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cs freezes/hangs on startup & exit
Japan novusv 
Hi.. Recently my cs 1.6 has been running kinda strange. It's not every time i run it, but like 80% of the time it freezes/hangs on startup and when I quit aswell. It takes almost a minute to launch/quit, while listening to whatever sound was in my headset at the time, going loop over and over and over and over and.. I think you get it. It drives me insane frankly. The same thing happens when I try to tab out to desktop. But as I mentioned, it is 'only' approx. 80% of the time that it crashes. Often it's related to me using Easy Anticheat, but then when I try exiting Easy Anticheat it still crashes on start/exit. So I dont know honestly. I've tried shutting down my antivirus ect., but it doesn't seem to help. That's why the destiny of my cs is now in your hands :O - help me please! /Desperateguy123
2011-05-01 23:12
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sounds more like a virus problem. first try to install cs new and then scan your pc.
2011-05-01 23:55
Only a couple of weeks ago (had the problem back then aswell) I ran scans with 3 different antivirus/spyware program and none of them found anything. But I'll try reinstalling cs ect.
2011-05-02 00:09
then you should get contact with the eac guys.
2011-05-02 00:17
Perhaps I just need to format c:. I have 35Gb of 320 left :-) , i'll figure something out. But thanks.
2011-05-02 00:21
2011-05-02 00:03
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