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Rank is random
Ukraine QuietRiot 
Playing seriously, trying hard, topfragging = can't get out of DMG cuz of teammates. Playing for fun = ez LEM. wtf fix this shit system
2015-01-23 01:01
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leo carry me pls
2015-01-23 01:02
2015-01-23 01:03
Mad cos bad
2015-01-23 01:04
not rly just can't get the point of this rank system
2015-01-23 01:05
It's very bad. I just played with 2 swedish lems and they were literally like mges or even worse
2015-01-23 01:35
Well, there's this new trend of "reverse smurfing" where people have their friends boost their accounts for free and then go on a "derank train".
2015-01-23 02:19
nah some ppl just play rly inconsistent. like me few days ago i was on fucking fire 20-30bomb every match 8 wins in a row now for 4 days i am happy when i get 15 frag per match but usually end with 11...
2015-01-23 04:06
fix brain
2015-01-23 05:20
2015-01-24 05:03
lol the 3rd or 4th upset on lounge for mlg? gg easy skins
2015-01-24 05:17
did u post in wrong topic xD ?
2015-01-24 05:20
omg fix brain
2015-01-24 05:49
NEO | 
Poland LGf
wtf u want dude we were talking about inconsistency and u jump in with lounge did u replay in wrong thread ?
2015-01-25 21:37
i arent think that
2015-01-25 22:09
NEO | 
Poland LGf
r u mentally ill ?
2015-01-25 22:18
are you officially retarded? is it written down in your identification?
2015-01-25 22:22
NEO | 
Poland LGf
can u fucking check tho what subject u replay too ? cause u clearly lost
2015-01-25 22:58
thats how i play.... one day i can take on everything thats thrown at me, and the next i just cant do anything....
2015-01-25 23:10
go back to esea forums pls <3:^)
2015-01-23 04:58
2015-01-25 23:12
The ranking system IS flawed, though. If you have played at DMG level often, you will understand this. Seriously, some of the DMG's i've been teamed up with should have been MG1. Also, the amount of smurfers is just further destroying the ranking system. So pissed when i'm playing DMG and losing against someone with a 4* gold nova doing a 30 bomb. How am i supposed to rank up with that shit going on.
2015-01-23 01:13
2015-01-23 07:09
You have a dmg rank and you are talking about system Is this real life? dmg=guys who's playing 1-2 times per week.Or just 1,6/cod/dota/l4d/tf2/minecraft players. lem rank=you playing with 100% music volume,drunk, and just doing shit. Don't even talk if you trying hard and still dmg bout system
2015-01-23 01:34
Stop being a cock. Actually I'm LEM and feel myself pretty comfortable vs LEMs/Supremes. Just saying that the current rank system is a complete shit.
2015-01-23 01:53
cod/dota/l4d/tf2/minecraft players = silvers and gold novas, most of them. A lot of DMG players are able to ass fuck some supreme/globals easly, don't forget about that. and go back to your vodka rusky
2015-01-23 02:36
cod2-cod4 player here since ever. First cs. LE here. Problem?
2015-01-23 02:51
There are exception in anything. As I said, most of them not all of them. Well done.
2015-01-23 03:34
i literally have thousands of hours in cod and only 1k in csgo after playing it for a total of what? 2-3 years? and im global and boosted like half a dozen accounts to eagle or legendary. stay mad
2015-01-23 05:21
I was a cod player and im supreme ( after 800 hours csgo ) ur point doesn't make any sense, there are a lot of good cod players who could be good on cs aswell.
2015-01-24 06:17
and then u meet pasha at LEM or mix of PENTA and alternate players on supreme rank. U can meet very good players at lem to global even on mm not to mention army of trying to hide wh/trigger cheaters. ofc there is lot of casual players like me. dont be a dick about it
2015-01-23 04:09
explain silver pls
2015-01-23 05:00
i can easily hold on to a dmg rank only using novelty weapons pretty easy
2015-01-23 01:42
Denmark Blankeh
i used to be DMG, able of playing ranks above with no problem... Then i quitted serious gaming and played with friends instead... i've been all the way down to gola nova and now i just cant get out of Master Guardian Everytime i try to win and play good = bad teammates and after 2-3 matches being like this im going to fuck shit up, wanting to delete game forever, and then i take the 7 days on all my 3 accounts
2015-01-23 02:00
getting global is so easy ;3
2015-01-23 02:30
yea sure cuz asians play autosniper 24/7
2015-01-23 02:33
autosniper legit strat
2015-01-23 02:40
Unlike you guys, who just spam horrible awp shots and rifle OK.
2015-01-23 03:53
Everygame its like this I know those feels bro
2015-01-23 02:39
I also know that feeling m8
2015-01-23 02:46
whats wrong with that ? u have it even on global level
2015-01-23 04:10
Believe me bro, stats doesnt mean shit when you play dmg vs dmg :D You wont never rank up if you don't get higher rank friends so you can get better opponents. :(
2015-01-23 07:41
Brazil hugoooo
This game always have been for people that like to play '4fun', casuals, skin beggars, it was never aimed for the serious 5v5 pro gaming, so what? They are rewarding people that play how it is supposed to be played.
2015-01-23 02:44
rank doesn't mean a lot imo
2015-01-23 02:50
MM is really random... everyone is just better than you and everyone could rape you just like that. Shit happens, dawg.
2015-01-23 02:53
mm system is to harsh when you lose a game
2015-01-23 05:17
Canada reizel
I have been there, my friend, stuck in DMG. If you play consistently, you'll rank up. I lost three in a row and won one, and ranked up. But I played about 20 matches getting 20+ frags everytime, even when we got rekted 3-16, 6-16. If you do good even when you lose, you'll rank up eventually.
2015-01-23 07:19
Dude :D you can't take your 1 experience as an example. I have 3 accounts, one I had 17 wins 1 tie and zero losses in a row, didn't rank up. On the other one I had about 2 win streak when ranking up. The third one I had 1.4K/D 5MVP avg per game above 120 ADR, still didn't get LE after 70 wins. MM is fucked up mate :) All my accounts are unranked now however but they were all dmg+.
2015-01-23 07:54
Canada reizel
I am most mostly talking about my experience and the dev explanation on their blogs.
2015-01-23 08:07
Neh, ranks are perfect and everybody perform equally well in each MM game. HLTV logic. If you ain't top-fraggin you're not contributing HLTV kids seems to think.. Well as you guys seem to all care about frags etc, and a DMG should NEVER be able to carry versus high ranks you say. Just face that when playing MM everybody is inconsistent, not everyone has the right rank. Some master ONE map and just keeps playing that map. Some are more average on all maps. There's ALOT of "smurfs" in DMG my friends. Besides, I'm not DMG. I just never play MM and before I went unranked I was LE. About 200 of my wins are from back when I began playing and I only played with lower ranked friends kinda. So I was DMG for a long time. I never had any problems getting to eagle soloque on my other account though. But I had to do about everything some games as some people have just ZERO confidence and just keeps following you like they are attached to your body.
2015-01-23 07:57
Canada reizel
Yeah, you don't need to topfrag to help your team win. But I doubt the system will reward you for holding an area so your teammates are not killed from behind. So if you are trying to rank up, you are most likely going for kills. Yeah, MM is stupid, but not everyone can afford ESEA and shit. (and don't come to me saying it's just 6 dolars)
2015-01-23 08:11
Never said they are forced to play ESEA. But atleast they can go on faceit and have a somewhat greater chance to develop than in MM.
2015-01-23 08:33
Canada reizel
Faceit is not available in many countries, bro.
2015-01-23 08:44
gz m8, outfragging dat global and supremes easily. are you by any chance looking for a yoda-skilled 5on5 team to show ur skillz in? coz u just look like the mad-fragger we need to win the next majors
2015-01-23 08:55
If think you misunderstood me mate ^^ I merely pointed out that just because you topfrag dsn't mean you are the best player in the game.
2015-01-23 09:20
I think it's because you dont rage when you play for fun.
2015-01-23 09:23
ONLY WAY TO RANK UP: DO GOOD i've experienced this and now i know, if you are getting wins, but not getting points, you aren't going to rank up without 20 fucking wins. stay frosty.
2015-01-23 09:30
who cares about ranks... i was supreme and wanted global so im LEM...fck this
2015-01-23 09:32
Finland FRGZ
Yeah... DMG here, 30 bombs every single game but I play with the same guys I've played with since I was Nova Master, they've been ranking up in the same pace as I have as we've only played with each others but I'm starting to think that they're holding me back from ranking up at this point, it's the same with FaceIt, dropping 35 bombs majority of the games.
2015-01-23 09:41
DMG is the best and the worst rank. Many dmgs are so random. Playing against lems is like reading a open book. You dont need to get 30 bombs every match to rank up. Its better if you get consistent 15-20 every match, then the mm system gives you balanced teammates. If you carry couple matches system expects you to carry every match and your team mates are probaly shit. So dont go for all those extra kills you could. Thats ofc for soloqing.
2015-01-24 06:00
"cuz of teammates"
2015-01-24 06:33
2015-01-24 22:47
I think DMG is a good "mid-range" rank. U can meet very good players there, but also very bad players... I think some DMG's could easily take down supremes and globals. Maybe they just haven't played with a team and therefore don't have as much game-sense or they are stuck cus unlucky solo games.. Best answer is probably to find a team who is equal skill (+/-)
2015-01-25 23:06
2015-01-25 23:10
Dosia | 
North America kqpr0
im playing to mess around and got double AK.. didnt want to rank up :(
2015-01-25 23:13
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