16:41
Finland C0ndee 
In Finland it's like 20€/gram because of Päivi Räsänen and shit.
2015-01-01 18:19
On my way.
2015-01-02 17:51
w8 n see, wont even take 10 more years to take the spot next to tobacco/alcohol it deserves. lobbies banned this wonderful herb, not its dangerousness as a drug
2015-01-04 10:22
and where the fuck do you think that weed from poland comes from ? :D
2015-01-01 03:52
Why are you guys selling same genetics since last 30 years without any changes? Only amsterdam is heading in right direction but in other cities it's pretty hard to find some A+ quality weed. I mean since last years cannabis breeding market has changed and there is alot of new amazing varieties in Canada or USA for example but in Holland it's still some poor Amnesia White Widow fast flowering phenotypes which are not working on your body like the real WW. The other part is that you need 15 euro/g if you dont want to smoke some skunk Northern Light crosses anymore.
2015-01-01 17:50
I wish I could see that "high quality" weed in Poland for 7 euro a gram. Because last time when I was heading up to Warsaw and bought stuff from 2 different mates for 50 euro / 5g it was decent despite that one guy said it's the best weed he has sold so far. So yea maybe you have never seen a high quality.
2015-01-01 17:15
I live in a small town, a lot of people there have these flowers in pots for their own use and for friends, lucky me i am a friend of this guy.
2015-01-01 17:18
So if he's growing for his personal use he probably have his outdoor garden which is pretty decent considering that high quality cannabis comes from indoor grow operations with high wattage lamps. Look this is some high quality:
2015-01-01 17:55
then i wanna 50 g for 7 :) but it should be good ... like holland or something
2015-04-22 11:19
Spain ewg 
no lol, here in Spain i can get 4-5euro/g
2015-01-01 13:46
what? in norway its 20 euro for regular and 25 for 'the good stuff' >.<
2015-01-01 18:05
Sweden mrarrogant 
xD and spain/canada/usa calls 10 euro expensive lol
2015-01-01 18:06
I did not know Spice was legal here. Weird.
2015-01-04 09:51
10 euro is a nice price, I've had to pay as high as 25 euro for 1g of shit hash. Massive rip-off. And that was when the euro was at it's max value.
2015-04-22 08:35
weed is ok, smokinn it 4-5 times a month
2015-01-01 02:26
heroin > weed
2015-01-01 02:28
North America lint 
what about heroin + weed
2015-01-01 02:33
heroin sucks ://
2015-01-01 02:44
Austria slash_OG 
substitol > heroin
2015-01-04 10:30
weed + CS = no better combination.
2015-01-01 02:37
Peru Op1e 
cs while getting a blowjob rekt [v] not rekt [ ]
2015-01-01 02:39
Cs while getting a bj AND smoking weed
2015-01-01 17:17
Lithuania disesion 
CS while getting a bj and smoking weed in a hot tub.
2015-01-02 16:39
My friend, did you just stumble upon nirvana?
2015-04-22 11:22
Well it sure would be nice, but i wouldnt be able to focus much, would i? I for one play way better when high, but that is mostly because im calm and focused instead of warm and angry (rage) which i am when sober :P
2015-01-01 18:08
weed fuckin sucks i start smokin like 15 years ago and fall into deep depression after 10 years of bong hits ... i ruined my life so fastly lost my ego , everthing after 2 years of a cold turkey .. i get back to buiniess get all dem grills and now married .. rank up to global elite .. and got a decent work !! so stfu about low drugs or hard drugs ...
2015-01-01 02:42
well, i was actually depressed as fuck before. I guess it works otherwise for every people.
2015-01-01 02:44
yeah u true bro .. but if u were depressed before u think thats the way u wanna go .. i just tell u my expierence ... but like u said every ppl is different
2015-01-01 02:58
thats true mate i'm having a days that i care about my life but also days like i dont give a fuck about it and i just wanna to forget about everything and chill, weed helps in those days go ahead, publish your whole experience, i will gladly read it
2015-01-01 03:11
Your mind is weak beyond. Fuck your marriage, sheep. I've been smoking everyday for 8 years, finished entire uni and got hired making lots of dough. Don't talk about depression through weed, weakest shit I've ever heard. Smoking bongs as well, Jesus you are a loser!!
2015-01-01 06:01
Love you dude
2015-01-02 17:53
u overuse weed and then blame the weed? hah
2015-01-01 16:21
i don't really mind if people smoke it as long as they don't get into anything else - occasional smoke won't do too much harm...
2015-01-01 02:44
its called the holy blessed flower for a reason
2015-01-01 02:46
we have a debate in France to make it legal as in Holland. I'm rather against it, although I smoke pot from time to time but it shouldn't be a common thing to do or young people would get high all the time and ruin their education and so on ...
2015-01-01 02:46
Just cause its legal doesn't mean people will massively jump on it. In the Netherlands its still a taboo even though you can buy it in coffeeshops. Its still illegal to grow and to carry, thats NL in a nutshell. Its completely normal to drink yourself into a coma or worse...death...every weekend, but families disown you when you take a hit of a joint. Ignorance is a bliss.
2015-01-01 02:51
In the Netherlands its still a taboo even though you can buy it in coffeeshops. Its still illegal to grow and to carry Put this in realism and the hole freaking thing doesnt sound right :D. They letting it slip (becouse the shops need weed to), they catch some big boys from time to time and stupid people that tell evry1 or have water damage or no ventilation. But we can carry it but cant smoke it outside only @ home or in the coffeeshop. We are allowed to buy 5 gram each person a day. I smoke weed for more then 14 a 15 years now started when i had the age of 15. self medication adhd. weed > ritalin . if it was to busy upstairs and my brain worked faster then adsl i smoked some weed to relax to think straight again so i could do my things 1 by 1 instead of al together. My first time i laughed my ass of for like 3 ours , after that i crashed my bed and woke up next day in the evening :D. Now its relaxing and from time to time i still have those laughing attacks XD.
2015-01-01 04:06
Haha ;) ty for sharing.
2015-01-01 10:55
everyone needs to chill sometimes cause life sucks
2015-01-01 02:51
Although i drink from time to time it shouldnt be a common thing to do or young people would get drunk all the time and ruin their education etc...
2015-04-22 06:46
Actualy it helps before you play tournaments , it removes stress and fear :D
2015-01-01 02:53
I was actually thinking: do those pro players take something to make them more efficient during LAN events ? Beta blockers could be good maybe, as well as cortisone. What else ?
2015-01-01 02:58
Sweden mrarrogant 
ritalin would defo help alot
2015-01-01 02:58
dude if you have adhd you will become a zombeh and if you dont have adhd and put 10 ritalins in your nose yes mayb , but ritalin no mate dunnow where the fuck you get that info from but ritalin is not on that list.
2015-01-01 17:46
Sweden mrarrogant 
lol idk if its just placebo effect but many students use ritalin for exams etc and say it's helping them
2015-01-01 17:57
It helps. Even if i have ADHD, i just take more than my usuall dose and it helps with everything. Almost like tjack but not nearly as strong
2015-01-04 03:54
yes i'm sure that some players use anti stress pills or something :p
2015-01-01 03:00
Smoked everyday except on LAN when I was rank 6 EU on source 2007. Bet it's impossible at the current lvl if competition.
2015-01-01 06:03
nooky | 
Germany 3clipzz 
Smoke it sometimes at weekends and I think there is nothing wrong with it.
2015-01-01 02:54
2015-01-01 03:00
I've only smoked 4-5 times and I don't see anything wrong with it. Don't enjoy it personally, didn't like the feeling. But I live in Colorado. Literally every other person on the street is baked.
2015-01-01 02:57
smoked it twice, first time i didnt notice anything, second time it hit me with a harsh panic attack, and ive been feeling very "disconnected" since, idk how to explain it.. almost like when you are very tired and you start getting philosophical and doubting your existence, except it has been ongoing for maybe 2 weeks now
2015-01-01 03:02
derealization, deperzonalisation i have suffered from that shit over year, after smoking alot of weed, have fun
2015-01-01 03:14
well, is it possible to get rid of this? will a phsycologist help? im pretty desperate, cant imagine a life going around like this :(
2015-01-01 03:40
It will go away over time. Just try to not to think about it at all. And remember to not to think about not thinking about it :) You can google derealization, and read some info on it, it's nothing to worry about.
2015-01-01 04:11
well it fucks up your mind pretty bad, if the feeling doesnt go away in a month and just seems to get going worse you need to cure your self out of it i have been getting better lately
2015-01-01 04:16
and its fucking horrible thing to suffer from, it ruined my life totally thats how bad it was, now its been getting better by changing my life style read this mate and stay stronk
2015-01-01 04:18
when i first started maybe the third time i smoked a huge blunt of skunk myself and went and passed out face down in the grass while it was raining i lost my hearing and all i could hear was a white noise like TV static and had something like an OBE where i couldn't feel anything but i could see myself from another universe the high lasted about 4 hours and 2 weeks later i still felt like my brain was a toaster, making clumsy mistakes and looking like a zombie, it passed though the moral of the story is: weed is good, smoking too much will fuck with your head
2015-01-01 17:42
sounds unlikely
2015-01-01 18:15
damn, youre weak
2015-01-01 18:22
2015-01-01 18:26
Portugal poiuytNf 
tbh feelsgoodman
2015-01-01 03:15
You all should got some krokodil i heard it tastes pretty good and has no after effect at all i promise Kappa
2015-01-01 03:22
I was 14 when I smoked weed first.
2015-01-01 03:23
>makes a topic about weed on a csgo forum >says kids who want attention should go away top kek mr bAda$$ 4 lyfE
2015-01-01 03:33
it's an important subject and he's interested in people's opinions, now what the fuck is your problem?
2015-01-01 03:52
Stopped reading after inportant subject, sorry m8
2015-01-01 04:04
ckN | 
Estonia ckN 
2015-01-01 04:07
dude weed is more important for people then you think , and you should know you freaking amfetamine sniffing nazi.
2015-01-01 04:11
But not on a fucking cs go forum
2015-01-01 04:12
why not its offtopic wtf is your problem , mayb in the wrong section but thats another thing.
2015-01-01 04:14
Well, this is international forum so i want to hear opinions from people from all around the world.
2015-01-01 17:50
the state taking a monopoly over what plants in can ingest into my own fucking body is somehow not important? and it's not only a csgo forum, that's why you have the offtopic section.
2015-01-01 04:17
United States esoh 
vaporize everyday with an arizer solo
2015-01-01 03:55
Is the weed legal in your state?
2015-01-01 04:10
United States esoh 
in california it isn't 100% legal, but there is a medical marijuana system that is very simple to get a medical marijuana licence, which allows you to legally purchase weed all over the state.
2015-01-01 05:47
ckN | 
Estonia ckN 
quited smoking weed 4 years ago, but half of my friends still smoke it,so it's ok for me
2015-01-01 04:05
Every day smoker for 3-4~ years Been sober 3 months Can't play cs seriously when stoned, was a perma badge Now I'm a supreme
2015-01-01 04:13
World 3r51 
10 times have smoked weed is not for me :( i always have huge panic attacks :(
2015-01-01 04:14
you should smoke in a setting where you realize panicing is needless, but man if you get panic attacks from weed i wonder what you would do on shrooms :D
2015-01-01 14:13
That's strange. Are you having bad trips?
2015-01-01 16:17
World dsnd 
every day
2015-01-01 05:49
2015-01-01 05:52
I am right now high as shit and u do not regret it!
2015-01-01 06:00
Police will steal your joint and smoke it here
2015-01-01 06:05
i smoke ganjubas at 12 years ! WTF? HAPPY NEW YEAR !
2015-01-01 06:06
every day ofc
2015-01-01 06:08
Belarus 4rz 
Np with it, never smoked it... What about mushrooms, anyone having experience with it? ._.
2015-01-01 11:02
Slovakia crushyou 
I mainly smoke with my friends when we are playing NHL on xbox and sometimes at fridays but it's like 4-5 joints per month
2015-01-01 11:02
in prison they should all
2015-01-01 11:07
First smoked when I was 14 and liked it. Continued smoking for all of my teen years maybe 1-2 times a week until I was about 18 when I started to make a bunch of money which led to way way more weed. Started smoking everyday and then multiple times a day. Was buying in ounces. After a long while of this I started to get very depressed. I got myself out of that hole by stopping with the weed. It's been years but whenever I try and smoke which is like 6 months apart now I always just end up right back in that hole. I can't smoke werd anymore. I kinda miss it but I'm glad I don't smoke. I think for those years that weed was good it dramatically improved my quality of life and I don't regret it a bit. 100% back legalization. Where I live weed was just legalized for recreational use. I don't smoke myself but I will fight for other rights to smoke weed and keep innocent harmless people out of prison. moderation is the key. Enjoy in moderation and your life will improve. Go overboard and you might end up fucked. It applies to weed just like it does to hamburgers or anything else.
2015-01-01 11:24
+9000 big words there, my friend
2015-01-01 11:45
"Moderation" a topic heavily ignored by most. Sad really.
2015-04-22 08:42
everyday, first time when i was 16, and im still stoned as shit
2015-01-01 11:22
Tried it several times over a month with friends when I was a teen. Not my cup of tea, and because I've been depressed and had anxiety in my life, even if I smoked, I wouldn't start with weed. It should be legal though.
2015-01-01 11:55
smoke weed everyday
2015-01-01 12:21
I tried it once, I just got really anxious and I don't want to try it again. I don't mind if other people smoke it though.
2015-01-01 12:31
Just Morphine= Cocaine - Opium
2015-01-01 12:44
Weed make me paralyze from waist down Weed killed my nan Weed gave my brother no hearing KEEP WEED ILLEGAL!
2015-01-01 13:39 wasn't weed then :D Pure weed is 100% harmless
2015-01-01 18:04
so many depressed and low self-esteem users on hltv...
2015-01-01 13:45
Visit Czech Rep. for the best weed smoke it every day smoke weed, become pro
2015-01-01 13:52
its my favorite drug. i like to smoke it, did start with 20/21 y. doin my master etc. i play lem/sup stoned
2015-01-01 13:52
favorite drug................
2015-01-02 15:18
yeah, i prefer it over alcohol for example
2015-01-02 15:48
my middle name is noscope 520 blaze eet but i only do a lot of heroin
2015-01-01 16:24
weed is the best if you can get it, smoke "serious 6" what i'd like to know: is the medical weed you can get in cali rly not strong? it looks super potent doe
2015-01-01 16:29
The medical weed is strong, but in california the great thing is its actually hard to find bad weed (unless youre in southern california, then you can find that mexican brick weed easily). The best I've ever had was Super Silver Haze from harborside health clinic. What a summer that was.
2015-01-02 17:56
oh dude, what a dream :D its quiet expensive tho im wondering if most ppl actually buy in dispensarys or from dealers?
2015-01-02 18:04
most people i know only use dispensary for the super high grade (get an 1/8th here or there) or for the edibles. I haven't bought any actual bud from a club since 2010~. I do however, buy edibles occasionally (they make the best ones!)
2015-01-02 18:08
i dont smoke weed or or cigarettes. i despise everyone who does, especially the girls
2015-01-01 16:52
and we despise narrow minded people
2015-01-01 18:21
2015-01-01 19:14
2015-01-02 15:47
From age 16 till 24, stopped 3 yrs ago and I'm very happy I did.
2015-01-01 16:53
fairly harmless overall - the negative effects on memory keep me away, however.
2015-01-01 16:54
Marijuana is just a mexican term for Cannabis. This always bugs me when speaking with americans.
2015-01-01 17:05
Stick to the language of your country and don't worry about ours. We use the term "marijuana" regulary. For example, if a cop charges me with possession, it will show "Possesion of marijuana" (not cannabis). The term marijuana is actually a term that was actually used during the passage of the Marijuana Tax Act in the 1930s. you fuck tard..
2015-01-02 17:17
jR | 
Ukraine lancee 
it makes you stupid
2015-01-01 17:09
Are you watching TV?
2015-01-01 17:11
jR | 
Ukraine lancee 
I'm judjing by some of my ex-friends. They became really dumb after smoking weed for many years. All of them, no exceptions
2015-01-01 17:18
you just have dumb friends bro
2015-01-02 17:17
I believe you have dumb friends then.
2015-01-02 17:56
Its pretty shit imo
2015-01-01 18:03
I tend to have depersonalization, so no weed for me.
2015-01-01 18:06
2 days ago i smoked so much that my eyes were bloody red,literally red... couldnt believe it... and for about 3 hours straight i couldnt say a word without bursting into uncontrolled laugh
2015-01-01 18:30
It works like that.
2015-01-01 18:33
I miss those days....after a while your tolerance will increase and that will never happen again....enjoy it while you can.
2015-01-02 17:18
for real.. don't start dabbing either, it will ruin weed for you.
2015-01-02 17:54
when will the tolerance start? i've been smoking weed for about 6 months now,once a week tho...i know it depends on every person but could you give cca?
2015-01-04 03:48
Finland Malixoxo 
Quite fast when you use it more than occasionally, otherwise might not even get any tolerance.
2015-03-29 17:59
been smoking everyday for years about to leave work and smoke a joint right now
2015-01-02 15:15
2015-01-02 15:41
seems like everyone here smokes weed eveyday since they r 12
2015-01-02 15:44
jesus christ, people that have the need to talk about weed are still in school and have no lives and think that weed is cool, do you talk about drinking all the time too? It's the same thing.. My friends uncle grows weed and has 4 barns full with fields of it. It's nothing special. Actually the best thing about it is how he circulated the power lines so he never gets a bill on how much power he uses, because that would be in the hundreds of thousands.
2015-01-02 15:49
Never smoked it. I'm fine with people who smoke it, unless they think they are better than you if they do.
2015-01-02 15:56
+1 I smoke a lot, but I enjoy hearing these comments coming from people who dont smoke. I feel the same way about the opposite. I could careless if you choose not to smoke weed, but don't knock the people that do.
2015-01-02 15:58
2015-01-02 16:25
I smoked a weed plant sometime i think
2015-01-02 15:57
Drugs are bad, mmkay...
2015-01-02 16:23
i have now 2grams of weed, pure weed ! is actualle feel good.. almost 8 years smoking it
2015-01-02 16:33
Weed makes you relaxed.I have the best laughs ever while smoking it.Moving to canada soon i am gonna rot myself into it haha :)
2015-01-02 16:41
shox | 
Canada dB- 
Watch out with the Harper conservative government Canada isn't cannabis-friendly anymore
2015-01-02 16:44
sure i ll be vigilant :D
2015-01-02 16:46
I want attention
2015-01-02 16:43
have sex with a man and post it here :D
2015-01-02 16:50
Smoked last night for first time since summer and it felt awesome. I couldn't care less if someone smokes or doesn't smoke. I smoked first time when 16yo and been smoking randomly since then.
2015-01-02 16:59
legal here, 420~ blaze it
2015-01-02 17:35
I've been smoking since I was 12. Beats the bipolar medication I use to take thats for sure.
2015-01-02 17:43
I smoke it sometimes, like in week ends or in some partys
2015-01-02 17:45
14 The plant itself can be used for a lot of things, not only as drugs. Should be legalized
2015-01-02 17:46
2015-01-02 17:56
In Belgium it's not legal but being close to the netherlands its really easy to get it here too. I think in % more belgian people smoke weed then the dutch people too. Atleast it's the way it feels to me when talking to people. Smoked my first one at the age of 16, started of small sharing 1 J with some friends, ending up (5 years later) smoking between 5-10 grams a week. Never felt/went bad from it, always had a pleasure doing it. However i stopped smoking it 4 years ago (girlfriend), advice for quitting: just stop suddenly. It gets hard after 2/3 weeks to resist the temptation but after it gets less. Amazing how people can dream when they quit smoking weed. Weed made me lazy didn't pass my courses at university, slept 12 h a day at least, got even more addicted to gaming, went to bed with an ashtray by my side, first thing i did when waking up is lighting the leftover from the day before. Now i call myself an occasional smoker. Doing trips to the city of dreamz (Amsterdam), having a laugh on Lan parties but only smoking like max 15 days a year. I have to say, the feeling you get when its not smoking because its a habbit is way more satisfying and way more fun than blazing all day/all night. Favourite weed: NY Diesel, Mexican Haze, Brabants Wit, Super Lemon Haze, Kush Peace!
2015-01-02 18:01
2015-01-04 10:24
first time was 12/12/12 xddd
2015-01-02 18:05
NO WAY!:D same for me at 4:20 pm because of the date. XD
2015-01-04 03:50
Hahaha :D
2015-01-04 09:16
love the plant and it will love you smoke it occasionally :')
2015-01-02 18:13
Never tried
2015-01-02 20:01
I don't like idea of "magical" substances whose makes you perform/feel/focus better/differently. Nop, never used.
2015-01-04 09:46
Krokodil > Marijuana
2015-01-04 09:54
2015-01-04 10:45
2015-01-11 03:11
lost my leg, it was worth it!
2015-03-29 17:00
Snax and byali are smoking 100% ;)
2015-01-04 10:45
suNny | 
Finland m1skaa 
I generally don't like drugs, and that's the case with marijuana too. It's ok if someone else does it, unless he starts to chase me with an axe.
2015-01-04 10:49
2015-01-05 02:56 such beauty :)
2015-01-11 02:53
Its a nice looking plant, smells funny and when you dry it you can sell it for good cash
2015-01-11 02:56
MDMA > Weed
2015-01-11 03:06
just injected 7 marijuana's.
2015-01-11 03:08
To each his own.
2015-01-11 03:14
I'm smoking weed once a few weeks, and it's pretty awesome. But yesterday it seemed like I had a bad trip ;'(
2015-03-29 16:40
Good shit. Should be legal everywhere. Its just stupid for it to br illegal while there is alcohol in the market.
2015-03-29 16:42
Yes, but the effects are different. I never do stupid things when I drink alcohol, everything is just blurry and I can completely control myself. But when it comes to smoking weed, I feel like I lose myself a lil bit and I don't realize that I do stupid things. As for me, only some sorts of MJ should be legal, sorts that doesn't make you feel like you are losing control of urself.
2015-03-29 16:53
For me you shouldn't be allowed to smoke weed and do certain things just like alcohol. However there is no denying that drunk peole cause way more collateral damage than stone heads.
2015-03-29 16:56
im fine with weed - dont understand why the government turns >6mio people into criminals by having a prohibition here in germany its that fucking christian-party issue - "drugs not g0ud, just love jesus and ur fine" studied criminology for 3 semestres and we talked lots bout weed, legalisation etc. there. my professors, my comrades there - no one does understand it. guess we will have to wait nother 30-100 years in germany to be allowed buying it legally in shops or sth.
2015-03-29 16:45
Criminalization of drugs has caused so many issues in the world. All it does is criminalize individuals for no apparent reason (ironical how alcohol for example is legal when you could argue it is far more harmful and dangerous than weed) and just pushes everything into the underground which means criminal organizations can exploit the hell out of it and make huge profit. As for the whole religious debate, I've given up trying to reason with them. It doesn't matter how much empirical evidence you supply, they just discard it 'because god' and 'but the bible says'. If you want to be religious fine, but stop imposing your will on everyone else who doesn't. Religion shouldn't have any place in politics.
2015-03-29 17:01
i completely agree a prohibition makes things worse than a secure/controlled legalization let everyone have a couple of plants, strict rules, legal issues concerning children and people who sell to children (imprison them - ffs.) etc. i have the feeling that the politics are afraid of - even tho there is nothing to be afraid of actually. most people i know would understand a legalisation if u explain to them why its a good idea. people are fine here with heroin-programs, needle-exchange etc. in most cities u will smell weed at some corners. its already there - its only the question how u wanna deal with. at the moment everyone just closes his eyes - even the police. there was an article by the head of the german criminal police foundation in some major newspapers. his message was "let the people smoke, we got better things to do". so even the police says its stupid, so do judges (i.e. juvenile judges etc.) and medics. like i said - no one understands why nothing is happening here.
2015-03-29 17:08
'no one understands why nothing is happening here.' Welcome to politics I guess.
2015-03-29 17:13
2015-03-29 17:15
I think its nice im just about to go out smoke one :P
2015-03-29 16:55
imo norway should atleast take the first step to legalize medicinal marijuana but i have my doubts. apparently its better to pop a shit ton of pills and ruin yourself completely than just getting some marijuana that might actually help. I feel like most parents aswell in norway view marijuana more dangerous than heroin and such, its sad. Atleast there is people who take things into their own hands and talk to their doctors, gets permission to got the netherlands for prescription from a doctor to bring some back with them home.
2015-03-29 16:59
Yes, many ppl really think that MJ is a serious drug that causes addiction, so that's the problem why it's not legalized yet.
2015-03-29 17:02
Politicians being uneducated about marijuana makes me sick. I can see why they think its all bad because you get "high" and shit, but they completely ignore the medical values. Alcohol is even proven to be more dangerous, its no doubt.
2015-03-29 17:09
It's ironic how legalization, if anything, shows a decline in usage. The whole argument of 'but if we legalize it people will abuse it and become addicts' has been proven false several times. I haven't heard one good reason why prohibition is actually a valid strategy.
2015-03-29 17:10
2015-03-29 17:19
smoke weed ez global elite
2015-03-29 17:01
smoke weed everyday <3
2015-03-29 17:02
i'm in love with da coco
2015-03-29 17:12
i smoke marijuana every day i can. sometimes i go a week without but usually i have some dank in my Drawer ready for Rolling. RIght now i have some sicko Hashisho that i enjoy to put in my Piperino.
2015-03-29 17:24
dennis | 
Canada vrill 
I live British Columbia mother fucker, of course I smoke weed. Marijuana is a wonderful thing because it's a drug that can be used responsibly (like alcohol). Vape it and you've pretty much negated all negative effects on your body, besides the apparent chance to obtain schizophrenia. The problem with marijuana is not marijuana at all, it's just some people are too fucking stupid to be trusted with any sort of drug. People that are bored, poor, low self esteem, etc. etc. will let this sort of shit take over their lives. Obviously marijuana has about the same addictive properties of a cheeseburger but hey, look at how many obese people are waddling around the streets. Same shit with alcohol. Personally I would prefer purchase licenses to prevent dumb kids from ruining themselves but that will be circumvented anyway. So whatever, leagalise it. What I do have a problem with is weed-culture. People that go out of their way to make the fact that they like weed a big part of their appearance and personality.
2015-03-29 17:32
2015-03-29 17:36
weed is bad for you ayy lmao
2015-03-29 17:39
"What you think about people who are smoking it?" i think , you're a fucking junkie
2015-03-29 17:44
Totally okay with it, id support legalisation for sure. Only thing I don't like is this "weed culture" shit where people who smoke regularly don't talk about anything else other than smoking :P
2015-03-29 17:53
Wasn't it legal in ireland for a day or was just yokes, k and that lot?
2015-04-15 20:07
I believe coke and other drugs where legal for a few days due to a definition of a law which had to be rewritten.
2015-04-15 20:18
I bet the session was on that day
2015-04-15 20:24
allu | 
Czech Republic GzzM 
my first time was when i was 14/15 yo... its great if u want relax and chill with friends I always said it is "social drug" ... Smoking only with my friends once or twice a month (:
2015-03-29 17:55
first time with 14, and kept doing it with 15, now i am smoking it since 2 years already (im 17) what i think about the lovely plant -> its not dangerous, i dont hurt anyone if i am high, alcohol and cigarettes are way deadlier than weed, and weed isnt even deadly
2015-04-15 20:04
Smoked weed nearly every day from the age of 14-16 then just stopped as I got bored I guess. I have it on the odd occasion now usually with or after other substances.
2015-04-15 20:06
i cant play ideogames without a blunt.
2015-04-15 20:08
I think we can all agree marijuana should be legal judging by the length of the post imo Canabis+(insert activity)=Awesome..
2015-04-15 20:13
I hope weed is not legalized. I like buying it from my dealer, he does nice prices and I don't want the government to mess with that. Thank you
2015-04-22 05:25
Austria db42 
you can buy an ounce for 90$ in Colorado, thats cheap for an insane high Quality compared to a streetprice of what? 200+ € ?
2015-04-22 08:59
I've been smokin almost 0,5 gram everyday for almost a month, any questions?
2015-04-22 06:39
Weed + CS = GG Last time I started a match, after warmup I heard a nice music in another room, went there and forgot about CS -.-
2015-04-22 06:59
Never was, never will
2015-04-22 08:39
2015-04-22 09:07
just smart guy ;)
2015-04-22 09:24
completely ignorant, rather
2015-04-22 11:08
hope you all had a great 4/20 :)
2015-04-22 08:48
never smoked weed, against it, against legalization
2015-04-22 11:03
its fun, kinda like alcohol, but easier to start using alot. its really not good for you, makes u dull
2015-04-22 11:04
It should be legal, it does no harm and has so many medicinal benefits. I smoked it for 16 years, people who say it makes you stupid have no clue.
2015-04-22 11:18
I think you have no clue. Weed makes people dump.
2015-04-22 11:22
For the record, I've never smoked. I'd reckon it's like alcohol. As with alcohol it needs its restriction. No public disturbance nor driving whilst under the influence. With that said I wouldn't mind if it was legalized. Then again it's a drug that I'm not familiar with, it might have harmful concequences. But then again, so can alcohol.
2015-04-22 11:33
It's not like alcohol at all as some people are stating. I smoked regulary a couple of years. Got caught by police because I bought too high amounts each time. Kind of figured out it's probably not that smart to keep smoking every day when it's illegal in this country, eventhough I kept on smoking during the period I was involved with le police. But my group of friends all smoke all the time and I don't mind it.
2015-04-22 18:04
Thinking about trying for the first time this summer, it's fucking expensive in finland tho :(
2015-04-22 18:07
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