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Finland fr0zeNid tell me what y'all think
2015-01-14 14:10
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2015-01-14 14:12
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he is noob dont worry not cheat 100%
2015-01-22 20:43
2015-01-14 14:14
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Thailand hqs-
lol it definetely not the same. in css this shit was legit but that on top of us is not
2015-01-22 00:38
>*EDIT : apx is not ban anymore, esl german anti cheat staff admitted their mistake* learn to read descriptions, also:
2015-01-22 11:06
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cool story bro
2015-01-22 11:53
You sir are an idiot : Proof by RegnaM EDIT : Sry #34, didnt see your comment :)
2015-01-22 12:15
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no mate, he's a hacker.
2015-01-22 18:27
Dont know, thats just one scene not like other pros who lift their mouse alot on other player. Looks more like his mouse was bugging. But he was on the list from smn, so maybe HLTV army should watch his matches carefully
2015-01-14 14:22
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I have no idea about APEX in the past but my mouse does that from time to time especially when not on a solid colored mouse pad. I have no idea about his history, his priors or anything. But that does not look like a hack to me.
2015-01-22 00:29
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"when not on a solid colored mouse pad" - Exactly. Same here. Even Lessor sensors are sensitive to dust.
2015-01-22 12:15
dude, pro never have problems with mice, nor have problematic mousepads, they are just hacking, can't you see it? :p
2015-01-22 12:25
nEGRo | 
Finland Tuqe_
my sensei raw does this too time to time, maybe coz of shit mousebad, or my aimlock appaK
2015-01-22 20:46
He's been hacking for years
2015-01-14 14:27
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2015-01-14 14:29
he and KQLY are good friends over years so please... its to obvious that this shitfuck haxx too... i think he had the same hack but stopped to play with it before the bans came in... he and Kioshima have big luck fuc.king frenchfries
2015-01-14 14:31
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norwegian loser detected
2015-01-22 00:41
Belgium FnX^
u mad ? :)
2015-01-22 00:42
apex and kioshima have big frenchfries?
2015-01-22 12:20
never go full retard
2015-01-22 13:07
Greece hekzy
how much did you lose fnatic fanboy?
2015-01-22 14:07
although never underestimate the power of whey, whey is life
2015-01-14 14:35
smells like ban soon
2015-01-14 14:45
Australia SUNSPY
Joking right ? can't tell if srs on this site anymore LOL Plenty of people do little mouse movements like that I do it myself to keep my reactions up while I'm waiting for something to aim, I practice those tiny movements in case when I do peek or they peek, if I'm not dead on my hand has just done those movements and I react with small fast movements to efficiently find the hs quickly Looks rather suss on the surface but is he also using the box as a guide to get back to xhair at a head height ? and does the xhair even move to exact hs position ? its definitely close but looks a tiny bit off
2015-01-14 14:45
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brb just keeping my reactions up behind a box rofl go suck on a pros cock these guys are cheaters, you live in wonderland thinking pros are some godly beings who would never dare cheat go and put a shrimp up your ass
2015-01-22 00:19
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"go and put a shrimp up your ass" What would happen if someone was really allergic to shrimps?
2015-01-22 11:01
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2015-01-22 12:05
well he is australian so thats not possible
2015-01-22 13:48
Sweden EMDIE
omg idiot
2015-01-14 14:47
to much money in tournaments fucking noobs destroys this game
2015-01-14 14:48
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ahahaha stfu
2015-01-22 00:24
wow people these days, scanning every video for hacks. Thinking this is "fine" to post and accuse someone for hacking. Newbies ^.^;
2015-01-22 00:26
It happens to me, when some hair is on my mouse's laser sensor... It starts behaving like on the video...
2015-01-22 00:35
stuff happens. sometimes it's a coincidence; seen GTR, JW, Kioshima, and swag do it. just coinkidink
2015-01-22 00:36
lol, it isn't even close to the terrorist. mice bug / dust on pad 100%
2015-01-22 00:37
It's not even on his model ugh
2015-01-22 00:37
2015-01-22 10:39
go kill yourselfs fucking kids.
2015-01-22 10:40
this is a very strange movement, i think the question is.... if its not a hack, then what is it?
2015-01-22 10:41
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Mouse bug ?
2015-01-22 10:46
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you have seen a mouse bug like that? has your mouse ever bugged like that? because mine for sure has not ever done that, unless he is using a cat as a mousemat?
2015-01-22 10:49
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Denmark dondane
I have bro. Had two mouse or so with sensor problems who acted kind of similar to the video.
2015-01-22 11:03
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sensor problem but only happens when looking at someones head. sensor problem. sensor problem. k.
2015-01-22 11:23
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Denmark dondane
I'm just saying it looks rather like a hardware error than cheat. I don't know if aPEX cheats :)
2015-01-22 12:40
Why would Titan players use mice that has bugs in them?
2015-01-22 10:49
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Could be a crumb on the mousepad or under the left click ya know Happened to me before
2015-01-22 11:54
2015-01-22 10:48
2015-01-22 10:50
Funny how everyone here say its a bug n all that but if it was flusha then it would be 100% cheat
2015-01-22 11:08
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2015-01-22 11:22
this isn't similar to the flusha actions at all what a dumb comparison
2015-01-22 11:40
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Tell me how it isnt ? only thing that diff is that apex is doing it over and over while on the flusha clips he doest it one time and then pull away. So imo this is even more fishy than flushas clips.
2015-01-22 11:50
Of course because flusha has 50 more of these.
2015-01-22 12:18
Well flusha flicks onto the enemies through walls, while apEX just shook his xhair and an enemy happened to be behind the box
2015-01-22 13:32
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haha so you say that it aint the same thing that he shakes his xhair threw the box at the head of a enemy player? and you do know that trigger is looking that way right ?
2015-01-22 15:42
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"flick" "FLICK" "FLICK" FFS
2015-01-22 22:57
2015-01-22 11:56
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can i copy pasta this?
2015-01-22 12:00
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2015-01-22 12:03
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2015-01-22 13:13
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can i copy pasta this?
2015-01-22 13:17
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2015-01-22 18:31
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2015-01-22 20:35
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can i copy pasta this?
2015-01-22 20:35
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2015-01-22 20:36
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2015-01-22 22:19
strange playstyle
2015-01-22 13:26
Dan will never hack my frnd :D
2015-01-22 12:00
Imo it's more like he was talking to his teammate to get a popflash. I mean his teammate asking if he wants a flash, he's answering yes and in the same time he's shaking his mouse, up and down.
2015-01-22 12:14
Sweden kurazion
he played on kukly PC
2015-01-22 12:26
doesn't really lock on the head or anything (unlike flusha) seems more like a bug or something
2015-01-22 12:31
could be something on the mouse sensor, it looks pretty much like that
2015-01-22 13:02
nothing really
2015-01-22 13:11
either a hair or crumb in his mouse sensor or bug in gotv
2015-01-22 13:29
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i guess people have cats/dogs and eat packets of biscuits at lan. gotv bug? lel
2015-01-22 13:44
I shake my xhair like that sometimes as well, am I a cheater, guys ? :(
2015-01-22 13:33
i hate silvers.
2015-01-22 13:44
not even will watch video, apex not hacking...dumb*****
2015-01-22 13:45
2015-01-22 14:08
2015-01-22 14:13
2015-01-22 15:43
2015-01-22 20:38
have you ever noticed when your mouse laser gets dirt in its way, maybe a piece of hair or whatever, you move your mouse around but the cursor just keeps jumping around because realy there was piece of hair from your cat in it. that can happen quite a lot, sometimes you need to go and clean it, sometimes you dont because it just gets out of the laserino's way
2015-01-22 20:43
all europeans cheat, only way they can stay on top of NA
2015-01-22 20:47
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