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Macedonia ZOKI4S 
2015-02-15 20:52
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The video has nothing to do with the donations he made, this is just a video about their project with text that Pita added to it. So, taking a video and adding text "we are so grateful for his donations" uploaded by Pita himself, makes this some kind of proof that he donated the money? Oh guys.
2015-02-15 20:56
Confirmed Pita's account.
2015-02-15 20:56
Yeah, you just answered it for yourself. Confirmed Pita's account. You don't think it's a bit weird that Pita himself uploads a video like that? Pita, uploads a video of someone thanking him for his donations.
2015-02-15 20:56
Germany julz^ 
he uploaded this video today, looks like he wants to proof everything
2015-02-15 21:03
The guy who is speaking says exactly what pita wrote.
2015-02-15 20:56
he said in a statement on facebook he kept the money so far and that the money are at fifflaren and Room on Fire. now he donated? bitch please, record a scroll down through the account.
2015-02-15 20:58
Faruk 'pita' Pita 11 mins · I wanted to publish everything at the same time, but ill start of with this since there is questions
2015-02-15 21:00
That was mediocre 3D editing software at its finest. A few years ago, I was in High School and we had a fundraiser for Invisible Children. We raised $100k and it was supposed to build a radio tower. Instead the charity basically did fuck all with the money and the people who ran it ran around jerking off in San Diego. Seems this is a similar case, only Pita didn't jerk off in San Diego (yet).
2015-02-15 21:02
lmfao as if this proves anything pita you shifty fuck
2015-02-15 21:02
Before this video was published by pita himself (rofl on that one) i wasnt sure that there was something shady going on here, but after this video, wow.
2015-02-15 21:04
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