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Germany FeaR /M/ this girl gives me aids, im literally about to smash my pc cause of her spastic reaction omg.
2015-01-09 23:05
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Oh god... She totally ment it...
2015-01-09 23:07
Why u even watch her? Totally trying to get u attention. Go watch porn if u horny
2015-02-01 00:42
suNny | 
Finland m1skaa 
Why wasn't she (fake)crying? Disappointed.
2015-01-09 23:07
i know that feel brah ;/
2015-01-09 23:08
World Fzq 
At least she didn't shit her pants.
2015-01-09 23:08
she looks like a fuckin witch lol
2015-01-09 23:09
Lmfaooooo xD
2015-01-10 00:15
I'm super jelous on kitty. She has so much fan base and because of that she gets a lot of money. OMG #KITTY4LIFE
2015-01-09 23:09
Finland mehu 
well she got the shittiest one
2015-01-09 23:09
2015-01-09 23:10
dem social awkward guys criticising on friday night about a girl who is acting girly.. OKAY
2015-01-09 23:13
dem social awkward rich guys donating to her 24/7 OKAY.
2015-01-09 23:17
lol you don't think that's fake as fuck? you're probably really easy, then :D
2015-02-01 00:44
i never watched her stream i only watched her ass with trousers OPEN
2015-01-09 23:14
link i wanna fap
2015-01-10 01:06
2015-01-10 11:45
Austria db42 
2015-02-01 00:48
she's autistic
2015-01-09 23:15
DAT ugly knife tho
2015-01-09 23:16
"Its not even on the marketplace yet!!!!11one!" doesnt even know the trading restriction
2015-01-09 23:25
what trading restrictions?
2015-01-09 23:54
you cannot trade/sell skins that you got for a certain time (i think 7 days) if you buy a skin on the market, you need to wait 7 days to be able to trade that item, same with this..
2015-01-10 01:10
Thats not... Just opened a case and sold the skin
2015-01-10 01:48
well, for me it was like that and for the guy with the first fn st doppler bayo it was like that aswell
2015-01-10 11:31
The restriction is just when u buy keys from the market, u can still trade the stuff if u buy the keys ingame ;) (thats how i understood it)
2015-01-10 00:08
if you change the date on your pc you can bypass the trading restriction :D
2015-01-10 00:52
mad cause she making money while you whining like a woman about it
2015-01-09 23:25
wat isnt this the most ironic post yet? a woman making money and a woman whining about money?
2015-01-10 12:43
United Kingdom myzz 
Don't think I've ever witnessed a more irritating woman, ever.
2015-01-09 23:28
2015-01-09 23:59
me too, she deserves all the money!!!
2015-01-10 00:09
Kitty i love you. You're an insipration for all teenage girls who want to become a professional streamer.
2015-01-10 00:04
Her message to them is: "Grow boobs"
2015-01-10 00:09
2015-01-10 00:06
Poland hillock 
this movie gave me cancer
2015-01-10 00:07
MGII dafuq? she plays like a silver 5.
2015-01-10 00:10
Boost :/
2015-01-10 00:28
not even silver 5
2015-01-10 11:45
Luckily the knife looks like someone dipped it inbetween her ass cheeks
2015-01-10 00:10
2015-01-10 00:14
2015-02-01 00:01
2015-01-10 00:13
idk who this girl is but i follow her now ty for the post <3
2015-01-10 00:23
Dat fake reaction, lol, what a whore.
2015-01-10 00:36
Can someone post picture of her ass?
2015-01-10 00:40 This pretty much sums up 99% of girl streamers
2015-01-10 11:44
lol jelly noob i make more moneys in one stream than ur whole family makes it in a month lol typical jelly hltv user brb gotta count how much moneys i've made today
2015-01-10 00:45
Nerds gonna love
2015-01-10 01:02
this girl is so annoying, and shes not even pretty. i seriously do not understand why she has so many viewers.
2015-01-10 01:05
just another attention whore on twitch
2015-01-10 01:14 This pretty much sums up 99% of girl streamers
2015-01-10 11:44
she has such short dress that she panics when we see her underwear... women's logic
2015-01-10 12:30
she is one ugly prostitute
2015-01-10 01:22
2015-01-10 11:45
Yes, its nice for poor guys like u.
2015-01-10 11:48
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
"fucking fucky" wat
2015-01-10 11:54
Ugh ugly
2015-01-10 11:56
is the chance of getting knife increased or what ? first days and i've seen every streamer unboxing knives or m4a4 dragon king. what the heck
2015-01-10 12:08
if it is, give it a few weeks, knifes will go down in value to $10.
2015-01-10 12:28
I feel like always when they release a new case there is a high chance of getting a knife
2015-01-10 13:10
10/10 would scam this witch Kappa
2015-01-10 12:10
i'm gonna puke after this...
2015-01-10 13:03
She looks like Ukrainian village whores.
2015-01-10 13:07
Brazil bandicoot 
I dont understand why you fucking nerds get upset, if you hate her so much why you give her attention? you give them more views. same with this fucgking sodapopin and summit guy. some things dont make sense and you just need to acept it and move on, liek 1-7. move on and dont give fuck
2015-01-10 13:14
Let me give you an advice. Don't like it, don't watch it. You'll be far more happy =D.
2015-01-10 13:20
OMFG, i click this link, she instantly gets a Karambit Rust coat... Cunt
2015-01-10 13:24
hahaha, I thought I opened a live link from twitch, but it was a youtubevid :D :D
2015-01-10 13:28
goood it was the shittiest knife skin there is in the game anyway
2015-01-10 13:29
nice orgasm
2015-01-10 14:31
It´s Valve strategy. They have list of popular streamers and they have special permissions for cases opening. So if people see how one of their favorite streamer can drop Knife so to will try it also. VALVE +++€ PEOPLE -----€
2015-01-10 15:02
If there is no sextape. Im out.
2015-02-01 00:03
Dosia | 
North America kqpr0 
titty plays no games
2015-02-01 00:05
steps = go to 0:30 close your eyes free sex audiotape
2015-02-01 00:06
Hungary adzeii 
she is fucking ugly :D lolled at her look :D
2015-02-01 00:06
Why would you let someone you don't like affect your life so much? If you spent less time hating on other people, you could spend more time doing things you enjoy and achieve your own goals.
2015-02-01 00:29
wise words!!
2015-02-01 00:46
still trying to figure why ppl care about this person
2015-02-01 00:30
Spain Ayrr 
would bang
2015-02-01 00:32
Belgium Clinternet 
This +1
2015-02-01 01:33
Brazil karyajja 
she looks like dazed
2015-02-01 00:39
shes ugly
2015-02-01 00:45
someone 2 throw some molotovs on her
2015-02-01 00:45
2015-02-01 01:37
I love kitty, i donated $500 to her once, she said thanks, I was so happy that she noticed me
2015-02-01 01:36
She is ugly as fuck and looks more manly then my friend tayrone
2015-02-01 01:39
you can add sonyatheevil to your list too... she pins names on her wall and says stuff like "oohh 2 subs in such a short time" "woow im so happy thank you" 60/40 Facecam and csgo in backround... sometimes opening cases... so much gaming content.. so sad that girls abuse little boys to give them money and they dont even need to be naked.
2015-02-01 01:39
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