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Serious: Has anyone found any Flusha aimlocks since MLG?
Norway jannys 
Believe what ever you want, but imho I think Flusha used to cheat, but he doesn't do it anymore. Im wondering if anyone has gone through any demos since MLG when his performence suddenly dropped. It can be anything though, pressure, just going through a rough periode, whatever reasons, I just wonder if the aimlocks have dissappeared or if they're still happening. For obvious HLTV reasons: No, I did not bet.
2015-02-12 15:12
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Of course you didn't bet, not a single person on HLTV bets. I'm sure someone has dedicated themselves to scrutinizing every second of his MLG performance over on Reddit.
2015-02-12 15:15
fear le reddit armie
2015-02-12 15:48
I can't ask on reddit, if you try to post the post get downvoted to oblivion and it doesn't get noticed. I tried, but had to resort to HLTV.
2015-02-12 15:59
dfuq ? troll or hltv or both ?
2015-02-12 18:33
Damn, you're stupid. It has gotten to the point now where some idiots actually think everyone bets. And that if they say they don't, they're just lying. Holy balls to the walls, your world must be spinning out of your control. Bro.
2015-02-12 18:43
Hit a nerve? Like I said, not a single person on hltv ever bets.
2015-02-12 18:46
i bet
2015-02-12 18:53
Hopefully flusha finally grew balls and no aimlocks anymore.
2015-02-12 15:17
Sweden Sdkay 
Fnatic has 4 top 20 players in their team and fusha is still topfragging from time to time, I don't think anyone could go through what he did without being the least bit affected.
2015-02-12 15:18
He never cheated
2015-02-12 15:21
2015-02-12 18:35
Kuwait Friza 
Since all the GIFs / aimlocks were released there has not been any dodgey moments at all. So yeah he probably cheated upto that point, and then stopped cheating. He is still a good player regardless aim lock on was probably to help gain a small % advantage to see if an enemy was behind/near a certain area.. like I said he's still a top player so it doesn't matter skill wise, no doubt in my mind for that period of time he was cheating. He's still a top player without it
2015-02-12 15:29
ZywOo | 
Germany fulltilt 
someone that used cheats is not a top player - its a scumbag
2015-02-12 15:31
2015-02-12 15:33
There have been loads of professional players in all kinds of sports that used various kinds of advantages over their opponents, wether they were caught at some point during their careers or not is not really the point. They were still professionals doesn't matter if they were more professional at cheating or playing. It also doesn't matter that i agree that those guys(or gals) are scumbags.
2015-02-12 18:48
ZywOo | 
Germany fulltilt 
in memory of eddie guerrero - if u are not cheating you are not trying
2015-02-12 23:09
nice coverup mate, "shit he wasnt actually cheating nevermind ill just tell people he stopped doing it huehue i wasnt wrong im never wrong"
2015-02-12 15:32
I didn't cover up I added a sentence and fixed spelling. He cheated without a question of a doubt in my mind during that time, he got caught and he has stop. He continues to play today and is still a top tier player without cheats, any top player that has used cheats in the past is still good without cheats - it's not like your skills goes away. wilzOOO uk and krystal de are examples of that, without cheats they were still top players in their respective countries.
2015-02-12 15:36
lol being a top player in the uk basically means you've purchased the game and as for flusha lel still havent seen anything substantial
2015-02-12 15:38
I like the part where rather than coming up with a rational response you are only able to note that the UK cs scene is awful (which is so true that it's not even an insult) and that you're the kind of person who uses "lel".
2015-02-12 15:44
I used two examples, there are many more. Wilzoo cheated vs. 4Kings online - he then later went onto draw with SK-Gaming in their prime on lan. Then world champions at CGS krystal got caught cheating then went onto win CPH Games and has been one of the best players in DE scene during that time period and still do this day. Even Pimp used smoke sprites back in the day, still (then and now) is one of the top players in europe. List goes on and on - many players are the same, you get to a skill point where cheating only gains a "minimal" advantage unless you're stupidly obvious. If most pro's cheated now, 99% of them (if they did it right...) would get away with it. mOE would have got away with it if it wasn't for ESEA, we're talking players that are already at the pro level that want literally a % chance of gaining an advantage. No offense to you but I probably know more people that have cheated who are in the top scene from back in 1.6/CSS or even start of CS:GO days than you if its from smoke spirtes, to configs to subtle aim locks/wallhacks. It's so minimal to detect if they're already in the top 1-2% of players in the world - they have the skill already there with or without cheats is literally the smallest advantage as possible... unless they use full on wallhack / spinning aimbot. I am not talking about my arse and I'm sure any pro's that are reading this right now would agree to an extent
2015-02-12 15:45
"without a question of a doubt in my mind" this is the problem with people who are certain he cheated, they're not critical thinkers. he didn't get caught, nothing in those gifs or videos are even close to conclusive. with so little evidence you can be suspicious, but that's about it. to be so certain with so little evidence, with a persons reputation at the line just illustrates you're a drone.
2015-02-12 15:52
I'm not a drone, me like the majority of pro's who said he cheated during that time agreed.. and I can bet you any money the ones that thought he cheated, probably don't think he cheated now - and if you ask the ones who thought he was cheating during that time period, I recon they will still agree (a) he cheated during that length of time (b) he doesn't cheat any more. GIF/video evidence was substantial during (a) Since then there has been nothing REMOTELY similar technique / style of how he played and locked on through the walls since he was discovered to be cheating at all. Literally since the videos he hasn't locked on as consistently or at all... that is my point. He is still a top player without a question of a doubt, one of the best in Europe but like I said without a question of a doubt in my mind he cheated in a small time frame, cheats or no cheats he's still sick at the game. p.s. He's still a top guy for donating to KabuM he done that out of his own pocket that speaks volumes. No-one will even know if he cheated or not but I will hold that view of him in the past, same like I do with wilzoo, krystal and moe - once cheated but still top players.
2015-02-12 16:00
+1, this is also what I believe nowadays. After the orginal d2, inferno and mirage clips - which were super strange - I haven't seen anything like that. There were threads with some .gifs, like that one versus ESC on Nuke but those were all nothing, people seeing what they want to see. Thing is though, both JW and Flusha are nowadays not as sick as before and I sometimes wonder if JW was also cheating in the past.
2015-02-12 16:11
Flusha yes during that time period, JW definitely not. He's aggressive awper like Delpan like mix style it's just his play style, kennyS/Delpan mixed is how JW plays - run around yolo awp style:
2015-02-12 16:17
Yeah I also don't assume he's cheating, just noted he wiffs more shots nowadays, but with his AWPing style it's too be expected I guess.
2015-02-12 16:23
" both JW and Flusha are nowadays not as sick as before and I sometimes wonder if JW was also cheating in the past." More likely the army of ignorant teen boys which repeat cheating accusations every chance they get without any evidence is demoralizing and causes them to underperform.
2015-02-12 16:20
"I'm not a drone, me like the majority of pro's who said he cheated during that time agreed" when I say you're a drone I'm implying you're not an independent thinker. to counter that you use some incoherent argument from authority. i hope you see the irony of that. regarding your second point, first he wasn't ever "discovered" to be cheating so stop lying. some videos were made of his mouse tracking a model through a wall, which is normal for any player given enough samples. your argument is that he hasn't done that since some unspecified time, to which I say you couldn't possibly know that unless you've watched every single demo from his pov since. and even if that was true, it wouldn't prove anything other then what we already know which is that those previous instances were infrequent occurrences.
2015-02-12 16:16
I know what you imply, how can I not be an independent thinker - I am listing points from past and present. FYI I am an independent thinker and I'll type and what whatever believe in regardless of a forum or life. And if you haven't of guessed by this topic or any other comments I am an opinionated person, I have a view which I believe in.
2015-02-12 16:21
No, you use arguments from authority. you spout maliciously defamatory views regarding a person without any evidence. you perpetuate a witch hunt.
2015-02-12 16:28
"without a question of a doubt in MY mind" P.s. with your fake nick I'm guessing I probably know you :) You don't seem to be a steel fan, but there are many of those
2015-02-12 16:37
You're not an independent thinker when all your opinions are at best rehashed and at worst just copy pasted from the 'book of hateful fnatic comments' that everyone on HLTV has been writing for the last 3 months.
2015-02-12 18:47
Don't you realise that the comment you just posted is also rehashed and could've been copied and pasted from any blind flusha defender in the last 3 months?
2015-02-12 19:26
there's a fundamental difference between defending someone that has been accused of heinous activities without convictions or hard evidence, and actually doing the accusing. if the accusers are wrong, they have contributed to relentless unjust bullying and tarnishing the reputation of an innocent person. if the defenders are wrong, there is no consequence. supposed cheaters should be considered innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. this is a cornerstone in western judicial systems for reasons that apply equally here. i repeat: to be so certain that someone has cheated with such little evidence, and to actually spout that opinion publicly with conviction is not something a responsible person does.
2015-02-12 20:39
"such little evidence" - clearly subjective.
2015-02-12 20:56
while good evidence cannot be subjective.
2015-02-12 21:15
No, it still can be.
2015-02-12 21:27
ZywOo | 
Germany fulltilt 
The thing is: If u you understand how cheats work and how they look like + a lot of experience in terms of cheats (Iam german) you could CLEARLY see that he used cheats. The only reason he didnt get caught is because he never got reported in a tournament that required in eye demos to be recorded. Without In-Eye-Demos there is no judgement. He probably didnt even use the cheat on matches that required ineye demos because he is not stupid.(but there is not many) So knowing that "GoTV footage" wont be used in anti cheat evaluation made him feel so safe. And there he is - still playing for a top team. Still collecting prize money and support. Flusha showed how its done. How to cheat on a top level. What a player
2015-02-12 17:00
"If u you understand how cheats work and how they look like + a lot of experience in terms of cheats (Iam german) you could CLEARLY see that he used cheats" I've played online FPS games since 1998 and I don't see anything conclusive. You've just convinced yourself.
2015-02-12 17:35
ZywOo | 
Germany fulltilt 
playing online fps games doesnt mean shit, most pro players dont even know how to detect a cheat and they are more experienced than most players. Cheating and playing a game are 2 different aspects.
2015-02-12 23:08
Completely agree.
2015-02-12 15:41
Nice try flusha
2015-02-12 15:39
Czech Republic JOHHNATHANE 
jesus i love novas witchhunting flusha
2015-02-12 15:40
I guess I'm the only one that thinks shitty low tick demos isn't actual evidence and the fact that Valve or ESEA didn't even bother to investigate him pretty much proves my point. Maybe he cheated who knows but the "evidence" found on him is not actual evidence just some shitty low tick demos that were edited to show what ppl wanted to see thats it.
2015-02-12 15:55
Low tick is pretty meaningless when it comes to the cheat flusha was using. Essentially it was a wallhack but obviously he didnt see through walls because he needed to be able to use it on LAN.
2015-02-12 16:06
he just stopped or minimized the aimlocks through walls to get information. dont forget, aimlock is mainly for AIMING and he still uses it for that. and playing in a pro team were you mostly have only 1 angle to cover, there is no way for him to get busted. unless 2 enemies pop up like it happened on inferno.
2015-02-12 15:57
ofc really obvious one Kappa
2015-02-12 16:22
If this was reddit and if it was possible then I would have given you 1000 upvotes. This like other evidence is so blatant. Which legitimate GOOD player keeps the cross-hair on walls all the time. And just so when he is looking at walls, his cross-hair is right at the enemies. Look at 0.06, that's just ridiculous.
2015-02-12 16:43
either forgot your Kappa or full on retard.
2015-02-12 18:32
You are the most German person of all Germans.
2015-02-12 18:46
This offends me as a german. :(
2015-02-12 19:03
I must say that the past weeks he was lacking skill, then some days ago when he had started getting better I noticed him aimlocking someone through the wall (Inferno vs envyus, aimlock happened while he was standing in banana (Upper right dark corner with the wood, and then he suddenly flicks his aim fast on someone at B site)
2015-02-12 16:35
Dosia | 
Norway Skagos 
He didn't cheat then and doesn't cheat now Go cry in a corner you 8 year old silvers
2015-02-12 17:40
He probably just set up his hack properly. Or uses a different one. If you're dead certain he's not cheating anymore since there haven't been any aimlocks recently you're just as delusional as the people who denied the fact that he was cheating.
2015-02-12 18:41
Nope. Logic. Not even once.
2015-02-12 18:45
+1 i think the same way
2015-02-12 18:45
no aimlocks since mlg he also started using m4a4 wich shows me that he was hacking in the past i remember him spraying down 4 ppl at once with 8 bullets only headshot now he cant even spray down 5 man eco rush with m4a4
2015-02-12 18:54
That's called the A4 has a huge recoil compared to that A1
2015-02-12 19:06
Never cheated. People are just trying to find excuses to try to get him banned. I personally dislike Fnatic, but I believe Flusha never cheated. Go back and watch your own demos, it'll look the same as Flusha's "aimlocks". It's called dragging your mouse across the pad and your crosshair ends on an enemy, look like aimlocking, but it's not. And that is what Flusha mean't by lifting his mouse.
2015-02-12 19:05
Please. If he was so "clean" and all the aimlocks were just random moments in demos where it looked like he was cheating but in fact he was not, why aren't we witnessing the same happening again? This is what OP is asking: if he was clean and it was only his playstyle, the nothing should change in his playstyle and we should still have the same exact amount of suspicious actions in his demos. If suddendly the suspicious actions stops, it means something has changed in how flusha play. Are you telling me he has changed his playstyle and lifts his mouse less? I suppose at this point you'll just reply me that he's got that bigger premium 200x200cm mousepad Kappa
2015-02-12 19:20
I mean, I do believe that some instances were actually skill/gamesense. For example that wallbang through mid in cache, it was in my opinion a combination of sound+gamesense+skill. But some instances aren't that. For example there is a demo where on dust2 long, he's holding a smoke, and his mouse locks an enemy through the smoke, and he moves quickly back. You can also from the way he moves back how that mouse movement feels innatural, as if flusha wasn't in control of the aim/mouse-movements when the lock happened. Here's the video I am referring to: Also, what the fuck is this? he's watching a part of the map that isn't even playable! And it makes it twice to hide the first time, cmon, I checked that angle like the 3rd time I played overpass and felt like a retard for doing that, that is not something a proplayer or every clean player would do!
2015-02-12 19:49
Of-course not. Because he turned off.
2015-02-12 19:24
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