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Moe Not playing for Torqued
World blackhorse63 
Why isnt Moe Playing?
2015-01-04 23:46
banned from esea for cheating
2015-01-04 23:47
Esea banned
2015-01-04 23:47
ESEA banned. Actually, I would rather jdm stick with Torqued than moE. Hes a better AWP, not ESEA banned, and not toxic.
2015-01-04 23:47
United States Mak0r 
bs, moe is the only na sniper who can challenge kennys
2015-01-04 23:50
1/10 troll
2015-01-04 23:52
no, did u watch last stream of pasha with moe? moe was a monster there, real kennys level despite ping 200
2015-01-05 00:03
If you actually think m0e can contest KennyS you're delusional. m0e is good in MM nowadays, nothing more.
2015-01-05 00:06
Not even .1/10
2015-01-05 00:15
lolwat. I would argue the AWP with the most potential is ShahZam is he gets consistent, and the two best AWPs NA at the moment would be jdm and Skadoodle. moE is a solid AWP, but saying he can challenge kennyS, when most Euro AWPs cant, is just silly.
2015-01-04 23:52
well done, that's one of the more stupid things to be posted on hltv today
2015-01-04 23:53
Okay thanks lol
2015-01-04 23:48
Who cares? He's a piece of shit
2015-01-04 23:55
2015-01-05 00:16
France cedd 
i hope they stick with jdm over moe
2015-01-04 23:58
he should just play for fun.
2015-01-04 23:59
-moe and other nerd + jdm and desi top NA team
2015-01-05 00:01
haha thats funny
2015-01-05 00:12
Hi! I am Leonardo! Thanks for the support even though I have never won an Oscar. You guys push me and motivate me! X About m0e good guy, bad decisions. Hope he gets unbanned.
2015-01-05 00:25
Spain JasonRacism 
2018-03-19 07:59
stop bumping old threads ffs
2018-03-19 08:08
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