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TOP 3 hardest languages
Russia jobs! 
For me: 1. Chinese 2. Arabic 3. Russian Only languages of developed countries/continents
2015-02-16 12:15
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2015-02-16 12:18
2015-02-16 13:57
2015-02-17 16:10
The Welsh language is pretty fucking hard to learn.
2015-02-17 14:03
pretty much all asian languages are hard for europeans coz they are simply just so different
2015-02-17 14:32
.."mandarin" is Chinese?
2015-02-17 17:21
No there are two Chinese languages.
2015-02-17 17:30
2015-02-17 17:41
what? lol
2015-02-17 17:44
he is wrong? explain to me
2015-02-17 17:57
I don't know what does he meant by "there are two Chinese language".. There many many Chinese accent, and there are probably 3 types of Chinese character. Ancient Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. they all read the same, but written differently however old chinese and new chinese(traditional and simplified) are read differently a little bit :\ the old Chinese looks like drawing lol
2015-02-17 18:04
ty for info, dude
2015-02-17 18:06
oh and, Mandarin is the most spoken Chinese dialect and as well known as the "Chinese language".
2015-02-17 18:09
and.. why "mandarin"? modern Chinese language? no?
2015-02-17 18:12
you can say that mandarin is one of the Chinese dialect, because there are so many Chinese dialect exist and Mandarin is the most spoken and considered as national language. However all writing is the same for all dialect. It's probably like Australian English, American English and British English... I guess. The writing is the same but you read it differently, or some sort of. I'm no expert though. TLDR: -There are many "spoken" type of Chinese. They all share the same writing but you read each word differently depending on the dialect. Like how you have different vocabulary in Brit's and American's -There are simplified, traditional and ancient/old "written" Chinese character. Most common one are simplified and traditional.
2015-02-17 18:18
How you can relate cantonese and mandarin to spoken British and Australian english is magical. I love it when I speak cantonese to a stupid mudblood mandarin idiot and they know what I'm saying.
2015-02-17 18:57
well I'm sorry I couldn't find up better example! XD
2015-02-17 19:01
german is also fucking hard
2015-02-16 12:21
Poland apEEl 
Not really
2015-02-16 12:22
well , if your learning it and want to speak it decent, it is
2015-02-16 12:27
did German in school for 1 year, usually takes 3, got an A*.
2015-02-16 12:48
wow you so smart. Eat a dick.
2015-02-16 13:04
Don't invite me to dinner.
2015-02-18 08:38
Oh, you get a A* wow, you must be able to speak fluent. The german you learn is not up to the level to the everyday use of german
2015-02-16 13:25
yeah, probably proving a point. if you struggle with gcses ur p dumb
2015-02-17 19:02
I got a C in French, didn't know a single word. A* means nothing mateeeee.
2015-02-16 13:57
that's why you're going to fail in life.
2015-02-17 01:53
Cuz he got a C in a foreign language class he is going to fail in life? da fuq?
2015-02-17 01:58
yeah, why not? seems legit for me; NOT !
2015-02-17 13:57
Fail because of a subject I was forced to take. Nice logic
2015-02-17 12:48
dem ginger brits got no clue
2015-02-17 13:52
I took Spanish twice and got an A both times. I can't speak shit in Spanish.
2015-02-17 16:15
I hate to be the internet white knight, but English and German are pretty similar in some ways and hence English (maybe not) being your primary language, German wasn't too hard to learn.
2015-02-17 17:34
No it isn't i could skype with you to prove it. It's one of the easiest languages to learn in Europe
2015-02-17 17:30
Russia jobs! 
your language seems to me a very rough-sounding..
2015-02-16 12:23
Germany aigi 
funny, i think most of us think the same about yours :D
2015-02-16 12:26
yeah, Russian accent sounds rude =)
2015-02-16 12:32
you think they fucking scream the shit out of eachother, but infact they just want to know what time it is lol
2015-02-17 13:51
I like Russian casting :S
2015-02-17 16:04
it sounds like german people are angry when they speak
2015-02-17 14:33
fun fact: we actually are
2015-02-17 17:11
could say the same thing to you :D
2015-02-16 12:28
really not. relatively small number of grammar exceptions, pretty constant word order, clearly defined rules. kinda similar to german nature in terms of effectiveness.
2015-02-16 13:04
German should be relatively easy for those who are already good at English.
2015-02-16 13:44
From what I know the way to pronounce stuffs there is the same with Indonesia, so should be pretty ez for me :)
2015-02-16 13:58
its not :P
2015-02-17 12:53
it's not
2015-02-16 13:53
Not really. Not one of the hardest at all. :)
2015-02-17 13:55
Forums are full of that kind of websites, mostly they say hardest one is Chinese and from Europe Polish, or
2015-02-17 14:26
its not hard compared to chinese or russian
2015-02-17 16:20
s1mple | 
Sweden DiTzZ 
Not at all!
2015-02-17 17:26
russian? i was learning russian 1 year in school when i was younger. Ez language. speaking - ez, writing - hard. polish is fking strange language. German is horrible
2015-02-16 12:22
Russia jobs! 
For many causes difficulties. It's not so easy, you lot don't know, i'm sure
2015-02-16 12:25
He's Polish, for slavs every other slavic language is EZ. Even without learning it :D
2015-02-16 13:58
We all slavs can say that sexy RRRRRRRRRRRR D:
2015-02-16 13:59
exactly :D
2015-02-17 13:25
Its not polish flag you genious haha, im not sure but its Malta propably
2015-02-17 14:20
CIS Bushyba 
It's Singapore flag.
2015-02-17 14:26
good to know ;]
2015-02-17 14:40
I've never mentioned that his flag is polish. Andrzej Amant Andrzej Amant Andrzej Amant Andrzej Amant His profile has a lot of polish words aswell. "Headphones: siberia to gowno" (Which translates as Siberia is shit) And I know it's not a polish flag, I'm polish aswell... You must be new here, small tip: Most of ppl are fake flagging ;] And next time don't insult others, especially when they're right ;]
2015-02-17 15:19
I didnt expect that someone is able to fake flag and 2nd is able to check everyones profile like that. Btw where did i insult you hah
2015-02-17 21:08
let's talk brO?? :D
2015-02-17 16:16
russian is ezpz dear cyka
2015-02-16 12:24
"suka, blyat'" that's all you know?
2015-02-16 12:28
there are like 1000 languages and dialects hardest than russian
2015-02-16 12:56
kakdila ?
2015-02-17 17:54
United Kingdom kools 
1. Hebrew 2.Arabic 3. Russian
2015-02-16 12:27
2015-02-16 12:31
lmfao not a chance
2015-02-17 13:57
Russian is easy
2015-02-16 12:33
device | 
France lulu412 
1.Englando 2.Englanderino 3.HLTV language
2015-02-16 12:35
shox | 
Canada dB- 
1. Englando ezpz lemon squeezy 2. samerino as englando excepterino neederino to adderino "erino" afterino eacherino worderino 3. no brains required, it's HLTV therefore full of retards
2015-02-17 15:55
Ty u saved my life <3
2015-02-17 16:28
I dont think any language is difficult once you know it :p But I would go with Mandarin/Cantonese, simply coz it works differently than most languages. But eastern Euro languages are also difficult if you dont know how it works. Russian or Polish isn't easy I find Norwegian/Swedish easiest, you just go: Knäckebrød and they know exactly what you are trying to say
2015-02-16 12:39
2015-02-16 12:58
2015-02-16 14:16
shox | 
Canada dB- 
KnäckebrødKnäckebrødKnäckebrødKnäckebrødKnäckebrødKnäckebrødKnäckebrødKnäckebrødKnäckebrødKnäckebrød i can't pronounce this it sounds hard :'(
2015-02-17 15:56
Rødgrød Med Fløde
2015-02-17 16:10
i wont say russian because well.. my flag 1. mandarin 2. french 3. arabic
2015-02-16 12:42
lel, french is considered really easy
2015-02-17 13:11
no, took me a lot of time (and im not the only one) to learn this language.
2015-02-17 13:20
I think it's alot easier for us europeans with an indo-european backround too pick up on french since... well we've got the same backround. o.o Although it's still hard for us since it sounds like no other language, I can't begin too image how hard it'd be for you with a different backround. Kudos for trying though.
2015-02-17 14:13
shox | 
Canada dB- 
it's really hard to write with all the exceptions It's only easy if your native language is a closely related latin language like portuguese, spanish or italian if not it's pretty hard, but not as hard as mandarin
2015-02-17 15:57
1. All asian languages 2. Arabic languages
2015-02-16 12:43
czech | 
Slovakia harek 
Quenya Sindarin Klingon
2015-02-16 12:47
WTF? hard polish
2015-02-16 12:49
Poland n1u 
Polish is so fucking hard, really.
2015-02-16 12:52
our languages are somewhat similar in sound
2015-02-16 13:09
yes.... in sound
2015-02-16 13:36
France WAYNE! 
1. mandarin 2. arabic 3. polish French is also very difficult but i've never rly learnt it (i mean at school)
2015-02-16 12:52
french is easy, je mapple (your name), je suis (your country), je aime la chatte
2015-02-16 12:58
je m'appelle*, j'aime* good luck
2015-02-16 13:05
I agree french is easy but annoying language .. I only like how their language sound when i listen to french rap (although i understand nothing :D)
2015-02-17 13:49
+1 it sounds so nice but they are talking to fast to understand anything
2015-02-17 16:25
shox | 
Canada dB- 
you say it's easy but you can't write it for shit LOL kurwa kurwa kurwa see polish is easy :)
2015-02-17 15:58
yeah french is not easy to learn
2015-02-16 13:55
but not so hard for me
2015-02-17 14:26
2015-02-16 13:00
I found such a pyramid There was some ranking couple months ago, about language difficulties.
2015-02-16 13:00
2015-02-16 13:10
Brazil hugoooo 
Looks accurate! Polish always looks the most weird for me
2015-02-16 13:22
They cant even write finnish correctly
2015-02-16 13:29
see? it only prove how hard this language is;)
2015-02-16 14:03
Its english though..
2015-02-16 14:06
hahahhahahahahahah <3
2015-02-17 13:27
Switzerland F50 
see? it only prove how hard polaks are
2015-02-17 16:14
so smart WOW
2015-02-17 18:26
shox | 
Canada dB- 
swedish isn't even there
2015-02-17 15:58
I would probably swap the middle and the top parts with eachother.
2015-02-17 18:41
but sound like russian
2015-02-17 21:11
greek....................... even greeks cant speak proper. top1 chinese top2 greek
2015-02-16 13:10
Mandarin too ez They use simplified words and only have 4 syllables. Cantonese use traditional words and have 9 syllables :)
2015-02-16 13:04
Yeah, ppl are saying that Mandarin is hard because they're afraid of learning new alphabet. It's not really that hard.
2015-02-16 13:54
Mainland China* uses simplified.
2015-02-16 13:55
Slovakian Czech Because grammar ;)
2015-02-16 13:04
Europe HLTVs Hero 
Arabic Hebrew Mandarin
2015-02-16 13:06
2015-02-17 16:03
obv everything but English
2015-02-16 13:16
Czech Republic realsnack 
1. Czech 2. Asian languagas (as Chinese, Japanese etc.) 3. English (Grammar)
2015-02-16 13:19
ENGLISH GRAMMAR IS HARD? WHAT made my day And yes, I don't speak about basic of basics but all the fancy sh!t which isn't even close to being hard compared to Polish.
2015-02-17 14:14
English has tons of retarded "exception to the rule" type of stuff which makes it hard to learn especially if you don't hear it in a day to day life. Like if you live in a country where tv shows are just dubbed instead of there being subtitles, it can be pretty hard to get close to speaking good English. Nordic countries have it a bit better in that way, also naturally in HLTV people are gamers etc. so those kinds of things develop your English in younger age as well.
2015-02-17 18:46
Finnish obv.
2015-02-16 13:24
2015-02-16 13:30
2015-02-16 13:30
Swedish Chinese I don't have a third one. Hebrew is the hardest for foreigners in my opinion. Someone wants free lessons? just tell me a word in English and I will translate it for you :)
2015-02-16 13:31
You said you don't have a 3rd one besides Swedish and Chinese, then you say Hebrew is the hardest... That makes hebrew the third one mate :D
2015-02-17 14:22
shox | 
Canada dB- 
how do you say : non jews are filthy scum and we are the master race to rule the world?
2015-02-17 16:00
Obviously this depends alot on your native language, tones etc. but Chinese, Arabic and Japanese I guess. Honorable mention to Greek. Hebrew, Vietnamese, Russian, Hebrew, Hindi... the list can be made long.
2015-02-16 13:34
1. asian languages (especially the kanji/mandarin and stuff) 2. russian (cyrillic) 3. arabic basically kinda all languages which use other letters than normal :D
2015-02-16 13:33
Portuguese is hard imo
2015-02-16 13:42
Hungary powi 
I always hear hungarian is fuckin hard obv chinese/japanese and maybe hebrew
2015-02-16 13:43
When I was younger I found portuguese somehow kinda hard to learn .. to many verb tenses, rules, etc.
2015-02-16 13:46
1.Chinese/Japanese/Other Asian languages 2.Arabic
2015-02-16 13:48
2015-02-16 13:48
i think hardest is russian, china and spain language i lern into school france and very good
2015-02-16 13:52
i think English is hardest for you
2015-02-16 13:54
georgian is the hardest,im from georgia... ))
2015-02-16 13:54
Ancient greek
2015-02-16 13:56
Greek, Finnish and French imo.
2015-02-16 13:57
I can say Polish, cause it's my native language and I see how fucked up and nonsense it is. So many gramatic rules and exceptions, actually not even rules, sometimes it seems like every phrase is exception. Many Poles can't even speak Polish properly so I'm not even talking about foreigns
2015-02-16 13:58
Same shit in bulgarian :D When i see those fb posts which are totally wrong written (and no its not on purpose) makes me think bulgarian is one hell of a language too. Also if u learn bulgarian and hear a local in Bulgaria speaking u couldnt understand a word because we cut them in half so u can talk easily :D
2015-02-17 13:57
Singapore Runk 
Hungarian is widely regarded to be the hardest language
2015-02-16 13:58
finish, japanese/chinese, russian
2015-02-16 13:59
Mandarin ofc R.I.P 30/100 score each test i cri everitiem
2015-02-16 14:03
Arabic :P
2015-02-16 14:04
Russia SemirGerkhan 
russian language is not hard. it's pretty easy to learn.
2015-02-16 14:06
Never really tried to learn russian but i can understand it even though i dont try my hardest. For countries from Eastern Europe its easier to pick up russian because there are lots of words that match with our language. I imagine what it is for ppl from Britain trying to learn russian :D
2015-02-17 14:01
2015-02-16 14:08
French is hard because of its grammar, but if you speak an alphabetical language i guess something completely different like manadarin or japanese is harder and the other way around too
2015-02-16 14:12
2015-02-16 14:12
Portuguese is easy? ok Kappa
2015-02-16 14:13
flusha | 
Europe An0n0n 
I don't really think some languages are that much difficult than others, but here in the Netherlands fucking immigrants who live here for 30+ year can't even make a grammatically correct sentence.
2015-02-16 14:13
Netherlands Klitaris 
You can't just say that one language is hard and another isn't. It depends on your native language and it's origins.
2015-02-17 12:53
Hungarian Arabic Chinese
2015-02-17 12:54
Only languages of developed countries/continents For me: 1. Chinese 2. Arabic 3. Russian
2015-02-17 12:54
Danish isnt that easy for people who dont grow up with it. Pretty similar to swedish and norwegian, but still different.
2015-02-17 12:55
Denmark iPlayer 
That is pronouncing, the gramma is quite easy.
2015-02-17 13:40
Danish gramma ez? It´s horrible and doesnt make any sense most of the time. What to choose et or en? Its just horrible
2015-02-17 18:05
exactly:P u have to be danish so u can hear it cause its hopeless otherwise:P
2015-02-18 08:25
Hungarian and mandarin
2015-02-17 12:57
In school my teachers usually said that Portuguese is a very hard language to learn, not because of the words, but because the grammar is very hard and foreigners think it doesn't make sense. For the hardest ones, I would go with mandarim and arabic :P
2015-02-17 12:58
Polish is easy, but the grammar isn't (for me it is, cuz im polish). For example, "z" with dot above means the same as "rz". It's not that hard.
2015-02-17 13:03
russian isnt so hard imo, i guess chinese is hard af
2015-02-17 13:03
2015-02-17 14:04
Arabic is one of those languages that doesn't have vowels, they are usually written in small signs once you're more advanced you'll get rid of them, so let's say like the word "Nglsh" is they way to type "English"
2015-02-17 13:15
Almost everyone listing their native language LMAO
2015-02-17 13:13
Slovakia ziki966 
1. Hungarian 2. Mandarin 3. Finnish Nuff said
2015-02-17 13:14
f0rest | 
Belgium Qker 
1 Mandarin 2 Arabic 3 French (Most of them can't even speak it properly ^^)
2015-02-17 13:19
2015-02-17 13:24
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Written English is probably one of the worst, it has so many inconsistencies - There isn't really a logical way to write in English, it comes more from experience than anything that can be taught. Apparently a lot of it is because the first English typewriter was operated by Belgians, and they used to spell words in their own language (i.e. Busy, used to be spelt Bisy), and apparently they used to purposely add letters into words to increase the amount they could charge (They were paid per line, so more characters = more money), so they intentionally added an "I" into frend to make Friend, amongst other words. We also copied a lot of foreign words, but didn't change their spelling to coincide which the english pronunciations.
2015-02-17 13:24
2015-02-17 13:25
1. Arabic 2. Swedish 3. Russian
2015-02-17 13:25
polish shwhshwhhs kurwa mac
2015-02-17 13:27
Buehehe kurwa jebana
2015-02-17 13:34
TOP 10 of NY times: 10 - French 9- Danish 8- German 7 - Norweigan 6 - Finnish 5 - Japanese 4 - Portuguese 3 - Arabic 2 - Korean 1 - Cantonese (traditional Chinese)
2015-02-17 13:31
Danish is easier than Icelandic, which used to be featured on the list. Icelandic is also harder than both Norwegian (which is the same as danish, just easier to write) and German. The reason why these languages should be easier, is that we have adopted alot of both english and specially latin words, that almost have the same sound and is almost written in the same way. Likewise, some english words are in fact danish / scandic - so most people will have something to relate to, if they already know either one of the latin inspired languages (spanish, catalan, romanian, italian, romansh, french, portugese) or english, which of course also have alot of latin words.
2015-02-17 13:48
portuguese is the hardest latin language to speak because of all the vowels sounds (dont know the term), spanish has 5, portuguese as more than 18 i think, too lazy to research edit : grammar
2015-02-17 14:52
Hong Kong herry0277 
learnt YOUR Top 1 language yeah~ this is my native language
2015-02-17 14:02
source of it.
2015-02-17 14:24
Can't say much from experience, but I've heard that Korean is actually pretty easy, at least in terms of writing. Again, not speaking from experience just read it somewhere
2015-02-17 16:02
Cantonese is not traditional chinese. Korean is pretty easy, at least the writing system
2015-02-17 16:04
Belguim :DDDDDD
2015-02-17 13:35
Finnish, Polish, Hungarian.<-- proven fact ;) Also all asian language will be hard for outsider since it requires new alphabet (with new concept of writing which make them harder to learn than russian with its cyrillic)
2015-02-17 13:40
Finland I still dont know how to speak it im 21 years old
2015-02-17 13:43
+40 same here
2015-02-17 13:46
Proper German is too hard to learn even for native speakers...
2015-02-17 13:44
When I see today's youth you are totally right.
2015-02-17 16:04
Turkish finiSh hunGarry
2015-02-17 13:45
Definitely the Finno-Ugric languages.
2015-02-17 13:46
HLTVese is pretty hard at times
2015-02-17 13:48
United Kingdom tomtmh 
i arent think that
2015-02-17 14:34
watf are u want dude hltv is ez
2015-02-17 14:38
how much?
2015-02-17 17:34
i didnt betted on this game nub saucer
2015-02-17 17:46
1. Hungarian Trust me ... if it's not your native language it is the hardest to learn it .
2015-02-17 13:49
Polish, Hungarian, Chinese
2015-02-17 13:56
Hong Kong herry0277 
2015-02-17 14:00
Serbian is hard for sure
2015-02-17 14:18
Slovenia wanek_sti 
Russian is easy. Hungarian is hard. Ugh.
2015-02-17 14:22
CIS Bushyba 
French is the hardest.
2015-02-17 14:27
yoo french is fucked up end of story
2015-02-17 14:27
Swiss German :)
2015-02-17 14:27
Xyp9x | 
World FreeSir 
1. Chinese 2. Japanese 3. Korean 4. Latin
2015-02-17 14:28
Korean isn't that bad. You can learn how to read it in a couple of hours, then you just have to memorize the words. That's equally difficult for all languages. Some letters are hard to pronounce though.
2015-02-17 16:03
i think portuguese 10 * more words than english
2015-02-17 14:29
1. Swedish
2015-02-17 14:29
Italy Sh0WN 
I Always though that For other People italian is hard to learn (the grammar i say)
2015-02-17 14:32
Not really.
2015-02-17 14:58
semi time to learn of languages Link gives a cancer in pepperonis
2015-02-17 14:35
ingleesh iz pridy hard
2015-02-17 14:38
Russian is the hardest language after my native, I believe. I wanted to learn Russian, I love this language but it's too damn hard, the only sentence I mastered is "ya nyeh gavaryoo ba rooskee" xD I don't even now if I spelled it right.
2015-02-17 14:43
chinese, polish, hungarian
2015-02-17 14:48
qanagattandyrylmagandyqtarynyzdan - the longest word in kazakh which means - because of your dissatisfaction
2015-02-17 15:51
lol, even hard to say it slowly
2015-02-17 16:14
That's actually seems like a setence more than a word .-.
2015-02-17 17:24
its a word :D
2015-02-17 17:30
2015-02-17 17:32
2015-02-17 15:59
Everyone from Russia should have english as hardest
2015-02-17 15:59
no english is easy to learn,russian ppl just more lame then others in term of learning other language.Hardest lang imo is russian even tho im speaking it like real russian ppl
2015-02-17 16:04
2015-02-17 16:13
hehe, made my day =D
2015-02-17 17:23
swedish and finnish is pretty hard
2015-02-17 16:16
Spanish is ez for u?
2015-02-17 16:15
too fast for me, i can't talk so fast
2015-02-17 17:22
Spanish 2ez my friend.
2015-02-17 17:23
said spanish guy. russian ez for YOU?
2015-02-17 17:24
no my friend, 2hard4me, but cyka blyat I have Arab origins, Arabic ez for you my friend?
2015-02-17 17:26
no :( only my "good" eng.
2015-02-17 17:28
Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic
2015-02-17 16:16
Russian is ez in fact.
2015-02-17 16:17
1. English /close
2015-02-17 16:28
English Most people on HLTV don't know how to speak it
2015-02-17 17:18
Polish is hard :\ It's hard even for Poles to speak/write correctly. :'(
2015-02-17 17:23
s1mple | 
Sweden DiTzZ 
I've heard from others that Swedish is quite difficult..
2015-02-17 17:27
By Continent: 1. African Continent (so many different types of dialects) 2. Asian Continent (again, so many different types of dialects) 3. European Continent (same as 1. and 2.)
2015-02-17 17:34
By country: Africa gg geography
2015-02-17 17:28
Better now smartass? You dont forgive one slight typing error do you?
2015-02-17 17:38
How do I know you don't really think Africa is a continent? :\
2015-02-17 17:40
Are you on to something? Do you want me to follow your racist lead? Not gonna happen
2015-02-17 17:41
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2015-02-17 17:46
kiddo? profile/age: 17 Gotta be shitting me
2015-02-17 17:48
Nice try, u should write fables Mr. Tuwim.
2015-02-17 18:12
1. VietNamese ( ez top 1) 2. Arab 3. Russian
2015-02-17 17:28
2015-02-17 17:30
Ill vote on Russian
2015-02-17 17:41
Any asian Russian
2015-02-17 17:42
russian is ez pz. It sounds good kidna smooth cant find better word for that. You need to know gramma rules and with them you have tools to create sentences. There is less intuition needed that in english so that might make it easier or harder to learn depends on your preferations.
2015-02-17 17:53
Denmark vexity 
Danish is pretty fucking hard. But russian and asian languages or other languages with foreign signs i think is very hard aswell.
2015-02-17 17:59
Well, Hindi is easy as far as speaking is concerned but writing is too difficult than any Language or Video game foshure..
2015-02-17 17:59
Europe Dan Zero 
2015-02-17 18:00
chinese > all
2015-02-17 18:10
2015-02-17 18:36
eltöredezettségmentesítötleníttethetetlenségtelenítötlenkedhetnétek longest hungarian word :D gl hf! top3: - chinese - finnish/hungarian - arabic
2015-02-17 18:55
Macau fAKEs2j 
panish, German and Arabic ... The Ukrainian is another, perhaps by the combination of symbols, letters and numbers backwards. LOL! Spanish By changes due to accents (Checked world), the Arabic for writing so rare.
2015-02-17 19:06
Any language for me because we aren't bilingual >.>
2015-02-18 08:45
1st Finnish Language 2nd Russian (To read) 3th Asian languages (To read)
2015-02-18 08:53
16:55Heretics vs Fierce
00:00Isurus vs RUFUS
11:00forZe vs Evil Geniuses
Evil Geniuses
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