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from lem to DMG
Yugoslavia frilpann 
hi my friends, in one day i fell from lem to dmg cuz i played on russian cheats, valve thanks! valve please delete ranks from matchmaking, it spoils the csgo /discuss
2015-01-01 13:35
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not funny /delete /ban
2015-01-01 13:36
whats not funny? he has a point, but I think if there werent any ranks many would stop MM.
2015-01-01 13:37
2015-01-01 15:04
Which would be gr8. More players to other leagues.
2015-01-01 15:42
I dont mind playing esea or something but most people wouldnt be arsed and ultimately quit the game / never get into competitive from the start.
2015-01-01 15:50
when hltv downranks: cuz russian/german cheaters, silver teammates when tltv ranks up: cuz of insane 50bomb individual performance rite rite
2015-01-01 13:41
2015-01-01 15:37
don't soloq
2015-01-01 13:41
Europe chupe 
soloq or premades, he cant avoid cheaters in other team.
2015-01-01 13:46
he meant, premade with cheats will win win win win
2015-01-01 15:32
Europe chupe 
One of them gets banned, he will most likely lose his rank. He would need to play 1 game to show his rank back.
2015-01-01 16:29
ZywOo | 
Germany fulltilt 
+1 delete ranks go hidden MMR and Iam global so dont hate
2015-01-01 13:44
Denmark sFn 
yesterday you dropped from Supreme?
2015-01-01 13:48
played on russian cheats? then get german cheats cuz they are better
2015-01-01 13:49
So it was amighty cheat battle german ragehacks vs russian sukabot
2015-01-01 13:50
im dropped from lem to dmg too. nu nid 2 mek thred bru
2015-01-01 13:52
i did lose 16-14 today bcuz of 2 stupid russians who decided to play stupid/moronic after a lost pistol. overpass, 11-4 ct side - we managed to lose it. was my rankup match to supreme... i dont care at all, stupid is stupid - doesnt matter wherefrom. but i had to mute these guys in round 3 because they had been screaming/yelling all the time. i feel kinda too old for this stupid behavior - im 25 now, lets just play cs? could have easily won it, but in case u have 2 russians who cant call-out in english or even say something like "40hp left side" ur kinda get jizzed on ur face. i tried my best, died often from behind because my mates didnt call a CT rushing connector or sth. in case this happens more often to me, im gonna be a le/dmg in 5 matches...
2015-01-01 14:03
if you care about ranks why don't you just play premade?
2015-01-01 14:13
i had been playing with a m8 since every other was offline. in case we would have been 5 we would have decided on pracc. wasnt the case - lost the game under mentioned circumstances... it is how it is - dunno what to say.
2015-01-01 14:16
Just pointing out that you can't say with 100% accuracy that you would have ranked up after winning that. Other than that, you'll rank up and you'll rank down. That's MM for you.
2015-01-01 15:17
nahh i rarely play mm. i had been topfraggin the last game with 38 frags on LEM, and lost the match afterwards (mentioned one) against 3x SUP 2 LEM my team being 1x LE 4x LEM was rankup match for ~95%
2015-01-01 15:22
Still only a 50-50 chance. Until Valve implements a system that lets us see our precise position within a rank it's impossible to predict. Don't get me wrong, I agree there's too many tards out there. Just saying you can't predict ranking up.
2015-01-01 15:28
delete this thread, it spoils that site
2015-01-01 14:26
So basically you've lost around 10 games in 1 day just because of russians and cheaters. Not buying it thanks.
2015-01-01 14:44
well thats an easier excuse then saying that it was you who actually failed..
2015-01-02 14:55
Ranks really need to take into account individual performance more, if boosting and any concept of getting undeserved ranks is possible, that means the ELO algorithm isn't doing its job.
2015-01-01 14:52
Without Matchmaking many , people would stop playing cs:go, too many
2015-01-01 14:54
Should be pretty easy for you ranking up again?
2015-01-01 14:58
no money for boosting service
2015-01-01 15:09
from global to silver 2 fukin cheters
2015-01-01 15:10
Norway aimb 
ranked down from driverlincense to bus cuz marco reus
2015-01-01 15:16
not russians problem make the max search ping 40-50 and play with the guys of your country :) to ez i think :)
2015-01-01 15:17
If only it were that simple. My max ping is set to 50 and every match on an EU West server is like entering the USSR.
2015-01-01 15:19
with 50 max ping i allways play with german french and UK guys man :3 and i have 20/30 ping, since i have the max ping 50 i never played with russians or sweedens :)
2015-01-01 15:31
Poland hillock 
Seriously? :OO Thanks :D
2015-01-01 15:24
stop using russian cheats then?
2015-01-01 15:23
Poland hillock 
who cares
2015-01-01 15:24
i dropped from lem to silver 4 cuz cheatz volvo fix plis
2015-01-01 15:26
I had the same once, on 2 days from LEM to DMG, I payed for ESEA and it's the best thing every, every bullet hits thanks to 128 tickrate, you can soloQ or play with premade, you can also create a team with 5 and play league. Stop caring about ranking, it's bullshit and one of the biggest reason retarded children from Germany cheat. Go ESEA. The attitude there is also the biggest difference I have ever seen compared to Comp. MM.
2015-01-01 15:26
stop being such a pussy
2015-01-01 15:39
Yea i have the same today we play lem+double ak+ 2 dmg vs one dmg/silwer and 3 nova
2015-01-01 16:32
Ukraine lancee 
Same happened to me, from LEM to DMG in 1 day :D It happened when the csgo sale started, cheaters almost in every match
2015-01-01 16:32
story of my life #3
2015-01-02 14:58
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