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Why does everyone rate ex6 so high?....
United Kingdom Gerald. 
why does everyone rate him so high cause he was only good in source? Name me something he's won in 2014? Dreamhack bucharest only thing? with a cheater? He's a terrible IGL. There's never been anything wrong with the lineups, yet they never win anything or get out of the gorups at majors. shox NBK scream and smithzz back when he was prety amazing, didn't win anything or get out of the groups. KennyS NBK scream and smithzz, fail at everything again. I've said this for the past year, ex6tenz is the problem with titan being shit. He's a terrible IGL, and even worse player. Ye he has some nice clips now and then, but 90% of the time he bottom frags. And yes, frags do matter even if you're leading, how else you gonna win if you don't kill? Happy kills, xizt kills, zeus kills, taz kills, karrigan kills.... Like why does everyone rate him so high when he's absolutely terrible? What strats does he have? Boost over something for Kenny to get a pick? Wait for Kenny to get a pick then go from there? Wait for Kenny to get a 4k so the other guys only need to get 1 kill a round? Ye solid strats right there from such an insane IGL isn't it. Kenny dropped 50 frags at pantamera, and titan lost the fuckin match. What does that tell you about ex6? stop rating him so high, when he cant win anything, or even make it to semi finals/finals regularly. He's terrible, and there's no facts to prove he's good. Why else has NBK, smithzz and shox gone insane since leaving titan? How are they one of the top 2 teams right now? Shox in Epsilon was insane. Oh that's right, ex6 wasn't IGL. when smithzz moved to LDLC, he went 10x better than what he was on titan. Same as NBK. Stop hyping him up, when in reality he's a shit IGL, and even worse strat caller. He has no strats. Just rely's on star players, which in turn make him look good.
2015-02-21 02:39
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Norway Clo^^ 
I don't think he is anything special either, but he's an okay igl
2015-02-21 02:41
He's terrible. The only way Titan win if Kenny carrys like always, and if apex can pull his weight.
2015-02-21 02:46
Denmark Sokkernes 
What do you know about titan m8. 0 english team".....
2015-02-21 20:48
man if shox is playing insane it doesnt mean the igl is a beast
2015-02-21 22:48
how much?
2015-02-21 02:41
YES I AM A EX6TENZ FANBOY... Nearly every good player he has had in his team has never been better than when they were playing with him KennyS Shox NBK SceaM RpK He is the best to make the good players be as efficient as they can be, and using them to their full potential. Also watch this video if you want :)
2015-02-21 02:45
You clearly haven't seen shox in epsilon then, or smithz before and after leaving titan. Also, thorin is clueless on a lot of things, he may have a notebook of what he wanks over everytime fnatic win something, but he doesn't know shit on certain things. KennyS was sick in clan mystik. Ye he's gone better with titan, due to experience, but he was pretty amazing before titan.
2015-02-21 02:45
Well I didn't just base it on what Thorin said, and shox wasn't as his best at epsilon, imo, the only reason why he was getting most frags at epsilon was that he was the only guy that could get the frags, and he really needed to carry.
2015-02-21 02:48
See, I can tell you know nothing. Kioshima was on epsilon, he's a sick player. fxy0 was on epsilon, and he was pretty isnane with an awp. 3/5 could frag amazingly, which is what a team needs. Just look at shox Vs hellraisers. He raped them 2 times, 16-0 as well one time. and shox vs NiP at ESL Cologne. He also took down Titan on Epsilon, and many other teams. "he is the best to make the good players be as efficient as they can be" LOLOLOL, nice b8 m8. So he can make others good, but not himself? Can't make maniac good? Can't make RPK good? Just look at apex in Cologne compared to how he plays now. He absolutely raped at Cologne, and he can barely carry now.
2015-02-21 02:52
What are you talking about cant make RpK good, RpK came back after 2 years of inactivity... And i guess you're on the BOT Maniac train, because Maniac have had some poor games lately, but I atleast have seen him perform for Titan. Apex got 40 kills against dAT. But as I said, I'm huge fan of him, and been that since the dominating days of source with VG.
2015-02-21 03:15
source is a different game, ye he was insane at source. But I just hate people who hype him up on GO, when in reality he's such a shit IGL. He's always been Titan's problem. dAT are a pretty shit team since losing flamie.. It's like a global playing against DMG's, easy to frag. 2 years of inactivity, then that just shows how dumb he really is lol. Bringing a guy who hasn't touched CS for so long. but w/e, think what you want, the reality is that he's shit.
2015-02-21 03:24
I dont think it was stupid for him to use RpK, cause I think he will be insane again, but who is in your opinion the best IGL then?
2015-02-21 03:29
xizt and happy. Both solid fraggers and clutchers, and both actually have set strats, and don't rely heavily on picks, like pronax or ex6. xizt is so under rated. He has set strats which is confident will 100% work. Inferno being the exception, as it depends if Friberg can destroy banana. But even then, they use set strats. Pronax, is like ex6, except he uses people effectively. relies on JW/olof to get a pick, then comes up with a strat if they get a pick. He's like xizt and ex6, except doesn't have ex6 shit qualities. Don't forget, xizt has been to every major final, and won way more than anyone else. Plus all the finals they made as well such as MLG. You don't get those results by relying on 1 guy getting picks.
2015-02-21 03:39
xizt and happy are a different kind of igl. ex6 is more like a director while the others have more of a chaotic and spontanous approach. Pronax is kind of in the middle. i also prefer the open style and think that its a more modern way of playing cs, but we shouldnt underestimate what ex6 does strat-wise. Considering that they stay competitie with 2 players who got less than 15 frags in 8/10 games
2015-02-21 04:17
nV have good strats :D made my day mate, thx
2015-02-21 19:51
Ye, the team that has no strats always win everything. Play like a mix team = best team in the world. #GermanLogic #NoWonderYouLost2WorldWars.
2015-02-21 20:48
you are a joke mate, nV plays reactive and they need to prove at katowice to be the best team in the world (they won't even get out of groupstage if they play like they played the last two month)
2015-02-21 20:56
ye, they only won MLG 4 weeks ago, and dreamhack winter 12 weeks ago. Such a shit team, wow they need to elarn to play. Too bad they're not like titan, who win everything? Or make it out of groups at majors? Envy need to rely on 1 person, cause it's such a solid strat, have 1 guy do all the work and rest do nothing. That's how games are won.
2015-02-21 20:59
and they played horrible in their last few games... I never said they are bad I just say they don't have 'good' strats and I believe you would agree if you rewatch some matches of them without being influenced by your personal preference of teams/players
2015-02-21 21:07
how much?
2015-02-21 02:43
Brazil jlp5 
the only ones i saw rating him high are thorin and thorin's dick suckers his "strats" are nothing out of the ordinary, his skill is pathetic, and the only way he can manage to win a game is by getting carried by KennyS or apex
2015-02-21 02:44
Brazil Collee 
+1 Most overrated EU CS player And thorin is a joke Even if he knows good strats, he should coach instead, because you also need skill to be an IGL
2015-02-21 02:56
Says Uk who doesn't have a single pro team ... gg
2015-02-21 02:51
nice reply baguette boy.
2015-02-21 02:53
More cup o' tea, please, fine chap
2015-02-21 03:57
Ty, i'm proud of it.
2015-02-21 06:11
how much ?
2015-02-21 02:55
Brazil hugoooo 
rate = hate ? high = much ?
2015-02-21 03:02
ex6 is bad but i dont agree with shox being better in epsilon than in VG/Titan remember when shox was regarded as the best in the world?
2015-02-21 03:10
But that was back when VG and NiP were the only 2 teams taking GO seriously. Ye he was sick, but it wasn't hard to be considering the teams they played against. But he was pretty insane in epsilon.
2015-02-21 03:27
I don't see the hype around ex6 in csgo either but I think there's a lot of new cs players these days that take thoorins word as the one and only option so they watch thooorins vids and think it's the only option.
2015-02-21 03:16
its not that his is terrible - he is just very single minded, which is a sad thing for an ingame leader. ex6 does the same d2 strats that worked when new Titan where just founded. Ppl know how they play.
2015-02-21 03:19
Costa Rica Gomezio 
Fnatic, TSM, VP, NiP and EnVy all have FAR more talent than Titan, yet Titan is still competitive. Why? Ex6 is why.
2015-02-21 03:36
Actually watch CS then comment. Kenny is the reason, not bot ex6. He dropped 50 frags in 2 games the past 2 weeks.... His ratings over the last 25 matches all been over 1. and a lot of 1.7's. Kenny leaves titan, watch how they disband within a month as no one will carry them.
2015-02-21 03:41
Costa Rica Gomezio 
KennyS right now, in Ex6's team, with Ex6's tactics is playing far better than ever before. Why? Obviously KennyS has immense skill, but Ex6 brings it out. That's what a good IGL does, gets the best out of his players.
2015-02-21 03:46
So he gets the best out of maniac then? get's the best out of rpk? Nice logic kid. Except if you've watched pro cs longer than 2 months, and didn't suck thorins dick, you'd know KennyS was sick before titan. He's just become better with experience. ex6 doesn't have set tactics, Kenny just does what he wants, and gets picks, which they work off. Kenny dies, they lose the round, simple as.
2015-02-21 03:47
Costa Rica Gomezio 
Yeah, he does. RpK is playing pretty well considering he's only been back a short while. And yeah, ex6 is the only reason Maniac has any impact all. What does Thorin have to do with anything? I couldn't give a fuck what he says. And of course Kenny was good before, but as I said, he's never been better than now under ex6.
2015-02-21 03:52
You're so dub it's funny. Answer me this, what's Titan won with this mastermind IGL? When was the last time titan made it out of groups at a major?
2015-02-21 03:52
Costa Rica Gomezio 
You do realize that if you give the best igl in the world complete shit, he'll still fail, right? He's always had to compete against far more skilled teams. Having one great player on your team, even it is Kenny, isn't enough either.
2015-02-21 03:55
He has carryS and apEX, kick the other two shitters and recruit actual players, problem solved. Obviously it's not THAT easy, but it's not THAT hard also.
2015-02-21 03:56
Costa Rica Gomezio 
Recruit who? Tell me what French player is actually available who'd be a good fit?
2015-02-21 03:57
Does it have to be French?
2015-02-21 03:58
Costa Rica Gomezio 
I suppose it doesn't 100% have to be, but it's preferable. Anyone who either knows or is willing to learn French, I guess.
2015-02-21 04:00
hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, you just don't know anything about the pro scene. How long you follwoed it for? 1-2 months? early 2014 - titan: bot ex6, NBK, scream, smithz and shox. Won nothing. Failed at katowice groups. Bad team is it? shox NBK scream and smithz are shit players? -shox +KennyS, nothing changes, still win nothing even with the best awper by a milestone. Crash at cologne group stages. After cologne: ex6 apex KQLY maniac and KennyS. win 1 event, dreamhack bucharest, only cause of a cheater. So tell me again that titan have never had a good lineup? Or do you honestly think shox NBK smithz scream and Kennys suck?
2015-02-21 04:03
Costa Rica Gomezio 
There's ALWAYS been better teams with better players. ALWAYS been teams with far more talent then he's had.
2015-02-21 04:07
Just stop talking you clueless retard. shox NBK scream and smithzz, best french players possible, with KennyS. Shox was considered the best in the world early 2014. Smithzz was a solid awper. Scream was 1 tapping everyone, and NBK was a solid player. If you had any fuckin clue how CS works, you'd know that there isn't a number 1 team that can be said to be number 1 by everyone. right now, it's fnatic, envyus for number 1. The same as before, It was NiP & titan. For you to say there's always been better teams means I'm going to stop talking to you. You're clearly a narrow minded fanboy who doesn't have a clue about CS. Enjoy your delusional thoughts, maybe you'll grow a brain some day.
2015-02-21 04:14
Europe Kqlyjumperino 
I think he hasn't insulted you to reply that way. As you said, "The same as before, it was NiP & Titan", one player was ex6, so they/he don't have to win something to be good. You are replying everyone: "What has Titan won...?" Considering also VG as Titan, they faced the best NiP in CS:GO, the best VP and fnatic. Is it ex6 the problem they have? No, it's not. Taking the same players, -ex6 +happy, I don't really think they'll be much better as IGLeading refers. Or, on the other way, -pronax +ex6, it would not change that much. On the other hand, kennyS wasn't better on CM (reference: They could not qual to ESEA invite (?) against Wizards (who back to that time was a mediocre team)). Now, you should reply: "kennyS can't do the whole work". Mentioning the majors device and dupreeh has won is also worthy, so think about it. As I say, he has not insulted you in any way, so respect a bit, ex6 hater =). EDIT: #61: "Terrible igl ? Hahahha all pro players said that he did greats strats for csgo, nip was playing a lot of verygames strats and vice versa"
2015-02-21 12:48
You're not even reading what I've even said. The best fnatic? no. they fluked DHW 2013, everyone even says so, just look at what they done after it, nothing. ex6 is the problem funnily enough. How has envyus become the top 2 then? Now that they don't listen to ex6? You're going to tell me happy and kioshima do all the work? There's so much evidecne stacked against him proving he's a terrible IGL, yet you fanboys worship him and consider him amazing, when there is literally no proof. All you can say is the verygames days, over a year ago, when there were only 2 teams taking the game seriously, NiP and VG. Let's not forget shox was a monster during that time, and scream was also insane. I never said Kenny was better in CM. I said he was amazing there though, ex6 didn't bring it out in him, Kenny simply learned a lot through playing more, as he's the only person given freedom on titan. He ***DID*** great strats. past tense. Back in VG. He's washed up, a shit player, and terribl IGL. You can't show me any evidence that's he's an amazing IGL. There's never been a skill problem on titan. Even with a cheater he only managed to win 1 thing. Please just realize he's shit, and always has been since katowice.
2015-02-21 14:06
the fact that you think maniac is bad shoes obviously that you don't know as much about the game as I might think. Your comments seem like thorin posting just with an other opinion...
2015-02-21 19:55
I never said he was bad you stupid fuck. I implied he doesn't do well on titan, but I never said he was shit. I know he was good on LDLC, saw that at cologne. But since he's been on titan... he's just dropped.... No wonder you idiots lost 2 world wars if you jump to conclusions based off of your perception of a sentence.
2015-02-21 20:47
nah he does in titan exactly what he should, he just needs to improve his fraggin' and clutch skills. stay calm, blaming others for your incompetence will come back to you some day
2015-02-21 20:51
France Ga5huX 
You definitely don't know how to watch and analyse a game :) You make me remember why British are so bad at CS actually.
2015-02-21 07:46
carryS is why.
2015-02-21 03:46
Costa Rica Gomezio 
2015-02-21 03:47
Brazil jlp5 
Yes, KennyS can 1v4 with no armor and insane flicks because EX6 BRINGS IT OUT I just fucking puked in my mouth
2015-02-21 06:30
You seem really salty please continue
2015-02-21 03:45
salty = expressing a factual opinion. If all Canadians are like you, then no wonder your country is pointless.
2015-02-21 03:50
Europe Xyp3x 
he is mastermind
2015-02-21 03:51
2015-02-21 03:52
Europe Xyp3x 
2015-02-21 03:58
tell me his strats? Wait for KennyS to get a pick?
2015-02-21 04:05
Europe Xyp3x 
-Ex6tenZ +santiag0
2015-02-21 04:08
-santiag0 + -PAA
2015-02-21 07:28
Europe Xyp3x 
great choice
2015-02-21 12:19
Nice reply. you can't even tell me his strats. I can, it's wait for Kenny to get a pick. I know most teams basic strats on most maps. All titan do is wait for Kenny to do something.
2015-02-21 14:08
Europe Xyp3x 
Titan(VeryGames) had played without kennyS and they were top3
2015-02-21 14:11
Where did they place at katowice?
2015-02-21 14:22
Titan (Verygames) had Shoxie (3rd best player 2k13), Smithzz (17th best player 2k13), NBK (5th best player 2k13), Scream (7th best player 2k13), still they only dominated for a little in 2k13. In 2k14 they lost 2 bo3 against iBP, couldnt pass groupstages in Katowice. Still, ex6 was key why they didnt achive anything more.
2015-02-21 15:02
so 2k13 > 2014 -2015?
2015-02-22 08:10
You didnt get my point
2015-02-22 13:18
Strategical mastermind
2015-02-21 04:01
Peru dbie 
ex6 looks like a solid IGL, he's definitely not a fifflaren
2015-02-21 04:06
2015-02-21 20:32
when you see ex6 teams you see his hand at work, he's not a skilled invididual player but this dude knows how to make those frenchies work as a team. fifflaren did nothing in NiP, not as a IGL nor as an AWPer or a rifler, the dude was just running around the map just to die against the enemies, he was more like a decoy than anything. He could've been replaced by any top player and no one would have noticed it.
2015-02-21 21:08
entire pro scene has been stealing his tactics since csgo became a thing, you are just an ignorant british cunt who probably started following this game a year ago
2015-02-21 04:06
Costa Rica Gomezio 
2015-02-21 04:22
they stole his tactics and used them to win a tourney..
2015-02-21 13:00
this is a dumb argument to make, you are either trolling or just as dumb as that british cunt
2015-02-21 13:55
its thooorin not me.
2015-02-21 14:02
i am talking about early times of ex6/VG, they were top1-2 at most of the events and thorin said that because NBK accused Titan of stealing their strats, which is a common thing to do, because pro's steal things from other pro's, but what thorin said is that envy should be embarassed because Titan used their tactic better than them which got them further into tournament, while i am speaking about the start of the game and them being at least top2 all the time. Envy >>>> Titan in terms of fire power by far, yet Titan is still competitive vs top teams, because you have no idea how big of a hard worker ex6 is.
2015-02-21 14:21
Ye you're right, he never saves strats for majors at all. He uses them for everyone to see before the majors, and then when he uses them it's why he never wins a tournament. He does this so he has an excuse for him being shit. Thansk for clearing that up mate. Now I know why ex6 never wins, cause he always shows his strats before tournaments.
2015-02-21 14:21
i have not seen him making up any excuses, you are just straight up hating on him
2015-02-21 16:09
cause he's sexi, end of Kappa
2015-02-21 04:08
Ryu7z | 
France Impak 
Dreamhack Bucarest ? Hahahhaha Nice research Terrible igl ? Hahahha all pro players said that he did greats strats for csgo, nip was playing a lot of verygames strats and vice versa Bottom scoring? He said hes not focusing on scoring, but when he does just look vs nip today, nearly top scoring vs nip, outstrating nip players's position on a to help kennys and apex kill them. /close
2015-02-21 04:11
please tell me how many tourneys he won with having a best player in the world who drops 40bombs every match.. Hes "godlile" igl who can't lead his team to a victory in lan.. I'm kinda impressed in how many tourneys Titan sucked.
2015-02-21 12:57
Ryu7z | 
France Impak 
They are doing fine right now, they reached final in the two lan they assisted :) Titan 2014 was a Really bad year Because they had a lot of struggle finding a balance
2015-02-21 22:47
Like frQst said in #88. Tell us how many thing's he's won since everyone ebcame good at the game? Don't even mention VG, considergin only 2 teams were taking it seriously back then. Struggling? I'll help you. Dreamhack bucharest, with a cheater. "Hahahha all pro players said that he did greats strats for csgo, nip was playing a lot of verygames strats and vice versa" Just proves how deluded you are. That was over a year ago. Do pro players say "oh ex6 has some sick strats so we need to be careful" no they don't anymore. They say "oh we need to be careful of KennyS" cause he's the only danger on titan. and maybe apex. Show me a recent video of a sick strat which doesn't involve kennyS getting a pick first?
2015-02-21 14:12
Ryu7z | 
France Impak 
Forest talked about titan when they won vs them, nip Knows that titan are very dangerous With a leader like him moreover With good players But ex6, instead of focusing with one team, he was trying to find how can he create the best team and find a balance, he lost a lot of time (2014) to become better (2015 we will see) And its not dreamhack Stockholm and Maybe they won it without cheats we dont know when kqly cheated so u cant use that argument. All inferno t strats on a vs nip is From ex6, the think u dont understand Because you didnt study ex6's interviews is that ex6 rpk and maniac are getting the most info possible to let kennys and apex get the kills, without a leader kennys will be lost Because he will have to be more aggressive to find where the players are, its Why ex6 ,His strats ,His game knowlegde, and the way he can understand the other team make them win. Hes not perfect, but hes very good
2015-02-21 22:58
Ryu7z | 
France Impak 
Its sad that u cant understand french Because they have vids of ex6 match showing How well he leads His team and some of the mistakes is not From him but From His teammates who say fake info about players position but he made mistakes.
2015-02-21 23:01
Belgium FMz; 
Watch Thorin's video on 'Assessing ingame leaders'
2015-02-21 04:13
no, he's clueless on how the game works. He only knows the history of matches/players. A lot of pro players even say he's clueless. Stop taking his word as the best word, cause it's far from it.
2015-02-21 14:12
Dude you are the clueless one here. First of all, we cannot analyze IGLs and their impact without hearing whats going on. In the end of the day, best football coach means nothing if player cannot execute the strats. Secondly, there are not shit, not even decent players in teams that play in LAN. They are all top of the food chain. Thirdly, Thorin´s opinions are not undisputed facts, but I can safely say he knows more than 95% of people involved in cs (outside the actual players). He uses logic and his arguments are backed up. You arguments are "what has he won". I could say on your logic, "KennyS is shit because he hasnt won anything". The entire world know he is probably the best or one of the very best awpeer at the moment. You are simply hater, who cannot even conduct dialog with people. Have a nice life with that attitude, actually dont have a nice life, suffer.. after a while you might actually learn to be decent human being, then and only then I wish you the very best.
2015-02-21 14:56
Ryu7z | 
France Impak 
And early 2014, it was fragbite or faceit i dont remember but they beat VP and nip to reach the final vs ex-dignitas to loose 3-2 With 1map avantage for the Danish, they Maybe did shit after, but still they are a good team talking a lot of time,sadly, to get better.
2015-02-21 04:14
Ryu7z | 
France Impak 
Kennys will not have kills if he doesnt a back up and info From His team, you can ask him I know titan principal strat and ex6 said it: we are getting the most info possible to let kennys and apex work. Some of dust2 strats like smoking a between scare and short, flashing over and jumping ct was used by him in css and introduce by him in csgo
2015-02-21 04:19
I'm gonna say at least $20
2015-02-21 06:17
Around $100 I think
2015-02-21 06:29
ttian havent been on lounge for at least 3 days, but nice try kid.
2015-02-21 14:14
Slovenia yack 
i agree
2015-02-21 06:28
because ex6 is a true leader and amazing at tactics/strategy. if he has the right talent around him he can make top teams guaranteed. very few people can say that
2015-02-21 06:59
What's he won then? dreamahck bucharest with a cheater? "if he has the right talent" so shox NBK smithz and scream wasn't enough talent to win anything or get out of the groups at katowice?
2015-02-21 14:14
looking only at results is just lame
2015-02-21 14:27
hahahahahahaha nice argument. So I'm a good IGL cause I've never won anything then? Whos' responsible for winning stuff then? You can't tell me that everytime titan go to a LAN, the team ALWAYS play bad? no. It's ex6 fault 9/10 times. Can tell you have nothing to prove he's a good IGL.
2015-02-21 14:29
he does the most with the least talent i don't care about katowice 2014. shox abandoned the team after the disappointing result. in cologne they were just unlucky. VG was equivalently good to NiP in NiP's prime, which says more than anything results don't mean much honestly, it's just who's on fire for a couple days (you telling me that fnatic with devilwalk,schneider > all because they won a major?) anyway calm down nerd, I don't even care. I don't judge people based on only their results. it's a short-sighted way to gauge skill. /ignore
2015-02-21 14:45
2015-02-21 21:23
When he had them during VG they were the #1 team. End of discussion
2015-02-22 13:37
someone on their period? go fuck off please, clueless rtard
2015-02-21 07:44
What's he won then? dreamahck bucharest with a cheater? "if he has the right talent" so shox NBK smithz and scream wasn't enough talent to win anything or get out of the groups at katowice?
2015-02-21 14:15
France Ga5huX 
Why does everyone rate scoreboards so high ?
2015-02-21 07:47
Why does everyone rate winning tounrys so high?
2015-02-21 14:17
France Ga5huX 
Fifflaren is the one who won the most tournaments in CSGO as main AWP, it makes him the best AWP of the world ? So please, stop embarrassing yourself with your dumb logic.
2015-02-21 19:43
Your argument has nothing to do with the discussion. If ex6 is this great mastermind, best IGL ever, why has he never won anything?
2015-02-21 20:45
France Ga5huX 
Because winning is not only about tactics but skill, chemistry, confidence, form, etc.. etc... He just doesn't have the team who suits his style the most, as VG did before, same for ScreaM who's as talented as before but never find HIS team. Understand it or not, you don't need to win to show you're a good tactician. Especially considering the team who are winning right now use strats and styles which are inspired from the VG/NiP era. And Titan still adds things in the metagame thanks to Ex6 (like the pre-shuffle Titan who brings the agressive A-defense on mirage, one example among others).
2015-02-21 21:26
shox has gone insane since leaving ex6? this shows how dumb you are. shox was the best player in the world, now happy uses him as an entry fragger. ex6 used him as a lurk/ cluthcer.
2015-02-21 08:03
You even see him on epsilon? Show's you don't even watch CS, shox is the secondary awper, better at the awp than smithzz though.
2015-02-21 14:19
your comments are completely retarded, but it's cute that you want to contribute
2015-02-21 16:01
shox was inconsistent in Epsilon. After he raped HR, LDLC pretty much quelled his flames and won the grand finals. I think shox was worse in Epsilon compared to Titan, although when he was on fire he was epic.
2015-02-22 08:28
+1. What are his achievements in 2014 with having player who drops 40bombs. Tourneys with KULKLI doesn't count. In pantamera grand final, kenny dropped 50+ bomb and still titan fucked up :DDDDD yep hes best igl.
2015-02-21 13:02
how much?
2015-02-21 13:12
France JPK_ 
Best igl in sauce, best igl in 2013, first igl to take Nip's #1 spot under nip era.
2015-02-21 13:25
2015-02-21 14:02
oh ye I forogt we're still in 2013 :DDD:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
2015-02-21 14:17
And ? Didnt he prove his qualities already ?
2015-02-21 20:25
in 2013. He's done jack shit in 2014 and 2015.
2015-02-21 20:49
The topic is why he is rated so high, i just explained you.
2015-02-22 00:37
you said nothing to prove he's good. you proved nothing, just said a bunch of shit in 2013.
2015-02-22 13:18
Sure bro
2015-02-22 13:29
I don't rate him so high.. I mean he's a good igl but yeah he has never won anything of importance and he had the lineup(s) to do so. And he's one of the least skilled igls in terms of pure fragging.
2015-02-21 14:16
cuz he blaze. 420 ex6. always high af.
2015-02-21 14:37
Bulgaria b0xeR4et0 
Titan is going to win Katowice :)
2015-02-21 15:00
This forum post is stupid in general just a 2 yr old venting out his anger at a pro player bcuz hes biased as f*** ex6 is bad at killing people yes but hes made it to the pro scene so wtf is everyone getting all butthurt for? #Drama
2015-02-21 21:14
2015-02-21 21:28
I'd like to respond with actual real logic here. When I play with a CEVO 5-man team, I'm normally the one calling shots and strats for my team. You bashing on a pro igl is pretty stupid to do since you probably have never been on the caliber that Ex6 is on, nor ever will be. It's pretty amazing and audacious that people on HLTV are still bashing Ex6 as an IGL. Really. I'd like to see anyone else bashing his skill to have the ability to call strats, tell players what to do midgame, AND be able to play on as well as he does. The only reason why he's relying on KennyS to get picks and Apex as well is because that's the only thing he can really do with the Titan lineup. I can't believe people haven't realized this. Is it only me here?...or are there others that have realized that with Titan's current lineup, this is really the only thing he can do. Ex6 is left with very few options, and if he has the best current AWPer in CS:GO, then he better damn well use him to his advantage. If you don't use the top AWPer in CS:GO to your advantage, than I don't know what's wrong with you. KennyS getting a pick to open up the map is huge, and KennyS being an excellent entry fragger, it just makes him more versatile than he already is as the main AWPer. I'm assuming this is the biggest reason that people are bashing Ex6, because if KennyS fails his entry, dying or not, then it's left up to KennyS to get another attempt at an entry (which is normally twice as hard to do after you attempt getting one). It's then left to any of the other 4 people on the team to get an entry if KennyS is killed, which is where things normally go South. Why do things go South if KennyS gets picked? It's because Ex6 has to come up with a completely new strat. Remolding an old strat in the middle of a game after your AWPer gets taken out is extremely hard, because then you have to consider many other aspects as to what guns you are left with, your equipment, and potential other routes/flanks. Without an AWP to get an entry, things get tougher. I hope people realize that Ex6 isn't left with many other options than to rely on KennyS to get frags/entries...because that's what he should be doing regardless if he's AWPing, or not. That's just my opinion. I'm getting tired of hearing people complain that Ex6 is a terrible IGL. Sure he may not be on a peak like he was before, or not on the caliber of Happy, but he's still probably better than you.
2015-02-21 21:44
So by your logic, no one is allowed to be critical when evaluating teams/players in any shape or form in any sport? "bashing him" not at all. i'm pointing out facts. He's a terrible IGl, and there's a vast amount of evidence to support my claim.
2015-02-22 01:24
There are already too many people 'bashing' on him to call it 'stating facts' anymore. Pitiful excuse for a lowlife like you. There is no need to create any more hate/'fact stating' threads about players if you're nothing like them at all. Pointing out your statement of him being a 'terrible igl' is indeed, an opinion. Regardless of numbers. You cannot state that someone is terrible without it being an opinion, it's not a fact. The fact is, you stating he's bad is an opinion. Get it right next time please. Edit: Where the did I state this was by any means my 'logic'? Quit twisting my words.
2015-02-22 05:26
2015-02-22 02:18
Too much h8 in one post...he call good str8 m8 and i love b8 m8
2015-02-22 02:31
FUCKING IGNORANT THREAD IS IGNORANT ex6 is a top 2-3 IGL and arguably the BEST IGL. He does what other IGL's cannot do, and that is to get MANY T SIDE ROUNDS against Tier 1 teams and players Titan has 3 tier 2 players in terms of raw skill and STILL beats MANY tier 1 teams. FUCKING STUPID PEOPLE
2015-02-22 02:57
Xizt can have games that kills but he's really inconsistent
2015-02-22 03:41
"Why else has NBK, smithzz and shox gone insane since leaving titan?" all those players played better with ex6 than without him.
2015-02-22 03:42
Ex6 is an amazing IGL, he does lack in the fragging department but Titan have really nice strats and structure which often makes them kinda strong on the T-side. But they lack something on the CT side. KennyS and Apex being really strong players can´t provide all the firepower by themselves (esp. KennyS) Have high hopes for RPK but it´s still a long way to go for him.
2015-02-22 05:03
Because he is a good tactician
2015-02-22 08:26
If you believe KennyS would be as good as he is in another team you are wrong. Ex6tenz have set up KennyS to get as many kills as he does. And "Why else has NBK, smithzz and shox gone insane since leaving titan?" Both NBK and shox was say better in titan.
2015-02-22 13:30
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