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Portugal jKR- 
Van Persie's red card in Arsenal's UCL Loss to Barcelona Chelsea - Barcelona | penalties Yeah Mourinho whines so much right? :D Well he just plays with 10 against barca and this 2 videos show how reasonable the games are with barca.
2011-04-29 19:58
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Portugal jKR- 
And I won't even talk about how barca's players get away with everything, just what happens to the adversaries.
2011-04-29 20:00
Portugal jKR- 
Ok here it is the video you all talk about (barcelona fans) Now, lets see, does the referee see that and don't show the red card to marcelo??? I don't think so :) But, lets now see this 2 videos please: Van Persie's red card in Arsenal's UCL Loss to Barcelona Chelsea - Barcelona | penalties Oh, the referee sees everything... And the red card to Van Persie? Ahahah i rofled so bad.. the referee whistled at the same time he shot and he showed him the red card. That was funny :) And the scandal of Chelsea?? Hahahaha it was not 1 or 2 penalties, it was 5 :)
2011-04-29 20:34
<a href=""></a> my point: referees fail somethimes, not like my aim :D stop crying , its football! plus pepe deserve red card, hes so agressive player always , like gravesen
2011-04-29 21:30
Portugal jKR- 
It's not sometimes, it's everytime, and not against Barcelona. And I'm not crying, just stating some facts. And yes, Pede is very aggresive but he does get red cards, while Barcelona doens't.
2011-04-29 21:31 yeah pepe in that video was very agressive....
2011-04-30 23:02
pepe deserved the red card?
2011-05-03 20:11
Lol Pepe didn't even touch him!
2011-05-04 20:33
Portugal jKR- 
Who the f**k is this IEM 5 ? :| geez what a kid. Please search for his comments. And:
2011-04-29 20:45
Portugal jKR- 
Good comment on youtube by aboulenein95. 2009: Chelsea should have had at least 2 penalties against Barca... 2010: Thiago Motta sent off after Busquets dived.. 2011: RVP sent off for not hearing the whistle and Abidal should have also been sent off fold holding RVP from the neck 2011: Pepe given harsh red card, Pedro and Busquets dived throughout the match as well, not to mention Barcelona players surrounding the referee for every decision like a pack of dogs..
2011-04-29 20:49
Ok, I'm a fan of Barcelona, but pls lets see the things impartially, because you don't. The reason why Real(and other teams too) have many cards against Barcelona, is because Barcelona always have like 70% possession of the ball, they pass the ball all around and that's annoying for their opponents, so they are getting angry and aggressive and make so many fouls(like real always do against Barcelona), and the ref have to stop that by booking them with cards. So, if you'll ever be impartially, you'll remember that game Chelsea-Barcelona 4-2 when at the last goal of Chelsea, Carvalho fouls Valdez, and the best ref of that period didn't see that. And not to speak about last year semifinal Inter-Barcelona, when Milito scored a goal from offside, and in second game the ref canceled a valid goal of Barcelona. Without that "help" from refs, maybe Mourinho couldn't win UCL last year. From now on when Mourinho/Real will accuse Barcelona of cheating with refs, try to remember that. I don't blame the refs of cheating when they did that mistakes against Barcelona in 2010 semifinals, because they are humans and they make mistakes sometimes, but you, fans of real/mourinho always follow him from his press declarations, when he try to blame everybody for losing a game, but when Mourinho is helped by a ref, no one does like Mourinho do in press conference. Peace!
2011-05-01 03:01
+1 . jKR, he has reason so stfu and stop crying kid
2011-05-02 21:36
Big man here behind his monitor calling other people kids. Haha. Hilarious.
2011-05-03 18:26
2011-05-04 20:35
+1 I always see people whining about what the ref did for Barca. No one mentions what he didn't do on other occasions. And what I hate the most about all these stupid comments is that no one has the balls to admit that Barca is simply better than anyone else in PLAYING football. Fans always tend to turn their personal oppinion into an objective truth. Look from different angles and stop trying to find lame excuses when you are in the mood.
2011-05-04 20:11
Portugal jKR- 
Oh, ty Pakro, another great video :)
2011-04-29 21:06
India kh4N 
Wow... I never thought that there was no contact on Pepe's kick on Alves... That's crazy! I've lost respect for Guardiola now...
2011-04-29 21:20
manipulated vid
2011-05-02 21:36
Argentina tinchOO 
2011-05-03 20:32
Portugal jKR- 
And people that are not spanish just like barca because of Messi but I really don't know how those non-spanish people are so blind.
2011-04-29 21:12
aaaaahahaha wtf about your fake video with fucking slow image withou out the image with the contact barcceeellloonnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sorry 4 bad ensglish aannnnddd barrcceloooonna
2011-05-01 03:49
Barca is shit seriously... Offside goal against Inter last year from Barca... Offside goal against Real Madrid (Ibrahimovic) last year + this year the incident with Pepe. Chelsea: no need to explain Arsenal: Red card Referee's are for Barca whether you like it or not... Stark even said he is a fan of Messi, and he didn't award a penalty to Real by a clear foul by Gourcuff vs Lyon, earlier in the CL.
2011-04-29 20:00
Sweden IEM 5 
bla,bla,bla,bla,bla BARCELONA IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD! it is, do not weep! Win the Champions League again this year! They are the best!
2011-04-29 20:12
yeah right and Messi's goal alone against 4 defenders also referee's fault?!?!?!?!?! How do you want to win without shooting goals?
2011-04-29 20:14
You are proud ? winning against 10 men... Barca is shit seriously just face it, they need the help of referees to do something...
2011-04-29 20:18
Portugal jKR- 
it really is.. i dont see how even barca's fans dont see that
2011-04-29 21:10
Majority of those fans are not really real fans just following Barcelona because they got put in the highlight way too much, but when it comes to face the reality you can't find them anymore...
2011-04-29 21:15
fuck you bastard, rage kid. I think you were away when in classroom teached how not to cry when loose
2011-05-02 21:38
Dude go suck little Messi's dick
2011-05-02 22:44
2011-05-01 03:45
they aren't guilty cuz mourinho trains 10 players and put 11th who will earn red card.
2011-04-29 21:13
They don't deserve anything and they're guilty, they have fine actors ready to go to Hollywood... Pedro, Dani Alves, Busquets, Mascherano, Villa these are really amazing actors!
2011-04-29 21:17
Anyway they are way better than RM (5-0). It is shame to lose 2-0 against biggest rival and not 5-0. Was that cuz of "hollywood actors" or because they are just better? Not to mention their possesion of the ball in every game e.g. 77-23(in Madrid).btw It's not possible to act every game so plz don't talk nonsenses. Like everyone are blind and you are the one who sees everything... c'mon P.S. plz reply to me I have billion of theories which will contradict to yours.
2011-04-29 21:50
Portugal jKR- 
Not saying that they are worst, just saying that they are never punished like every other football club.
2011-04-29 21:53
I know you don't and I didn't replied to u :]. I was talking to RaiNN~.
2011-04-29 22:01
and what about 5 - 0 ?
2011-05-01 03:45
You have billion of theories and still you don't want to see the truth infront of you... Barcelona is a good team, they play well BUT: They play a disgusting manner, only faking injuries (Busquets, Villa, Pedro, Alves, Mascherano) Pepe didn't deserve a red card, and it was 0-0 when Pepe was still there, Daniel Alves simulated the injury, and immediately started playing like everything was normal after Pepe got sent off. The red card vs Arsenal ? Not deserved, but yet the referees are with Barca... Messi get advantage all the time, why ? Because of his physic, he is small like a mouse, you touch him he falls, that's why English player don't even touch him, because he gets fouls. Chelsea ? The not deserved victory about 2-3 penalties who weren't awarded to Chelsea. The simulation from Busquets, which because of that Thiago Motta got sent off... The offside goal that they were given vs Inter... + The offside goal by Ibrahimovic vs Real Madrid last season :)
2011-04-29 22:13
Sweden ribb 
Many freekicks are given to Barca because the opponents get into situations too late because Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro are very fast with tha ball. That is why many freekicks gets awarded to Barca. FC Barcelona is without contest the best team in the world atm. Noone can match Messi and the rest are all playing for their respective national team. Christiano Ronaldo shouldnt even be on the pitch. READ IT AND WEEP :D
2011-05-01 04:01
Messi gets advantage for what? Have you ever seen him playing? Not highlights on youtube, but an entire match? He recieves a lot of fouls but if he can, he continue running and never dive. Messi is very honest.
2011-05-02 10:54
There is no such thing as an honest player trust me... There is only a thing as misleading the referee ;) There are players who can do it others who can't, Barca is a team that can do it, but they don't need it since they have the referees on their side...
2011-05-02 17:55
If you can provide proof (NOT YOUTUBE VIDEOS MADE BY RANDOMS) that Barcelona and the referees are working together, then I will concede to your opinion. Find me some reports of bribery, blackmail, etc. These aren't Camp Nou hired referees, they are UEFA CL refs.
2011-05-03 18:29
Let me explain to you simple... vs Chelsea, 5-6 penalties not awarded, seems weird to me vs Arsenal, red card not deserved, 1 sec whistle Offside goal vs Inter last year + Simulation of Busquets + Red card Thiago Motta because of that Offside goal vs Real Madrid (Ibra) last year + Dani Alves simulation, red card to Pepe... If that is not enough
2011-05-03 18:33
Your links in order: youtube youtube youtube youtube youtube You want me to go make a compilation of unfair foul videos from every team? It's easy.
2011-05-03 18:40
Europe DrexxEnt 
dude, youre not gettting it, they were 10 men, that is true, but its not like they were playing an open game to begin with, last time they tried it was hm, OH RIGHT 5:0? Pepe was sent of a bit harshly, if he wouln't have, adebayor a couple mins later would for sure, it was a harder foul. But still if real has 5 defenders, and 5 midd+offense (excludiong GK ofc) and they get a red card, one of the mid/off players with surely be more defensive and messi STILL got through the 6(?) defenders and scored a goal that will be reviewed and talked about long, and even longer after most of the people on this forum die, look at maradona's solo...well this is twice as good. Im sorry for your heart-broked Ego, but its the truth deal with it
2011-04-30 01:05
Well you are mis informed there, the strategy of Mourinho was replacing a defensive midfielder with Kaka in the 70' minute and play offesively.
2011-04-30 12:57
2011-04-30 17:07
Yeah you know that because... Mourinho said so. Oh and I bet Arsenal would get super inspired and actually produce a shot on goal in the last 10 minutes, because hey, thats what they did in the first game.
2011-05-02 00:37
No because I actually follow football... and about Arsenal they were winning when RVP got a red card, it would have been a whole other match if it wasn't for the red card Barca would be out of the competition :)
2011-05-02 17:53
sure thats why they haven't had a single shot on goal (by themselves)
2011-05-03 11:57
That's not a valid point... You can have 100 shots and don't score, sometimes it's just a matter of luck... Like Real Madrid vs Barca Copa del rey, Real dominated like the first 55 minutes, still no goal came...
2011-05-03 17:44
You're entire argument is trash then because Kaka coming in at the 70 minute mark and scoring would be up to luck not Kaka coming into the game and playing offensively.
2011-05-03 18:30
Did I say Real Madrid would win ? The game would have been different
2011-05-03 18:34
No, you're argument claims that Mourinho would've played a different strategy but then you follow that up with it wouldn't matter how you play because in football you need to be lucky. "the strategy of Mourinho was replacing a defensive midfielder" "it's just a matter of luck"
2011-05-03 18:43
Read clearly: "Sometimes it's just a matter of luck", and a strategy helps, because with a offensive midfielder you get more chances to score...
2011-05-03 18:58
Then Mourinho should have a back up plan in case Pepe the over aggressive player does get a red card or if something else happens. Oh no my Kaka plan didn't work so I guess we should just sit here and cry about it and give up.
2011-05-03 19:15
He didn't need a back up plan, because Pepe did nothing wrong... With 10 man it's practically impossible to play
2011-05-03 19:22
Impossible to play as in let Messi run past 5 players and score? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. If you're a coach and just like YOU said, anything can happen and it "would've" been different, you should have a back-up plan. Plan doesn't go the way he wants so he rages and gets kicked out. Professional.
2011-05-03 20:34
Wtf you are retarded, Messi is with 11 omfg, you didn't made any sense with your first statement... It's impossible for RM to play not for Barcelona
2011-05-03 21:36
It's ok Jose, you didn't have to put a belgian flag and make up some nickname to hide your indentity.
2011-05-04 00:12
And you are what ? A slav ?
2011-05-04 08:40
2011-05-04 15:04
who? akakaka? who is him? ahahah you made my day dear belgium friend
2011-05-02 21:40
Go fuck urself
2011-05-02 22:44
2011-05-04 20:42
Well dunno if you noticed but Messi was being covered by Pepe when he went out suddendly there was an empty space on RM's defense and that and messi's skills allowed him to score that goal and I'm sure if Pepe was still in the game Messi would have never scored that goal.
2011-04-30 00:04
2011-04-30 00:06
Everything would look different with Pepe, just to say that. Barca would've won one way or another since Real gave up and showed how "great and professional" they are.
2011-05-01 21:51
Yeah!!! Also yesterday they cansel a goal and they have given a foul to puyol and dimaria didn't even touched him , he should be able to score...!
2011-05-04 20:38
i hate barca, bunch of diving and acting cun*s
2011-04-29 20:03
Sweden IEM 5 
bla,bla,bla,bla,bla BARCELONA IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD! it is, do not weep! Win the Champions League again this year! They are the best!
2011-04-29 20:11
Portugal jKR- 
I guess you did not see the videos then.. :|
2011-04-29 20:12
I've seen, and? Fiorentina vs. Bayer 2010th. Nobody was crying.
2011-04-29 20:15
Pakistan MrHassan 
For sure Barcelona is one of the best team. There team coordination is way better than any other team. But there is something called Fair Play or Sportsmanship. Which they Lacks.
2011-04-29 20:20
Barcelona is not one of the best, they're the best! This is indisputable!
2011-04-29 20:31
They are shit.
2011-04-29 20:51
haha stfu rage kid
2011-05-02 21:41
dennis | 
Serbia serda 
If RM doesnt pass tonight, Barca will lose in final to MU, because they are even more protected by referees :D
2011-05-03 12:22
2011-04-29 20:16
About this why is not talking about anyone?!?!?! WHY ?!?!?!?!WHY?!?!?!?!WHY?!?!?!WHY?!?!?!WHY?!?!?! FC Barcelona is the best, accept it already!
2011-04-29 20:24
Portugal jKR- 
wow you are such a kid you are those kind of guys that spam BULLSHIT KILL THE REFEREE when your team loses... rofl
2011-04-29 20:30
bla,bla,bla... idiot Ronaldo fun! Why did not the great Ronaldo scored 2-3 goals? WHY?WHY?!
2011-04-29 20:33
wow, such an irony :D
2011-04-29 23:14
Why? I'm not spamming and trolling arround im just stating some facts, maybe you don't know what irony is.
2011-05-03 12:26
Yeah, you must be right :|
2011-05-03 13:08
fuck you , barceona >>>>>>>>> your noob team
2011-05-01 03:53
My team is Porto, just won Villareal 5-1 at Europe League semi-finals. What's yours? :)
2011-05-03 12:27
barcelona > porto
2011-05-04 02:36 my point: referees fail somethimes, not like my aim :D
2011-04-29 21:26
You really are a fool ;/ barcelona sucks...they have the help of UEFA always...
2011-05-04 20:39
Who cares about this girl. The fact is that Barca has referees,what a shame.
2011-04-30 21:51
nobody was talking about CR... CR might be the king actor in the football scene but barca players are what ? the president ?
2011-04-30 23:05
well people is blaming 1 club but there is actors everywhere and imo they should get 5 years in prison if its obvius that they just lay down even if they see it after matches.
2011-04-30 23:12
Im not blaming the whole team, but every1 talk shit about ronaldo when even in Barca they are player who did worst than him... But Barca fan dont face it
2011-05-01 00:58
2011-05-01 04:13
Austria XyNN 
2011-04-29 20:10
ublackbro ?
2011-04-29 20:32
Austria XyNN 
2011-04-29 20:51
thanks :x
2011-04-29 21:11
Poland Antro 
oh c'mon haters u could rly stop sometime... and just get used to it that barca is THE BEST atm and u have to live with it. U can't blame them for referee's mistakes, they're just humans and we aren't perfect
2011-04-29 20:10
fuck off
2011-04-30 21:51
oh ye, I couldn't expect more after expressing my opinion
2011-04-30 22:46
Agree,they're the best right now. But a lot of matches could go another way. The referees are bought and almost all from barcelona are an actors.
2011-05-01 08:27
Referees is another story, they're doing a lot of mistakes in every match, but on this level of competition they should be punished somehow for doing such silly mistakes. About actors, every football player is acting, to get some advantage not only barcelona's ones and that's sad that we can't just enjoy the beauty of football and we have to watch all those sh1ts, but football changes, as everything and we have to live with it.
2011-05-01 10:01
Sweden IEM 5 
bla,bla,bla,bla,bla BARCELONA IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD! it is, do not weep! Win the Champions League again this year! They are the best!
2011-04-29 20:12
Portugal jKR- 
wow you are such a kid you are those kind of guys that spam BULLSHIT KILL THE REFEREE when your team loses... rofl look at this guy #13 he knows how to criticize something
2011-04-29 20:25
totally with you look this proof
2011-05-01 03:54
Like this kind of shit never happened to the others :/ Watch the World Cup 2010, like 20 referees huge mistakes, you'll be pleased ! Nobody's putted a video on Marcelo's simulation which give a penalty to Real Madrid against Barcelona ? Strange...
2011-04-29 20:17
<a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> About this why is not talking about anyone ?!?!?! WHY ?!?!?!?!WHY?!?!?!?!WHY?!?!?!WHY?!?!?!WHY?!?!?! FC Barcelona is the best, accept it already! WHY?!?!?!?!?!
2011-04-29 20:25
Portugal jKR- 
wow you are such a kid you are those kind of guys that spam BULLSHIT KILL THE REFEREE when your team loses... rofl
2011-04-29 20:36
2011-05-01 04:09
Pakistan MrHassan 
Chelsea - Barcelon LOL last panelty clain was funny :D.
2011-04-29 20:25
It was not intentional,shoulder was not hand!
2011-04-29 20:27
Pakistan MrHassan 
For sure you are blind. Stop spamming go and Die with Barcelona , THEY lack sportsmanship and you Noob spammer.
2011-04-29 20:41
2011-04-29 20:46
hou hou an arabian girl is mad : /
2011-05-02 21:44
This is Barcelona Style <a href=""></a> Yes,im Subjective. :S
2011-04-29 21:00
It's incredible to see people bashing Barca so much. Acting happens in every single league in the world but of course some of the things Busquets has done went way overboard but still. Then to see people talk about sportsmanship and as if it is the acting that shows the lack of it? How about Arbeloa and Marcelo intentionally trying to injure Barca players. How about Ramos kicking Messi with full force in the first clasico this season? It's not the acting that is the most dangerous, it is these brainless people who make ridiculous actions and injure players for months and sometimes even ruin their careers. And I am not talking about RM players here, just look at this for example : This kind of thing also happens in every league, but somehow the terrible tackles seem to be forgotten too quickly
2011-04-29 21:01
Portugal jKR- 
I'm not saying others don't do it. They do it and get punished, Barcelona don't. :)
2011-04-29 21:03
2011-04-29 21:06
2011-05-01 23:43
Portugal zyzu 
2011-04-29 21:14
Portugal jKR- 
Another IEM 5. How great.
2011-04-29 21:17
Portugal zyzu 
? whats wrong with IEM V?
2011-04-29 21:24
Portugal jKR- 
Not IEM V, IEM 5, the user kid.
2011-04-29 21:26
Barcelona is by far the best TEAM in the world. Period. Tho they really tend to be helped by the refeeres, thats also somethin noone can even argue. Things are what they are, yes they are great, the best, tho they are helped in every way possible.
2011-04-29 21:16
Portugal jKR- 
Yes, exatcly.
2011-04-29 21:18
who cares, i would join this discussion if i was the brainless nobhead earning 100k a week or something ridiculous
2011-04-29 21:16
Portugal jKR- 
You already did. :|
2011-04-29 21:19
oooh witty comment there
2011-04-29 21:21
It's funny to see swedish people talking about football, and that make me thing that barcelona fans are just the bunch of guys that don't have any clue about football, you know the new commers that just discovered 6months ago TV on Football.. The refree killed the match, he was about 10metters & didn't even see the action & he gave red card cuz they pressed him (barcelona cries) or because he was for barca. BASTA
2011-04-29 21:29
it wasnt really completely referee's fault (well apart from red which should've been yellow).. he was simply being conned by the players who can easily get P.hDs from world's very best theatrics schools and one must be completely blind/irrational if he thinks only barca players come under that category..
2011-04-29 22:20
It's funny to see Pakistani people talking about football...not...don't bring race into the picture. It makes you look like an idiot. And you must be the new one here because exaggerating fouls by players have become an integral part of the game now in any league and by all teams so you can blame Barcelona all you want but hey everyone does it.
2011-05-03 18:46
Stop crying about mourinho/portuguese players.
2011-04-29 22:04
OMG, it's too hard to accept Barça is dominating football? STFU
2011-04-29 22:27
Portugal jKR- 
Who sais it isn't? But it's too hard to see that they are being carried by referees?
2011-04-29 22:27
Manipulated news on the world, nice :) the comparision with official version and the truth.
2011-04-29 22:28
Lol, I just downloaded the ENTIRE match, and it is, and I say this yet again, NOT EFFIN' MANIPULATED. It is VERY VERY VERY easy to see that Pepe does not touch Alves. He is actually "far" from touching him. But why not watch a random YouTube clip rather than ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING YOURSELF. Dominating football my ass. Put them in PL and they would be absolutely mauled by the other teams and would not get all those cheap diving free kicks. As a fan of spanish football (well, not anymore), it's just embarrassing to watch Busquets, Alves, Sergio, Villa. Yes, Di Maria and Ronaldo dive too, but they DO NOT overreact the same damn way. Okay... Okay... Breathe... breathe... Let's continue: Busquets, Alves, Sergio should all receive a card for diving, and Messi should also get a card for his tackle against Ramos. But no! Instead, when Ramos barely touches Messi it is an INSTANT yellow card. You know what's even more annoying to watch? When one of the Barcelona players fall to the ground the WHOLE team rushes towards the referee. Go back and watch Alves' broken leg, the first one to actually talk to Alves was Pepe.. and who was second? ADEBAYOR. NONE of the Barcelona players even looked at Alves. And by dominating football you mean: Valdes to Pique. Pique to Puyol. Puyol to Xavi. Xavi to Pique. Pique to Valdes. Valdes to Alves. Alves to Pique. Pique to Xavi. Xavi to Villa. Villa to Puyol. Puyol to Valdes.
2011-04-29 22:48
By dominating football I say: 6 titles in a year and more, more, more... all the teams in spain are saying that Barcelona is the best of the world and in the stadiums barcelona players are well recieved. By dominating football I say 5-0 to Real Madrid and being honest even when Barcelona loose, the last option is cry. By dominating football I say the only way wich Madrid can "disturb" barça is with fake news (doping, refrees, villarato, etc...). By dominating football I can say, and I can hope, Barça will NEVER cry to anyone because they play so fk*in bad. And... I hope Barcelona will never put 9 defenders and just Cristiano to attack on local side. And more, more, more... but I'll won't waste time with people who believes only the news of his country. CRY
2011-04-29 22:56
Portugal jKR- 
Well I laughed at fake news, and Barca will never cry to anyone because they play so fk*in bad.. Hahaha let's see that when Xavi, Inieste or Messi leaves :)
2011-04-29 23:00
Messi is 23 years old, iniesta is 26 years old, and by the time Xavi is ready for retirement Thiago Alcantara will be a beast and a worthy successor. So it's smooth sailing for the next ~10 years.
2011-05-02 09:52
What news "of" my country? All the teams in spain are saying that Barcelona is the best of the world Sources? In the stadiums barcelona players are well recieved. How does that make them the most dominating team in football? And I'm not sure about that one anyways. Being honest even when Barcelona loose, the last option is cry. That sentence does not make any sense whatsoever. By dominating football I say the only way wich Madrid can "disturb" barça is with fake news (doping, refrees, villarato, etc...). About the doping case, I don't know enough to discuss this. As far as I know, and correct me if I'm wrong, those are from Cadena Cope, a Madrid based radio station, right? The referees and villarato is the same as I understand it? But that is quite obvious, Barca do have some advantages. No matter what you say. Of course Real Madrid are sometimes favored, but not nearly as much as Barcelona. But of course, only Madrid-based media attacks Barcelona. Barcelona-based media has NEVER EVER said anything about Madrid. NEVER. By dominating football I can say, and I can hope, Barça will NEVER cry to anyone because they play so fk*in bad. Again, does not make sense. I hope Barcelona will never put 9 defenders and just Cristiano to attack on local side. Of couse, Barcelona's style is not to play that way due to their coach. I wouldn't want my team to be defensive either, but it worked in Copa del Rey. It worked for Mourinho's Inter. But I'll won't waste time with people who believes only the news of his country. Didn't you believe that the footage of Alves-Pepe was manipulated? Why don't you "investigate" it yourself? I did, and I can clearly see that there IS NOT CONTACT. I watched it FRAME BY FRAME.
2011-04-29 23:23
Get informed about the history of Madrid and refrees, and... you really believe the official version of that video?? I investigated my self, but without investigate you can know it because of the sound and the speed of alves leg going to the floor. If the manipulation is true, this wouldn't be the first time it happens. Take a look: <a href=""></a> AS manipulation (Madrid newspaper) <a href=""></a> The first edition of digital news from AS, showed an image wich you don't see Pepe touching the leg of Alves, but they thought it was too easy to imagine what would happen in a second, so in 20 min they put an image "less violent". You know Pepe's personality? You think if he really don't touch alves he wouldn't kill the refree? O: <a href=""></a> Official vs Real PD: I know Alves is a good actor, but EVERY player of Madrid would do the same in this situation and there wouldn't be the news everywhere, simply because Barça accept how to lose.
2011-04-30 00:47
I have seen that photoshop by AS and know it is Madrid-based. It is really embarrassing, a lot. But I stand by my opinion on Pepe. He did not touch Alves. I haven't seen that image from AS, but downloaded the entire match in 720p just to watch that incident frame by frame and couldn't find one frame where he hit Alves. But then again, as I've been a Madrid fan all my life, I have to defend Real Madrid. And vice versa. I'm time to time personally embarrassed by the Madrid press and how some of the people within the Real Madrid organisation act like children, but what can I do. Also, just because a Madrid based newspaper says something doesn't mean that it represents all fans' thoughts and beliefs.
2011-04-30 01:08
All the world vs barcelona fans, and barcelona fans say the truth, yes. -_-
2011-04-30 06:51
Poland qater- 
Well written there , you know what? At least Polish commentators (I hate them tbh) whenever barcelona's player plays not fair , doing some dangerous fouls or diving..They're saying that this is Barcelona and they are always fair and whatever unfair they do it's just an accident.When RM's players do the same then they're agressive , they're acting bad and making huge pressure on referee as ALWAYS.That's pathetic..
2011-04-29 22:57
Thx :)
2011-04-29 22:59
Poland qater- 
2011-04-29 23:00
Portugal jKR- 
He didn't understand your comment.
2011-04-29 23:01
Poland qater- 
I guess he read 'Well written there' and thought I typed it to him ^^
2011-04-29 23:03
Is just sarcasm, but believe me, EVERY DAY, news from Real Madrid crying something to barcelona :) You don't live there
2011-04-29 23:04
Poland qater- 
I don't live there but I know almost everything what's written in Marca , AS or these catalonian liars
2011-04-29 23:07
Marca - AS = MADRID, rly, you are silly :) AS = PHOTOSHOP, look it... go to google (you know, ahh you know something, AS PHOTOSHOP) GO AND CRY TO OTHER SIDE
2011-04-29 23:15
Poland qater- I crying? Anyway , stop acting like a kid and.. don't reply to me anymore , thanks.
2011-04-29 23:17
I'll reply you if I want, also you can cry whenever you want (like now). :D! get a brain
2011-04-29 23:19
2011-04-30 06:52
mandril hijo de puta =D
2011-05-02 21:51
chupala extranjero
2011-05-02 23:42
Just as in Denmark. The commentators are so biased it's just... insane. Barcelona are praised for their type of football. But to be honest, I don't even bother watching a match with Barcelona. They are just passing the ball around in the defense. And the Spanish teams are just "afraid" of Barcelona, they don't even try to play against them. Neither the Busquets incident nor the Sergio incident were mentioned by the Danish commentators as I remember. Even though you could easily see that they were acting. It really annoys me. When Messi tries to dribble 4-5 persons and fails it is OKAY. But if it is Ronaldo it's just bad and he is selfish and so on. Pisses me off.
2011-04-29 23:32
Poland qater- 
Exactly , I just remember words from Polish guy that said something like 'Everyone says that Real Madrid and Mourinho killed real football playing defensive , I disagree , that was Real Madrid and Mourinho who killed Barcelona's football , they couldn't even play their tiki-taka'(after CdR) - These words are true , unfortunately many people don't understand that.
2011-04-29 23:52
Yes, definitely well spoken. Everybody thinks that football is all about ball possession and lots of passes. Had Mourinho played with only Alonso/Pepe e.g. they would have been owned hard, but with Alonso/Pepe/Khedira (Lass) they have a better chance of destroying Barcelona's play and thus have a chance of winning. One must appreciate a well executed defensive strategy as an offensive strategy. Madrid succeeded in Copa del Rey but failed in Champions League. You must acknowledge that Real Madrid do not have the same play style as Barcelona, and hence it is impossible to compare these two teams. Real Madrid are a counter-attacking team while Barcelona like to have possession. One must be naive to think that Real Madrid went out on the field to have the ball all the time like Barcelona. They are not like that, and they haven't been for many years. That's also why it bothers me when people want Real Madrid to play like Barca. They should probably be more aggressive, but that's another matter.
2011-04-30 00:37
Poland qater- 
I wouldn't say that tactic in Champions League failed , we all know what was wrong in that match.Actually Mourinho said that he wanted to change Lass with Kaka and score a goal like in 65-70 minut , something ruined it and he couldn't do anything about that.. And yeah , you're right about the playstyle of Real Madrid , people remember this magic team with Zidane , Ronaldo , Figo.They cannot understand that Mourinho is a coach for not even a one year and it's completly new team which still isn't the perfect working machine like Barcelona for example.
2011-04-30 00:55
Yes, of course. But in the end the tactic failed, who knows what would've happened if he wasn't sent off. But what pisses me off is that Barcelona always are so damn innocent. I usually don't cheer when someone is hurt, but when Adebayor hit Busquets I was really happy. Same with Marcelo and Sergio (as far as i remember). It's weird how Real Madrid players always turn out to be so "violent" late in the games versus Barcelona. Coincidence? I don't think so, but who am I to dare to say such things.
2011-04-30 00:54
Poland qater- 
I guess you meant Marcelo and Pedro (He actually didn't see him..).When Adebayor hit Busquets that was really funny , he said what he thinks about them after this game :D
2011-04-30 00:57
Class that :P Yes, of course Pedro and not Sergio. But as much as I like these acts of revenge (due to obvious reasons as a Madrid fan), these acts greatly influence the reputation of Real Madrid as a club with players and staff who are unfair, cruel and whatnot. I guess that's why so many people hate Real Madrid. You either really love the club or really hate the club. And I can also see why one would choose Barcelona over Real Madrid if you are a neutral football fan.
2011-04-30 01:14
I think the 5-0 game last year is a prime example of when Real Madrid just gave up and played excessively aggressive just to be violent.
2011-05-03 18:56
hahaha sure fanboi
2011-05-05 22:20
Oh god, here we go "Mourinho said..." Mourinho is a good tactician, but he is a better psychologist. In case you don't know how Mourinho works let me explain it to you. The MOST IMPORTANT thing is result. He plays on result, it doesn't matter how his team looks on the pitch as long as they get results. Nothing wrong with that. When a team (any team) fails to produce a desired result, everyone looks at their game. If they were playing good the bad result will be forgiven, in most cases, and waved off as bad luck. So when Mourinho doesn't bring in the desired result against Barcelona, of course he doesn't want people looking at his game, he needs to create distractions and excuses. He will point his finger and talk about ANYTHING (refs, how Guardiola should be ashamed etc.) just so that the public will not see the game his team played, because bad result + defensive game that didn't produce anything = disaster for any coach. That has always been his way in Italy (mostly with Ranieri) and especially in England, but you see it less this year because he is in Real and he can dominate most teams with attacking football. If Barcelona goes to the finals, trust me, Mourinho will be cheering for Barcelona to win. ManU winning with their standard style (because SAF will play his game, he will not bend his knee and play defensively) would spell disaster for Mourinho. It would prove that Barcelona can be beaten without playing ultra defensively (and with a worse team than Real Madrid).
2011-05-02 00:53
Completely agree with you..
2011-04-30 20:24
You can't criticize a team by the way they play? Are you dumb? Sorry that Barcelona found out that the "you need the ball to score so keeping the ball away from the other team would be an intelligent strategy until you can make an opening" strategy is a good one. It can be boring and if you don't like it then obviously you don't appreciate football the same way other people do but it's like saying "oh FX plays too aggressively and that's why they blow" or "fnatic can't shoot like SK does and that's why they blow". So if you don't lik how they dominate the game in terms of possession and I guess in general then you're just irritated that their strategy works.
2011-05-03 18:50
I don't like the fact that everybody seems so fascinated by Barcelona. Sure, they are probably the best team in the world, but I still think that it is boring to watch Barcelona play football. Of course, they do some spectacular things, but I still find it boring to watch a full game with Barcelona.
2011-05-03 19:02
That's more of an opinion thing but people here are saying that they are bad because they play like that.
2011-05-03 19:13
f0rest | 
Albania spadzxf 
pepe is abnormal player is not meritet to play futbooll he's agresive , now you open topic for antibarqa all real player have stupid + mourinjo
2011-04-29 22:37 Is Ronaldinho stupid too then? But I guess since it is Pepe it's way worse than what Ronaldinho did. Also, what the hell are you talking about? And: If Pepe's was a red card... What is this then?
2011-04-29 23:03
Pepe is an animal and should be forbidden from playing football. Ronaldinho is an idiot and a sellout, but those two situations are not even comparable.
2011-05-02 00:17
We are all animals? Stupid argument. What about Materazzi? Or Roy Keane?
2011-05-02 08:34
Of course, Nigel de Jong too. Idiots like that ruin careers. I'm not the biased one here.
2011-05-02 09:37
2011-05-02 12:02
Nice argument.
2011-05-02 20:55
Barcelona became brand, it isn't more football club ... I hate those kind of things, and it's so clear that some reffs are trying to protect them... I thought that incident with Chelsea was only one to be with Barcelona, but in last few years it's just not funny any more how much reffs are protecting them, regardless of Pepes red card, that just what I think ... And don't forget, Mottas red last year, when Bousquets was simulating faul, and he was caught by reporters.. It's just not football anymore :)
2011-04-30 01:21
of course its noe football. its the show of 999 mega sponsors starring glamourus symbols. just like the Olympics. A show that USA dominates all the way with its super doped supermen athletes,with the regards of Coca Cola lol.
2011-04-30 18:35
2011-04-30 20:14
Poland jMS 
THIS! That really is ridculous. I mean media make Barcelona gods, they're super-awesome, unbeatable, blah, blah, blah. And if they "accidentaly" (gods can't just loose, they did it on purpose for sure, or they simply were to bored to play) TV, radio, internet, everything and everyone are trying to find some excuses. I really miss Barca playing against some team with solid defense, Italian or English one. Imo you can't really say Real defense or MU (they're good but, not playing at their usually form in this season) can destroy Barca offensive setup. That's why I was disappointed that Chelsea weren't playing Barca year ago. They were playing amazing that time and finally all those fanboys would see that making million passes on own half isn't cool and you can't win the match when your ofense doesn't exist. That's how it would look like against Chelsea then and it looked like before. Remember that 2009 semi? There was no Messi on the pitch, they advanced to final only because of luck and help of the referee.
2011-05-01 00:03
"and you can't win the match when your ofense doesn't exist." I agree 100%, thats why Arsenal(0 shots on goal) and Real(1 shot on goal) didn't win in CL this season. Remember semi last year? Inter advanced to the final only because of luck and help of the referee (Milito offside goal, and offside for Barcelona that didn't exist).
2011-05-02 00:11
Busquets was simulating INJURY not a faul. Even if it was weak and unintentional, Motta put his hand on Busquets face.
2011-05-02 00:14
That always happens in the sports... it's all abaout mmoney, sponsors, brands, television, and all those things...
2011-05-04 15:21
Argentina epov.boris 
Anyway is the best... Or not? Who can deny? Mou and CR7, you have it inside ;)
2011-04-30 01:26
CR7 is the biggest actor anyways but they have to punish theese players harder.
2011-04-30 02:11
Messi is just strong
2011-04-30 19:10
Thanks for thread,I didn't expect to see such a thing honestly. Barcelona is very skilled in both football and acting + they have referees. Also didn't expect to see Messi being such a cunt. I would break this little bitch's face on the Srna's place. Total unrespect from Ukraine.
2011-04-30 22:26
if I had this happen in a match to me. all this acting. I would be pissed and make sure when I get the red card he really is fucking injured. there is NO reason at all to be acting like that. that is ruining the fair play of football, quit going to acting school and start some real football !
2011-04-30 23:19
2011-05-01 01:04
ye, the referee sometimes fails, but it is always for barcelona's side :s
2011-05-01 01:17
barca + pedro + busquets + referees = unstoppable
2011-05-01 13:40
2011-05-01 13:44 Translate : Cuz 4-3-3 is not enough :D
2011-05-01 13:54
AHAHAHAHA awesome pic :D
2011-05-01 13:57
so much whine, so little iq.
2011-05-01 14:04
We are talking about this, because Mourinho just talks about this. Keep in mind, Real Madrid made 1 shot on all the fkin game, and barça had 80% possesion. Refrees errors have been there in football always, if you think barcelona win because of the refs... you are just mad :)
2011-05-01 23:53
barca fanboy ? 80%possesion result 0-0 till pepe was sent off and yet possesion doesn`t mean everything in football =)
2011-05-02 00:22
I love it when Real fans say how Barcelona should be ashamed of the way they won their trophies, but when you tell them Real is shit and didn't do anything against Barcelona for the last 2 years (except the trivial copa del rey which they won with a fluke Christina goal), and that they haven't won CL for the last 9 years they just keep saying "REAL IS THE GREATEST CLUB IN HISTORY". I wonder how great you would have been if you were not carried by Franco for all those years. Now proceed with butthurt, rage and crying.
2011-05-02 00:04
fucking catalans
2011-05-02 00:20
everybody talks about a ratio of ball possession of 70%. are you guys blind? those numbers are from the last 5 minutes of the game.. not the entire game..
2011-05-02 01:23
So basically I reply to every whiner with this comment, not just you. It will be long but please keep reading cause I'm totally disinterested in those 2 teams. (In fact I have both of them.) Real Madrid has the nicest and most expensive squad in the world, with tonnes of talent. Now they have Mourinho who basically play anti-football with his teams. That's what he did with Inter and Chelsea too, this is not a new thing. It is a very effective strategy indeed, and mostly works against every team. So Mourinho plays anti-football, because he knows that RM cannot hold the ball and build up the game like Barca can. BECAUSE: Since Johan Cruyuff Barcelona - as the only team in the world - is built on a very strong and organised youth team, the players know and play with each other since their childhood. In a well organised team it's pretty easy to put someone in, as the new player will easily understand how the team works and can take everyone's role. (Afellay is a perfect example.) This is the reason why Barca always play this style, and now they don't even have Ibrahimovic who was the only striker which could bring something new into their attacking game. Against a team like Barcelona, defensive game and counter attacks are probably the only option. And here comes the magic: The defenders ALWAYS MAKE MORE FAULTS than the attackers. The players from Barcelona overreacted everytime RM players tackled them. Both this and the attitude of RM players are very unsportsmanlike. Since the stakes are very high in the champions leauge, no referee would easily show red cards which basically decide the fate of one team. This time Pepe went too far and a red card was shown. Some say he didn't even hit Alves's leg... COME ON IT'S EASILY A RED CARD! How could anyone say that there was no intend to harm??? I agree that there were questionable moves from Barcelona's side. SERGIO'S TACKLE WAS ALSO A RED CARD in the Copa Del Rey final, out of the question. Spanish matches are probably not disciplined enough. With or without the red card, Barcelona was probably the better team in the 2nd half. And with players like Di Maria, CR7, Higuain, Benzema, Adebayor, Kaká, Özil... Mourinho should stop playing this bullshit anti football and give his players some confidence, because they without doubt good enough to beat any team in the world. The 5-0 in the liga BBVA first leg was totally unreal, and only happened once.
2011-05-02 02:27
im talking about ball possession. nothing else. and if i start talking about those situations of aggressive tackles and many other stuff, we have a one year discussion.
2011-05-02 10:26
he played without defensive strats in Campnou. score 5 0
2011-05-04 00:23
Flamengo > Barcelona
2011-05-02 02:30
where's the hidden camera¿
2011-05-02 21:34
I´m a Arsenal fan and wasn´t happy with the red card on van Persie but it´s not Barca´s fault, they are an amazing team who I support. The referee just made wrong decision.
2011-05-02 03:43
Barcelona sucks, g0 River Plate
2011-05-02 08:36
Barcelona dirty bastards, hope MU will won them, or better be if RM will make comeback in second game
2011-05-02 11:43
2011-05-02 16:22
And Barcelona fans wonder how other clubs and people hate their favourite club... As I wrote under some of YT videos: "I wonder, if Barcelona can win the game without any help from referee". Hope for Real 3-0 Barcelona tomorrow. (I am neutral to these 2 clubs, but after I saw what Barcelona players did in semi-final CL match, I just started to hate them, YES I AM BARCELONA HATER).
2011-05-02 21:13
What Barcelona players did?: DDDDDDD And what Pepe did? What all the other extremely BRUTAL RM players did? What about those situations? You clearly can't see this clear.
2011-05-02 21:24
Real gave up. Anyone would've won with them at that time.
2011-05-02 21:31
Mandril supporters need to be death so stfu and go to cry on hell
2011-05-02 21:52
jajajaaj TOTALLY AGREE pd: esta noche xorreo!
2011-05-03 18:21
Lapez | 
Denmark Lapez 
standard barcelona... Valdes get away with yellow card, with this sick kungfu action
2011-05-02 22:01
2011-05-02 22:30
bark all u want ... nothing is going to change ... :P
2011-05-02 23:03
barcelona vs real 2day gogo
2011-05-03 18:11
Anyway, anytime, any circumstances Barça >>>>> Madrid
2011-05-03 18:16
Honestly, this is the 100th thread about Barcelona being terrible and how they have all these referees behind their backs whenever they go to any other stadium in a UEFA CL game. But nobody has presented proof, besides shoddy blurry shitty user-made clips of incidents in games that have nothing to do with Guardiola. Say what you want about anything but the game ended 2-0 and I'm sure the referees had something to do when Messi drove past 5 Real Madrid players and scored the goal which would have ended the game 1-0 anyways. If you're going to go on and say that Real Madrid "gave up" after one man was sent then you don't know how there is a second leg in CL games and also "giving up" says a lot about a world-class football club. And if you watch or follow la liga or Real Madrid you know Pepe plays over-aggressively and it bit him in the ass this time. If you didn't know Pepe plays like that then you shouldn't be posting in here like you do know. Keep posting in about FC Barcelona and the corruption cloud around them, I'm sure one day it will get to the...oh it won't.
2011-05-03 18:36
There's proof below fanboi kiddo
2011-05-05 22:18
OMG you idiot! It's fairly obvious barca are the best team in the world and there players are amazing... Thats not the point hes trying to make its the fact EVERYTHING is always in there favour. Once theyve had a few hard tackles they all go to ground way to ease looking to give people cards to give them an advantage! The refs are always behind barca every game but then again if 9 players run at you moaning thats going to effect your over all decision. Its 10x Worse than mancheter utd at old trafford in the premiership! Ive decided i dislike barca now there football style is excellent but there mentality is awful!
2011-05-03 18:57
And how is that FC Barcelona's fault?
2011-05-03 19:17
stream for tonight match ?
2011-05-03 19:16
2011-05-03 22:03
Well diving and over reacting to pretty much every tackle springs to mind!
2011-05-03 19:29
Iniesta acting like a master again.
2011-05-03 21:53
1 - 0 :D
2011-05-03 22:00
LOL Barcelona wins again with shit decisions.. Come on, Ronaldo was falling, how could he avoid hitting busquets? This would change the game, cause higuain scored!
2011-05-03 22:05
hahaha.... ronaldo was diving, not falling :P
2011-05-04 03:55
sure mate :)
2011-05-04 14:58
FCB simple the best ;)
2011-05-03 22:49
in another planet, not earth :)
2011-05-03 23:30
FCB <33 cry more boyz, ty.
2011-05-04 00:12
cry me a river ~
2011-05-04 00:14
stop criying an see this for mouhriño fans "" >:) BARCA FTW
2011-05-04 02:41
Can anyone translate?
2011-05-04 14:59
damn,i expected more crying here .... u guys disappointed me .... :P
2011-05-04 03:56
HAHAHA is not a soccer team is a team of girls last 3 years uefa help barcelona vs big teams they win with 1 more player, or offside goal,that kind of things i lose all my respect from uefa, this is not a tournament, this is like a tv show,like WWE, all is fake and you can see the videos uefa president (platini) is a big fan of barcelona, he simply do what he want... he destroy soccer, is not funny now
2011-05-04 04:15
Platini is not a fan of Barcelona, stop saying bullshit, Platini always has been in the top level of the UEFA's organization. And it always was a TV Show, did you realized how many people saw this match around all the world? it always have been a business, like the world cup, and all the football leagues of the world, it is not a game anymore.
2011-05-04 15:28
Platini hate Real Madrid, hate ronaldo cos Real pay 94ME and he say if he have 24, he is 94ME too, hate Zidane cos he won world cup and for a many people is the best french player of all times. Yes, is a business, a TV Show, but people who loves soccer, read soccer websites every day hate this, everytime barcelona play something happen and help them
2011-05-04 19:32
sad real didn't pass it=( yesterday they played good football
2011-05-04 08:29
fc barcelona is a complete joke , full of divers. only players i respect are messi xavi and puyol. the first leg of real barca , nuff said. guys like villa pedro busquets alves etc are disgrace for football. makes you want to punch a whole in their head , they never get caught from stuff like that and this shit keeps going on game after game. really hope that manchester united wins the CL..
2011-05-04 16:42
2011-05-04 17:13 Barca version: What? Messi dived? Red card for the defender. Penalty.
2011-05-04 19:22
still dont get it why you even get a foul and a yellow? i mean let him lay down who cares
2011-05-04 19:29
man stop crying and say who IS THE BEST PLAYER OVER THE WORLD, and, WHO IS THE BEST TEAM OVER THE WORLD? you are a stupid kid
2011-05-04 19:37
2011-05-04 20:41
Yeah yeah, Barca fans loves Barca because they are winning everything. Rest of the world sees how helped they are by the referees so they don't like Barca. Keep being blind, if it makes you happy. :)
2011-05-05 21:53
watch the FULL video and shut up!!!!
2011-05-04 20:02
2011-05-04 19:24
w00p w00p Barca the best :)
2011-05-04 19:34
barca sucks :<
2011-05-04 20:14
Barca won and now i supose you are crying so much that this world is so unfair... ehh open window and get air kid.
2011-05-04 20:43
Yeah yeah, Barca fans loves Barca because they are winning everything. Rest of the world sees how helped they are by the referees so they don't like Barca. Keep being blind, if it makes you happy. :)
2011-05-05 21:54
Im not barca fan, im not even football fan, but you kids make me laugh. Who cares what you think about it in real footbal world really? Who? They don't give a shit about crying kids like you. And i understand you coz you're portugal so you're so crazy kid about cristi ronaldo, but he's sooo crying little gey just like real fans. They lost, thats how it is, somebody wins sombody lose.
2011-05-05 22:23
Unlike you, we are not fanbois. We just hate faul play
2011-05-05 22:05
First of all #297. Secondly if u hate foul play than stop being fan of mourinho play style, he's style is full of agresive and talking shits for every one, he just can't lose...
2011-05-05 22:25
Barcelona sucks UEFA and platini helps them always , refeeres always wistels foul for them...the are no player...they are ladies! The touch them and the fall!
2011-05-04 20:44
There's this yankee seoul fanboi who needs to see these: <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> Barca out of Champions League
2011-05-05 22:07
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