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Fnatic vs Nv (2)
France 7Krn 
Major : Dreamhack Winter : LDLC 1st : 100 000 $ Fnatics 5-8th : 10 000 $ Low Event: Esec 2014 : France 1st : World champion : 6000 $ Low Event: ClutchCon : ( only Us teams ... ) Fnatics 1st : 8000 $ Big event: X-Games LDLC 1st : 25 000 $ Fnatics 4th : 5000 $ Low event: Faceit-TV LDLC 1st : 5000 $ Medium event : Inferno Online Fnatics 1st : 15 000 $ Nv : 5500 $ Fnatic F4nBoy : "Fnatics are the best Team of the world, and Baguette are crying So hard." See you soon to Katowice FnaKids fanboys. /close.
2015-02-12 12:28
France JPK_ 
Cool story bro
2015-02-12 12:29
It's a pretty cool story actually. I actually think that fnatic is a bit better than Envy right now, even though Envy have won a big part of the latest tournaments. But don't forget the end of last year, when fnatic bulldozed everyone and won a shit ton. My favourite team is EnvyUS, so I'm not saying this just because I'm a swede. But fnatic is strong and Envy is right now really close behind in my opinion. It can go either way. Hoping to see Envy take first place at Katowice, but it might aswell be fnatic.
2015-03-02 16:03
man, if you try to say smth: either your own opinion or prove smth with facts, you don't have to say, whose fan are you indeed. Your favourite team is important only for a BRAINDED RETARDS.
2015-03-02 16:32
My comment was specially made for the fact that he is trying to prove a point with biased arguments : why do you have to include ESEC in a comparison between fnatic and nv ?
2015-03-02 20:12
Fnatics are the best Team of the world, and Baguette are crying So hard
2015-02-12 12:29
France JPK_ 
We have nV and titan, and norway is crying so hard.
2015-02-12 12:31
titan = kennyS + 4 dmg baguettes fnatic = 5 stars nv = 5 whiners
2015-02-12 12:44
Sweden fued 
lmao +1 kennyS is basically the whole team
2015-02-12 12:52
Finland ZlSSl 
99/100(kennyS) + 1/100(the others) = TITAN
2015-02-12 13:12
apex is good tho...
2015-02-12 13:57
Sweden fued 
that's true though
2015-02-12 14:28
yeah though
2015-02-12 14:33
Sweden fued 
possible though
2015-02-12 14:37
2015-03-16 22:45
France 7Krn 
edit: titan = KennyS + apEX + 3 bots Fnakid = 5 cancer kids nv = 5 winners handshake bro.
2015-02-12 13:48
thx for views
2015-02-12 14:27
Greece hekzy 
that's true though
2015-02-12 14:53
they keep posting the video giving me views im thankful
2015-02-12 14:54
Vietnam hcd 
Titan = Kenny + Apex + 3 bots AFK all game Oh wait...Did they have 3 bots ? I couldnt see them...
2015-02-12 14:58
lol +1
2015-03-02 16:30
United States DatGuyLegit 
dude they have been playing like shit lately and if you can't admit to that then we have a problem. They should of kept the name LDLC. That's just my opinion.
2015-03-02 16:07
you misspelled whiners
2015-03-02 18:10
apEX is a DMG? Do you even watch pro cs??
2015-02-12 16:54
russia = 1 shithole huehuehue
2015-03-02 15:49
Slovenia k1d89 
UK = 0 pro teams ;) huehuehue
2015-03-02 15:57
Serbia = 0 pro teams ;) huehuehue
2015-03-02 16:00
Slovenia k1d89 
Well u cant compare serbia and uk, standards are very very different and still serbia had tier 2 team who beated NaVi and HR :)
2015-03-02 16:14
Lmao dat excuse
2015-03-02 16:16
Slovenia k1d89 
Ok so were are german pro teams?
2015-03-02 16:17
ok youre trolling
2015-03-02 16:36
You mean 'standards', as in the fact that Serbia is a third world country? I'm not sure i'm following, so excuse my manners.
2015-03-02 19:17
Slovenia k1d89 
Mate u don't know meaning of that term so better dont use it... I'm just trying to say that here there is no big company that can sponsor some young talents and peoples to play games, we need to work and study so we can survive in this difficult times. Our mentality is also like that u cant see a parent who will encourage his child to play games instead of studying... Also it wouldnt be like this if we "love America" so much like Russia, but how we can love some country when they bombed us without the reason, just cuz we dont like their policy?
2015-03-02 19:31
funny to hear that from serbian xD
2015-03-02 17:48
2015-02-12 12:51
Fnatics are the best Team of the world, and Baguette are crying So hard
2015-02-12 13:08
norway > titan ez
2015-02-12 13:12
France 7Krn 
nice try flusha ! oh wait ...
2015-02-12 14:12
2015-03-16 22:42
fntic ducks
2015-02-12 12:30
Fnatics are the best Team of the world, and Baguette are crying So hard
2015-02-12 12:30
you put so much effort into this post, not envy fanboy at all
2015-02-12 12:31
Fnatics are the best Team of the world, and Baguette are crying So hard
2015-02-12 12:32
and why did you start counting from dhw? and missed esea17? btw dhw: fnatic won to ldlc in quarters
2015-02-12 12:34
this forum is full of retarded scandinavians
2015-02-12 12:35
I like how you exclude Faceit season2, ESWC, Fragbite masters, and ESEA s17 and adding ESEC to somehow make fnatic look worse than nV.
2015-02-12 12:35
sorry but fnatic only lose bo3 to envyus in DHW fnatic always rape fuc* your logic
2015-02-12 12:37
fnatic didn't lose to nV at DHW? They won, and after a shitstorm they decided to forfeit?
2015-02-12 13:19
I'm not even a fan of either of the teams, but do we agree that without the boost, they would not have won?
2015-02-12 13:50
No, we are not. That's speculating. It did look like nV had the upper hand, however.
2015-02-12 14:44
Greece hekzy 
You are retarted. 13-3 and on anti eco is not just upper hand. It's gg.
2015-02-12 14:54
No it's not. It's a possible comeback, but it's hard as fuck.
2015-02-12 14:55
welcome to counter strike, you should start playing against bots ;)
2015-02-12 15:06
Europe _jUNGLE 
auron, please they won 13 rounds as CT only because olof abused his infamous sniper boost which is now banned, for the 13 straight rounds he shot LDLC players down like kittens, as they didn't even know where he was until like 25th round. How is that a win? In any sports tournament there is a penalty up to a loss by default due to unsportsmanlike behavior. And that is exactly what fnatic did. Lost all my respect to them since that accident, and a lot of other ppl did. pls note that I never felt any sympathies to LDLC, moreover, I was an SY&B/fnatic fan since DHS'13... till DHW'14
2015-02-12 13:54
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom Harribo 
unsportsmanlike behavior = completely owning the other team?
2015-02-12 14:34
The boost wasn't disallowed due to being superior - In fact, overpass is a shitmap with a ton of shitty boosts, most used by most of the teams. It was banned due to "being godlike from certain points on the map".
2015-02-12 14:45
It was banned because there was few see-through walls.
2015-03-02 15:53
No it wasn't, and you'll notice so if you go back and re-read the articles.
2015-03-02 16:38
"boosting with the help of team mates is allowed in general, but it is forbidden in places where the textures, walls, ceilings, floors become transparent or penetrable" - Dreamhack CS:GO Rulebook. - LDLC File protest : "
2015-03-02 16:48
Kind of ironic how LDLC's boost rendered some walls transparent as well, but no one objected it. Oh well, they cried their way to the final, they can't be that happy about it themselves.
2015-03-02 16:53
Yeah, the whole game was a total mess. But didn't fnatic do a complaint about their boost aswell. When both teams were breaking the same rule, the map will be replayed and fnatic decided to forfeit because of the hate from community.
2015-03-02 17:04
That's the old 2013 rulebook. That was NOT used for the 2014 Dreamhack Winter Majors.
2015-03-02 18:36
It was USED, just check out the interview of dhw guy. They didnt make a 2014 rulebook since 2013 was still good.
2015-03-02 19:08
forfeit = lose
2015-03-02 17:51
lol fnatic FFW to ldlc in dreamhack winter after winning the bo3, ldlc wud never win the major if fnatic is there, and tell me a single bo3 ldlc edged fnatic at lans? it's very insulting to compare ldlc with fnatic's lvl of cs at a normal day, tell me now how much bo3 fnatic raped ldlc at lans? i can't count them...
2015-02-12 12:39
ok mad baguette clutchcon ESWC (1st) fragbite Masters S3 LAN (1st) Dreamhack Winter (5th-8th) ESEA S17 LAN (1st) MLG X Games Aspen (4th) ESL ONE [2] IOS 1 Faceit lan finales 1. LDLC/NVUS ESWC (2nd) fragbite Masters S3 LAN (2nd) Dreamhack winter (1st) MLG X Games Aspen (1st) ios 3 faceit lan finales 3 GG get rekt n00b baguette and they never won bo3 on lan agienst fnatic
2015-02-12 12:39
typical 3rd worlder
2015-03-02 16:18
typical ragehacker Kappa Oh wait....
2015-03-02 16:40
I don´t see a reason for me too "rage hack" but ok
2015-03-02 16:41
germans are country who cheats the most in MM tho :/
2015-03-02 16:43
hmmm i would say russians cheat more but ok
2015-03-02 16:53
1.Germans 2.Russians
2015-03-02 17:12
oh my friend no
2015-03-02 18:33
even if israel is 3rd world [and she is not ] what does it has to do with my opinion
2015-03-02 18:32
A Third World country is a country whose views are not aligned with NATO and capitalism or the Soviet Union and communism. The use of the term Third World started during the Cold War and was used to identify which of three categories the countries of the world aligned with.
2015-03-02 19:30
ok. and what does it has to do with me expressing my own opinion..
2015-03-02 19:36
Envy won more events recently but Fnatic is simply in a better shape than envy atm
2015-02-12 12:39
the real question is How much?
2015-02-12 12:41
I agree m8. Most deserved +1 of the day.
2015-03-02 15:45
fnatic won against LDLC in DHWinter but they forfeit for the boost
2015-02-12 12:44
Sweden Snipatore 
a forfeit is still a lost.
2015-02-12 14:13
2015-02-12 14:55
formally yes, in terms of quality and deciding who is better nope
2015-02-12 15:14
Sweden Snipatore 
still a lost :D
2015-02-12 22:33
"still a lost"
2015-02-13 12:48
2015-03-02 16:19
lossered* :)
2015-03-02 19:18
Italy Sgare 
You can't mention ESEC, because sweden wasn't with their best 5
2015-02-12 12:46
you think nV is better because won more $$$$$$$$$$$$?? XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD baugette logic see you soon katowice fnatic & vp final elo
2015-02-12 12:48
France 7Krn 
nope. they just won the most importants events. Handshake bro.
2015-02-12 13:46
Dunno bro but you have forgot that nV have just been in 1 major final. Fnatic have been in 2.
2015-02-12 14:10
France 7Krn 
Fnatic got 2 when the ldlc lineup wasn't created. Handshake bro.
2015-02-12 14:15
2015-02-12 14:38
in your logic nip > fnatic then because of major finals ?
2015-03-02 18:21
LOL! :) Lost much, baguette?
2015-02-12 12:53
France 7Krn 
0. $ i'm not a csgolounge client. Mad fnakid ? Handshake bro.
2015-02-12 13:42
Do you think I'm mad? =D No, Why would I be mad? Fnatic cant lose against Envy! =D And that handshake is just something people laugh about. So that's just funny! :D However, I think the fans should be friends. I dont hate you. And atm, I think fnatic is #1. And Ency is really fucking close behind. If Envy just shape up just A LITTLE BIT they'll be able to clinch that #1. Katowice will be nice! :) I hope for a great final between the two of them! GLHF Fnatic & EnvyUS!
2015-02-12 14:09
France 7Krn 
nice try KRIM'z handshake bro.
2015-02-12 14:16
I tried to unite the fans. :) But it failed! HF Next game vs Titan! :) I hope you play good! :)
2015-02-12 14:31
man u tried to be polite and kind, but as you see, he's a sad french kid
2015-02-13 12:48
Nice try NBK.
2015-03-02 15:47
Taiwan SCVready 
Let's talk about the real stuff. How much?
2015-02-12 12:57
Russia SemirGerkhan 
Fnatic >>>>> envycry. Deal with it girls.
2015-02-12 13:09
France 7Krn 
Fnakid please ...
2015-02-12 13:42
Greece hekzy 
Shox: Guys, I have 10% packetloss (around 150 ping). Can we play on another server? KRiMZ: NO BECAUSE I HAVE 65 PING IN OTHER SERVER BETTER U HAV 150 AND I HAVE TO PLAY WITH ATLEAST 5 BKUZ IM ONLINER OKOKOKOK CRYBABY? STOP CRYING ABOUT UR PING OKOKOKOKOK? CRYBABY Fnatic = ***holes and kids biased kid
2015-02-12 14:57
Russia SemirGerkhan 
how much?
2015-02-12 17:23
/Report /Ban /Close Big event: Faceit 2nd 2015, Fnatic champions: 20 000$ (LDLC got 2-0'd by American IBP and didn't even make it to the final). Big event: ESWC 2014, Fnatic champions: 20 000$ (2-0 for Fnatic, France humiliated on home soil, scarring LDLC forever). Big event: Fragbite Masters 2nd 2015, Fnatic champions: 21 600$ (3-1 in maps for Fnatic after throwing one map where they were on match point forever).
2015-02-12 13:18
Sweden Snipatore 
but where is norway? :D sorry brother ^^
2015-02-12 14:15
how is it relevant where Norway is when all we're discussing here is Fnatic's placements compared to NV's? in norway we're too busy living real lives while only a few sit at their computers like me.
2015-02-12 14:20
fan of krimz.
2015-03-02 18:26
Well i just donth give a fuck about eather team, but whay start from DHW? go a litle back in time and you will se reality.
2015-02-12 13:10
2015-02-12 13:12
France 7Krn when new LDLC lineup created ? handshake bro.
2015-02-12 14:05
LOL. LDLC lineup was created in August, and they played 4 or more events prior to Dreamhack Winter and didn't win any of them. meanwhile, fnatic won almost all of them. titan the other.
2015-02-12 14:21
France 7Krn 
September bro, september.
2015-02-12 14:38
Sweden infx 
fnatic>>>>nV sry sry 4 insults
2015-02-12 13:13
2015-02-12 13:14
On lan map scores between Fnatic and NV: 2-0 for Fnatic at ESWC - total walkover on home soil 3-1 for Fnatic at Fragbite Masters - after throwing one map where they were at map point forever, sort of walkover 2-1 for Fnatic at Dreamhack Winter 0-1 for nV at MLG 2-1 for Fnatic at Pantamera Inferno Online = 9 to 4 = nV are better /s
2015-02-12 13:23
Greece hekzy 
220$ > 170$ So yeah, winning shitty online or lan SE events is not a big deal, we'll see you in Katowice.
2015-02-12 14:59
What are we going to see ? These guys loosing again and again against Fnatic and after that going to cry on Twitter ? Let's see ^^
2015-03-02 15:51
That happened but it was NiP who rekt nv, where are the fanboys now lmao
2015-03-16 22:48
Fnatic could easily beat nV on Katowice.
2015-03-17 15:55
we will se nbk cry on twitter afer loss..
2015-03-16 22:49
3-1 at inferno
2015-02-12 15:07
BO3s won in LANs: Fnatic = all nV = 0 BO3s won online: nV = 1 Fnatic = all the rest
2015-02-12 13:47
France 7Krn 
by: fnakid fanboy <3 fnakid you have no power here.
2015-02-12 14:08
Like it or not, you cant change the facts
2015-02-12 14:09
Finland Kurppa 
What makes you less of a fanboy? Because you don't have <3 Baguettes next to your name?
2015-02-12 14:12
France 7Krn 
where you country is located ? you have no power here.
2015-02-12 14:20
Why are you saying fanboy to everyone when you are a LDLCry fanboy ?
2015-03-02 15:58
He does and he just proved a point.
2015-03-02 16:28
fnatic flusha>world
2015-02-12 13:50
France 7Krn 
nice try flusha.
2015-02-12 14:06
1. ESEC/Clutchcon/asus rog and that shit DOESNT COUNT online tournaments? BITCH PLEASE LOL So MLG X games Envy-us 1-0 fnatic IOS pantamera ENVY-US 1-1 FNATIC /close
2015-02-12 14:16
France 7Krn 
nope ! because : "Fnatics are the best Team of the world, and Baguette are crying So hard."
2015-02-12 14:21
Stop trying, we can all see your replys and they looks so dumb that they make me want to cringe.
2015-03-02 16:29
His English makes me vomit aswell. >.>
2015-03-02 17:14
olofm fan. nt
2015-03-02 18:29
i guess we'll just have to wait for katowice
2015-02-12 14:21
sad baguettes, sad team,
2015-02-12 14:23
France 7Krn 
raging cause we got the best food ? mamakid, handshake bro.
2015-02-12 14:25
frogs= best food? keep crying
2015-02-12 14:37
France 7Krn 
talking about baguettes. use your brain. thx.
2015-02-12 14:39
but fnatic didnt lose to crying baguettes then :D nV never won a bo3 LOL
2015-02-12 14:35
France 7Krn 
edit: Fnakids please.
2015-02-12 14:41
How many times did ex-ldlc/envy beat fnatic offline in a bo3? Rest my case kkthxbye frog-eater baguette mvp
2015-02-12 14:43
Esec had nothign to do with nv what so ever, kennys just carried france like he does with titan xD
2015-02-12 14:44
Fun Fact: The tournaments envy finished first NiP eliminated fnatic because envy themselves can't do it.
2015-02-12 14:57
ESWC, Faceit lan, Fragbite Masters, ESEA? And ESEC means nothing, France is the only country that brought anything close to its best lineup.
2015-02-12 15:02
so stupid.... lol... what about ESWC Faceit, Fragbite and others?? LOOOOOOOL
2015-02-12 15:02
Number of times LDLC/nV has beaten fnatic in an offline bo3: 0 mad baguettes: nV top 1
2015-02-12 15:04
2015-02-12 15:07
how much
2015-02-12 15:09
wtf is that shit ? :D
2015-02-12 15:10
the truth my friend.
2015-02-12 16:49
i dont know if it is joke or u re trying to be funny or what..
2015-02-12 17:16
what's your brain lvl to not undestanding " Truth " ? handshake bro.
2015-02-13 11:44
hmm then whats your brain lvl to not understand what i meant ?..dummy french girl
2015-02-13 12:38
you meant ? You just say some shit guy. Nothing to undestand. Brain lvl = Fnakid lvl
2015-03-02 15:16
probably you are braindead so its ok little french girl/gay
2015-03-02 15:38
Not sure if stupid or bad troll.
2015-03-02 15:55
Italy rbz 
I particularly like the emphasis you put on So by capitalizing the first letter.
2015-02-12 15:25
u mad bro cuz ur shitty teams are getting raped by fnatic again
2015-02-13 12:45
Sorry to make you sad but fnatic will rape nV in Katowice ;)
2015-02-13 12:51
Dude do you have like a hand fetish or something? what's with all the handshakes.
2015-02-13 12:51
frenchie is mad xD
2015-03-02 15:18
Poland sajlent 
ESWC 2014 - fnatic 1st, LDLC 2nd FACEIT 2014 - fnatic 1st, LDLC 3rd-4th Fragbite Masters 2014 - fnatic 1st, LDLC 2nd (BO3 3-1 for fnatic) nice try baguette
2015-03-02 15:23
if you are fans of Fnakids you should have aproximately 14 to 17 years old.
2015-03-02 15:24
nice try NBK go get better at the game and stop whining on hltv :3
2015-03-02 15:29
hahaha by <3 KRimZ Handshake bro ?
2015-03-02 15:45
Bulgaria J4R 
Fnatics are the best Team of the world, and Baguette are crying So hard
2015-03-02 15:32
fnatic also lost to NiP in their last offline BO3!
2015-03-02 15:35
Fnatic also lost to Dignitas/TSM
2015-03-02 18:03
"Jesperrrrr <3 JW" Are u kidding with your nickname ? Dude, you are a troll, or you just fail ur life...
2015-03-02 15:51
lol, typical 14 year old baguet still thinks nv is better than fnatic for winning one tournament by whining.
2015-03-02 16:27
Finland kimi__ 
Dude, you are the troll here. Age: 27? nice fucking joke, nobody can't take you seriously, typical 13yo gold nova 2 kid trolling hard
2015-03-02 16:28
Vox Eminor best :)
2015-03-02 15:39
2015-03-02 15:41
2015-03-02 15:41
Spain akproxx 
why every fucking fanboy of envy hate fnatic and every fucking fanboy of fnatic hate envy (also this people hate france or sweden teams too) Both are amazing both are tier 1 both can win over the other Just enjoy the show they give us
2015-03-02 15:43
2015-03-02 15:46
because it's a team of kids.
2015-03-02 15:51
Just as childish as shox, nbk, and rest of the N'sync crying on twitter, isn't it? Also, 2 years old video, not even the same lineup... Stop warping the reality to your liking, you have no base here. fnatic is just a better team, fair and square.
2015-03-02 17:02
even nbk already admitted that fnatic are number 1 and this faggot is still wasting his time with some useless shit lol, dont u have something better to do ?
2015-03-02 15:43
I love how you skipped all the events before DHW, where fnatic dominated LDLC over and over again.
2015-03-02 15:45
LDLC creation : September 2014. Handshake bro.
2015-03-02 15:52
I'll just say it again. I love how you skipped all the events before DHW, where fnatic dominated LDLC over and over again. For example, ESWC, Faceit, Fragbite...
2015-03-02 15:56
Because they were almost half a year ago...
2015-03-02 18:04
Who won ESWC, Fragbite Masters S3? In those finals, LDLC choked like on a whole new level.
2015-03-02 15:52
JOKES ON YOU THE UK HAS ALL OF THES- Nevermind. We don't have a fucking thing. Fuck you guys
2015-03-02 15:51
keep arguing about who is the best, kids
2015-03-02 15:54
+LDLC won SLTV s11.fnatic lost quals.
2015-03-02 15:54
Standard baguette to cry xD -Krimz U missed like 5-6 events :) or do only dreamhack count in 2014? wtf u stupid
2015-03-02 16:06
"France 1st : World champion : 6000 $" wtf? =DD "Fnatic vs nV" was the title. :)
2015-03-02 16:08
NiP best.
2015-03-02 16:15
You forgot to mention tha fnatic kicked nV-s ass in almost all recent head to heads.
2015-03-02 16:15
To be honest I think that in terms of level of play, fnatic are above them right now, but I still believe that it can go either way. Also French teams usually perform worse with a lot of pressure on their shoulders. We'll see what happens at Katowice, but I wouldn't be surprised if fnatic place higher than nV.
2015-03-02 16:23
Lol, delusional.
2015-03-02 16:26
fnatic shits all over France.
2015-03-02 16:34
Well, EnVu have never beaten fnatic in a bo3. What more is there to say? They only won Dreamhack due to fnatic leaving WO. Beside from that, they've won like 2-3 bo1 games in group stage or online in like 7 months.
2015-03-02 16:37
Germany wookles 
me > fnatic > nV
2015-03-02 16:42
how can envy be top1 if they always loses vs fnatic..... to be the best you have to beat the best
2015-03-02 16:42
your fanboism gives me cancer bagguete
2015-03-02 17:12
Oh, you pathetic frog, no matter which way you spin it, fnatic was always the better team. It is time to wake up and stop embarrassing yourself. handjob fag.
2015-03-02 16:59
Envy won major and big money Fnatic: bunch of cheaters winning small event
2015-03-02 17:02
doubt envyus will win this, even though im cheering for them. fnatic just seem too strong, unless they have to face titan in the bracket i don't see them losing in this tournament
2015-03-02 17:20
You think EnVy wasn't trying to win those smaller events ?
2015-03-02 17:51
how much?
2015-03-02 17:53
no cz no baguete
2015-03-02 17:55
lol u forgot fnatic first at ESWC, fragbite masters lan and faceit lanfinals xDxD
2015-03-02 17:56
Honest to be , I liked so much the ex-LDLC team ( now EnVyUs ).. but I think they focused more on money they earn instead game. Maybe they are missing MoMaN or I really dont know what is getting them lower and lower.
2015-03-02 17:57
I dont care for either team but how can you call Envy BETTER than fnatic. When they havn't won a bo3 against them yet and dhw doesn't really count since it wasn't played out.
2015-03-02 18:06
your super baguette team lost to a NA team on faceitlans in the semifinals, I dunno why you downgrade fnatics victory on american soil hehe
2015-03-02 18:12
But what will your defense be when players from envyus said that fnatic is better
2015-03-02 18:39
Fnatic beat the baguettes in DHW and they should have been out in the quarters so you cannot include that result.
2015-03-02 18:58
By using illegal boost kiddo, fnatic knew they lost the first half of overpass so they had to use their little trick to win
2015-03-02 19:12
The boost itself was legit "kiddo". It was only deemed illegal because it made a texture transparent.
2015-03-02 19:14
Fnatic is better then Envy At the moment so why are you mad? "LDLC" was better for a little time after all the witchhunting for flusha but now fnatic is back and wont give them a fucking place to breath bruh Baguette mad cuz bad
2015-03-02 19:09
I'm a fan of nV and bit of a hater of fnatic, but you forgot to mention that fnatic won FACEIT Season 2 & ESWC 2014. NiP have won the most prize money in CS:GO, does it make them the best? Just stop with this bullshit.
2015-03-02 19:15
no shit sherlock pass me that joint
2015-03-02 19:22
inb4 Snax go nuts again and steal the champion for VP.
2015-03-02 19:23
You forgot quite a bit of tournaments there.
2015-03-16 22:40
2015-03-16 22:41
Half of these dont count
2015-03-16 22:42
2015-03-17 15:58
haha this post x) someone can't handle that France always will be nr2, and never on top.
2015-03-17 16:04
not even nr2
2015-03-17 16:15
can i laugh ?
2015-03-17 16:33
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