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Choosing a Headset/phone: $70 budget and 7.1 vs stereo
Argentina asmodeo 
Hi guys, im here asking for some help regarding headsets/headphones and audio tips. Im new in all this matter about audio, so i had read many threats from here and from others forums and came to some conclusions, so please correct me in anything that im wrong. 1) Have a low budget of u$d 70. 2) Decided to buy a headset instead of a headphones because i dont really care about mic quality (i just use it for CS:GO online) and thought about comodity, but then i figured it out that i dont use the mic for anything else (dont do skipping, chatting, nor other online game) so a headphones would be ok also. 3) Came to the conclusion that virtual Surround Sound must be better than stereo for games, so i have to exclude headphones like Superlux (they are all with 3.5mm conector, not USB). Also, as o play on a laptop, i dont have and wont have any external sound card, so im thinking that an USB connector with Surround Sound would do nicer than the integrated sound card. Im right about this? is surround better? 4) Read here a lot of disgusting with brands like razer, but many reviews gave, to some products like Tiamat 2.2 and Kraken 7.1, a good score. Could anyone that had any of those headset say something about them? 5) Made a list of the best options i could find, guiding me from reviews and references. Please give me your thoughts about which one would be best of that list or any other product outside it. 1. Plantronics Gamecom 780 - 7,1 - USB - $ 60,00 2. Razer Kraken 7,1 - 7,1 - USB - $ 50,00 (refurbished) 3. Logitech G430 - 7,1 - USB - $ 50,00 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Corsair H1500 - 7,1 - USB - $ 70,00 5. Genius Cavimanus - 7,1 - USB - $ 70,00 6. Corsar Raptor HS40 - 7,1 - USB - $ 60,00 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. Razer Tiamat 2,2 - stereo - 3,5 - $ 60,00 (refurbished) 8. Corsair Vengeance 1400 - stereo - 3,5 - $ 60,00 (official deal) 9. Tritton Kunai - stereo - 3,5 - $ 55,00 Any comments will be appreciated! thanks.
2015-01-06 00:53
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no one? seems that shorter posts gets more attention
2015-01-06 20:06
Do not buy razer headphones !!! biggest bs on this earth
2015-01-06 20:11
hyperx cloud or plantronics gamecom 780 7.1
2015-01-06 20:12
well u just excluded the best option so..
2015-01-06 20:14
Superlux? i just dont know which option is better, if a stereo headphone or a surround headset. I did read this threat and thought surround must be better: but seems im wrong, i should consider a good headphone then
2015-01-06 20:22
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